These are taken from the cuts parts of Plunder and Lightning Part 1

The folling 6 pics are taken when Karnage barges into Louie's place looking for Kit.
There's an extended scene where Kit ducks behind a table, and tries to move hiding places (pic 1).
The next 4 pics are the part where Karnage sees a drink on the table, downs it, and complements Louie ("You always serve such tasty drinks, Louie!").
And the 6th pic is a 2 second cut where Karnage pokes his sword at Louie, who backs up a couple of steps before Karnage says "Ah ah ah - now, I am looking for a boy (etc etc)".

These next few pics are from the chase scene when Baloo's trying to outfly the air pirates.
The first one is where Karnage invokes the line "This is no time for a Chinese fire drill! Follow him!"
The next 2 feature extended Sea Duck flying scenes.
The 4th is where the Sea Duck is heading straight for the ocean (right before Kit says "We aren't gonna make it! Pull up, pull up!") and Maddog laughs and says "No where to ru-un!"
The 5th pic is after Kit says "So what's next??" and then goes on to name a few fancy moves.
And the 6th is where Karnage says the fabulous "You're tail section is mine!" (Hahahahaha!)

These 6 pics are from when Baloo and Kit arrive at 'Baloo's Air Service'.
Pics 1 and 2 are extended Baloo and Kit scenes.
Pic 3 is Baloo examining the paperwork from the bank employee - "This guys speaking english?!"
Pic 4: Kit invokes the line "He said - no dough, plane go!"
Pics 5 and 6 are Baloo asking Kit for help delivering the gorilla birds.

These four pics are from the extended chase scene where Kit and Baloo and trying to deliver the gorilla birds.
In pics 1 and 2 Karnage yells into the radio "Missed! You nincompirates!"
In pic 3 Kit says "You don't have to do this to impress me!" to which Baloo replies (in pic 4) "Just savin our skins, Kit!"

And, finally, this pic is after Kit says "I'm sorry about your plane" and Baloo answers "Hey, don't worry! You win some, you lose some".

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