Photo: Les Merveilles D'Afrique

Artist Name: Les Merveilles D'Afrique
Genre: Mande Traditional
Country: Guinea

Artist Bio: 

Les Merveilles D'Afrique Percussion and Dance Company from the Republic of Guinea was created in 1986 through the initiative of Mohamed Kemoko Sano, the choreographer of the Ballets Africains de Guinee, the national dance troupe of Guinea.

Les Merveilles D'Afrique is a dance and percussion ensemble that aims to enhance Guinean traditional dance and music, developing a choreographed, refined art form. The ensemble's principle goal is to ensure Guinea's Cultural identity and to preserve and promote its cultural heritage.

In 1990 and 1991 the group was awarded the "Baguette d'Or" and the "Djembe d'Or" prizes in the second and third National Guinean Percussion and Rhythm Competitions.
The ensemble has traveled and performed widely in West Africa, Europe and the United States under the auspices of the Guinean National Director of Culture, UNESCO and UNICEF.

— Courtesy Calabash Music

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Image: Diya


Label: Matt Mueller


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