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Monday, December 22, 2008
Devlin to Delaware

As expected, former Penn State quarterback Pat Devlin committed to Delaware, a source close to Devlin told The Inquirer today. Devlin, along with his parents, Mark and Connie, visited the Newark campus this weekend and gave coach K.C. Keeler his pledge upon the conclusion of the visit. Devlin, a former high school all-American at Downingtown East, transferred out of the Penn State two weeks ago after a season as the backup to Daryll Clark.

Because he's transferring to a Division I-AA school, Devlin will have two years of eligibility as opposed to just one had he moved to a Division I-A program. The sophomore is expected to be enrolled at Delaware by Jan. 5 and early enough to participate in spring practice. Check tomorrow's newspaper for more.



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Buzz this story.

Posted by brianf89 05:59 PM, 12/22/2008
a big loss for penn state. i thought he should have played in rose bowl. clark will struggle against usc, and devlin would have played at least half the game, after clark throws 2 or 3 interceptions or fumble.
Posted by JimboMagoo 06:09 PM, 12/22/2008
Any truth to rumor that there is a girlfriend or female acquaintance who goes to UD? And that its very serious? Or just chat room fodder?
Posted by p-diddy 06:14 PM, 12/22/2008
Delaware athletics is a joke. They're a bunch of transfers. Kids, education comes first.
Posted by digitallybranded 06:24 PM, 12/22/2008
He wasn't as sharp as Clark. That's why he didn't get the starting job. As a season ticket holder for PSU I saw them both in action and Clark made better decisions and had greater precision. Also, Clark won't struggle with USC the way Brianf89 thinks. USC actually struggles with dual threat QBs like Clark. He'll be able to freeze the defense and then pick them apart. This is finally a chance for the Big 10 to show they're not a second rate conference. Clark managed to sit behind Morelli for two years and Morelli was HORRIBLE. If Devlin doesn't want to wait his turn, good riddance.
Posted by JohnV NEP 06:25 PM, 12/22/2008
delaware is also a great school for academics p duddy
Posted by ameadie 06:32 PM, 12/22/2008
PSU Offence has the greatest group of receivers in it's history, an excellent Line and a solid RB. Any QB could build big numbers with that team, but in every close game that the QB needed to step up Clark came up short (Ohio State and Iowa). Clark has one more chance against USC to make us forget Devlin. He will not. USC 21 PSU 16
Posted by PhillyNittanyLion 06:34 PM, 12/22/2008
Is he guaranteed to start there? Don't they stlll have the Ohio St kid Schoenhoft? Good luck Pat.
Posted by clobal 06:41 PM, 12/22/2008
flacco didn't do too bad....hope the best for devlin
Posted by murray1 06:43 PM, 12/22/2008
good riddance; crybaby!
Posted by psuwelsh 06:57 PM, 12/22/2008
Tough circumstances for Devlin and I hope he does well at Delaware. That said, it looks like the Nits have at least one incoming QB talent next year (athlete) and another possible true QB. One yr left for Clark and we should see 3 years of someone - that should be a nice carrot for a top HS talent.
Posted by cusoraider 07:19 PM, 12/22/2008
Who Cares
Posted by mindstorms 07:42 PM, 12/22/2008
I can't blame Pat for not sticking around at PSU. He would only get one year of playing time and if he has any hope of making it at the next level he really had to move on. Once Clark was named QB then there was no chance of him replacing him no matter how he looked next year. Good luck Pat.
Posted by ogphilly 07:51 PM, 12/22/2008
the ohio state kid is terrible, so this is a welcome addition. as for ud athletics being a joke, umm, national championship twice in the last 5 years?? you are a joke, p-diddy.
Posted by PhillyNittanyLion 08:01 PM, 12/22/2008
Sucks that Devlin will be wearing a winged helmet. ugh. No offense Delaware fans
Posted by Philly_Dude03 08:03 PM, 12/22/2008
That's what I want our kids to learn....when you don't get your way give up and move on, instead of fighting it out and waiting your turn. IF he was so good he would have started. News flash.....he didn't start! Pat try harder and stop giving up. What is the kid from Ohio starts next season? What does Pat do then? Should have waited you turn looser.
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