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How do I receive KCYU FOX 41?

There are many ways to pick up KCYU FOX 41. Over the air in Yakima on channel 41 (analog), through many cable system (please consult your local phone book) or Dish Network. Our sister station in the Tri Cities, KFFX is available on DirecTV. You can also receive KCYU on translators K10NQ Prosser and the lower valley, and on translator K41CK Ellensburg.

Which antenna should I select and where should I point it to receive your TV station?

The consumer and television industry suggests logging on to, a free service that will assist you. Feel free to call KCYU FOX 41 and ask to speak with someone "in engineering"; we will be happy to answer your questions.

My cable system does not carry your station in HD, what should I do?

KCYU will be carried on Charter Yakima in HD on or around December 15th.

I keep hearing that analog TV is going to end. When will this happen and will it force me to buy a converter box or TV?

KCYU Fox 41 will be flash cutting to digital on or around December 15th 2008!  What this means is the KCYU analog over the air transmitter serving Yakima will be literally turned off, and a digital transmitter will be installed in its place.  KCYU will return in digital only that same day.

If you have a DTV converter box, conduct a channel rescan to pick up the new digital signal.

If you do not have a converter box, you will need to purchase one to receive KCYU.  For additional information on the FCC convertor box coupon go to OR


I can't receive KCYU FOX 41 over-the-air, yet I have always been able to until the other day. What's going on?

Your set probably defaulted to a cable TV setup menu. In your TV's setup menu, select "Antenna" or "Air", not cable. Once you have selected an "Antenna" or "Air" input, you should once again be able to pick up KCYU FOX 41.

I have further questions regarding this transition, who can I contact?


You can contact Ron Sweatte, our Chief Engineer, at or (509) 448-2828.  You can also contact KCYU at (509) 574-4141.

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