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Hot Type will continue to understand the world around us through books, all filtered through the active mind, engaging manner and probing style of our host Evan Solomon. "In a world that is getting ever more complex and faster moving, our show offers the much needed perspective, ideas and context," says Evan Solomon. "We speak with the smartest, most thoughtful people in the world who bring us ways of thinking that go well beyond the sound-bite ways of thinking that shape the events we see every day on the news."

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Production Staff:
Executive Producer - Donna Lee Aprile
Series Producer - Janet Thomson
Producers - Dana Glassman, Alice Hopton and Ilana Banks

Editors - Steve De Sousa and Max Souliere

Hot Type Past Shows

Past Shows

February 15

Ghost Plane: The True Story of The CIA Torture Program

Secret night flights, kidnapped terror suspects, and torture in foreign prisons, no it's not a spy movie, it is all

February 3

Power Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present

From the best selling author of Six Days of War, Israeli historian and writer Michael Oren has published a comprehensive

January 27

Enter The Babylon System: Unpacking Gun Culture From Samuel Colt to 50

A provocative investigation into our fascination with the gun, from the perspective of the hip-hop generation. The 2003 shooting death

January 20

The Baby Business

JANUARY 20 The Baby Business Is the business of making babies sinister or just good commerce? Assisted Reproductive Technologies such