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Iran-India Port, Shipping cooperation
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fourth joint meeting on port and shipping cooperation between Iran and India was held aiming to expand collaboration, particularly in the field of marine transportation.
Director general of Ports and Shipping .Organization for transit and tariff affairs, Mohsen Sadeghifar told Irna on Sunday that the meeting dealt with ways to develop North-South Corridor, exchange experience in the ports and shipping sectors and support Iran 's and India shipping companies. Discussions also included signing sister port agreement between Iran 's Shahid Rajaei Port and Jawahralal Nehru Port in India, investing in and upgrading Russia 's Astrakhan Port on the Caspian Sea.
Meanwhile, establishing a shipping line from India to Astrakhan via Martyr Rajaei Port was discussed at the event.
Describing Iran-India cooperation as excellent, Sedghifar further said that Iran imports $1.5 billion worth of goods from India while exporting commodities valued at $150 million to that country.
Most of the transactions take place via the sea, he noted. The official further said, "Given the capabilities of the two sides, we expect cooperation to exceed the current level." Currently, India 's transaction with Central Asian countries and Russia are higher and a large portion of this is expected to be conducted through Iran, he said. Stating that Iran, Russia and India are among the main members of the corridor, Sadeghifar also said that currently, some 15 countries have joined the grouping as secondary.

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