About the ending (amongst other things)

I’m still processing the massive amount of feedback I’ve received from those of you who have played Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, so it’ll be a little while longer before I can gather my thoughts and post something meaningful to wrap it all up. It’s really amazing and heartening, however, to see that the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive - particulary in regards to the story (with some possible reservations; see below) and the characters. Even those who aren’t completely happy with the game have had an emotional response to it (4/10). Love it or…not, you can’t help feeling something. The game stirs emotions. Strong ones. Which is great, and totally in line with what we set out to do.

Yesterday marked my going-back-to-work-proper-after-finishing-Dreamfall …day, so I’m finally getting back into my regular routine again, and I’ll be more, um, regular with my posts from now until - well, until E3, which is the week after next, actually. Wheee! I’ve been busy with interviews this week, from my virgin breakfast TV appearance on Monday - live TV sounds a bit intimidating, but it turned out to be jolly good fun - to my very first live radio show this morning. (’Live’ being this week’s theme, then.) Throw in another radio show today, a taped TV appearance last week, and various newspaper and website interviews - it’s been pretty busy, and I’m starting to strongly dislike the sound of my own voice. And there’s more to come. But it’s all good fun, to be honest. I love speaking about the game and spreading the word, and it’s not every year I get to shout from the rooftops about a new release. Or every other year.

(In fact, it’s been a while. Too bloody long. The next game is definitely not going to take three years to make.)

Right then, enough jabbering, and on to the reason most of you are reading this post:

The ending.


I’m not going to discuss any particulars at this stage, because it’s too early, and part of the fun (and/or frustration) is figuring out what it all means, discussing it with other players, arguing, screaming, shouting, kicking, laughing, crying - cursing my name. We’ve certainly encouraged conversation and stirred up some controversy, haven’t we? I will talk about a couple of things, however - after the jump. So do not continue reading unless you’ve played through the game, all right? I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for anyone.

Are we alone now? Good. Take your clothes off– Wait, no, wrong forum.

First off - and sorry for being cryptic - but Dreamfall (the game) finishes the story of Dreamfall (the game). It may not seem like that to everyone who’s played it, at least for the time being, but it does. Dreamfall’s story is a story about faith and the story of Faith. It’s about a little girl who needs to let go, and it’s about three people’s journeys - both physical and metaphysical - and those journeys do reach an end. It may not wrap up everything (or, you know, much at all), but it does wrap up some things, the most important things (as far as this game is concerned), and that was the point of this (part of the) story.

(Feel free to scream at me now for being a) complicated, b) obtuse, or c) cryptic - but do read the rest of this post before commenting on it. Please.)

Secondly, Dreamfall was from day one designed as the first part of a two-part story…and also the middle part of a trilogy. (Which again is part of a larger saga. Phew. No wonder people are getting confused. I’m getting a headache myself.) There are lots of unanswered questions because the story isn’t over. Yet. I know exactly where it’s going and how it will end, and I know how the next game plays out, chapter by chapter. It’s been planned from the get-go. We’re not making this up as we go along. Promise. I hated that about The X-Files. I felt so cheated when I realised that the writers had no idea where the show was heading. Betrayed, even. The thing I love about Lost is that I have faith in the writers. They’ve told me they know where it’s going, that there’s a Plan, and I trust them. I can deal with the frustrations and the cliffhangers and the cryptic clues because I know there’s a point to it all, and that it (probably? hopefully?) won’t disappoint. So try and trust me on this: this story has an ending. I know what it is. It hasn’t been told yet.

Because, yes, the story will be completed. If, for some reason (the collapse of Western civilisation, for example) I don’t get to make an interactive (emphasis on ‘interactive’) sequel, I will do everything I can to complete the story in some other way - be it through the pages of a comic book, a novel, a serial on my website - or, if all else fails, just sending out my super-secret story notes to anyone who’s remotely interested. I know that it would be horribly, incredibly, unbelievably frustrating to never find out how it all ends, and I’ll work hard to make sure that no one who’s invested in Dreamfall (or The Longest Journey) will be cheated out of a proper conclusion - to this part of the saga, at least.

Of course, at this point I trust that I’ll be able to make Dreamfall 2 (the game!) soon(ish), at which point the story will be wrapped up, most of your questions answered, and everyone (hopefully) satisfied. Or at least sated. You see, it could be that some questions aren’t supposed to have answers - and even if they do (and they do), you’re not supposed to know them.

After all, don’t forget what Cortez said in The Longest Journey:

“You see, señorita, mystery is important. To know everything, to know the whole truth, is dull. There is no magic in that. Magic is not knowing, magic is wondering about what and how and where.”

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  • Storm_Cloud Says:

    aw crap, i can’t read the rest of your post because I ‘aint finished the game, well I haven’t even got it yet so I guess I’ll have to flag it up for furure reference. It just gets more frustrating. Grrrrrr.

  • David M. Says:

    I dry the comic! I’ve got whot it takes ;-)

    …so long me wainting for my special Edition and Shenmue 3, wich dind’t come out yet not due to a collapse of western civilisation but because of … well noone bought it.

    So, if you start soon enough, Dreamfall could be running on the same Engine, Models, interface etc. (like Resident Evil 1,2, Nemesis, etc) what woul dramaticly decrease the amount of money and time! So I hope thats what you meant that the next game hopefully doesnt take 3 Years.

    But well, take your time. The most people here are only so excited about the game because it took so long. I still didnt’ read anything, except that we have to find April and help her. Wich in some way was the worst part of TLJ. She rescued the world and all she gets is a “Thanks, bye, youre not the choosen one. All your friends hate you, one ist dead, one shot, and youre now an official Slave in Stark.”. The O-N-L-Y thing that rescues it is that shell be living “happy” as a granny with Crow. What happened in the meantime, we’ll thats fo me in Dreamfall to find out.

    Dreamfall, for me ist not playing a game…

    …but meeting an old friend!

    (And curse you if I wont find out what happend in the meantime and will happen. Who cares for Zoe (yet)? ;-) )

  • Dan Edward Says:

    Hello, Ragnar!

    I saw you at the breakfast TV yesterday! Really cool! :D ;)

  • Shake Says:

    Hi there. I’m Shake, I’m a The Longest Journey fan, and I just finished Dreamfall. I’ll now begin writing up a completely spoiler-free ‘feedback’ post.

    You’ve obviously made this game with the fans of TLJ in mind. The locations we visit, the nods in our direction and the characters we meet signify it. It’s nice of a developer to remember that when he’s creating a sequel, it’s a good idea to do it with characters everyone knows and loves instead of assuming fans of the first will buy it anyway, concentrating completely on appealing to new buyers instead. For that, I thank you.

    You could have done a traditional sequel with the same formula and gameplay of the first, but instead chose to go with a new format, a new hero, and to expand upon the saga instead of choosing for a new era or do it the safe way. Dreamfall shakes things up — as any piece of entertainment made with passion and ambition tends to do.

    Don’t worry, this won’t be all roses and sunshine. I have a fair bit of nitpicking to do, but I’ll get to that.

    I’ve got the story that’s open for all to see analized in my head — I understood that completely, apart from the loose threads purposely left hanging. What I don’t have figured out yet is the symbolism of it all, but I will. I would like you to confirm at some time that Dreamfall is rife with it, that there’s an actual conscious idea behind it, if you could.

    While Zoë is not as strong a main character as April was for the first (In my opinion, a case of both V.A work, which was brilliant for April and just good for Zoë, as well as a more appealing attitude) she had me rooting for her. I found the plot of Dreamfall superior to TLJ — the first was an interesting rehash of many cinema cliches, while Dreamfall strikes me as more original and messier, less neatly packaged. Suffice to say, you had me hook, line and sinker — I consider Dreamfall to pack one of the greatest, if not the best outright, stories told within this medium. The only rival I can think of was Black Isle’s Planescape:Torment.

    I missed a few things. For one, the diary. I understand Zoë is not April, but it was one of my favorite things from TLJ. I also missed the heaps and heaps of conversation, information and dialogue options of the first, the option to look at almost everything, the amount of objects to hear described.

    The voice-acting was yet again superb, but we didn’t get to hear it as much, which is a pity.

    The ‘multiple ways to resolve a puzzle’ didn’t appeal to me. A wise lad once said: Every story is actually a thousand possible stories where the author intelligently chose the one, single best story to tell. I didn’t feel like the different routes contributed that much to my playing experience, and for the work that no doubt went into them, that’s a shame.

    The much maligned gameplay didn’t bother me, I found it rather immersive, but I avoided combat wherever possible. The combat-engine is not enjoyable for anyone but the most casual of players, such as my mum, I’ll get that out first. I would actually like to see more of this, but less of a ’system’, and even more in service to the story. More variety, more specialized. That is, if you’ve truly said goodbye to puzzles and items exclusively, since that would work well with this new engine.

    I can see where the male frontal nudity would have been — and it’s fine the way it is. I think you made the right decision, it wouldn’t have added much to the scene.

    Now here’s a new one: The ending completely satisfied me. There was a fair bit of resolution, the lionshare of the plot explained (And not in a way that insults one’s intelligence), a taste of things to come and some things left ambigious.

    In my regard, this was a full chapter in the TLJ saga. A chapter titled ‘Zoë Castillo.’

    Good show, Ragnar. You didn’t hit all bullseyes, but then again, you didn’t choose the beaten path. With writing as strong as yours you always have a solid backbone to fall back on, as well as your passion. It shows, and while I’ll buy any game you’ll make, I hope you’ll tell your stories in this universe. Where it all started, in the beginning, with a team looking for a publisher. =)

    PS: I don’t know if I should feel a little insulted with the plethora of Goth, geek and emo catering in both games. Make it less obvious what your perception is of your fans next time, no?


  • Kevin Hsueh Says:

    Thank god! Well, at the very least Ragnar you’re willing to put yourself out there and say you’ll definitely finish (somehow) this wonderful tale. Must say that Dreamfall has been the best game experience the last five or six years for me (even better than the FF games, howabout that!) Glad you’re so gung-ho about making a.. err… sequel? prequel? What exactly is the end of a trilogy?

    You should feel mightily pleased about how wrought people are about the ending, the only reason they’re so aggravated is that they care about the story (and the characters). It takes a truly masterful storyteller to evoke that kind of emotion.

    I raise my glass to you sir! Here’s to a true child of the Dreaming!

  • CosmicD Says:

    I absolutely love dreamfall, I’m playing it overr rightnow, it just makes you even second guess the stuff you know from the longest journey and thats where the speculation in my head gets very stormy and threads unravel even more and follow new paths and hypothethical situations.

    I have an installation of TLJ with savegames on places I found very crucial and I’m playing them back to remember exactly what’s being said and thats when you realise even more stuff that gets kinda thickened up or shown at another angle within dreamfall. (it’s vague but I don’t want to spoil stuff up here, it’s already bad enough in 2 other forum threads).. and I actually hope that people will stay away from us dreamfall-completers over there :P at least untill they ‘ve ended df aswell..

  • Petter Says:

    What TV channel? NRK or TV2?

  • LordJim Says:

    As long as this thing has been planned to completion, I am happy. I would be very angry if we were simply meandering around like in X-Files or a season of 24.

  • CookieJar Says:

    I really appreciate the respose from you, Ragnar. It helped clear things up a bit, evan though I had no complaints. Dreamfall for me was one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. I love great stories and Dreamfall has one of, no, the best story I’ve ever experienced in a game. Gameplay is always secondary to story for me. Every game I play I’m always wishing for the “gameplay” to end so I can get on with the story. Dreamfall was great for me because the gameplay really was part of the story, not the story part of the game. I wasn’t really stressed about the ending because I felt that it was very purposeful and it really just would not have had as much emotional impact had it not ended were it had. I’d made me realize that I care about these characters (as sad as that is) and that the story was obviously headed to a very definite conclusion in a future game. It made me very very very excited about the next one and I think that’s a good thing. It’s very cool that you mentioned that quote from Cortez, because I’ve been thinking and telling people the exact same thing. (Wow I can even here his voice saying it, how bad is that?). There is no magic in knowing everything. Thanks.

  • Andy Says:

    Ragnar I would like to echo the appreciation for your communication with the fans of your games. I loved Dreamfall and was not upset by the ending, but I am still very happy to know that everything will be resolved in the end. Now I can start my official Dreamfall 2 countdown (whatever medium it comes out on).

  • Kinggi Says:

    Hey, do not diss the X-Files, aka the greatest television show in history. Its writing was brilliant, you of all people should know that…..um….anyway, yeah thanks for elaborating on the ending. Cant wait for the next game.

  • Benificus Says:

    I replayed much of Dreamfall since I finished it, and actually find myself much more satisfied. I loved Zoe as a character and it’s certainly true that -her- story had a moving and more than adequate ending. Brought a tear to my eye.

    I still yearn to know more and wish the game had been a bit more conclusive, but Ragnar’s post fills me with confidence that one way or another I’ll get what I want.

    Thanks Ragnar–it’s damned nice to get such an in depth response to fan concerns.

  • buzzfunk Says:

    Its good but not great.

    Please for DF2 include no ation elements unless they are innovative and *AHM* FUN. Same goes for the stealth. I mean wheres the challenge?

    And please, add gameplay. I dont consider clickin my mouse to open a door or anything to be gameplay. Give it good puzzles, logical ones. Even if they are a bit harder…come on.

    A lot of people already beat DF within hours. I bet you it took people a lot longer with TLJ. So some of the puzzles were not logical but the overall indicator is that the game is too easy….

    again, console crowd is to blame..:)

  • Edmundo Says:

    Aha! I knew it! I knew that you designed this game with Cortez’s wonderful quote in mind. It just seemed like it, that’s what TLJ is all about. Actually I’d like to talk to you more about Cortez, not really about the character himself, but uh… other things, though I think it would be a bit spoilerish for this blogsite. Feel free to mail me. :P

    Anyway, mystery is important, as long as the proper threads are tied in at some point, specially things that relate to what the player did. For example, the things April did in this game, well, most of them felt so left open. Really mysterious stuff, you know what I’m talking about. And maybe if there is something going on in stark that might have a connection with arcadia. Stuff like this that it’s important and we are all scratching our heads about.

    You’ve also introduced some new amazing “locales” people have been talking about on other sites as well, and some of it is quite complex for our tiny little brains to digest. It would be nice to have an explanation, I’m still scratching my head on how the prologue to Dreamfall ties in with the end of the story. Especially after what those monks said in the temple at the very beggining. :o (not spoilerish! just trying to hint people to check it out at the beggining of the game… just uh… don’t get too close ;))

  • Edmundo Says:

    This is the abridged, pop culture enhanced version of my previous post:

    Please, don’t make it like the matrix or the new star wars trilogy where a lot of it went apeshit in the last chapter. I’d still like to know why the hell does obi wan disappear while qui gon did not and yet he teaches him how. Sure, it could have a bit of mystery but not when was all explained like “oh, by the way… you might find qui gon jinn in tatooine”. WTF, that was pretty lame. And the matrix just got too obtuse in the end. Like, the second part was completely thrown away in the third part. :(

    That is what I think people fear the most right now after finishing this game. I don’t expect and they lived happily ever after at the end of tlj 3, either.

  • CrisG Says:

    Yes Ragnar, mystery, That is the heart of Magic and the healing of the overly scientific world we and April and Zoe are threatened with the healing of them and their (our) worlds is not in knowing MORE but in
    knowing less, and enjoying it more! You are an elegant spokesman,
    and a master story teller and a BIG HEART person. You did good. Yes indeed. Thanks for the mystery!

  • Funnybird Says:

    Crow was pretty hilarious, much more than he ever was in TLJ.

    I expected Kian to be some stock Conan-type thug, but he was actually a cool believable character thanks in large part to the voice acting.

    I was spoiled by the awesome facial animation in HalfLife2. For TLJ3, maybe you could license some of that technology. Strangely enough, the voice acting and dialogue was so strong that I still connected with these characters and almost forgot I was looking at stoney-eyed character models who couldn’t move the upper part of their face(aside from blinking). Almost.

  • emil Says:

    Hey Ragnar,
    here’s a little bit of feedback from someone who’s played Dreamfall for about 4 hrs… (no spoilers)
    The storytelling is excellent so far. The voice acting matches that of TLJ. Zoe is hot. Certain questions have come up that are pressing me to continue playing (so I will keep this short).
    I’m also hoping to find out more of what happened to some of Apil’s old friends…

  • Chin-Khai Tang Says:

    Ok. Thank you for another sequel. If not I will hate this game.

  • baaba Says:

    Dreamfall’s story is a story about faith and the story of Faith. It’s about a little girl who needs to let go, and it’s about three people’s journeys - both physical and metaphysical - and those journeys do reach an end.

    This clears up a lot, thanks. Though I think only one of those three reach an end..

  • baaba Says:

    Oh and also, I realise now that playing The Longest Journey first may actually have been hurtful in a way to being able to look at the story from the right angle. I’ll have to give it another run with that in mind.

  • Chin-Khai Tang Says:

    But why the story of TLJ is suddenly about faith/Faith?

  • Joshua Says:

    The next won’t take 3 year, wooo! I was going to kill myself if I had to wait for a very long time. I loved Dreamfall, best game I ever played. I loved TLJ, and I love that you, you take time to write the fans and owners of the game. Thank you. You keep making games, I’ll keep buying them.

    BTW- EA? Yes, EA Games, take some lessons from this man on gamemaking/ interaction with fans!

  • Alek Says:

    Call me old-fashioned, but for me computer games are about gameplay, first and foremost. If I want stories, I visit cinema, or a library. I play to get away from the bleak reality of my mutilated country. I want to blast enemies, to explore other worlds, and I really don’t need any profound story behind it. Games shouldn’t tell stories. Games should entertain.

  • Kinggi Says:

    Alek, The combination of interaction and story make playing a game like dreamfall a better experience then just watching a movie. You get a bit of both combined. Anyway, thats fine you rather just blast enemies, but something tells me your opinion wont have much of an impact considering many people dont feel the same way, at least in the sense that gaming doesnt have to be strictly blasting enemies without some deep plot. Saying ‘games shouldnt tell stories’ is really just a very personal preference that me and many others dont share. In fact, pretty much the popular opinion is games need better stories.

  • buzzfunk Says:

    No theres nothing wrong with games telling stories but the gameplay has to be there too. DF has very limited gameplay. It should be a combination of both. Theh game does too many things on its own without getting the actual player involved.

    The combat and sneaking are just fillers to make up for the lack of real adventure gameplay and lack of decent puzzles.

    There should be a balance of story/gameplay. Period.

  • Travis Aschemeyer Says:

    Thanks Ragnar, that was just what I needed to read. My mind has been racing the past few days and I cannot get either of these games out of my mind. I’m replaying TLJ and finding interesting bits of information that I overlooked, but now I’ll be able to rest easy tonight. And enjoy re-playing the games starting .. tomorrow. :P

    Anyways, thank you. You’re a bloody genius and it’s great to see that you’re so in touch with those who admire your work. And what a work it is.

    (Please, though, hop to it and get the ball rolling on the second part of Dreamfall before we all attempt to lucid dream and pay a visit to Arcadia to see how the end plays out. :)

  • Alek Says:

    buzzfunk: You’re the only one who understood what I meant. There I pass this GOLDEN PAD OF LEADERSHIP into thine hands. May compassion for all these misguided people direct your futher decisions.

    And seriously - achieving gameplay/storyline balance is walking the tightrope. There are some games that did it well - very well indeed: “Endless Nova”, “Wing Commander”, “Silent Hill”… Player doesn’t want to be led by hand from one event to another, from one cutscene to another - he wants to be a part of the game world, not only a spectator. One game that comes to my mind at the moment is forgotten classic written in the early eighties by Mike Singleton - “Lords of Midnight”. Here, the blend between gameplay and the epic story was perfect - it actually gave me feeling of participation, which is what some of the contemporary adventure /action adventure/role playing games lack. “LoM” is actually an example of how an excellent idea can give birth to game that doesn’t age with time. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself: its IBM port (the game was originally written for ZX Spectrum) is available at http://www.icemark.com/tower/index.html. Mike Singleton was a visionary and a genius who foreseen direction the computer games will take in the future - in fact, the “landscaping” technology he implemented in “Lords of Midnight” predated the 3d boom of today. And, despite its age, fighting in the War of the Solstice is as fun as it was twenty years ago, when the game was originally written.

  • Darkelve Says:

    I just wanted to say, that I just added the first download to the SpreadDreamfall website (click my name) : a poster in A4-format that people can print out and hang up in various places.

    No downloads available yet. We will trying to offer you some around the end of April/beginning of May.

    @Rama: I got the original from Black-House website, but I presume you got that from the ‘old’ Dreamfall.com website yourself. If you have any objections to me using this picture, please let me know.

    @Auras: was it you who said you could help with the hosting of files? For now I’ll manange, but I’ll have to keep a close eye on my bandwith as I add more material.

  • Darkelve Says:

    “No downloads available yet. We will trying to offer you some around the end of April/beginning of May.”

    Sorry, that accidentally got in there. We *have* downloads at the moment. Well, one for the time being ;)

  • Dan Edward Says:

    Petter says: “What TV channel? NRK or TV2?”

    It was NRK. Just watch it here for free: http://www7.nrk.no/nrkplayer/default.aspx?klipp_id=160799&indeks_id=61489

  • Dan Edward Says:

    Petter says: “What TV channel? NRK or TV2?”

    It was NRK. Just watch it here for free: http://www7.nrk.no/nrkplayer/default.aspx?klipp_id=160799&indeks_id=61489

  • Dan Edward Says:

    Petter says: “What TV channel? NRK or TV2?”

    It was NRK. Just watch it here for free: http://www7.nrk.no/nrkplayer/default.aspx?klipp_id=160799&indeks_id=61489

  • Dan Edward Says:

    OH GOD!!! Sorry for the tripple post… had som problems!!! :(

  • Darkelve Says:

    “OH GOD!!! Sorry for the tripple post… had som problems!!!”

    For the moment there I thought you were that spammer :p

  • CosmicD Says:

    Hmm, Maybe there should have been more interactive to-do challenges in this game like the chapter 5 challenge (won’t say more).. but what would annoy me in a game is that for each and every solution information/solution, you need to solve a puzzle of some sort.

    Say that you’re going on a real adventure to turkey, will the tourist info bar throw a puzzle at you for asking where your inn is ?

    “Sorry mister but you first have to solve this very intellectual book/formula puzzle that no one knows about unless they sat in Oxford library for 20 years befor I’ll tell you where your inn is.

    I’m happy that this great epic story that is told in Dreamfall is wrapped up in a reasonable set of challenges.

    That would have been ruined if there were puzzles in there genre “And then there were none”. Maybe it’s personal taste but you are been giving an excelent story to proces, does that also meen you need these uber-intellectual puzzles ? and get books of info that arn’t maybe relevant to the story, ? That distracts alot.

    I bet Nintendo would never put these huge theoretical puzzles inside any zelda game and people still love it to bits. For me, dreamfall does just right in immersing me, the only little let-down is that it ends so soon:

  • Shake Says:

    Secondly, the next (and final) game in the saga - if there is one; it all depends on how well this one does - is a long, long way off.

    (In fact, it’s been a while. Too bloody long. The next game is definitely not going to take three years to make.)

    Mixed signals for the win. You´re losing just a tad of credibility with me concerning your blog, Ragnar. Rather that then as a developer or writer, but still. You also said everyone would like the ending, and the old Dreamfall website has a line that went ´Three characters, three arcs, three endings´ or somesuch, and now you tell us Dreamfall is the first part in a two-part.

    It seems you hyped us up for Dreamfall, and when we bought that, you started hyping us up for the third entry.

    I´m suddenly starting to think you may have actually cut the game short due to time-constraints.

    I don´t mind — you´re doing your own advertising and all, and the more copies Dreamfall sells the happier I´ll be, but I´m not taking your word for anything anymore. Seeing is believing.

    For the record, I loved both games, and think you´re a unique developer who I´ll gladly support, but I´m also fairly sure your first priority for this blog is to advertise, and not to give fans the inside scoop. I don´t feel you´re always truthful.

  • Darkelve Says:


    The website http://spreaddreamfall.ducaet.be/ now has a ‘Game Help’ section!


    I feel this is an important and useful addition to our website.

  • Snatcher42 Says:

    My first response here, though I’ve been reading for awhile. Long-time adventure gamer and TLJ fan. Just completed Dreamfall tonight after many many hours of playing (who said this game was short?). Anyway, I think the ending is torturous yet amazing. You know how to have us chomping at the bit for more, don’t you Ragnar? And I applaud it. You talked about Lost… another carefully planned series this reminds me of is Babylon 5. I also think of it because (hopefully some spoilers are allowed in response to this post) the biggest question in my mind right now is: WHAT HAPPENED TO APRIL? I can’t believe that her story is over. However, I think back to a character in B5 who had to befall a similar fate in order to be reborn into what he needed to be. Tolkien did it too with Gandalf. I guess it’s a pretty classic arc. I eagerly await seeing April follow it as well!

  • Raan Says:

    I just have to say, I loved “Dreamfall”. All of it, including the ending. I very much agree with your Cortez quote there. If all the questions are answered it feels kind of empty in the end, this way the emotion and suspense was going full speed until the very last second. It’ll be tough waiting for the last part though. :)

  • John Walker Says:

    Sorry to post links to myself - such a lame move - but I was excited to see Ragnar reference Cortez’s comment at the end of the post, as it was the basis on which I wrote a reflective piece on TLJ for PC Gamer (UK).

    I put it up on my blog recently, here:


    I hope it’s of interest.

  • KHH Says:

    i read it all… yet i did read any spoilers i think…

    might be because my minds just about falling out of my head… school’s not healthy!

  • Iemander Says:

    Heya Ragnar,

    I felt with you mate, you definitely stirred up some emotion in me throughout the game and you definitely succeeded in doing so. My biggest problem with some of the complaints regarding the storyline is hence that most seem to think the storyline is worse than TLJ1’s, which I dissagree with. It’s just different, the focus shifted from the epic to the personal. It’s too bad that alot of people had a hard time to adjust to.

    Ow and I definitely got that beginning and ending of the story. I hate it myself when a storyline starts, and completely shifts focus afterwards as to result in something that has no real ending. Just a gathering of answers instead with no structure at all. Dreamfall definitely had that structure, which I felt and thus definitely didn’t leave me dissatisfied.

    In any case, I gave a pretty positive review for Dreamfall up on Gamefaqs if you’re or anyone else is interested. Beware that I’m not the best writer, and not even english :).


    And about the puzzles in the game, perhaps you could make a “lite version” in Dreamfall 2. Like in Monkey Island 2, an easy mode for everyone interested with just reduced puzzle mechanics. Make the hard mode illogical etc and the easy mode just like Dreamfall. You don’t even need to redesign everything, if you can automate things instead of having the player do them it would be great as well or just leave extra parts out of the process to simplify the puzzles.

    The puzzles were my biggest (Outside of the loading times) beef with the game and definitely could be improved.

  • Danno Says:

    Thank you for clearing up a lot of the frustrations we fans have! I know I speak for more than myself when I say that it makes Dreamfall a more enjoyable experience to know that it isn’t the end for the story.

    I agree with your feelings about feeling betrayed when writers make it up as they go along, and I was praying that wasn’t the case with this story. Now I can replay TLJ and Dreamfall without feeling let down at the end!

  • Razorsmith Says:

    Hey, at first ..when I finished the game, I was pissed off with how it ended. After going over it all again I realized you were most likely making a sequel and I realized that April lives on anyways and hey, I love Zoe to death now because I can totally identify with her. I hope to be a novelist someday and that leads me to feel a bit depressed on how hopeless it can be and makes me unsure of what I could to realistically. So yeah, I love her to death for getting past all of her uncertainty to make a difference and I hope she survives, I want to see her get closer to her new man-toy. ;) And I think I know exactly what she meant by that’s not him, I’m only surprised others haven’t posted in the forums what I think.

    Anyways, the combat system was a bit clunky and hard to control. Mind you I don’t mind combat, I play many genre’s of games and so many of them have combat, the TLJ combat system just needs work. Another thing I was a bit annoyed at..honestly, was running. One thing I LOVED about the first TLJ was how you could skip the game a bit to get past the running. I love the new format, the 3d look…the new characters…and I -LOVED- Stark a lot more than Arcadia this time, so you vastly improved upon it in my opinion. I loved every location in Stark, even that one zone of Russia. I wish I could have interacted with Zoe’s robot more, maybe play games with him over the phone or talk to him about things…maybe call other friends too. Anyways, I hope you read my post, great job on the story..hopefully I’ll have my own story out there soon enough. ^_^

  • Dasilva Says:


    Im in the UK so I’m waiting for May for the game to be released. Would Dreamfall 2 (TLJ 3) most likely be next generation?

    Thanks and I love your work and hope for the best. :)

  • Roger Hågensen Says:

    Hmm! Did anyone notice how Ragnar specified (the game), and that the games was a trilogy in a saga.
    Do I smell plans/ideas for books and movies? *grin*

    I certainly hope so, The Longest Journey “universe” has so much unwritten potential that can be told, er. written!

    And as somebody pointed out, the second part of the Dreamfall arch,
    and conclusion of the trilogy would be cheaper to make.
    A lot of the Dreamfall art assets, sounds and possibly voice work (that was unused),
    the game engine (after some more tweaks) should be good to go for a sequel in a year or two. (hopefully a year this time :)
    And since the Dreamfall team is now experienced with the engine,
    hopefully they will have some time left over to tweak the facial animation a bit more. Lipsync was good, but the faces lacked happy/sad/anfry modificators. Should be able to add emotion scripts (or tweak existing ones if there are such).

    I just wish that bink wasn’t used for cutscenes etc. It’s a resource hog,
    and usually ends up jerky on many games. (Dreamfall seemed lucky in that regard)
    The various configuration options was great, and especially the hardware mouse setting. (could someone in the Dreamfall team please tell the AO team to add that option too *mumbles somehing about sluggish mouse*)

    Besides a few minor issues (*cough*installer screwup*cough*) and the odd case of the character getting stuck in a rock. (the rock near the stream in the cave above the waterwheel)
    This game was incredibly written (the world so need a Ragnar written movie indeed), well produced.
    Not since the old golden days of The Longest Journeyand various Lucasarts and Sierra games has such a complete work been made.

    I’m surprised you had to explain about Dreamfall being 2 part story arch,
    I thought that was pretty obvious.
    And I have to say, this is te first time a cliffhanger provided both closure and anticipation at the same time.

    Let’s hope the rest of the game/entertainment buisness takes after Dreamfall,
    truly strong and story centric games are a minority I blame the FPS genre for this.
    Dreamfall shows that actual stories not only still works, but blows most other games away even if in other genres.
    9 out of 10 points from me, which automaticaly goes to a 1o of 10 once the second part is released!

    Sit back and gloat Ragnar, you deserve it!

  • Phat39 Says:

    Oh phew! Glad the man is actually confirming this himself! So people can calm down (me at least)!

    Anyways, I think the world of Arcadia would be perfect for a true old-skool RPG game (Legend of Mana, BG1&2). You guys got alot of the stuff spaced out already, like races, cities, lore etc etc. Would that ever happen?
    The story could be a boy/dude in search of a way home to Stark (after he somehow got ported to Arcadia), but this longest journey (pun intended) turns out to be more of an inner discovery, kinda like the one Crow had! :D

    And oh by the way Razorsmith, what you said about Reza sounds pretty right. I caught your meaning right away, and I would never have thought of that myself. Thanks :P

  • Mono Says:

    I’ll say this: if Ragnar is confident enough in himself to have ended the game the way he did and be happy, I have every confidence that the third part of the saga is in cpable hands.

  • Mono Says:

    what you said about Reza sounds pretty right. I caught your meaning right away, and I would never have thought of that myself

    Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I sort of interpreted it to mean that since Reza is “dead”, this must be fake Reza, or just a clone. I’m probably not thinking about it enough.

  • DavidG Says:

    I might be one of the few people who actually liked the ending. I wouldnt be able to make a better ending myself . And i assumed there will be part 2 of dreamfall (based on how it ended), and now i am extremely glad to hear from Ragnar that what i hoped is right :D

    so mate get to work NOW :D

  • DavidG Says:

    I might be one of the few people who actually liked the ending. I wouldnt be able to make a better ending myself . And i assumed there will be part 2 of dreamfall (based on how it ended), and now i am extremely glad to hear from Ragnar that what i hoped is right :D

    so mate get to work NOW :D

  • NLO Says:

    You got the game Mono?! …Or have you just given up avoiding spoilers and joined the discussion?
    (I haven`t read Ragnar`s post cuz I haven`t played the game yet)

  • Mono Says:

    You got the game Mono?!

    I’ve played it… I really don’t want to say more than that.

    Anyway, I liked the ending too, in a way. It is… elegant, for lack of a better word.

  • CosmicD Says:

    I love the ending too, and I can realise why Ragnar would say “you’ll love it”, because the ending is very.. I was crying and I felt an enormous tristesse but it’s on its own very soothing and confy as well cause you know “it” will go on but you don’t know how or what.

  • LordJim Says:

    Hey Alek why in the world are you playing these games if you believe that games should not be a storytelling medium? I doubt you were tricked into purchasing this game with the belief it would have insanely good gameplay.

  • Stinky Duck Says:

    My suggestion for TLJ 3 (please read RAGNAR!!)
    Forget the third person stuff… that is so yesteryear. I want to be fully immersed, so make it first person, and give the character I’m controlling (whoever that might be in the next game) a really cool gun so I can look over the barrel of the gun as I run around in the 3D world in first person perspective! Then, scrap the dialogue. I don’t play games to listen to people talk– I want ACTION! Let me shoot people! I want to get ambushed at everyturn! I want enemies leaping down at me while I shoot them hither and yon! And no puzzles, unless it’s like killing a guard to get a keycard to give me access to a new level or something.
    Oh, and the orchestral score? Gotta go. I want a techno, pulse-pounding soundtrack while I’m shooting baddies! Got it? Good!

  • Mono Says:

    It warms my heart to know that whenever I think I’m acting a bit odd, Stinky Duck comes along and reassures me that I’m perfectly normal…

  • Sinotek Says:

    I think alot of ppl (like me :p) would be happy 2 see that TLJ3 will be a point’n click game.
    The whole action part doesnt fit 2 this game.

  • CosmicD Says:

    Rofl, Stinky duck, I also guess you want draic kin death match or coop shifters :)

  • Steveb Says:

    Rargnar I really loved Dreamfall and TLJ, the story is just amazing and so well thought out. I didn’t really enjoy the action part of this game so much and the story is its overwhelming success, I mean it would make a great novel and movie, it’s similar and different to films like lotr and starwars in their depth, I love the characters in your work, you really know how to make people care about them and some are just so cute.

    please please keep up the good work, I need a sequel to dreamfall to happen man lol but seriously it would be a great shame if it just died, think maybe you will think about a novel or movie of the tlj story, whatever you do I wish you the best and I will follow with interest

  • Stinky Duck Says:


    Cool idea! Yes, TLJ-3 should have death matches! Imagine April VS Abnaxus VS Roper Klax in a death match with BFGs!!! I guarantee you, sales would improve drastically!

  • Verity Says:

    First of all, I loved the Longest Journey. I played a demo for it years and years ago, but my computer was pretty old at the time and I had a lot of graphical problems so I never ended up buying it. That is, until this year. I purchased it, and loved it. I couldn’t stop playing – I had to know what happened.

    Onto Dreamfall… I played through it from start to finish in one day, which was a bit of a letdown. It took me about 10-12 hours. I found the action sequences to be frustrating for the most part… The stealth portions didn’t really bother me, aside from April’s infamous troll cave sequence. But I didn’t like the combat at all, especially when I was Zoe. Luckily I was able to avoid it for the most part(though I did have to fight the guy in the hotel while standing on a window ledge, and barely survived). When I was Kian and April, the fighting was easy and didn’t bother me. It was never really fun though.

    The story was amazing. I loved it. Even the ending. I know a lot of people have problems with it, but I think it’s mainly because we know it will be quite a while before we get a conclusion(probably years). The same think happened with Monkey Island 2. Even so, I enjoyed it. It was touching, and sad, and left me wanting more. The final scene with Faith may have caused me to get a little misty-eyed… but I wont say for certain. ;)

    Graphically I was happy with the game. I wish that all of the important characters were as detailed as Zoe, but I can understand why they weren’t. The only one that I really had problems with was Damien – his face wasn’t too bad front-on, but his profile was weird. I also found Zoe’s nose to be weird, like it was too flat and low on her face. But I’m just being picky, I think. The world was gorgeous though.

    The voice acting was probably the best I’ve heard in a game, ever. I don’t think I was disappointed with it even once. I can’t say enough good things about it. The music was also amazing – it always fit the scene, and it definitely added emotion. I hope I’ll be able to get a copy of the soundtrack soon.

    So overall, I just want to say thank you! Thank you for one of the most enjoyable entertainment experiences I’ve ever had. I hope someday the TLJ series is made into a feature film… But only if you have full control of it :)

  • LesF Says:

    Hello Ragnar,
    I wanted to say thanks for the great games and even further thanks and gratitude for your dedication to finishing the story for all your fans!

  • LesF Says:

    I forgot to mention that at first I was concerned over the ending however after taking some time to wrap my brain around it I decided it was a excellent ending. I highly recommend reading the last chapter of Stephen Kings “The Dark Tower VII”,and perhaps the whole series after Dreamfall 2 is finished :), where King talks about endings and how often people focus on the end rather than the journey. It is excellently stated and I do not have a copy handy to quote it. The understanding gained from Kings words helped me appreciate your work.

  • Peggy Says:

    I just wanted to say that I for one am very glad that Ragnar Tornquist did set up this web-blog! First for the fact that I am amazed he did respond to us gamers :), to address some of our questions that are haunting us because we cared about the story and the people in it. I did think the ending was sad in away, but it was very epic and thought provoking. I think we as humans don’t want to believe that our heroines are just like us concerning that they do die. That we may not have super glorious lives or live forever, but we are still wonderful in our small part we play in history. We are remembered by humanity from our story/journey and how we chose to live our lives. Rather to have a short life and do good\meaningfull things, then a long one with sorrow, grief and much regret. Ragnar said it was the first part of the story of dreamfall and that it wasn’t finished. I am glad to know that he does have a definite ending in mind and knows exactly where it is going. I too dislike it when something gets made up as you go along, because then there really is no point or meaning. It is nice to know that Ragnar knows we want to see this “Journey” he has us set out on years ago will be told to it’s finish. We too can enjoy what Raynar had emagined for his wonderful world and share in his glorious story telling. A story that makes you think beyond your own limited existance and believe that we all can make a difference. Ragnar certainly is right in his words saying that knowing everything is dull, he definentely has us all wondering about; what,how and where. :)

  • Luc Says:

    The game finished abruptly, and in an unsatisfying manner. Dreamfall appears to be an incomplete game that was rushed out to stores in order to meet a stupid deadline.

    That “ending” was a disgrace; and I’ve never been so disgusted in my entire life…

  • Ivano Says:

    I just finished the game. I kinda expected the lose ends and I really liked it, after all. It’s a worthy successor of TLJ, can’t wait to play the third chapter!

    I loved all the references to the first game, especially the locations, and obviously the characters (and voices) that are back, and I even spotted some graphics taken straight out of Anarchy Online, just like in TLJ (remember the OT soldiers? hehe…). BTW I even own my hard copy of PWH which I read twice, yeah I’m definitely a Ragnar’s fan, I’ve been for years now, keep the good work up my friend!

  • LesF Says:

    While you could be right, this ending had a polish and appearce of one planned and excuted according to plan. Alebit not an ending that answers many questions it.

    If you are interested in seeing a game that is truly and without a doubt “an incomplete game that was rushed out to stores in order to meet a stupid deadline” check out Knights of the Old Republic II (Lucasarts/Obsidian). The ending there is disorienting and the player is left with no idea what happend. Dreamfall has none of that feeling of incoherence. It just simply ends and we are left wondering what happens next. Ragnar has assured us of his intent in this that we will get a conculsion of sorts to this saga in a future game or other medium.

    Enjoy the game for what it is and do not get lovemaking confused with the tiny squirt at the end. That’s a paraphrased verion of Kings quote I mentioned above.

  • Sergey Says:

    If I am not mistaken this IS Ellie Conrad - Leigh, the voice of Zoe:

  • Adam Says:

    i wanna start by saying i’m 18 years old and i’m into game-programming, learinnig it at school and hoping on becoming a programmer in the future.
    now maybe you’ll take this a bit more seriously than u would if u thought i was a 14 years old kid.

    i’m sorry but to me the game was, it’s hard to put into words but to say the least VERY disappoiting. i feel like there is nothing that can be done to fix everything. and i feel that if ur not gonna fix everything than i will be disappointed.
    plus i don’t feel this game came any close to the greatness and even perfectness the first one came.
    in the first one we found out about the twin worlds the balance all the main things about the storyline of this fantasy world AND we found out things that are there only for the plot of this perticular game. like the two brother-races those flying guys and those water guys. we take a journey to the north lands find out about a magical banda (was it?) race being attacked by a harmless looking old lady and playing class with a powerfull wizard.
    where is all the fun in this game? where did dreamfall take us? no where new except for the dark city which was really my highlight of the game. sure being back in old places and see how it change was fun and great (although the border house wasn’t so far away from the fridge in the first game)
    but exploring new things. thats the point of the journey and this game had too little of it. i think that you should’ve released Dreamfall as a full game not a first part out of two.
    and again i don’t believe that another game can solve it all.
    the only thing i can think about to fixing it to me and some other friends who thinks more or less like me is that maybe 2 more games, which in those most of the things will be solved. first one gets things a little better but still shows problems and the second one will solve the rest.
    cause one short game is just not gonna cut it.

    mostly i think u should go back to the quest-like gameplay and not half an action gameplay. it just makes it frustrating sometimes. like in the prison if the guard see us before we throw the smoke granade then we can’t really kill him with our kicks and punches so what’s the point on waiting for him to kill us?

    btw i think that the only way April should be saved from death is by a magical race of those swaps-water who takes her in and help her and without them SHE WOULDN’T MAKE IT cause otherwise it would just be kichy (is that the american word for it?)

  • Daniel Says:

    I don’t believe all of the people saying they felt that there was a coherrent ending. Yes, by the standards Mr. Tornquist defines in this blog entry, I suppose the Faith thread is almost completely wrapped up (though Stark is largely in the dark to us in the audience). However, as this game was marketed and sold, it is incomplete and bewildering.

    Quite frankly even the message of shaking and strengthening faith wasn’t even well developed– one tiny speech and an Apostle decides to stop killing? C’mon.

    I was awe struck by the beauty and emotion of this game, but it’s not a complete game. I’m an advocate of this brilliant story line, but I simply cannot reccommend it to my friends, since it’s essentially–
    Dreamfall: The Advertisement to Dreamfall II

    This perhaps will be a perfect second episode to fill in a blank in later years, but in 2006 as a finished stand-alone product, this is a pretty chapter in an incomplete novel, and it will be difficult for me not to remember the frustration when the final chapter is finally released.

  • baaba Says:

    When I first finished the game, I was annoyed, angry even, at how incomplete the ending seemed. But then I realised, as Ragnar said, that it was not a sequel to TLJ, nor a part one in anything. It was merely a story with a beginning (the static) and an ending (the obvious - the fate of Faith) situated in the TLJ universe with some intertwining elements with TLJ.

    Everyone should try to think of it this way and see if they can understand what I mean.

  • paintermagic Says:


    Alright, I’m not sure I totally understand what you’re saying. Let me tell you what I’ve gotten so far and maybe you can help me a little.

    The Longest Journey (as in the first game) was a complete story, from beginning to end. The plotline with the balance is done. In Dreamfall, we no longer need to be concerned about the balance. This really isn’t even a story of the two worlds, Stark and Arcadia. Arcadia is almost completely unnecessary. It’s the story of Stark and the spooky demi-realm Winter.

    What I’m trying to say is… where’s the whole Balance schtick I was enraptured in the first game. I thought that was the whole point of The Longest Journey series.

    “Secondly, Dreamfall was from day one designed as the first part of a two-part story”

    From what I understand from that statement is that Dreamfall is this little interlude stuck between the larger plot of the Balance. It’s this little self-contained bit of story, that aside from a few familiar faces and locations, has nothing to do with the original story of the seperation and rejoining of the two worlds.

    I really I can make the connections in the third game if I’m not suppose to make them now, but right now I’m more bewildered and frusterated than excited and eager.

  • heema Says:

    One of the best stories ever. Loved the game. I was crying while watching the ending. Is it such a sad story. It was shock to see what happened to April, but the epilogue was too good, too sad. TLJ was more like a fairytale, Dreamfall is a science-fiction thriller. I loved the name of the 13th Chapter, ‘The Longest Journey’, same as of TLJ. Chapter names in TLJ were also more classical, fitting the ‘tale’ theme, for example ‘Through the Looking Glass’, or ‘There and Back Again’, in Dreamfall they were too bit modernized. For the sequel:

    a) Please upgrade or scrap the horrible fighting system.
    b) Stealth is mostly fine, but can be fine tuned.
    c) A decent graphics engine with much better character models and facial expression. Zoe’s model was quite detailed, but why other characters didn’t receive similar attention. It was pain watching April’s hair. Pain watching Damien. The ‘kiss’ was just horrible.
    d) Music puzzle was the worst, other than that game hit the right balance, it was not short, at least not for me, there was less variation in the puzzles, mobile was over used but I like the approach of having realistic puzzles in Stark, and keeping a realistic inventory.

    Ragnar, you must be proud for what you have accomplished with Dreamfall. It is a work of virtuoso art.

  • digger Says:

    It’s reassuring to hear that the story has already been planned out. The ending was very frustrating at first, but knowing that it probably will be concluded made it better.

    Anyway thank you for this wonderful game/experience. It’s awe inspiring. The whole premise based mixing sci-fi/fantasy/dreams is great, as it was in the first game.

    There aren’t too many people these days willing to break out of the old mold of the PC gaming scene and make something truly different. This is one of the very few games I bought almost immediately after launch.

  • grumbel Says:

    About the story having an begining and an end, I don’t think so, we basically learn exactly nothing about that little girl in the whole game, we travel forth and back from Stark to Arcadia, but all that has nothing todo with that girl, it only opens up a lot of subplots which all are never resolved. Only in the very end we get all of a sudden an email and everything surrounding the girl suddenly resolves itself, all of a sudden, without our interaction. It really didn’t fell like Zoe has accompilshed anything. The ending was still ok, but it really had little todo with what one actually did in the game. Sure, in TLJ April gets to travel around a lot as well and not everything of it has any influence on getting the balance fixed up, but at least those subplots that are opened are also closed again, we learn to know Arcadia and its people, while Dreamfall in many parts it felt more like a tour guide around the world of TLJ, revisiting all those places we already know. There is very little new stuff we actually learn in Dreamfall.

  • Kasha Says:

    Damn you for that cliffhanger! ;) And thank you for promising that the story will have its conclusion in one way or another. While I found the ending of Dreamfall absolutely wrenching, (Zoë’s words about leaving it up to the one who had listened were kind of scary, yet powerful) I have to say that I loved it. You’ve got your audience by their private parts (figuratively speaking) and now we are just hoping and praying that the next part of this combined two-part story and trilogy will come up.

    Your strengths are in the stories, characters and details. Love, love, love them. Really, truly love your stories. The world of TLJ is by far the most fascinating combo of scifi/fantasy I’ve ever seen, and a lovely way of seeing our reality. Mindblowingly beautiful stuff.

    I agree with heema up there about the fighting system - personally I’d rather have it scrapped, but if it’s there, I’d like it to be smoother. The sneaking did kind of add an excitement to the gameplay, but I as an old school adventure game player, I kind of hate the fact that my character can die. I loved that about TLJ1 - no matter how badly you screwed up, at least you knew you couldn’t die (well, at least you hoped you didn’t). But well, I understand if you feel that you need to bake in some action to bring in some of the more action-based audience. But I was always happy when an action sequence was over.

    What I really loved about Stark in Dreamfall this time is how different the settings were… traveling around the world, and above all, seeing a lot of people representing different ethnicities. I liked that, it’s a colorful world. Casablanca was gorgeous, and a big thank you for showing Venice.

    I was very intrigued by the little details in Faith’s room, and I really wished I could’ve zoomed in on her drawings. That bigger girl with a pink top, it sure did remind me of someone…

    Anyway, while I understand that some people are annoyed at the ending of the game, and I am in near-physical agony while waiting for the story to continue, I must say that it was a brave thing to do, doing such a controversial and original ending. Or well, as all stories, it ends where it begins… But I sure didn’t expect you to actually leave things quite like that. Mind-boggling. Stunning. Frustrating…

    … and you have my 50 euros as soon as you get that sequel/third part out. Please be quick. Please. I have faith in you.

  • grumbel Says:

    ### But well, I understand if you feel that you need to bake in some action to bring in some of the more action-based audience.

    This is a wrong assumption, action elements in an adventure game will *NEVER EVER* bring in any of the action-based audience, that never worked and never will. If somebody wants to attract the action crowed, he has to do an well done action game, not an adventure game, its as easy at that. The reason is simply that the quality of todays action games, heck even action games from a decade or two ago, are in terms of fun an polish lightyears away from the action-junk we get in Dreamfall and that will even be that way when the action elements would get more polish. An adventure game simply has no room to introduce the player to the mechanics of the action elements, so the action elements will always stay very simple and primitive. Yet even those simple action can be incredible frustrating, when not understood by the player (ie. when exactly do I trigger a spider, when does a dog react to my walking, etc.).

    Just for the record, I did die a lot more in Dreamfall than I did in many action games and those death in Dreamfall where slow, annoying and worst of all not to be blamed on me, but due to bad gamemechanics. Yet, the puzzles in many action games are also more challanging then those in Dreamfall, nobody wants games like that and especially not the action gamer crowed. Action games in the last years have gone more and more away from actually killing the player every few meters, energie now often recharges automatically when standing still for a short while, checkpoints are scattered all over the place and such.

    Fahrenheit earned a lot of praise not because it inserted random action junk, but because it had a well done story and gameplay that supported that story, said gameplay did have action, but it had action because of the story, not because of it wanted to attracting some action gamer crowed.

    If the developers want to bring in the action crowed they need to have an story that will blow those away that are only used to the flat and uninteresting storys of first person shooter and they will need to have gameplay that supports such a story, if that means more action, then there is nothing wrong with inserting it, but inserting random sneaking and fighting, both a lot worse then even in bad action games, into places that would easily offer a good opportunity for a well done puzzles is pointless. And truth to be told there wasn’t a single place where the action was neccessary by the story in Dreamfall, it was completly useless and badly done.

  • Michael Says:

    where are the outtakes!!!

  • Peter Says:

    Great game, game story!
    Thought the fighting and in lesser degree sneaking felt a bit out of place and awkward at points. Perhaps puzzles would better to fit the whole.

    ….ohh and you better finish that 3rd part :D

  • Howard G Says:

    Awesome game! I eagerly await dreamfall 2 now ;) Both TLJ and Dreamfall are among my favorite games of all time and now the punishment is waiting for the sequal. Keep up the good work and congratulations!

  • Timiras Stefan Says:

    Dear Ragnar,
    Well, I loved the game. The only prob I had was that it was a little too short. But all the ending scene I cried, and i cried, and i cried…
    I can’t wait for the 3rd part of tlj.So do it…and I hope that zoe hasn’t died and april neither.
    Best wishes,
    Stefan Timiras

  • cassarie Says:

    dear ragnar,
    i absolutely love your game!!it’s sad,heart warming,spooky,and adventurous!!i love it.i can’t wait for part 3!!

  • Nite Says:

    I love playing the game, but when the end came, I was ready to come there and just beat the crap out of you, I was that angry JUST because:

    “Secondly, Dreamfall was from day one designed as the first part of a two-part story…”


    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey - Part I

  • Nite Says:

    I have NO idea why my post got clipped from the middle, but I’m too pissed of to write it again. bah.

  • Calanagear Says:

    Yes. I understand that Dreamfall deals with Faith.
    I myself am a writer and an avid gameplayer. I have to say that the game was great, in most aspects. Addictive, actually.
    Yet, as many people before me have said in the forums, we feel cheated. NOTHING is more irritating than a game that doesn’t end or that has an insufficient ending. That’s how you lose fans, as there is no character resolution. I understand that you ended the whole Faith thing, but if you start something in a game, you ended in the game and then hint at the fact a sequal is going to come about; a ‘but things aren’t finished touch’.
    What you did was create a world that people resonded to, they had them become apart of it, only to have them find out ‘SORRY! You have to pay another 50 dollars to find out the ending! HA!’.
    I wouldn’t have done that.
    But fine! You did. So GET THE NEXT GAME OUT ASAP!!!!!

  • devbro Says:

    I played the game because of some random decision but now I was really pleased with the overall of the game. I was also unhappy with the ending but now that I know there is a sequal I feel much more calm. So when can we expect the sequel?(I know for harry potter it’s once a year or more but less than a dacede :) )

  • CesarK Says:

    Just wanna say tjat I absolutely LOVED the game:). The story whas great, the characters where great in both means of story and acting and oh the music where absoultely beautiful I wold realy like to get my hands on the tracks. I even liked the combat:). but on the down saide I realy hated teh sneaking around part but then I realy hate that in all games. I honestly where this close to quit the game but then I got help from a friend who are good with stuff like that I got help only becuse I have bad eyes I am blind on my left and cant see to much on my right so I did not realy see the guards and stuff you hath to avoide if theay where to faar away from me so PLEASE Ragnar if you make a sequal to this game make it the old fashoined way or if not give uss some other ways to work around the problem becuse if there will be sneaking around in the sequal I dont know if Im gonna play it or rather I will play it but maby I will not be able to play it to the end.
    Oh one more thing I am so mad at what you did to you know who not zoe but the one who got the name that begins with an A. Please please let it not be true I where this close to just thrwo the game aout the window when it hapened please if you will make a sequal let uss know what happend to that person PLEASE.
    The ending or at least parts of the ending made me cry just so you know how moved the story made me.

  • Anthony Says:

    Here’s the thing as I see it. Despite what it might seem like, we still know very little about the “kin”. I have to replay dreamfall again since I just finished TLJ after playing Dreamfall.

    We know the red was Cortez for several hundred years. I highly doubt that he was Cortez since the beginning of the balance. What would be nice to know though is if they can just change from one to another at will or does each “shell” have to be born, grow old etc before they can get another one.

    The reason I’m posting this here and not someplace else is that the white says things in dreamfall that directly contradict things in TLJ. As you said, DF is about the story of faith, but those scenes with the white disturb the story of TLJ, and Faith wanted you to desperately find out what happened to AR and to save her. Maybe its obvious to other people, but I need to find out specifically Zoe did to save April.

    Here is the dilemma going through my head. TLJ made it very clear and thats the reason I replayed it, it was clear, that AR is not all she appears to be, that she shares more in common with Cortez and McAllen, then her parents, that she was adopted. When she visits the white in DF, she is told she isn’t. So to me, one of two things are true. Either the white dragon was telling the truth and we dont’ know as much about april as we thought we did. The problem with that is that the white said she couldn’t hear the other dragons. The blue can’t have gone anywhere, regardless of whether the red and green are still around. So it begs the question of whether that was really the white, and why she can’t hear the other dragons.

    As I’ve been typing this it seems to me that what Zoe did to save april occured when she yelled at April in the room at the journeyman inn. April had convinced herself that this problem had nothing to do with her, but Zoe reminds her that she has free will and that you have to choose to do good etc. The first dark person said she was no longer a wave and maybe that was true, she was too self centered, and Zoe reminded her of what it really meant to be a wave.

    I know its hoaxy, but I’m thinking more and more that if anything happened to her, she shifted instead of just going into the water.

    (btw, I have a habit of my thoughts wandering as I post, so sorry if that didn’t make sense)

  • Sak Says:

    To be honest game didn’t answer any questions and confused even more. Only Ragnar knows the story and sadly he didn’t tell much in DF. So one can forever lock into debate about XYZ, or just wait for the sequel.

  • Kismet Says:

    Reached the end of the story today. Just need some more time to put thoughts together about the game as a whole, before posting some comment (and that may not happen here… too much to say, too much that would be hard to explain in a no-spoiler enviromnet).

    Right now, I can only make a really short review - probably the shortest that can be made: Wow.

    But since this entry of the blog is about the ending, I guess I’ll say something about the ending. :)

    I was a bit worried reading the comments around, and I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t disappointed a bit when I had the chance to see it with my eyes (or, more appropriate, to *live* it personally): it’s hard to get too much in depth, and speak clearly avoiding spoilers, but I’ll try to do my best.

    I see as the ending leaves quite a few questions open, but most of them, from my point of view, are material questions, like “What happened to…?”, “What’s next?”, etc.

    From a more conceptual point of view, I think that the circle perfectly close, at last for the major theme of Dreamfall. What had to happen happened. The interior journey of the characters reached the end for what regards this particular chapter of their… longest journey.

    And I disagree with those saying that it doesn’t leave with a sense of accomplishment (of course, always keeping in mind that it’s a personal view): in the peculiar role, as the player, of something in between an alter ego, an observer, and a guardian angel, I feel that I brought the main characters “where they needed to be”. I found rewarding bringing them to where they are - to what they become - at the end of the game, as human beings, even if it may seem that their accomplishments from a strictly material point of view are not as much satisfactory as their interior accomplishments at the end of this chapter.

    It’s a story with different layers, and different reading keys, with quite a few arguments to think about even beyond the main theme, it would be a pity to stop just at the events layer.

    And well, even from an “events” point of view, the main character story gets completed: what may be misleading I think, is that for a good part of the story, the “material” goal of Zoe is not as much clear as the April goal in TLJ used to be. For a while, the objective seems to be just a vector (and actually, is a vector of the conceptual side of the story), its true nature as the “material” (events-wise) objective is revealed only near the end. Oki, guess it doesn’t make much sense, blame my poor english and my poor comunicative skills. :)

    Anyway, guess I’ll have some time to think more about it, put everything together, discuss about it around and make a feedback mail, meanwhile, I’ll just say that I loved Dreamfall, and I hope we’ll see another chapter of The Longest Journey soon.

    Back to play Dreamfall again now. :)

  • Jools Says:

    quote - There are lots of unanswered questions because the story isn’t over. Yet. I know exactly where it’s going and how it will end, and I know how the next game plays out, chapter by chapter.

    reply - *phew*. I was screaming pretty bad, until I read these lines. My neighbors’ ears were bleeding already. I know what you mean about X-Files (which nonetheless remains my favourite serie E.V.E.R.). But yet, the fact you know where you’re going seems to be enough to soothe my struggle, and I am now at peace and willing to wait for the end of the story, whetever form it may take (I’d love another game, but I’d enjoy a book as well). It really feels good to know that somebody knows where we’re going.

    Now, mistakes no to be made:

    1 - KoTOR2 syndrome (aka ‘how to screw up a sequel’s storyline pretty bad, and all because of haste’).
    2 - DooM3 symdrome (aka ‘how to make people wait more than 5 years for a sequel’)(ok, ok, DooM is NOT a storyline-driven game, but the example is fitting).
    3 - Monkey Island 4 syndrome (aka ‘how to annihilate one of the best-series-ever’s reputation’).

    Back to Dreamfall. I hate the ending. I just finished it, and I’m really hating it. I mean, it’s like getting stabbed in the face with a chainsaw. Yet, for some obscure logic, I think I can live with it. First off, it actually keeps faith (pun intended) to what the game itself states at the very beginning (something along the lines of ‘every story ahs a beginning and an end, and the two may be the same’). Secondly, it hints clearly enough that there will be a sequel. Thirdly (is ‘thridly’ a real word?), it wraps up what little is enough to give it the ‘open ending’ feeling. Just like in ‘the Empire Strikes Back’.

    And, on second thought, it may be better this way. I’ve played through Dreamfall too eagerly and therefore too quickly (it’s a short game, after all. Short for adventure games standards, anyway), so it’ll be nice to pick it up again before the sequel is out.

    PS - Crap, I miss the game already. I wish Dreamfall was a MMOG, or something like that. I’d like to explore more of this sci-fi Casablanca, to go partying with Zoe and her friends, to settle things with her father, and all that.

  • Kevin Says:

    I just finished the game. I started yesterday Saturday morning, and finished it today (Sunday) at noon. So it wasn’t as long as I expected it to be.
    First, I want to thank you for all your effort. I am a big fan of TLJ. Anytime that I go to Fry’s and see that it’s there for less than $10, I just feel bad that they sell this wonderful game for such a low price and so I buy a copy and give it to a friend. But I won’t do the same with DF. Dreamfall was a fun and a lot better than most of the other games that I played recently but I think my expectation was too high.

    I did not like the ending and I felt that nothing major was accomplished at the end. Although I must say it was an emotional ending, it sure was not satisfying. When I get to the end of the game and the chapter title “The longest journey” came up, I was just shocked. I did not believe that the game was going to end at this point of the story. I remember in TLJ, when we get the to the longest journey chapter, I really did feel that I had experienced the “longest” journey! In TLJ there were many unsolved issues but at the same time many questions were also fully answered. The DF created many more cliffhangers and questions than it actually answered. I am just happy that apparently you know the answers!

    I hated the fact that April (my hero, my favorite character, …) was changed so much. Nothing of the original fun April remained in this one.
    Zoe was a fun and well-developed character, but the same is absolutely not true for Kian.

    I did not even feel that Zoe did anything to save April in anyway. Kian seems very shallow. This guy is supposed to be the most trusted and faithful person of the Azadi guys, and he switches sides so easily. Also in terms of gameplay, what did we do with Kian? He just killed a few guys and other than just ran around.

    By the way, it is fun for me to see so many Persian names in the story: Reza Temiz is clearly a Persian name (Temiz mean “Clean”). “Azadi” is again a Persian term which ironically means “freedom”. And Kian is undoubtedly a Persian name (which means “the honorable man”). Are these intentional?

  • JFDAIA Says:

    I’ve just finished dreamfall and I’m annoyed. Or at least ambivalent, but because I liked TLJ so much I may sound annoyed. The beginning of the game very entertaining, but while TLJ (one of my favorite all time games) had a great plot, locales, puzzles and characters, this game seemed to be pretty pointless. What was ever the point of even introducing april ryan (and then killing her) or the azadi guy. In terms of plot it didn’t seem like there was any reason to even make Zoe go to Arcadia, aside from having TLJ fans see some old characters. Zoe starts as a believable character, but eventually she becomes less and less so, and while TLJ had some twists and ambiguity while providing a feeling that there was a point to this journey, this really feels like instead of coming up with a reasonably good ending (not necessarily tying all the knots, but at least explaining what was the point of most things Zoe did), you chose to go for tear jerking melodramatic ending. Also the whole multiple characters is kind of silly, why would I want to play with a totally unfamiliar character for a few minutes. Overall the story resembled more an expanded version of the story in F.E.A.R (which was pretty crappy). The action was easy and pointless, obviously to milk some time from a short game. The puzzles- were there any puzzles? I think there may have been 2 or 3 all of which were very easy and very traditional (match symbols bla bla bla) And the whole thing about teaching about the power of dreams, and having faith… please.
    I know I know, you had to make the deadline, push production at the expense of making a better game but you’ll make up for it in the next one…
    Well I can’t say this game really makes me wait impatiently for a sequel. It does kind of makes me want to go back to my old shelves and find a copy of the original TLJ and experience it again.
    Don’t get me wrong, parts of the game were enjoyable, but that was because I thought it was actually going somewhere. Overall it feels like a Hollywood sequel to a great European film - simple, obtuse, replacing action for meaning and oh so self important for no reason.
    It’s really annoying to play a game, and then find out that half of the story was absolutely unnecessary and inserted just to make the game a little longer.
    Still, parts of the game were good, and I do hope that next installment will have more realistic and less annoying characters, good puzzles and a story that doesn’t make you feel at the end of the game that you’ve just wasted hours of your life on absolutely nothing (and yes, I see the irony, Zoe’s journey and the player’s journey were corresponding, she was bored, we were bored, she went on an adventure to find something to do, we followed that adventure to find something to do, all her time spent leads her to a coma and the player is also in a semi comatose state while playing. I don’t think this kind of bs post modernism is a good way to make fun games)

  • Black House Says:

    [...] First of all, Ragnar discussed Dreamfall’s ending at his blog. Don’t click this link if you haven’t finished the game yet, but by all means do if you have. [...]

  • Patrick Says:

    I feel awfully cheated.
    The story began beautifully, unfolds many threads and progresses nicely and suddenly finishes! The whole thing feels like a big cliffhanger.
    There are so many unanswered questions.
    What happened to Kian, April, Bermine, Crow, White Kin, Brian Westhouse, …? Even we are not sure about Zoe. We know she is special and she is a dreamer. I think we only know what happened to little girl Faith, and that’s it!

    And now you are saying that don’t worry I have all the answers. It would have been good if you shared some of the answers with us in the story!

  • Sak Says:

    @Kevin: Yes, I also noticed the names, they are very Persian, ‘Reza’ if I am not mistaken means ‘wish’. Also the architechture of Azadi builduings was what you see in Middle ages Muslim architecture, it was quite interesting. The whole ‘The Six’ religion was presented very beautifully, it is always with all the religions who invaded others to clean them and bring them to the correct path, without considering about others, we can even see some parallels in our current world ;-) Kian on the other hand, I completely agree was a really shallow character. You see very little of him, and I think almost everyone could predict that he would turn away from his faith, but it happened too quickly and it feeled forced.

    Dreamfall was a really short game, with no sense of completion in any sense. If it was the story of Faith then what did we learn about her? Who was she, where did she come from? What we found in the end that yes, there was a girl named Faith but now she is dead, hooray! Zoe all the time hearing, ‘Find Her, Save Her’, may be I am insensitive to the underlying depths of a complex story, but whom did Zoe save? When I saw April die, I thought there goes the whole mission. In the end we learn that Zoe has saved April, really? how? So, either go mad over it thinking, wait for sequel, or satisfy yourself with some weird theory. What happened of April Ryan, well she is leading some rebels, she found she has nothing to do in this conflict of dreams, and she dies, fine, since it was not a direct sequel, we were not expected to learn any more of the April’s story. As mentioned earlier, Kian was equally shallow. In the ending, we learn nothing about Kian, we are left with the impression that April is dead, dreamnet is going to be released implying Zoe was cheated and failed, Zoe is probably gonna do, and some truly cryptic sequences that didn’t make anyone sense at all, like in the storytime. Now this was story for me.

    If we dissect the gameplay, Dreamfall to put simply is not a game. It is an interactive story. Aside from the music puzzle which is absurd, I was never stuck, and breezed through the ‘game’. I respect Ragnar alot, but truth to be told, I am buying a game that I want to play. Give me some gameplay, give me some sense of immersion. In this form it wouldn’t be a problem for me had Dreamfall be an animated movie with a page turner button after every five minute. If the sequel is going to be like this than better write a novel then making a game because we can already visualize all the key characters and honestly a great written novel can be equally thrilling as well. I hope that the sequel could strike a balance between gameplay and story. The fighting system will be greatly improved or removed. There will be more intelligent puzzles. I hope the sequel do not pull off a ‘Matrix Revolution’ on us because that would a terrible injustice. Keeping fingers crossed for the next six years.

  • iimme Says:

    hi! Please say that we meet April and Zoë in the next game!
    They can’t be dead?!
    I got wery sad when i finished the game. We have to see them again!

  • :D ingvil Says:

    In the ending of TLJ, April and Ravn(Crow :/) have grown old, and April is telling about the adventure she experienced when she was about 20years old… That’s what i call an ending.. A hAppy ending. Where everyone is ok!

    And, in Dreamfall we meat Brian Westhouse again. April thought he was dead, but he arrives in good helth… aha. We will se April again! Won’t we?

  • Terry Mesnard Says:

    In defense of the ending…

    I have to say I thought the ending was perfect. Yes, it doesn’t so much end as it sets up the events for an epic finale. But come on people, how many stories in movies, books etc have we had a similar incident? Consider The Empire Strikes Back. By the end of that movie, Luke was missing a hand, told his father was the epicenter of evil, Han is frozen and sent to Jaba and basically everything bad and unholy is happening–the shite has hit the fan.

    Then there was nothing. For three years there was nothing. The story wasn’t finished, no one knew what was going to happen and everything was basically FUBAR. But people had to wait three years to get a conclusion.

    Yes, Dreamfall ends without tying up a lot. Yes, people “die” (personally I’m not totally convinced) and things don’t end up like we expected. But what it does is create the beginning of what could be a truly epic finale.

    Is the ending sad? Yes, but don’t confuse sad with melodramatic. I’m tired of people automatically considering a sad ending with melodrama. I didn’t find it melodramatic at all. Sad, yes. But I thought it was handled tenderly and with a little smirk from our heroine Zoe.

    On the other hand, I can completely understand fan’s frustrations. I’m in the same boat. You wait 6ish years to find out what’s going to happen next and you find out there’s no ending and that a lot of things are still left up in the air. But let’s just take a breather, look at the plot as the middle piece of something gand and epic and just let it sit at that.

    I agree, the gameplay was a bit lackluster in spots. I could have used more difficult puzzles and the action was clunky. I, for one, prefer the way the stealth was handled as I am not too fond of stealth games (with the exception of MGS but that’s mostly because of the story). I’m sure those upset with the gameplay have made their points ABUNDANTLY clear and Ragnar, who seems genuinely interested in what his fans think, will probably take those comments into consideration when he finishes his magnum opus.

    I have confidence that Ragnar will steer us on a path of excitement. He proved that with this game that is, in my opinion, a very worthy follow up to the Longest Journey. I can’t wait to see where the next game will take us.

    That said, Ragnar, no 6 year wait between the games. kplsthx.

  • Nil Einne Says:

    WARNING, I’m responding to the whole post so will contain SPOILERS

    Hi Ragnar,

    I’m just wondering, I gather that you had a plan sou you must have had a fair idea what the story for DreamFall would be in TLJ. But I’m guessing you didn’t have it in that detail. So I’m wondering whether you regret the way you ended DreamFall. Specifically, it appears rather unlikely that April died based on the ending of TLJ. Of course, they way it all went would suggest even to people who didn’t play TLJ that April didn’t die. But my intepretation, was that saving April was more about helping her find her purpose/way or whatever you want to call it. Admitedly, she didn’t really seem to do this, or she only just seemed to begin to do it, but I guess some people might say her realisation/acceptance of Kian was her purpose/destiny and once she had done this, she wasn’t ‘lost’ anymore. Therefore, had it not been for TLJ, I would suspect it possible (altho still unlikely) that April was in fact gone…

  • Nil Einne Says:

    Sorry my mistake

    I meant to say, I’m wondering whether you regret the way you ended TLJ.

  • Nil Einne Says:


    While I agree that Kian was developed well enough I think you’re missing some things. Firstly, it’s not 100% clear whether Kian is really the most trusted. Definitely, the people in Macaria don’t think he’s trusted, nor did the guy in the hood. Specifically, it’s mentioned by that commander that he thinks Kian has the ear of someone in the Six. This does not appear to be the case from what we can gather, but it is easily possible the Six are not completely unanimous and at least one of them thinks something wrong is going on.

    Also, Kian’s turning IMHO is explained well enough even if not developed well enough. For starters, Kian’s master’s clearly had a great influence on him. Although he refused to let himself agree with the master at first, it’s very early on that he begins to have problems. For starters, it’s quite clear he does not like to kill and but thinks he has to because of his mission. It’s clear he never shared the view of some Azadi that all people associated with rebels are terrorists and deserve to die and it appears he never did. Remember he was isolated and it appears probably did little if any killing other then the occasional mission and although he’s devoted to the mission his views of the mission from the get go seem somewhat different then e.g. the commander. Secondly, it’s clear he has never been to the Northlands and has had little or no experience with the magical people. If you look at the magical people with Kian it’s clear that he is having problems with reconciling his faith/what he’s been told with what he sees. He knows what he is supposed to believe but he doesn’t appear to be happy with it. He is also unnerved by things like the tower.

    We can summise that April’s speech also had a big effect on him as did his experience later on when he entered the Ghetto/Oldtown and we can guess visited a Tavern or at least looked at people.

    It would have been good if we could have seen some of Kian’s second experience in the Ghetto but we didn’t which is probably one of the problems.

  • alien70 Says:

    My two cents. Everybody here tells that Kian is a shallow character,
    that he switches sides too easily , etc. That is completely unrue,
    To side with what Azadi was doing in Marcuria , after he saw that,
    that would be betrayal of his faith in the Goddess of Light.
    He may be one of true believers, more than the council of Six ;)
    For him his faith mattered more than obidience to military powers and
    if you replay his last dialogue with April again, it is pretty clear.
    As for how Zoe saved April , my guess would be as because she saw her
    die , and being a “dreamer” who can create fabric of time and matter
    can sustain April’s life by telling the story about her. Okay, I agree that was fairly farfetched ;)

  • alien70 Says:

    SPOILERS. My two cents. Everybody here tells that Kian is a shallow character,
    that he switches sides too easily , etc. That is completely unrue,
    To side with what Azadi was doing in Marcuria , after he saw that,
    that would be betrayal of his faith in the Goddess of Light.
    He may be one of true believers, more than the council of Six ;)
    For him his faith mattered more than obidience to military powers and
    if you replay his last dialogue with April again, it is pretty clear.
    As for how Zoe saved April , my guess would be as because she saw her
    die , and being a “dreamer” who can create fabric of time and matter
    can sustain April’s life by telling the story about her. Okay, I agree that was fairly farfetched ;)

  • BlueSpawn Says:

    At the end of the Longest Journey, Lady Alvane complains about her legs.

    Technically, if you get stabbed in a part of your stomach, you won’t be able to walk again.

  • Rishav rastogi Says:

    Hi, guy. I just finished Dreamfall. But… I havent played the first part. Please tell me if I left a majot part of the story and did it make a difference to me in understanding the story. also, I would be grateful if can briefly tell me about the first story or tell me anywhere else where to get it. and can you please answer my questions:
    1. Is it really Reza at the end?
    2.What does the first cutscene signify?
    3.What happened to the White dragon?
    4.What happened to april as Faith tells she was safe?
    5.Does Zoe dream the same dream as Faith?
    6.Are the Azadi with the WatiCorp?
    My email is rishavabhinav@hotmail.com
    I would really appriciate your concern.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Terry Mesnard Says:

    Rishav, the questions you are asking are likely the same questions everyone will be asking after finishing the game. ;)

    You know, regardless of how you feel about the interactive movie (I happen to think it’s amazing), kudos to Ragnar for creating a game that does create the very same discussion we are, mostly, having.

  • Terry Mesnard Says:

    By the way, BlueSpawn, thanks for pointing that out about Lady Alvane’s legs. That’s interesting.

    What was Kian’s last name? Wasn’t it Alvan-something?

  • Noodle Neko Says:

    I have to say that, although the ending was a tad disappointing because of all the unanswered questions, I still LOVED the game, and I’m looking forward to Dreamfall 2! Is there any way to get on some sort of mailing list to be notified of updates? So that when Dreamfall 2 is being created, or is released, we know it??


    Ps. I’ve been rolling all the ideas around in my head and come up with some theories. Can’t wait to see which ones are true and which ones are false. ^_^

  • Rishav rastogi Says:

    Hey, I think Zoe’s and Faith’s common mother is that scientist, as she was the one to took care of faith and in the end she says that Zoe is just like her father. Maybe her father is not her father.

  • Viktor Hulmik Says:

    Just finished the game… and im full of excitment on the next sequel :D.. but imo the first longest journey was a bit longer ;). Congraz for this one thou you made hell lots of fans.

  • Kevin Stephens Says:

    Okay. I don’t normally post on these things, but after having just stayed up for 12 hours straight playing your game, I wanted to let you know how I feel about it.

    I feel the way that you didn’t wrap up plot points in the game that they originated… I don’t know. Cheapened it. It feels like a trashy Hollywood movie trying to convince people the plot was good because it was so unclear. And that really disappoints me because I know that you’re better than that. I’m not upset because I was unsatisfied with the ending, but I’m upset because the ending was unsatisfying.

    I want to comment on some of the other game aspects, too. I don’t know if you picked the composer or you pointed the music direction for the game, but it was so terrible. So, so, so terrible. I felt like I was listening to the soundtrack to every game that’s come out over the last three years and every Hollywood movie over the past six. There was nothing at all special about the music. One of my favorite parts of the first game was that the music was so interesting, so unique. It was actual music. But with this composer… not even close.

    The puzzles were also a huge disappointment. There was nothing to solve, just things to do. I loved the challenge of figuring out what I needed to do in the first game, of trying to figure out what my items were for and what they could be used on. I liked figuring out obscure ways to get what I needed. None of that was present in Dreamfall. I really felt unchallenged.

    Considering how much all of the stuff above really upset me, I’m surprised to be saying that I didn’t hate the game. I may just be really attached to your characters and happy to see them again, but I don’t think that’s it (though definitely a part of it). I’ll still play Dreamfall 2. I’ll probably enjoy it.

    But please, please take care of those problems. Especially the music. I can’t stress enough how much the music made me want to rip off my ears. I honestly turned off my speakers and read the subtitles a couple of times just to get away from it. Get Bjørn Arve Lagim for the next game! I mean it!

  • Lerneby Says:

    Right then.
    This game sure gripped me. Not so much for the puzzles as for the story and the characters, very good. Very good indeed.
    There is however, some very nasty twists at the end that will make a sequel…….hard to make in a convincing way.
    And the graphics……well lets just say that Anarchy Online came out 5 years ago and the technique has moved forward.
    All in all. Very good. Very impressive.

  • Andrei Says:

    Ok! I’ve just finished the game! I didn’t wat to come to this blog for fear of spoilers, but now here I am!

    The game is superb, but, as unbelievable as it may seem, it could have been better. I absolutely loved the story, although I won’t forgive you for leaving us without an ending!!! (at least until TLJ3 is released) I am glad you didn’t screw up TLJ1 with this sequel, and I must tell you you did a very good job. I am not going to tell you what the good parts were. That’s obvious: sound, music, graphic, art, STORY, and voice acting. Th 3D is a great helper too, and the immersion is great. I love your stile. And what I absolutely love about this game, and TLJ1 too, were the sex-refering comments here and there: tha one in Reza’s appartment, and the stuff with the fat and insane guy (I hope that avoided spoilers). Also, I thought full-frontal male nudity would have been better, but as long as making the game like this made it have less restrictions for age, it was OK. Actually I really loved that scene where frontal nudity would have been put, and I thought it was really good like it is now.

    Anyway, what was bad was this: dialogue and puzzles. I didn’t care about the action fighting sequences at all. They workd fine with me, so I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It wasn’t hard to win, and the combat system didn’t seem akward to me at all. Anyway, I don’t think that was remotely important for the game, so you can lose it in TLJ3 if it takes too much effort to make. What was incredibily important was the dialogue, and I think that was the major minus for the game. Where are the numerous hours of dialogue from TLJ? Where are the 8-9 lines of comment and the looooong dialogue periods? I missed that. So I think the character interaction was too short and not developed. I mean most characters had anly polt related information to tell you. No side plots, no learning more about where the characters came from, and what their history was. Like the Minstrum. She only does her part in the story. She doesn’t give you any more info about herself and what happened. That was the most important minus.

    Also, the puzzles were a bit too easy, but I didn’t really notice that, because it wasn’t what I was focused on. Still, harder and more illogical and complex and funny puzzles would be great. Like the one with the rubber ducky. And also, relating to the idea earlier about not enough dialogue to make out the world it all takes place… I found the game EXTREMELY linear. Despite those multiple ways to solve puzzles, I really don;t think they made it any difference. Why I say it was linear? Because the places you went, and the world was sort of structured to tale you in one direction and across the plot. Like the library (those who played know what the only library in the game is, right?). I wanted to explore that relly great and mysterious place, but instead I just had to follow the guide and go to the only place that was accesible to me. The whole game was more or less like that: going forward always took you to the right place you needed to be to advance the plot: NOT GOOD. The player should have more time to do inconsequential exploring. THAT is what important, the details about the world: the inconsequential details that make the world believable and real. And also the side-plots that make it complex. So the major down were the shortage of dialogue and the liniarity. Also the puzzles and action sequences, but those were only minor, and I didn’t mind them.

    Good ending and really frustrating. Get to work on TLJ 3 with these advices in mind… Like… NOW!!! Great job Ragnar, I just LOVE you!!!

  • Autumnflame Says:

    Just finished Dreamfall as of about an hour ago.

    *insert scream of frustration and ‘Oh NO you didn’t’ here*

    On the other hand, I am very, very happy to find out that there are at least plans for a sequel–I don’t mind not knowing the answers so much as long as I know that there /will/ be some, someday. (And hopefully answers that involve everyone being alive. Because I’m a sap and I like characters to stay alive.)

    Brief points:

    - Contrary to one of the people above, I loved the music. I want the soundtrack now. :(
    - April! D: –but on the other hand, I don’t believe what happened to her. At the same time, though, I found her transformation a little disappointing… and the point of her having lost faith rather overemphasized. Practically everyone she spoke to who knew her mentioned it, I’d have gotten annoyed and gone ’screw you’ to them, too.
    - Zoe I’m rather more worried about. I feel like her part of the story is far from over, though, so I’m not /too/ worried. I think. (And what happened to Damien?)
    - I don’t feel like Faith was shown enough to make a great impact, though. And I kept thinking of the Ring when I saw her, and Zoe’s blase ‘huh. that’s strange.’ reaction when she saw the interferences was almost too blase.
    - Kian was kind of disappointing. I would have liked to have played more as him, actually, and get a better indication of his changing views–they felt too abrupt and contrived, especially as he was supposed to be one of the most loyal and most devoted Apostles. Beyond that, though, he was sort of boring–but I suspect his very virtuosity made him like that. A sense of humor might have been nice.
    - The White was hot. 8)
    - The voice acting was great (although Zoe sounded a little too even and similar at some of the more emotional points), the facial animations, not so much so. It rather jarred my suspension of disbelief, looking at the faces and listening to the voices, so more often than not I ended up either clicking past the dialogue, or not looking at the faces and just listening and imagining the expressions.
    - The interface was /horrible/. (Playing PC, for reference.) It took me a lot of tweaking and fiddling to get something that worked, and even so the mouse was slow and unresponsive, making some time-critical puzzles extremely frustrating.
    - Speaking of puzzles, there were too few, and most that were there were rather simple. While I appreciate having puzzles that actually made sense in terms of the story, there were several points where I thought that there could be puzzles, but there weren’t. And some where it was just frustrating how to solve them–the one that leaps to mind is the three buttons one, next to the altar in the underground complex. You can clearly see the button sequence if April hides across the room, but you couldn’t actually open it yourself until the character saw the sequence and things were done in just such a way. Took a lot of control out of the player’s hands.
    - Peats is a perv. (And you’d think Zoe would have reacted with more disgust and anger at that point. X) )
    - Combat was boring and nonessential; I’ll agree that it was largely unnecessary and simplistic. I’d rather not see it if it’s going to be like that. The stealth sequences were kind of frustrating, too, but they’d have been all right if I wasn’t struggling with the interface. (Oddly, the stealth sequence I liked the best was when the spider-bot was remote-controlled.) Still, on the whole, not entirely necessary–although I did appreciate it as a possible alternative route to some things.

    Still, overall, a fantastic game, albeit short. I can’t wait to play Dreamfall 2, if only to get some answers!

  • Autumnflame Says:

    Rereading my comment, it came out rather more critically than I intended. XD; What I meant to say is that I loved it, and I was frustrated at the way it ended because I cared about the characters and wanted to play more with them, and learn more of the world, and basically get endings. But there were definitely points where it could have been better, and some things that just detracted from my enjoyment of the game. Nothing story-wise, because I’m pretty damn certain I can’t match you when it comes to story, but gameplay and presentation-wise.

    (And Crow! So glad to see him back. :D)

  • Uroboros Says:

    Just finished the game and while it did start out slow; it did turn out to be an excellent story. Both entertaining and with emotional impact. Just like a really good book. Bravo. Hopefully we will see a sequel not too far into he future. It would be really cruel to not find out what happens to these people.

    Personally I didn’t really have much of an issue with the lack of really hard puzzles. Looking back at the game I find it hard to imagine where you actually add silly puzzles involving squeaky little rubber animals. :) I know illogical puzzles are a staple of adventures games in general but the way I see it; if the puzzle doesn’t fit the logic of the story then it shouldn’t be there. That’s not to say that Dreamfall didn’t need a little more interactivity. Maybe for the sequel they’ll find a way to incorporate that into the storyline.

    The fighting; well this is a tough call. At first I was very suspect about this. In fact at one point in the game I was ready to give up at the prospect of a fight I knew I couldn’t win. But it turned out that fight was avoidable. In fact most fights in he game were avoidable; except the few that involved the guy with the sword :) and the training fight.

    Now as much as some people hated the fighting aspect of the game; it occurs to me that it does fit into the game. Unless the world is open to your every advance; there will always be a chance that conflict will arise. And sometimes that conflict will lead to violence. So I say if you’re going to have fighting in the next game; make it that it’s something that the player can avoid if they’re so inclined. If there will be situations where the fight is unavailable; then perhaps it might be a good idea to refine the fighting mechanics.

    The one real issue I did have though is the camera system. Every time I see a review of some console game; one of the issues that often comes up is the camera system and it’s annoyances. While Dreamfalls wasn’t that bad; it was aggravating for someone who’s use to PC games to deal with early on. Please give us a first person option in the next game. Very much like how Oblivion let’s one switch between the two. That will make all issues with the camera and the control scheme go away.

    But really Ragner; great game. Great story. It was mighty enjoyable. :)

  • Kiryna Says:

    David M had a point when said that playing Dreamfall was not about playing a game, but meeting and old friend. The Longest Journey is the best adventure ever, talking about the complexity of its story. I was so glad when I first saw that there’ll be a sequel, I always thought that so a big narration should have a proper ending.

    Then I played Dreamfall, and I was more than disappointed: not only there is no ending, but it shatters to pieces all that was accomplished in the prequel. All the places, all the people had change so much… and to worse. I wanted to play Dreamfall so I could remember how TLJ was like, but I ended missing it a lot more.

    Now I have read Ragnar’s explanations I’ve calmed down. I supose there is no story if there is no suffering. I want to believe that Dreamfall is just the climax, not the end, so I’ll wait until I’ve saw the rest of the story to get a final opinion of Tornquist’s work.

  • Andrei Says:

    Hey!!! I actually like stories that don’t have a happy end. Or at least a not obvious one: it makes them more complex. Take Dune fro instance: I loved it. It was a story of great sacrifice, and the main characters have to go through a lot of hard stuff and the ending is really not positive, just open and interesting. So no happy endings Ragnar, but no completely bad endings either. complex is the word. Like, let April die saving the world or let April die and screw the world(this is an exageration, of course). Some have to suffer and others have to feel joy. And sometimes it is the same person that suffers and is happy at the same time. For different reasons.

    So make a nice ending to it all, but don’t kill everyone or something. Just make things worthy to be pondered over after you finish the game (I mean by this not that you should leave loose threads but think about what happened and what it meant really.)

  • Jostein Says:

    Excellent game! (As long as there will be a sequel)

    Unlike many others, I enjoyed the combat system. Much better than the few combats in TLJ 1. Could of course still be improved upon though. (I like the combat systems in the new Zelda games, or preferably more advanced like Soul Calibur, if you want to improve the combats)

    The only thing I really hate about the game is all the loading. Like when I had to get a sandwich from The Journeymans Inn to the Castle - there was 4 loading screens each ways (not counting the load-screen where you enter the castle) giving more load-time than play-time.

    So, for the next game I’d like you to eliminate all the loading - like in WoW. There was way to much loading while moving around in Marcuria.

    Something completely different; could you release your games for download over the net? I have no need for the box, a manual etc. If we could download it for $16 / 100,- we wouldn’t have to pay for printing the cd/box/manual and transporting them to the stores + profit for all the companies in between. Poor students also want to play your games…

  • gadget Says:

    Well…… I just beat Dreamfall and I gotta say that it will be something I will remember for the rest of my life. I cried at the end and it has been something like 15 years sence I did that. Thank you for such a good game, keep up the good work, and for the love of God make sure that the 3rd game comes out soon!

  • TheArchduke Says:

    Please consider making an ACTUAL adventure next time.

    And not an interactive movie. The story was ok, but nowhere near stunning.


    When do people realize that graphics alone doesn´t make a good game.

    TLJ was awesome. Dreamfall is a disgrace to the series.

  • Urban Samurai Says:

    Good game I suppose. I do feel like I am at the mercy of a frustrating marketing scheme that seems to be making it’s way into gaming though. I know that the Dreamfall storyline was ‘closed’, but I don’t feel that it was. That being said, I will wait for the next game in the series. As long as it ends in a way that doesn’t leaves more questions than answers, I will be satisfied. It is still possible to end a story/game that way and leave room for a sequel.

  • Aragorn Says:

    I loved the game dispite all stealth and fighting sequences which I don’t like (obvious). There wheren’t many so to speak. But the ending, the ending what can I say, I want more, I crave more, all these loose threds.
    I need some answers I go crazy if you (Ragnar) leave us all out in the cold and don’t make a sequel to tie things up. At least you should write it down as a novel or a shortstory so we could read the hole story at your website. It feels like The Empire Strikes Back in Star Wars everything goes up “shit creek” so to say. Please do something preferably a sequel.
    I waited 6 years for this one to be. I don’t want to wait forever to se the story conclude in some way. Are we the true adventure players at the mercy of the free “market”, is there no hope for us who don’t want to kill everything that comes in our sight.
    Are we really that small of a group, are there really no demand to buy real adventure games anymore?

    I have troubles to find adenture games in stores in sweden today, I see them on the web, on sites like Adventure gamers.
    But the most of them is never to be seen on the shelves, why?
    Not even in the sites based in sweden where you can buy games, is there many adventure games to buy.


    Enough whining just do the sequel and I’ll be happy as anyone can be.
    Over and out from LA8PV.

  • Benji Says:

    Please don’t let Zoë simply disappear in the sequel! I want her back! I love her! Even if she absolutely has to die, there is no reason she can’t continue to exist in some form, yes? (for example in the Storytime plane, or dreamnet, or even Arcadia, since she got there in an out-of-body state with her real body still in Stark)

    I incidentally also love the actress’s accent, the way she says “Sushi-Ya” and “old fashioned”.

  • bummerman Says:

    Mr. Tornquist,
    I hope you can see that you blew the ending. Even, if you think the ending works, if 50 to 75% of the audience doesn’t think it works, you have a problem. I may have more sympathy with it after playing thru a few more times but it needs to work the 1st time I play it. The movie “Alexander” comes to mind by Oliver Stone. If you watch that enough,it becomes a great movie too, but nobody understands it the 1st time around. Your ending “shocked” me in a bad way…saying all that, I’d still like to see a continuation. The ending though, may kill your chance for success with Dreamfall and the ability to make another,

  • David Mouse Says:

    I finished Dreamfall a few days ago and I really enjoyed most of it.

    I was really stuck at the beginning, purely because of the controls; I couldn’t get anywhere without great difficulty, and kept turning too far and running into things. Like many others, I was tempted to quit after a few minutes, but, happily, I pushed on (and lowered the mouse sensitvity on the options menu) and soon I got used to it and was doing fine. The story pulled me in pretty quickly. I didn’t mind the slow beginning because, in my experience, the best stories have slow beginnings. Nor did I mind the story-over-gameplay approach, because I only play adventure games for the stories anyway, and I almost always have to use hints. Even on Dreamfall, I had to use hints a few times, though this was partly because of the controls. I enjoyed the original Longest Journey very much, but I thought the story of Dreamfall was much better. The original TLJ meandered quite a bit between episodes, which isn’t necessarily bad, and also, as has been noted, fairly derivative, though derivative of so many things that it didn’t resemble any one of them. Dreamfall is much more of a single, cohesive story, and more original overall.

    I liked Zoe very much, but I liked April more, more than in The Longest Journey actually. Sure, she was more… angry, but that made her more complex, and my favorite parts of the game were the parts you play as April, and the parts early on where Zoe finds out about April. Unlike some, I thought that April, though definitely more troubled, was underneath it all basically the same person as in TLJ, only ten years older. In fact, I think that one of the great strengths of this game is the fact that all the recurring characters from TLJ, such as Emma, Charlie, and Crow, seem to be definitely the same people, only ten years older, which most sequels fail to accomplish. I liked Kian, but must agree with those who say he was under developed. (Also, I would like to say that believing your religion is objectively true, and that you should convince others of this, does not necessarily lead to violence of any kind.)

    I was completely engrossed in the story and its twists and turns for days. I had trouble in the troll caves like everyone else, and I wanted to shake April a few times, for reasons many will understand, to get her to get with the program and help Zoe. I really liked the part where they work together to get out of the prison. I was really excited when they all got to the rebel city and were at the same place at the same time, and then… well, we all know what happened. And things just went downhill from there.

    Then the “ending”… It seemed that April and Zoe were dead, and the bad guys had won, but it wasn’t clear. It seemed also that the rebellion against the Azadi had been crushed, and the main goals of the game (to find Reza and stop WATICorp) had clearly not been accomplished. On top of which, you don’t even know exactly what’s going on. You don’t know what the connection is between the Azadi and WATICorp, though such a connection clearly existed (place where thousands of souls were trapped directly under the tower, both Project Alchera and the tower have to be completed on time or else, it’s clear). We also don’t know who the prophet is, what the Storytime is, how Zoe saved April, who built that underground city, I could go on. It felt, overall, like a bad ending that happens when you do something wrong in a game. I was left with a feeling of depression and futility, a sense of bleakness and despair that reached down into deep levels of my being as the credits rolled. The scene at the end with Brian and Cortez helped a little, because it implied that the story hadn’t really ended, and I could hope, but not much.

    I had meant to talk about my relationship with my mother with my psychiatrist that afternoon, but the ending of Dreamfall left me so stunned and horrified, I found it difficult to recall the details of my own. I felt better when I came here and discovered that the ending is NOT a declaration of existential nihilism, but merely the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers.

    TLJ 3, however, had better have one HECK of a great ending or I’ll sue you for emotional trauma, Mr. Tornquist.

    As for April and Zoe, if they die, then YOU die! Do I make myself clear? Could you please tell us whether or not April and Zoe will be alive in the next game? (Don’t take the above the wrong way; I’m just emotionally invested in their well-being.)

  • Fredrik Says:

    To be honest this was the best game I played for a long while, the story was driven perfectly and the story itself was awesome. I prefer a good story more than 10000 hours playtime. I want Dreamfall 2 now!

  • Matias Says:

    Thank you, Ragnar. As a norwegian I`m very proud of what you and your team have accomplished. I don`t very often play games at all, but this one I had to get. This really changed my way of thinking. Almost in the same way as the Matrix movies did. You can see a paralell between Dreamfall and Matrix. - You`re living in a dreamworld, Neo(Zoe)=P. A lie pulled over your eyes to keep you from realising the truth.

    Morpheus was talking about about the Matrix. The system, and dreamworld. A system to keep the humans under control. You can see where I`m heading right? =)

    Well, this is why I found TLJ Dreamfall so darn wonderful. Tusen takk, Ragnar.

    Matias Kallevik.

    Follow the White Rabbit…

  • Jonathan Says:

    Great game. Great story. I love the gameplay. Whereas I needed a walkthrough to beat TLJ, Dreamfall’s puzzles were more intuitive connected to the world around you.

    I agree with some of the other posts; I prefer a good story to massive playing time anyday. With Dreamfall style as almost an interactive movie you demonstrate how the game media can be used for more than just mindless entertainement. Now, if only the Myst 5 team could have learned from your excellent example, Ragnar.

  • Raazèl Says:

    I am truly dissapointed, and feel i wasted my money on this game. I felt the same way as i felt with Knights of the Old republic II, only this is worst. I absolutly loved TLJ, the feel, the story, the environment, the characters you meet, the places you visit, the puzzles. Everything in there was great and i played the game 3 times. Then i wait almost 3-4 years for the sequal and this is what i get? What in this game took 3-4 years to make? Great that it is 3D and all, but did it have to be so limited, every place felt like a friggin prison, i didn’t get the feeling i discovered something like in TLJ. I was in awe when i saw arcadia for the first time in TLJ, i felt like an explorer meeting all those great creatures, and seeing those creative and beautifull worlds. This was just like going from one conversation to the next! And you didn’t do great with the ending did you, like every normal story with a sequal, a big part becomes clear but leaves something juicy to ponder on. YOU DON’T leave EVERYTHING open without resolving anything! I don’t feel like getting the DF2 when it comes out(probably will be even worst seeing as in what direction it’s heading)in 10 years. I don’t care for a story where nothing becomes clear and your left with an completely unsatisfied feeling, in my opinion!

  • Matias Says:

    Well, Raaz. This is an adventure game. You have to imagine your ending, what`s your version of the story? You can`t get everything handed down to you. What you want to believe of the ending is your choise and your puzzle. In my opinon though.

  • Raazèl Says:

    C’mom m8, look at stories like Starwars, i don’t mind to have some unanswered questions, but i don’t want to have only unanswered questions. If it would be like you say, it would be very easy to write a book, if you dont have to explain your plot at all. But the ending is not the only thing ,the game is overall pretty bad.

    What Andrei said in his post from “Anyway, what was bad was this: dialogue and puzzles……..So the major down were the shortage of dialogue and the liniarity.

    only i react a bit worst, Maybe the waiting made me expect too much.

  • bummerman Says:

    the fact that so many fans did not like the ending is a problem that really can’t be rationalized away. Looking at the credits, I’m surprised that the team didn’t realise it’s weakness before the release …or maybe they did

  • Nick Says:

    Ragnar Tornquist!!!
    I don’t know if I should call you a genius or just evil! How strong emotions can swing between negative and positive so easily. Hate and spite turned into admiration and respect. Brave, you are a brave one, at the very least I’ll give you that.

    You really should have include, “This is not the end”, before the credits rolled. It would have made the “conclusion of this interval” a bit easier to digest for me and I suspect a lot of other people. But I guess the ending has/had already been shown and I should have known better before I got very anger at the conclusion of Dreamfall. At first I felt like I wasted my time and money on Dreamfall, but I chanced my mind, when part 3 comes out, I’ll be sure to replay The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, before starting with the final part of the story. So in the end, after finishing Dreamfall and having experienced a brief period of anger and disappointment, I’m left with a smile and hope.

    Was Dreamfall worth it? We’ll have to see, I just hope to god that you can secure the funding for the next installment.

  • Vercin Says:

    Let me start of by saying that The Longest Journey was a huge part of my adolescent life, and the thought of it still conjures vivid, wonderful memories of my father and I puzzling over seemingly impossible obstacles in front of the glow of the computer screen until the small hours of the morning. I have waited for many, many years for the sequel, and when it was released, was just exhilirated to play it with my new adventuring partner, my wife.

    I want to commend you, Mr. Tornquist, on another story well-told, even if the ending had me jumping to my feet and screaming at you. After reading this post, I do have faith that you will bring about a satisfying conclusion, likely in a more timely manner than this sequel was released after the original.

    I await the next installment with bated breath.

    That being said, I beg you, for the love of all that is holy and good, remove the fighting from this game and give PC players a control scheme that doesn’t readily invite uncontrolable hair-pulling and shouting.

    A lifelong fan,

    Vercin Nebevay (Yes, I renamed myself after one of your characters.)

  • Daniel Says:

    After playing through The Longest Journey for the first time last month, I bought Dreamfall recently and played through it this weekend. From a story perspective, it’s amazing. From a gameplay perspective, does it really even matter? It’s obviousy to anyone that you sought out to make an outstanding adventure game, and you have accomplished that. I really enjoyed the game.

  • Alexey Says:

    What can i say?! Dreamfall is a great game! No! Not just a game-this is something more…
    But it really look’s unfinished…
    P.S. Russian city-St.Petersburg in 2219 looks creepy,and chilly.It’s look’s like a Moscow but not a St.Petersburg.But it doesnt mater,game look’s very nice.
    Alexey (Russian fan)

  • bummerman Says:

    when you say the ending was complete because it was primarily a story about Faith, please don’t mind if I tell you for me and probably most of the others unhappy with the ending, that was not true.Actually until the last playable level, the story was primarily about the other main charactors with a little Faith thrown in. Faith was the catalyst to free the evolution of the maIN CHAracters towards fulfilling their destiny. The story was , clearly about ZOe and April and Cain[?]. This was where our emotional investment was and why we were left empty….Also , you might consider episodes , at this point, rather than a time consuming sequel, releasing one every three to 6 months. This would go a long way towards neutralizing our dissatisfaction. Episodes are being tried in several games and you don’t have to wait so long to get paid….and you recapture or keep our interest

  • Josefin Says:

    I am glad to here there will be a sequel. I thought the game was just brilliant, with only some minor glitches regarding inconsequences in societies (the supposed matriarchy among the Azadi) and the characterization. (Why the hell does Kian aquit Zöe so easily? His /optional?/ turn from ‘the dark side’ also came to quickly - just that speech from April? I don’t believe any right-wing/religious fanatic would be ‘turned’ so easily… I know, I’ve tried. They usually aren’t that open-minded to even listen to what you have to say. If Kian now was - he wouldn’t have gotten stuck with that religion in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I love that he turned/that you were able to ‘turn’ him, it gives great hope. But I just felt you could have added more play-time to that character, he just din’t feel as ‘fleshed out’ as he needed to be.) But other than that - just genious - probably the best I’ve ever played story-wise. And I loved how it connected so well to “The Longest Journey”. It was nice to know what happened to everybody, especially Charlie and Emma (just too bad he stopped dancing… I loved that gender-bender in his character)

    I didn’t mind the lack of actual gameplay too much, I’m always open for new ways to make games. I actually found in the few cases there were gampelay (especially in the fighting-sequenses) that I longed for it to be over so I could get on with the story. And everything was just great up until the return to Casablanca. Then it started to go all wrong.

    It just seemed that everything you worked so hard for, or the characters in the game worked so hard for, didn’t matter at all in the end for it went to hell anyway. I felt really, really disapointed, which usually is not a good feeling to have upon ending a game as that feeling pretty much determines how you feel about the entire game.

    It’s just it was a first time ever with really, really good, strong and complex female characters (and two of them in the leading roles!) that does not sport hugely oversized breasts, and then they all go “poof” in the end. How Thelma & Louise is that? I really do hope you inted to ‘resurrect’ at least one of them in the sequel…

    Anyway, now I hear there is more to come, and I must say I am relieved. This was a good continuation of TLY and I think I can rest assured the third part will keep that up. I guess at least until I find out that that sequel kills off more favourite characters of mine…

  • Jesse Butler Says:

    Ragnar, thank you my friend. I bought TLJ the day it came out in the states, and I don’t think I pulled myself from my computer except but to eat, sleep and use the washroom until I was done with it. I knew that there would be another game before there were even rumors, and I mean I *knew.* The game was so brilliant and it was obvious that you had so much invested into it. I’ve never played a game which told a better story. I’ve got at least a dozen friends to buy TLJ and play it, all of whom found it amazing, even if they were not previous fans to Adventure games. In my heart I knew you would come out with a second game, or book, or something. I could tell that you had a story and you wanted it told.

    I’ve waited eagerly yet patiently for Dreamfall, and I have to say I hyped it in my mind to a level that I feared it could never live up to. I am happy to say that Dreamfall was amazing, beautiful, and captivating. I think I feel exactly how you wanted your fans to feel. I am not mad at the end, because I have trust that you will reveal the secrets later. The secrets of the White Dragon, of Brian, of April (or Lady Alvane I might say), of the storytime, and of countless other issues I have burning questions over. While frustrated at now knowing answers to my questions, and knowing that you are the only person who can answer them, I am quite willing to accept Dreamfall for what it is. It is a story about purpose, about faith, and about doing something because it’s the right thing to do and not because it’s the wisest thing to do. The ending does complete the story of Dreamfall, but does not complete the story of Stark and Arcadia, the Balance, of April, of Brian, and many others. I’m fine with that, because I trust you. I only hope that it doesn’t take so many years for the next game, or book, or whatnot. (Though, I hope, and think it will be a game).

    Thank you Ragnar. You are a great storyteller. You are a dreamer. You are a wave.

  • Johnny Says:

    Great game! Really, I have no words to describe it! The story…. aahhhh! Beyond words, and it did invoke strong emotions and thoughts in me. I really hope the collapse of western civilization will wait at least until Dreamfall 2 comes out… :P I really appreciate the metaphysical side of the story, though it can’t really be separated from the whole. I’m fascinated by metaphysics and it was nice to see some things in the game similar to what I have stumbled upon in past studies. In some way some things in the story seem to reflect how things are going on out there, and I tell myself you must be trying to spread a message. Or it might all be my overactive imagination. No matter what, don’t give up, I have faith in you! :)

  • Steph Says:

    Loved it. Of course I did - I’ve been waiting for this for years, and about wet my pants when I saw it on the shelf at last. TLJ was recommended to me by my father, and from square one I was absolutely, unequivocally captivated. I adore April, and for me the main excitement of anticipating Dreamfall - above even the wonderful gameplay and story - was to see April again.

    I have to say, I really wish Dreamfall had been marketed as part two of a series. Personally, I had never heard such a rumor and expected Dreamfall to wrap up the story I had waited so long to hear. For me, the ending was jarring and disappointing - the Dreamer is being released? The Azadi tower and that weird dreamtrap (which I would like to have learned more about) are doing just fine? April is friggin dead? (Wait, she can’t be, Alvane and all that jazz.) The first thing I did (after waiting for that after-the-credits clip) was hop online and look for information about the game’s ending. I’m very glad to have found this! To know that the story isn’t over at all is very comforting.

    That being said, I (like everyone else here) have a few qualms. I felt a little cheated at the brevity of April’s gameplay - we’ve invested an awful lot of time and emotion in the life of that girl! Luckily, Zoë won me over. But there’s still so much left for her to do - what about Damien, what about Liv? There’s an awful lot just left hanging. I mean, Damien said he’d try to meet her in Russia and then is never mentioned again. Boo. And I’ll toss in my vote with everyone who’s said that Kian was shallow - not that he as a person/character is shallow, but we saw so little of him that we hardly knew him at all, and that made his actions seem rash.

    So much emphasis was placed on the three characters (three lives, three destinies) that I was fully expecting balanced gameplay time between the three, which obviously didn’t happen. I feel a bit cheated in regards to Kian - he’s a great character, but we really need more time and involvement in him and his story to understand why he does what he does.

    And once I figured out the trick of winning every fight that can be won, I didn’t mind the battles at all, though they did seem rather superfluous.

    Oh, and please please don’t do the first-person thing. I much prefer to interact with April or Zoë than to figure things out on my own. It’s too awkward to plant clues around to inform a first-person player about the life you’ve lead and should know about already; much easier, smoother, and more fun to learn about the life of a third-person character.

    Delighted to see Crow and Brian Westhouse again. Thanks for that. And, to add my voice to the thousands already clamoring: don’t take too long on that sequel!

  • herc Says:

    It’s truly a sad moment for me, a TLJ fan that it has come to this. What wonders and feelings of awe i had in the first installment, as well as the emotional connection i had with the characters which prompted me to play DF has resulted in total disappointment. The negative changes to the characters that i have grown to know and love is one thing. Then theres the transition to 3D which i don’t think is a good move(remember the feeling of awe while admiring the beautiful static backgrounds of TLJ..truly works of art), now have to contend with the jaggies, low poly models and lifeless facial expression of the game’s characters.. The action sequences definitely doesn’t fit into the game, this isn’t an action game for crying out loud.. also i can’t help seeing the resemblence of Zoe’s character to another female action game protaganist.. with her british accent, penchant for acrobatic stunts and all.. is this intentional btw? Theres also clearly lack of creativity this time around in terms of introducing the finer details of Arcadia. Generally the game’s plot is unsatisfying with too many characters/threads introduced and not bringing most of these to a closure. Upon completing the game, i can’t help but feel the entire plot is a complete mess. Most players appreciate a complex story, but not to the point that the player is left confused and clueless in the end. If it goes on like this i would gladly hang on to my copy of TLJ and forgo any future sequels..

  • Erik Bergérus Says:

    Before I start babbling, I want to make sure people are listening. Ragnar, you’re reading? Everyone else? Good…

    I have just taken my last few steps in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. I have to say I’m impressed. It was a wonderful experience. When I put on my headphones and double-click that icon on the desktop, it’s as if I’m transported to another world. A lot of games can be played while being on the phone, watching TV in the corner of the eye or sitting together with someone else commenting on the events, but in your latest game, it’s impossible.

    I expect it’s mostly because of the outstanding story gameplay. Thanks to you being a writer, the story is the strongest and most noticeable part of the production. I get involved, engaged and stirred by the story like in few games I’ve ever played.

    There is, however, a downside of this. In some ways, you have somewhat failed to integrate the story-telling in the gameplay. A number of times, I found myself moving my character for 5 seconds and watching a cutscene for 5 minutes. Then moving a character for another 10 seconds and watching a 10 minute cutscene. It sometimes felt like the cutscenes where the product and the game play a little break from the cinematic sequences. No matter how interesting, intriguing and wonderful the cinematics are, I did buy a game, which is meant to be played, not just passively watched.

    I played The Longest Journey (at that time convinientely dubbed to Den Längsta Resan in swedish with April voice overed by charming swedish actresse Regina Lund) in 2000/2001 at the tender age of 13. At then I had finished Grim Fandango and loved it, and longed for more adventuring. The Longest Journey didn’t let me down in any way. It was absolutely smashing. I skipped school a couple of days just to experience the game.

    I think Dreamfall quite couldn’t make the transition from prerendered backgrounds to full 3D. Pretty much like when Curse of Monkey Island became Escape from Monkey Island. A great feature of TLJ was the variety of the worlds, the many different people you meet and the amazing atmosphere that captured the player, both in Arcadia and Stark. The 3D envoirnments doesn’t quite cut it. Or maybe it’s just the fact that you revisit the same spots too often. It should be more of an actual journey than a criss-crossing between the same spots?

    One thing that I missed: Crow! I know he is in the game, but he’s not in it enough. I can see that you wanted to create a darker game this time around, but I missed a lot of funny comments and classic adventure game monologue. April’s become a bitter, tired bitch, which is not appreciated from my view. Although when you play her, you notice that she is still herself underneath that emo make-up and frissy hair. I’d really love her to come back. Maybe it’s just nostalgia?

    Kian didn’t make much sense. He felt more like an NPC you just controlled for a brief time to get the story going. You didn’t get to know him well, and I’m not sure if I want to neither.

    I liked the political undertones. The “Westlanders came here and occupied us but we’re really just being liberated”-thing was neat, even if a lot of players probably don’t see the meanings of it. I also liked the end moral that we should wake up. But it bothers me… At the same time that you’re telling us to wake up, you’re fueling the massmedia powers that keep us asleep, right? It feels a bit paradoxal.

    The ending made me feel a bit left behind. Like I should have understood all of it, but really didn’t and therefore was not as good of a human being as I should… Evilness, religious extremism, capitalism and ignorance came out as the winner and we are all doomed?

    I think you can manage all the story and design parts neatly, but the 3D world worries me. Dreamfall was much easier than the first game, since all usable items are neatly framed up by green lines and most stuff is just supposed to be “use”:ed anyway. Ofcourse, I’ll have to complain about the fighting system. There shouldn’t be no fighting system! The Adventure Game genre must not die! Even the “press joysticks or keys in different directions, yo!”-system in Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was a better action system. The fact that you had to run around in that underground city, solving a pretty simple puzzle, with those fish-troll-people running around was just too much. I can honestly say I used a walkthrough right there, because I don’t want to sneak around á la Solid Snake…

    I think adventure gaming works better with “point-and-click” than “3rd person running around with half decent controls”. But I guess a game with pre-rendered backgrounds won’t sell, right? Why not try 3D-graphics with fixed camera angles? Just an idea… At least cram in more stuff to examine… Examination is what makes adventure games, adventure games.

    I hope someone read this… Please, take it into consideration. I’m looking forward to the next game. Nordic game development is sweet right now. Danmark’s got IO Interactive, Soumi’s got Remedy, Everige’s got Digital Illusions and Norge’s got Funcom. Good luck to all of us and thank you so much for the latest masterpiece out of the country of høge fjäll, gulebøjer og brusefåtøljer! Takk som fan!

  • Brad Says:

    I just finished “watching” your dreamfall game on my computer - it took me 2 days, about 13 hours. I say “watching” your game instead of “playing” because watching is what I was primarily allowed to do! It was one grueling cutscene after another, one after another, and one after another, and one after another….

    I played the original The Longest Journey and I must say it was one of the best - if not the best - game I’ve ever played. But Dreamfall was a complete disappointment. I wouldn’t even classify it as a game - it’s just a glorified, pasted-together, bunch of cutscenes. It was like watching a really, really cheap and boring video on my computer.

    First, the game controls were horrific - it took quite some time to get the feel for them - and to be really honest, I still had trouble with them right up until the end. I mean, what precious time I was allowed to be free from your cutscenes to interact with a game I spent $40.00 to PLAY, I had to fight with controls in order to perform simple moves. What were you thinking, that people like to feel frustration when they’re trying to move around in a game? Hello!

    Second, why is it that those who produce computer games insist on pushing 3d down the consumers’ throats? What’s wrong with 2d? It certainly worked in the original Longest Journey. 3d did not work for this game.

    Third, what pathetic dialogue. About halfway through the game, when yet another of your endless cutscenes took over, and the characters began the endless blah, blah, blah, I found myself leaving the room, going to the washroom, getting a bite to eat, etc. And after a time I returned truly hoping that the cutscene/dialogue would finally have come to an end and I could maybe, just maybe, be given the opportunity to actually get to PLAY!

    Fourth, what happened to allowing those who PLAY to exercise some creativity of their own while PLAYING. I mean, in those precious few minutes I actually was allowed to interact in the game - when there were no cutscenes to yawn at - there was no creativity allowed on my part. I simply had to follow whatever “path” you laid out for me in order to get me to your next cutscene. Point A to B, point A to B, and again, point A to B. What a bore! Hello! Did you hear me? Your game was entirely boring! Here’s a novel thought - why not allow the consumer to actually PLAY your game instead of watching it! Or be forced to simply go from point A to point B?

    Fifth, what a stupid ending. Enough said.

    I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to the release date of Dreamfall. After playing - yes, PLAYING - the original Longest Journey, I could hardly wait for the next installment. Do you have any idea the disappointment Dreamfall is to me? And I’m sure I’m not the only one who, after enduring your hodge-podge of cutscenes - which you call Dreamfall - I’m sure I’m not the only one who stared dumbfoundedly at their monitor and thought “what in the world was that?”

    On a scale of 1 - 10, I rate Dreamfall a 2 - and that’s being generous! Will I “WATCH” it again? No. I’ve already erased it from my computer and, if I’m feeling really, really charitable, it will go in a box and be shoved in storage. If that’s the case, I’m sure my kids will find it one day and blow the dust off of it when they clean out the house after I’m dead and gone. And they’ll probably do with it what should be done with it - toss it in the trash.

    What a disappointment Dreamfall is - what a joke - what a scam. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. As well, if you should be so bold as to shove another such pathetic “Longest Journey” on us consumers’ I’ll think long and hard before dishing out another $40.00. Unless, of course, you get your act together, apologize for your fleecing the public on Dreamfall, and actually produce a game someone can PLAY! Did you catch that? It’s spelled: P L A Y

    Hopefully, you’ll hear what I’m saying in this note and for the next installment, do it right.

  • Astarte Says:

    HEY HEY.. What about April? ….

  • Jo Biørn Says:

    I have just had the pleasure of playing through Dreamfall, and I find it to be beautifully made, well written, highly imaginative and very interesting. That includes the ending, which leaves me and, so I’m sure, most people who have played the game wanting more. I have no doubt that Dreamfall will earn enough fame and sell enough copies for it to be possible to continue the story.
    As for some of the comments and minor complaints I’ve read above, here are my opinions:

    The new engine: I had no problems getting used to it, and I thougt it made it possible to reveal even more of the fine artwork than one got to see in the first game. Also, some experience from games like the Silent Hill series and so forth made me feel quite at home from the beginning. The only thing I missed in all this was that you could’t interact as much with all the objects in the scenes, and so the objects needed to solve a puzzle were often the only things, the player could do anything to, making some of the puzzles almost self-solving. All in all I like the new engine a lot, and it really made the superb scenery of, for instance, the under-water library, the guardians realm and the tower contruction site stand out as truly remarkable.

    The puzzles: As mentioned above, a few of the harder ones would have been great. I thought the first game, The Longest Journey, was well balanced on that account, where Dreamfall was a tad too straigt forward. However some of the puzzles in Dreamfall were highly imaginative and well executed. My favorite would have to be the music-puzzle above the water mill. I was running around more or less aimlessly, looking for a combination, when suddenly I listend to the dramatic background music and thought: “Heeyy… I wonder if…” Thumbs up there.

    The fighting: Fine by me. I liked beating up that temple guard, amongst others.

    The voice acting: Effective and natural all the way through. No complaints there at all.

    The story and the ending: One of the best stories I’ve seen in an adventure game ever. Familiar themes and new inventions, organized in a logical structure with dramatic effects and good timing. The ending was, of course, rather sad, and many elements along the way were trully grim and confusing. I fail to see, however, why that should be a bad thing. Besides, as mr. Tornquist wrote, this is a story mainly about Zoë’s fight against WATI-Corp and the DreamNet, and how she ended up in a coma; hence the fight against the oppressive forces in the Northlands and so on is for another time - although it’s probably all connected somehow.

    Roper (F.?) Klacks: Yeah! I’m that guy’s number one fan. If there’ll be a Dreamfall 2, I’ll cry if he’s not in it.

    All in all, Dreamfall is one of the best adventure games I’ve ever played, and it won’t be long before I sit down and do it all again. It’s more than well worth the… eh, many hours.

  • Kevin Says:

    The only part of this game that touches me was the reunion of Charlie and Emma and their recollection of April before she went missing. The revelation of who April was before the collapse, thats what i wanted Zoe to know. That was a good touch btw. But still it all came too conveniently.

    Mr. Ragnar, i thot i saw somewhere you commented bout how pleased you were that the game managed to generate much discussion and touched many people. I guess that means to you that your sequel is really THAT GOOD and you should be proud of yourself. Much to the contrary, much of these discussions and comments have been born out of the attachment players have to the first game, and the hopes they have that its sequel will turn out to be as good, or even better than the first. One can only imagine the disappointment most will feel.

    Frankly speaking, if it weren’t for the legacy of TLJ and the attachment i have to its story, i wouldn’t buy Dreamfall after hearing how bad it was. Also, if Dreamfall is the first game of a series, you would have earned your self the reputation of a rip off game director, and i definitely won’t be looking forward to any sequel. Enuf said.

  • David Mouse Says:

    Kevin, Brad?

    I would like to say that lots of other people really did enjoy Dreamfall, so your comments aren’t entirely accurate. For one thing, he was referring to the reviews it’s gotten, which aren’t likely to be based on attachment for the first game.

    Brad, I notice you didn’t MENTION the story at all! And it is possible to do several things multiple ways in the game.

    I accept that the game, which I acknowledge isn’t really a game in the classic sense of the word, isn’t to your tastes, but it’s not true that it’s a scam, because other people really loved it, some of whom haven’t played TLJ, and found those cutscenes interesting, and worthy of any movie.

    Though Ragnar did say something about less cutscenes in the game a while back. That clearly turned out not to be true, I admit.

    I would like to say also, did you want a cheap sequel. I hope not.

    And, do you know any other games like Dreamfall? Good thing or bad thing, I don’t think so, so it is innovative and original, whatever else it is.

  • Kevin Says:

    David, i certainly didn’t mean that i was speaking on behalf of all TLJ fans out there. However, one should really ask oneself that at the end of the long wait, and after completing the game, is there much satisfaction? Was it better than the first, and was it worth the wait? If your answer is yes, than you either didn’t play the first, or you are too easily satisfied.

  • Alexandra Says:

    Hehe :) wow, it really goes feel like the middle part of a trilogy… and the story is really superb :)

    What I’d like to know though, unrelated to the game per se… When you’re done telling the story, is there any chance you’d publish your early drafts for the storyline and various scenes? I’ve always been curious to see what kind of process it went through, and seeing that now might spoil some things… but when the story shall be all over and done… we might be able to appreciate your effort in coming to a final version. Kinda reminds me of that damned fact machine that you couldn’t access in TLJ, but you could read with TLJ viewer :P I’d like to see more of that *grins*

  • Dreamer Says:

    the game is amazing… the story is even better than the first part.. but then again… this is a sequel… so it has to answer some questions… but while answering those, it generates a lot more… i want to know just one thing… what’s the purpose of the cutscene after the credits? I mean… we already knew that… did you want just to introduce manny into the game? :D
    anyway… i would like to know when the next game is going to be released :D

  • Aragorn Says:

    To all of you who think there will be a third Journey haven’t you read Ragnars thoughts about this.

    I quote

    “‘Sequel to Dreamfall already in the works’
    Just want to squash this one before it gets out of hand. The above is a bit of a misquote. In the interview, I said that I have the story (EDIT: in the podcast this refers to, I said “I have the plans ready for a sequel”), ”

    End quote.

    So if, if there’re ever to be a third Journey it all depends on how well Dreamfall sells mark my words “sell”.
    Is there in our world of file sharing any chance at all, that a Adventure Game can sell enough to justify those who have the power of the money, to produce a third game.
    I’m for one is not that sure.
    Maybe I’m just a bit to pessimistic but after have waited so long for Dreamfall I tend to see things rather dark.
    So unless Ragnar himself doesn’t clearly say that there will be a sequel I don’t think there ever will be one.


    Dreamfall 2 R.I.P


  • David Mouse Says:

    Kevin, I have played the original TLJ, twice in fact, and I still thought Dreamfall was better. I’m inclined to resent a statement like: “You’re satisfied far too easily.”

    Everyone else, I have faith that TLJ 3 will be made reasonably soon.

  • Joanne Says:

    I initially felt disappointed about the ending in Dreamfall, but after thinking everything over for a bit, the ending was in fact satisfactory. In my opinion, instead of having every conclusion/meaning explained to the player in easily digestible and simple terms, the player should use a little imagination in trying to figure things out for themselves. I am just saying that people should be more “involved” in the story in terms of using their own imagination. Although for some people, having paid money for the game meant that they should not have to use any ounce of imagination as that task is left for someone else.

    Also: (Spoiler ahead)

    April is NOT dead—she is lady Alvane at the end of The Longest Journey (April married Kian?).
    Zoe is stuck in dreamnet, so she is not technically dead, so there may be a way for her to come out of it in the future.
    Reza is probably dead in the sense that the only thing left of him is his body, which is probably inhabited by Peats or the “virus” in dreamnet.
    Kian ends up in jail awaiting trial, but he may be rescued by the Six.

  • Carlos M. Rico Says:

    I just finished Dreamfall 7 minutes ago and…
    To you understand my frustration I will tell all of you this… Im a half mexican-half slovakian 20 years old guy… i do wing tzung as living because its incredible how this enviroment in my hometown its hostile to people with different origins… i’m used to kick ass of anybody ho thinks i’m just to slow to move… i personaly think i’m tough…

    and this… game… puted me to my knees…

    i started playing 2-days ago and i barelly was able to stop thinking of about it… and in the end… my god i even cryed… and at the credits… i almost breaked my computer…
    you know… i have a sister just in the age of the girl so it really took under my skin…

    I NEVER PLAYED SOMETHING SO STRONG !!! i readed the reviews and i don’t care if they thing graphics is old… if the gameplay its weak… if theres almost no combat… There are almost no games out there that can make really feel something… And the worst thing its that i was playing a girl…. so my macho spirit its down for now :) I will wait for the third part thats for sure… the sellings i heard are good so… i hope… i just want to say

    it was great… i’m going to buy the first part right away…

    i know half of this everybody know and etc etc… but i know my self and after a few minutes i will not be able to send this post… thank you for maiking this game… and best wishes to make another one :)

    PS: if everything fail please send me a book :)

  • Pico Says:

    :(( i want a sequel …. great game…i’m just sad that u couldn;t make the world of the game even bigger :D(would’ve loved to just explore the place…) …it’s a bit more realistic then the first…dough i miss all the puzzles…find items…combine’em make some new stuff use it etc… anyways…i await the sequel …. thanks it was a great game:)

  • Kinza Says:

    Wow! just finished dreamfall & it was really great!! Loved Part 1 and also part 2 BUT i didnt like the ending. Spoilers —
    EVERYONE dies??? ughh or so it seems. PLease tell me the rest of the story or I think I SHALL DIE!!

  • Eiken Says:

    poor poor Zoe =((( cant stop thinking about her…
    This is definatly the best game i’ve ever played and the worst, worst i mean not how it’s maked, but…. i want to feel happy emotions when playing game not sad ones… well characters dying like doesnt usually bother me, simply cause i dont care… but i for some reason care about Zoe… and she’s dying… and i dont see a hope right now… that’s all real real sad =( sequel is DEFINATLY needed

  • Kevin Says:

    Hi Ragnar,

    I’ve just covered the game, just days before my brother did and I find that what makes the game stands out is the storyline itself. Yes, I understand that this was one-half of the other story and being middle of the trilogy.

    I noticed that having a solid technology and a massive amount of textures, sound effects and A.I, here, I believe that making the third game would only take approximately 70 percent of the total time needed for Dreamfall. Correct me if I am wrong for I think some assets are likely to be used. All that remains is the characters, new environments, a new storyline and voice casting.

    Just one question. Can lucid dreams can be reversed? Since lucid things do come true. Every one wants to have a lucid dream! And does this affect or reverse the events as seen in Dreamfall?

    I noticed that you’ve taken plenty of movies as inspirations to making Dreamfall, for instance A.I for the talking pet, 21 Grams for stories of 3 characters and mostly Terry Gilliam films, esp Brazil! since it has a bigger emphasis on dreams. I can understand that European cinema tends to favor more on the ‘black ending’ (think Arlington Road) as Gilliam would describe I mean Zoe’s fate was similar to what Sam Lowry had gone through and ultimately in the end!

    Will the setting of the next title start immediately after Dreamfall or will it take place of say 10 years later? I just hope that the next one ties up everything and points clearly to the missing gaps that some of us mentioned in the first two games?

    Can’t wait to play the next one!

  • Sam Albert Price Jr. Says:

    Never have I played a game that has gotten so in my mind as Dreamfall has. The story was excellent, and even though there was little to no combat, and I am not that good at puzzles, I still enjoyed this game… until the end. I hate cliffhangers, so imagine my horror that the ending is a cliffhanger. That got me so mad that everyone is screwed in the end, April is killed (that’s what it looked like, but I might be wrong), Kian is sent to prison, Zoe dies (again, that’s what it looked like to me) and the bad guys get the Dreamer out. That is so screwed up. It made me mad, but it also makes want the next game REAL BAD! I so do hope that a sequal is released, but if not, then send me a book or something, so that I can at least know how it ends!

  • Sam Albert Price Jr. Says:

    Also, forgot to post this, is a soundtrack going to be released for this game? I loved the music a lot, and would love to have the soundtrack.

  • clint Says:

    Just finished playing last night, wanted to let you know that I loved it. I thought the ending was fine, But I like endings like that. Wished I could have seen the flipper, I was really looking forward to him before I found faith’s room.

    As far as the 3D I personally thought it was beautifully done, all the locations were great, the old town ghetto buildings were beautiful, just wish I could have explored more of it.

    I agree with some of the critics. The camera control drove me nuts! I’m so used to some other third person games, and playing FPS type games that the way the camera was controlled here was completely unintuitive, Once I realized that I shouldn’t use the mouse much things got easier, but if I hadn’t known what an adventure was in store for me I might not have continued playing after the initial frustration of control.

    I too would have liked more playtime, somewhere around the middle of the game it turned into tons of just watching, should have made some popcorn. And it’s true that most of the action I was allowed to do was just obvious go here do that, watch, go here click on that watch. I remember a few great Ah Hah! moments in TLJ, maybe I’m just smarter now, but I think I’m just as dumb and Dreamfall is much easier.

    Unlike the above comment, I thought the political tones to the story were very obvious, too obvious, but maybe that’s just me living in this time.

    too bad you had to castrate the gaurdian!

    loved Klacks evolution!

    but I liked the old drunk Westhouse.

    Regardless of any criticism, I loved the game, loved the settings. The story really has some great cyberpunk stuff that I miss, with all the good fantasy stuff thrown in too. There were many great moments I will never forget.

    brilliantly done my good man.

  • Mats Says:

    Hi. i Really love the game its awsome. and i just cant wait for the next part:P and if you dont make it i make it my self.

    and that ending in dreamfall was just…just how can i say it. (tåredryppende) i was crying. damn i promised my self not to cry, but why i began crying in public, i dont realy know. i miss April.

    PS: vet ikke om dette er en passende plass og spørre men. har dere noen alders grense på opptak av 3d modellerere i funcom. eller trengs det bare en lidenskap for spill og en bra modellerings talent?

    vært kult om du hadde svart.

    tusentakk Mvh Mats

  • mim Says:

    What makes a game / movie / book great is when you actually don’t want it to end. I didn’t want Dreamfall to ever hand, much like TLJ. Both games were awesome and I can’t wait till you announce your next one. TLJ was more playful, more game than Dreamfall is. Dreamfall is more of a story than a game but I couldn’t care less. Even though one could prefer having more to do in a game, we can’t have it all, can we? :)

    Thank you Ragnar for a beatiful, mysterious story you gave us. Oh, we want more!

  • Marie Says:

    Ville bare si -tusen takk- for enda et vakkert spill. Gleder meg til oppfolgeren av dreamfall!

  • Debra Says:

    I just finished the game half an hour ago and after kicking my pillow around the room and grumbling to my husband, I stomped over to my computer and proceeded to search the web for someone to blame. But as I was doing that, I was also thinking about the game, the story, and everything. I’m going to go to bed and think on it some more. I must say two things: I love your story and I can’t tell you how excited and thrilled I am that there is more coming. Now I’m going to go away to digest it and mull it through.

  • Robi_san Says:

    Thanks for a brilliant adventure! Wasnt too sure about the ending… if it was an ending at all?
    Hope you do it like JMS did in Babylon 5TV-Series. Cant wait for the 2nd part of dreamfall ;-)

  • yota71 Says:

    I just hope that i haven’t to wait four more years to see the sequel, for this game, the evil had won.

  • Syed Maruf Says:

    Dear Ragnar,

    Just finished Dreamfall. While viewing the ending, there were tears in my eyes. I was on the verge of crying out loud like a little girl. Out of sadness, misery? No, but out of happiness, joy. This game touches the mind deeply and is worthy of remembrance greatly. I’ve always admired and have come to have a place for entertainments that stir emotions and have great respect for those who create them.

    In the next installment, please get Zoe Castillo out of that storytime thing, because someone as wonderful, beautiful, vibrant and cool as her don’t really deserve to stay inside that crap.

    You can dismiss the saying “didn’t like the action elements” from people because it was actually cool. Makes the game complete, very movie-like. And next time, please upgrade the fighting mechanics a little. Like, enabling gamers to fight two enemies at the same time. I’m not asking you to make action heavy sequences.
    Make the controls a bit more fluid.

    Suggestive themes were OK with me. But the only one thing I found highly disturbing was when, Peats was telling Zoe what he saw her doing in Reza’s dreams- naked, writhing, moaning, alive… C’mon by then, gamers had already given Zoe the image of someone both highly respectable and sweet (just look at her, she looks so innocent). I believe, this didn’t really go well with the theme.
    Let her f***, alright. We just don’t wanna know what she’s like in bed because that makes her look like a b****.

    Goodbye for now.
    Keep up the good work.

    We all love Zoe Castillo.

  • Syed Maruf Says:

    In Arcadia, in Friar’s Keep, when the guard brings up the topic of Zoe singing him a song, I started looking forward to hearing it, in the first place.

    We all love Zoe Castillo.

  • Seretur Says:

    I must thank you for a great game. I don’t know what is all this fuss about the ending of Dreamfall as it is quite obvious that the TLJ saga could not end in this game. There is only one ending for the TLJ saga and if I’m right it has been already disclosed in the first game, and it was obvious that the story told in Dreamfall could not reach that ending, not in one game at least. I’m really looking forward to see how things develop to come to that ending so i hope you’ll be able to finish what you have in mind. I enjoyed playing as all three (four if we count Brian) characters and i hope in the next story of the saga the time spent playing as different characters will be more or less equal (far to less time spent playing as Kian, but I hope this served more as an introduction for him) and maybe even play as Crow :).
    I must say that i like your fragmentation of the TLJ saga in separate stories (as each game finishes the story it tells, but not the saga itself).

  • Mustasio Says:

    First off, Dreamfall is mindblowing I absolutely loved it. The controls were a little odd, but I got used to em. The combat system was a little dull. I understand it wasn’t the focus of the game but maybe make it more sexy/flashy? Mechanics wise, that’s all I have to complain about. I did enjoy the combat system though, unlike most others. I can’t wait for the next game in the series! =D

    OK now that I have my compliment in place, let me make it clear that this is a threatening reply(not really). If the 1001 loose ends are not tied up and questions go unanswered(not just the ones that are underlying themes) I will hunt down and kidnap whoever is responsible for the game’s ending, whether that be you, someone else, a team of people, or a team of people with you in it. I will kidnap you then I will put you in some sort of “Silence of the Lambs” well. And I’m going to research for months, and maybe even travel a little, ways to torture you. I’m going for maximum unpleasentness and time. The only way you’re going to die is of old age, and I’ve already taken that into consideration. I’m not sure if there’s really a hell so I’m not gunna let you chance it. I’m gunna find ways to keep you and myself alive as long as I can in order to torture you longer. Torment will be my new occupation, hobby, passion, wife, whatever you wanna call it. It’s gunna be my existance.

    With psycho talk aside now, I can say that I did NOT play the first TLG game. I might now though. I knew about it coming out but before that I was counting the days till AO came out and honestly, when it did, it had the same flavor as this game in a way. An ending, or end-game play, that left you wanting more. And I wasn’t really interested in another Funcom game. AO just left you hanging, and all you could do to feel better was to wait for expansions and buy em. Which I did not do for obvious reasons. But anyway, Dreamfall I enjoyed far more than I ever enjoyed Anarchy online. Now however, in all honesty; I’m not sure I’m going to pick up the next dreamfall. Was the story really as great as I make it out to be? I always just figured there would be answeres to all this bazaar stuff. That’s what made it so great that you had all these concepts and ideas in the story shooting off in wildly different directions and at the same time knowing they ended up in the same place. And now I’m being told that they do end up in the same place….the next dreamfall game. The realistic side of me kicks in and says…. Anarchy online…crappy end-game play. Dreamfall…crappy ending…Dreamfall 2…Wonderfully refreshing ending that makes me feel love and happiness for all life on earth ..or….crappy ending. I find myself being conservative and chosing the latter.

    If all that isn’t doin anything for ya, I’ll give you my conclusion. I understand what an economy is, and I even understand what a business is and that if you can legally give someone “crack” and make money off it, then your only problem is getting enough crack for everyone. You can leave us hanging a little, but you gotta wrap it up a little more than you did, you say those facts aren’t the focus of the game but, I couldn’t believe I was at the end of the game when I got there. It’s like me telling you that, “your neighbor is actually 500 years old SOMEHOW and he’s secretly been plotting world domination and that hes very close to it now and that YOU are actually a huge part of it, and everyone you’ve ever known except me is a robot, and that you’re dog is the president in disguise, and your wife is actually a solar system, and that in a week or so the PURIFICATION OF SOULS will begin, and all this is connected in very clear cutt way. But life isn’t about worrying and stuff, its about being happy and going to work every day. So just be content with that, See ya!” You’d probably say something like, “WAIT WHAT!?”

    “With great talent comes great responsibility.” -Nordic-looking guy


  • Mustasio Says:

    I’ve calmed myself down and read many of the other posts, and so if I’m gunna blab that much, I wanna make sure I say what I wanna say. So here it is.

    I was surprised to read a few people were OK even happy with the ending. But how happy would they be if this was the last TLG game. The the story ends here. If you find yourself disliking the ending knowing that it is indeed the end. Then in all honesty, you did not actually like the ending. Let’s be realisitic for a second, I know it’s hard. What if the game comes out dramatically sooner than 3 years. Let’s say 1 and a half years. Heck, let’s say 1 year. In one year when you buy and play TLG3 are you still gunna have Dreamfall’s story fresh on your mind? Or do you think they will only focus on a few main points to wrap up and still leave so many things unanswered. But in a year I seriously doubt you’ll be wondering about the fact that…..in that cave with the blue monkey people April was following someone, trying to get to the other side of the lake(pond, river, w/e), not trying to touch a big pillar of energy. How did that settle the whole dark-cloaked prophet guy story? When stuff like that happened in the game it bugged me, but then I’d find myself enjoying it more. Because I would think, even more dimensions to the story. But let’s think for a second, is that all that it was intended to do? To keep you thinking and guessing and never giving you true closure? All of the sudden they don’t seem to add to the story, just seem to be a lazy and pathetic way of trying to keep you enthralled in the story. Who woulda thought how uninspired those tid bits actually were.

    I think in all honesty the designers are gunna expect you to forget all that and play a new game with and open mind. It’s the reason I feel so isolated in my tastes for entertainment. I always feel like I’m somehow right outside the target market in TV or movies and now …hell is freezing…. pc games. I feel like movies now give away everything and are all front just to sell. Well yeah, they pulled me in a for a while and got my money. But now I’ve seen too much of a pattern at the theatres. And that pattern is…90% uninspiring crapola. I feel like, I could write better than that and I know millions other could so why the crapola everywhere? The only thing i can think of, is they are still hitting their target market and making money. TV series are the same way. I can deal with open endings. Like in Cowboy Bebop when it looks like Spike dies. It certainly looks like he dies but then again hes lived through much worse. I asked a friend about it and he said “I think it’s up to you to decide.” I was ok with that. Cuz his story had ended. If the only thing left open at the end was that Zoe was in a coma and she was left in the dreaming state and WATIcorp had its big opening to the dreamer, that would be fine with me. But there’s countless other stuff that keeps you going along the story that is never answered. Not even cryptically answered or anything. Left wide open. Most of it you can’t decide for yourself, most of it is just a giant freaking mystery.

    Maybe the author of the story is going for the kind of mystery and bewilderment that leaves you talking about the game’s story. That keeps you guessing and ultimately anticipating a sequel where you can see if all your assumptions and thought processes were correct. Or maybe, it’s gunna be like everything else. Maybe it’ll be just like that TV series Lost. Where I couldn’t stand to watch more than 6 episodes or so. Let’s throw in something new every episode to keep em coming back. Is anything getting answered? Not yet. If we just keeping throwing random twists and turns then people will remain interested. Don’t worry, all the big themes and mysteries will be answered at the end and you will have most likely long forgotten the little ones. Does that stuff really not matter to people? Are my expectations too high? Is honesty in one’s work and so called passion a totally unreasonable requirement.

    If I’m being naive and unreasonable then I must not be what you’re looking for in a consumer. Because I don’t watch TV anymore, I go to the movies less than ever and still thinking I go way too much. I’ve always thought there is this great union to be discovered and evolved between cinema and gaming, and when I see this kind of marketability and salesy crap being accepted so generously by people in place of real creativity and imagination, and knowing that it wouldn’t have to be that way if people just had a higher standard, I get sick to my stomach.

    I’m sure everyone’s thinking that I’ve gone way too deep and talked way too much and I doubt anyone has even read my two posts completely. But still there is the chance someone will read it all and maybe even learn something. Whether it’s Ragnar or anyone else.

    So now the question that I must answer. Will I play the next TLG game. To be honest, yes I probably will. But realistically, based on my own experiences with Funcom, and how people have barely mentioned the lies given to us about Dreamfall so that we knew we wouldn’t be handed a half-assed ending, (cuz we were); and the facts about Ragnar’s opinions on good entertainment (Lost), I don’t see TLG 3 giving me a feeling of closure or even a way to make sense of a lot of the story.

    …So will I play it? yeah most likely I will play it somehow. That’s “SOMEHOW” cuz I’m sure as hell not paying money for the next TLG after the travesty he likes to call an ending.

  • Yaya Says:

    I’ve been an advenure gamer for many years now (Remember maniac mansion?). Anyway I haven’t played the game yet, but I’m concern from the comments that I’ve read about..fight scenes (If I wanted that I would play Lara Croft), minimal puzzles/gameplay and clumsy movement. I really like the point & click style that THJ and games like Escape from Monkey Island have that I’m now reading DF has changed with this sequel. Tell me it isn’t so! Adventure games are few and far between to be disappointed.

  • Paula Says:

    I was perfectly happy with the ending. Maybe it´s because I´ve always liked open endings that leave you wondering instead of wrap it up in a neat little package. I can´t wait to see how it´ll end!

  • Vlexandor Says:

    Thank you very much for the game. I was waiting for it and I was not disappointed.

    Sure, the backgrounds in TLJ were nice, but 3D gives a great new experience, a new sensation of presence, so I enjoyed it a lot. The price for it were the frequent load screens :), but still ok.

    All new things, like high-poly faces, new types of actions, multiple ways to solve a problem, all of that were again the nice contribution to the perfect athmoshere. Great sound and voices again and even better, my respect.

    Especially, I liked a couple of cases where the trivial solution was very obvious, but wrong. First one was when found an axe and could see the bloody hand trace on the door. Please, raise hand who didn’t think about killing the dog :))))))) Another case was when you followed the goblin through the first door, but you couldn’t do it through the second one. I tried it about 20 times, before thinking about the other solution :)))). Great stuff, that really improves the puzzle solving!

    To be honest, after 2/3 of the game, I could feel (maybe wrong) how your team started to hurry up :). Maybe investor came and said: we need to release in 6 months or never, I dunno :). But, the number of puzzles per hour :) really decreased and … maybe the rhytm of the game changed. The feeling was that you needed to finish earlier than you wanted. Some greatly designed locations, like dark people city and swamp city and St-Petersburg (I live there btw:)) coudn’t be really explored with more missions and that was a pity.

    What saved the last one third was Crow and White Lady, great stuff again. I would really like to be able to play for them a couple of missions!!!

    And yes, I agree with many people here that it was not Faith who was the center of our attention. She was a messenger, saying “Help April”. We trusted her and found April who needed some help really. So, we tried to help April and tried to help Zoe with her tasks. Ok, Faith was a victim and we helped her to rest in peace, but it was absolutely not felt like the end of the Zoe mission or the end of April mission. If those two, would rest in peace, or live in peace, it would be truly the end or their way. But I felt no peace in the ending and no end of their way. And that is why this painful feeling of unfinished business stays….

    I wonder if it would be commercially possible to release Dreamfall volume 2, before the brand new and shining Dreamfall 2. Just same models and mostly the same locations, but continue the plot and let us finish the business :).

    BTW, you know, I simply didn’t believe to the Guard when he said April’s mission was over. It was not convincing at all.

    OK, thanks again for your great work and your soul you put into it and will wait again for the next game, whatever it will be. I would like it to be volume 2 first :))))))))

    P.S. if by the chance you haven’t visit St-Petersburg yet, you should come, because I swear you it looks more like Venice than like Detroit :)))))

  • Vlexandor Says:

    in my prev post i meant true Venice in Italy, not the one in the Newport in 23 century :)

  • Adrock Says:

    I just wanted to say how much I love this game, and that it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had gaming/being told a story/being entertained whilst looking at a screen. It brought up emotions, had me empathizing with the characters in a way that I think maybe no other game has, and gave me that oh so good feeling of being immersed in something grand and esoteric and playfully meaningful. Please find a way to continue the story on next gen consoles, I will buy it and convince others to do the same. Props for making a great game, I can’t stress that enough. Thanks for the great story.

  • David Mouse Says:

    “I wonder if it would be commercially possible to release Dreamfall volume 2, before the brand new and shining Dreamfall 2. Just same models and mostly the same”

    TLJ 3/Dreamfall 2 IS Dreamfall volume 2, and, if it gets done at all, will finish the story of Dreamfall.

  • Nannona Says:

    I’ve waited so long for this, and I also had no clue that this was part 2 of a trilogy. It made me feel cheated. Despite the fact that I don’t really like this latest trilogy craze, it would’ve made all the difference in the world to know that beforehand.

    I’m seriously considering not buying the next one. It’s a shame, because The longest journey used to be my favorite game ever - I used to tell everybody about it, and now I’ll have to tell them something else…

    And by the way, I feel exactly the same thing about Lost - the first season was a good story with a very poor and frustrating ending. Ridiculous…

  • The story teller Says:

    i love to write storys and i love to write poems.the story you told was good in a way.but this trilogy thing is driving me nuts i guess its a way to mint money.like lotr the matrix and all.you played a good part as a story teller by playing with the emotions of the audiance. except for the crow which told the lamest of jokes. any way lets see where ur story goes.next time u release anythingill make shure iread the spoilers first though.as waiting for long for the next part is quite an uncertain thing to do.Butacording to ut story we must have faith lol. anywa the one thing that freeked me out was the house in the white world i used to see that place in my dreams long before u made the gae and that was freekyish.k have fun live long and tell storys.thats what life is about.And make shure your life is a story which is worth telling.

  • The story teller Says:

    i love to write storys and i love to write poems.the story you told was good in a way.but this trilogy thing is driving me nuts i guess its a way to mint money.like lotr the matrix and all.you played a good part as a story teller by playing with the emotions of the audiance. except for the crow which told the lamest of jokes. any way lets see where ur story goes.next time u release any thing i will make shure i read the spoilers first though.as waiting for long for the next part is quite an uncertain thing to do.But acording to ut story we must have faith lol. anyway the one thing that freeked me out was the house in the white world i used to see that place in my dreams long before u made the game and that was freekyish.k have fun live long and tell storys.thats what life is about.And make shure your life is a story which is worth telling.

  • Jeff Says:

    One could say that Dreamfall was a game with closure, but I would disagree in both counts.

    1. “Game”

    Story is good, but I hope Funcom has gotten the hollywood thing out of their system. Ripping off TV series (from all the things they had to borrow from Lost, it had to be their idea of closure?) might also be fun for a while, but I really hope that they can go back to make games again sometime in the future.

    2. “Closure”

    “Faith’s” story, right? At least I was not the only one cheated - even Zoë was thinking that this was her story.

    but I can still see a couple of honorable ways out for Funcom to make up to those of us who were ripped:

    - Give the third one for free/at a discount for people who already payed for the second;
    - When the third one comes out, make a free, downloadable version with just the end of the second one to make up for people who already payed for the second.

  • La Says:

    At the risk of sounding trite… Talk is cheap.

    I don’t actually mean to be rude, especially seeing as most deveoplers don’t take the time to hear what poeple think about their game (assuming all those comments here ever get read, that is), but all of the “reasons” in the blog sound like justifications. Excuses perhaps, along the lines of “We know we didn’t give answers, but hey, buy the next one. You’ll get everything and more”.

    All we got so far is a set-up for the next game. I’m sorry, but this is just… asinine.

    Once again - Talk is cheap. This game wasn’t.

    If it was intended as a lead-in for the next, this should’ve been put in the title. Dreamfall Part 1. And then the premise that part 3 will be produced, assuming this part sells well, is just blackmail :P. Some people won’t buy the next, out of disappointment or simply because they won’t know there is one, not everyone follows this stuff on the internet.

    All in all - I’ve enjoyed TLJ greatly, so I’d like to say thanks for that. Dreamfall was okay, if the ending is a rip - in my *personal* opinion. So thanks for the time I did enjoy.

    But I will say that I think you’ve screwed with people. It is your right, of course, to do so. Nobody was forced to buy the game. No one ever said this game would tie up its loose ends. You were free to stop at any moment, and explain what you wanted to. But fair - this isn’t.

  • ynamite Says:

    What a story… It’s been a very long time since a game (or specifically its story) has captivated me to such an extent that I stayed up and played until 6 in the morning, I actually dont remember which other game (or story) had done that. Hooked from the beginning I finished the game in two, albeit very extensive, gaming sessions. I dont know how many hours I spent with it but this was the longest adventure game in a long time and I actually expected the game to end a lot sooner. Not because I wanted it to, but because recent games of the same genre have been doing that and I half expected Dreamfall to do the same. Well, I was wrong about it ending prematurely, I think the game is quite long and offers numerous hours of gameplay but even though it doesnt end too soon, it does end too soon. Similar to what the Storyteller says in the end, it is and it isnt.

    The part of the story that can experienced in the game was thrilling, the voice actors are brilliant (In my humble opinion the best in any game to date, even the less important characters are extraordinarily well spoken), the music is of no lesser quality and the individual characters are unforgetable. What I dont like about the game is the gameplay itself (luckily there is very little), especially in the beginning where all you have to do is run from point A to point B and back again, the oh-so clichéd adventure-gaming tasks we’ve all come to know and laugh, or hate for that matter. The other thing I dont like is, well, the ending (not of story, we dont know that one yet, but of the game). I’d like to point out here that I havent played “The longest Journey” yet, I’ve just bought it and I will give it a go, so I cant compare it to “Dreamfall”. Anyways, I just feel like the game cuts off at a really inappropriate point in the story. Beside not having any sense of fulfillment (eventhough I didnt mind the story about Samara, err, I mean Faith, much, it was indeed a bit lame and I would have gladly traded it in for another hour of the “main” story, but I guess in the end when we know the whole story, it will probably matter somehow), I mean all the main characters are (START SPOILER) dead or in big trouble and the Dreamer is going to be released, or so it seems. (END SPOILER) See what I getting at?

    It just left me hanging wanting more. Granted, maybe that was your aim, in which case you succeeded. But when I’m watching “Lost” or “Taken” or whatever, I know that I’m watching a series and not one big movie. I didnt know that while playing Dreamfall. But it is exactly that, part of a series with a huge cliffhanger after the 2nd Episode… the good thing about “Lost” and these types of series is that the next episode wont take 2 years to appear, by which time I might not give a flying donkey about TLJ anymore, which would be quite sad wouldnt it.

    So, to get to the bottom of this, I absolutely dont think it was a good idea ending the game (and splitting up the story) as you did. Games are not television series eventhough recent trends suggest otherwise. I probably will buy the next installement in the TLJ series, simply because I want to know how the story ends, but iny my opinion this experience could have been a whole lot greater. But we’ll see. On a side note, I would really love for a book to be published telling about TLJ, telling the whole story in great detail, it would make such a good book!

    Keep it up and hurry up with the sequel will you! It’s not very nice to end the game with such a cliffhanger and then make us wait for who-knows how long…

    cheers and excuse my babbling!

  • Ganda Buxor Says:

    What can I say about Dreamfall, except that it was ridiculously dissapointing. As much as I loved The Longest Journey, that is how much I was let down by Dreamfall. I am too dismayed to even discuss what I didn’t like about the game.

    And is it only me, or has anyone else also felt that Dreamfall has just ripped off plot threads and scenes from big budget movies, ie. The Ring, Matrix, etc.

    I believe that the game’s developers should have been more concerned with appealing to actual gamers, and less concerned with making more money by releasing a disjointed cash cow sequel to one of the best adventure games of all time.

    I feel cheated.

  • Elin Says:

    Hope you read this

    I absolutely don’t agree about the game being a great disappointment. I totally loved both games, The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. But I can agree that the whole idea seemed to change in the second part. But I’ll just have to trust you Ragnar. I’ve been waiting for Dreamfall for nearly six years and was almost crying when I first started to play. I felt so nostalgic when I re-met some of the characters from TLJ.

    Ragnar, you totally opened up the entire world of computers for me (and of course all the others who made the games to reality). I just want to say that I really admire you and think that this story is one of the most exhilarating and moving stories of all time! Please, I have to know how you see the end and I truly need to get the (right) answers for all the questions Dreamfall formed… I have a high regard for you listening to us fans just so you know.

    The 3D was really making the game feel even more alive (if that is possible) I wanted to say that since some people disliked it. In the beginning I wasn’t a very big fan of the dying-thing but learned to like it. It also gives the impression of realism, that I though wasn’t necessary, but I was wrong. Skulle ha varit kul att ha även Dreamfall på svenska men jag klarar mig! Hehe…

    So PLEASE don’t make me wait another six years to have my life back!! :D

    Hälsningar från grannlandet! ;)

  • Rolly Says:

    Even if you finish the game, it may still be a good idea to make a book out of it after you finish the whole series, and even maybe, TLJ the movie!!! :D

  • Kellee Hamomin Says:

    I love the story Dreamfall, but I hated hte ending!!!! What happened to April and Kian? Is Zoe really dead? what does Zoe mean that is not Reza? I’m so confused!

  • Kellee Hamomin Says:

    I love the story Dreamfall, but I hated hte ending!!!! What happened to April and Kian? Is Zoe really dead? what does Zoe mean that is not Reza? I’m so confused! Please make a 2nd game!!!!

  • Grazillione Says:

    I liked the first game better .Dreamfall was to easy reminded me more of a movie than a game.it only took me 3 days to complete the game.make next game a bit harder please.the rest game was pretty good .

  • Si P Says:

    Fantastic game! Brilliant story, top VA and really loving the mixed accents. Though the Irish really get around don’t they? Felt great not to be trawling round a world dominated by Whiny American accents or Oxfordian/BBC English! The ethnicity also made the story lovely and rich. Fantastic, Wonderful! (feeling like the spice stall merchant) Minor points though- and everyone seems to be missing it… POOR REZA! From my perspective, the plot was placed towards him, rather than Faith- only for the trendy English boy with a Persian name to be almost completely forgotten! She didn’t find him, she never got to speak with him again, and all she says when momentarily re-united with him at the end is ‘Careful Dad, thats not him’!!!! And sorry if I missed this, but who the hell is the hooded figure April follows?

    The ending is heart-wrenching, but at the end of the day how many of you guys will NOT buy the sequel? We all want to know if the loveable Zoe will come back. Loved the adult content- made the story grittier and slightly more dystopic. Joy!

    Kian is a total badass, but needs to have more time spent on him. Zoe needs a sequel. She’s too good to waste. I am not a massive fan of the series, and havent even played the first game, but superior writing and character development has really allowed me to empathise with Zoe (in a non- post modern way…) I was a little dissapointed when she hooked up with ‘Blondie’- it kind of betrayed her mission for Reza, and I was really hoping they would get back together. She only dumped him due to not knowing herself. I thought once self-discovery was complete they could live happily ever after in that beautifully colourful Cassablanca.

    I know everyone is angry because no2 in the series has had to make sacrifices in plot completion. Start things it cant finish. But I seriously believe this has the potential to make no3 an incredibly grand game. Star wars 5 is, as quoted before, a wonderful example of this. Now we play the waiting game. I know its tempting to rush these storymakers and ask for a ‘quick fix’, but time can make a good game great. Only release the third game when totally happy guys! And again, thankyou for a wonderful bit of escapism!

    P.S If you dont bring Zoe back I will kill you all. :)

    REZA Lives! And only Zoe can fix him…

  • Si P Says:

    O, and BTW (Big spoiler alert) For all those ppl who were wondering what Zoe meant when she said ‘its not him’- Isn’t she referring to the fact that he has been brainwashed by Peats, during his time in the dreamer? I’m pretty sure hes not a clone. Its said in the game that information can be both taken and placed into ‘Dreamer users’, and Peats only really says REZA’s dreams have been taken and that ‘he’s in a dark place’. So I think he is Reza, but his mind has been tampered with- and that’s what Zoe means…

    Just an opinion!

  • Browncoat Says:

    Hello there!

    Dreamfall is a fantastic game, or should I say movie. Atmoshere, graphics, sounds, voices, story (of course); They were all perfect. But like someone above said: Those riddles were very easy. I like the way how the gamplay is done. Anyway, the Fighting should have been done better. There are some classic riddles, but most of the time you really do have just one Object to use.

    The next game should be a bit harder. But I loved it. I’m very excited about the last part of the story, i’m sure it’s worth to wait.
    Spread the signal…Buy the game….so it doesn’t take to long.

    “The Future is worth fighting for”

  • Joseph Salomonsen Says:

    Just finished the game and I feel it DOES finish the IMPORTANT loose ends, all main characters get to fill the emptiness in them;

    1- Zoë gets a purpose in life which she lacked, by telling her story.

    2- Faith is released from her loneliness, which she lacked

    3- Raven gets her wish come true: to die

    4- The apostle finally sees the true light which he previously lacked

    All kudos to Ragnar for not adhering to story ending conventions and telling it ethereal and edifying.

    Bøyer meg i respect selv om jeg er HELT uenig med din verdens syn som kommer frem I dreamfall. Hvorfor? Mail meg!

  • Mike Says:

    Just finished the game, thought I’d add my views:

    Graphics - superb - whether or not they are better than other games on the market for me was irrelevant, both Stark and Arcadia and the people within them were fantasticly represented.
    Combat - I actually didn’t mind the combat once I got the hang of it - I can see how it would annoy people who don’t want any/are used to something a little more complex, but for me it was fine. The same goes for the Stealth stuff. Wouldn’t mind if they were put into the next one, but I wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.
    Controls - used mouse and keyboard, didn’t have a problem.
    Puzzles - I liked the whole logic system - the fact that characters couldn’t carry too much, and the fact that there wouldn’t be many insane situations involving an odd collection of objects BUT in an adventure game, I’m quite happy to say sod logic, carry around thirty odd items and combine the weirdest collection of items. More puzzles/gameplay would be nicer - after the first few, chapters ended up being a case of following someone and having a conversation (i.e. chapter 9) - even chapter 6 in TLJ was longer than that. Please please please more puzzles and gameplay in the next one - 10/15 hours was too short!
    Mainly because the story was so amazing - definitely to TLJ’s standards (though I wouldn’t personally say better). I didn’t feel quite as annoyed as I anticipated at the ending, but I definitely wanted a little more resolution. Roll on Dreamfall 2.

    SPOILER BELOW!!!!!!!

    And Ragnar, you can’t kill April. That’s just mean.


  • Si P Says:

    Joseph, how can you say it finished the important loose ends>? Save April? Zoe does not save April- she does not seem especially enlightened in the slightest. Zoe fails in her personal mission to save Reza. And even in the end Zoe seems to lack direction slightly. The only thing that has been properly concluded is that little gobshite ‘Faith’. I agree with others- the tempo seems very different near the end of the game, unnatural even. I’m glad there is a sequel because I really don’t agree this could be considered a stand-alone title. It is awesome, but an awesome prequel to something else. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a closure junky. I’m one of the few who liked the ending to FF7 and much preferred Blade Runner: Directors cut. But I really do not think the ending was conclusive enough. Or in a good way anyway. A few too many loose ends. Roll on sequel!

  • Joseph Salomonsen Says:

    To: Si P

    You say “Save April? Zoe does not save April” well i say she did…wait before you say what crack im smoking here is my opinion…Zoe indeed didn’t save April physically…she was stabbed and drowned without any intervention from Zoe. BUT she was supposed to save her lost soul. April had what psychologists call “alienation” meaning one that is alienated with her own background. As we know a tree that hates its root doesn’t last long…But thru Zoes deeds and sermons (esp. the one they have right after April releases Zoe from Jail.) shook Raven to her very core she cared again. She little by little became her Starkian self. Lost the bitterness as she demonstrated when she suddenly changes her stance on the Apostle and believes him and even worries about his health…An Azadi, even an apostle of the six, she says she can feel “his a honest and good man” Indeed she is saved and in part thanks to Zoe. Besides as is evident many times (esp by the breakfast table with her father in the beginning what a Zoe lacked was a purpose in life and that she got.

    The greatest example of conclusive ending is that of the apostle; seemingly its not a wrap up, he gets arrested for treason and we told NOTHING of how it fares with him, zilch nada! but the brilliance in not showing that is forcing us to see the real conclusion for him. To use his own words “i was blind now i can see” or “my faith is stronger now than ever” again the apostles physical well being is unknown at the end BUT there is no doubt his soul is exalted and that he has repented.

    PS if my ingame quotes are a bit off mark its because im translating from the Norwegian version

  • Thomas W Holt Says:

    I’ve listened or more accurately read other peoples comments about the game Dreamfall, normally I wouldn’t voice my own opinion but here it is.

    Dreamfall the long awaited sequel to The longest Journey the best Adventure game I have ever played, and I’ve played a lot, did not live up to its former games reputation.

    Yes the story was really well thought out and entertaining.

    Yes the locations where exotic and imaginative, the graphics where superb and the attention to detail was very impressive.

    Yes the characters both new and old where likeable, believable and real, I really did feel for Zoe, and of course for April and I loved the return of Crow.

    The combat was interesting, the only difficult part about the combat was trying to control the camera angle so you could see what the hell you where doing when in very small spaces, I had to try and lure them into wide open arrears so I could kick there butt.

    We won’t get into the ending, yes some things weren’t resolved but they obviously lead you into the next chapter of the game, which many game writers try to do in some little way to ensure the public will keep buying there creations, and it works really well, I just really, really hope it will arrive sooner than Dreamfall did.

    No the one thing that disappointed me the most about Dreamfall, was the fact that it was very, very easy, the situations that needed solving called for very little common sense, I never really had to stop and think, I just played through chapter after chapter following the story until it came to it’s conclusion.

    I love adventure games, and I love to be challenged, I like difficult and intricate puzzles to solve, and inventory’s bulging with items just waiting for a use, the focus system wasn’t necessary cause there where very little to actually do, I finished it in about ten hours, and that includes breaks, computer crashes which occurred quite frequently until I put my real good quality graphics card down to its lowest setting.

    Yes I know ten hours is a lot but I’m not to proud to admit that my first time through the original longest journey took three times as long.

    To sum up I really did enjoy playing Dreamfall in the short time I played it but it doesn’t come close to the original in my eyes, which I think I’ll start playing again now.

    P.S Everyone seems to be worried about April, but did it never occur to you that she wasn’t killed, she was stabbed and fell backwards of the pier, even if she did actually enter the water she could have shifted to safety and patched herself up. April is the one taking the Journey which ever way you look at it, and I say the longer the better.

  • Si P Says:

    Joseph, I totally understand what your getting at, and indeed, metaphysical change is the key point in this game. But there seemed to lack balance. Maybe Zoes voice acting let her down at the end, but she still struck me as being a little vague, and unsure. And April did forgive the badass, but didn’t seem changed enough to balance out the very sad ending. Maybe if Zoe’s actions had helped save Reza, or really stop ‘the dreamer’, the game (I think personally) would be more equated. I think what really bugs me is that after playing the game for the third time, the ending seemed far too sudden, especially on Aprils side. I was sure I must have missed a side quest, or gone into a momentary, three hour coma during the end of the game, because it just seemed too short.

    Ironically, in a game series that always speaks of the importance of balance- this game lacked in it.

  • Si P Says:

    That last post was not meant to sound so harsh- I really loved the first and second thirds of the game! And i’m not even a massive gamer.

    I quite liked the relative ease of it- but then again I prefer novels and films to games, so go figure!

  • zenla Says:


    [QUOTE](Feel free to scream at me now for being a) complicated, b) obtuse, or c) cryptic - but do read the rest of this post before commenting on it. Please.)[/QUOTE]

    It isn’t that. I just…I don’t understand how you could expect to make an amazingly complex and lovable character like April suddenly become bitter and selfish WITHOUT going into her motivations. For those of us who played TLJ for hours and saw April risking her life on every level to save people, this change was anything but realistic. The shift is so abrupt, in fact, that I found myself being more angry at Crow and Zoe than April, since I didn’t really believe the change in her. If you are going to villanize one of the greatest characters of all time, then you should at least make us believe the transformation.

    Maybe we needed another game between TLJ and Dreamfall to make that change fathomable. I just think that when you have a fan base as strong as yours, you should see that it’s going to take a lot of good storytelling to get us to reproach April after you did such a BRILLIANT job of bringing her to life in TLJ.

    I’m going to go play Dreamfall again…maybe I will be able to pick up on some things I didn’t the first time around. Maybe I will understand how a selfless, loving girl turned into a selfish brat. There has to be some other reason than “because she’s angry and alone and the balance messed with her head.” That just doesn’t cut it. You would make my day…no, you would practially make my LIFE if you could cover that in TLJ3.

  • Line Says:

    Sitter her halv tre om natten og har spilt ferdig Dreamfall. Og vet ikke helt hva jeg skal synes om slutten. Den lengste reisen var det første spillet jeg spilte på data, og falt totalt for det. Selv om slutten plaget meg der… også………
    Innrømmer at jeg håper på en oppfølger. Skulle ønske det kunne bli en litt god slutt……… ihvertfall for noen. Med god slutt mener jeg lykkelig, det er vel ikke bare en klisjè?
    God natt

  • zimske Says:

    “…the one thing that disappointed me the most about Dreamfall, was the fact that it was very, very easy, the situations that needed solving called for very little common sense…”

    Um, the situations in Dreamfall are EXACTLY of simple common sense. In real life you don’t need to do a quest for a cheeky waiter who’ll give you a corkscrew for a thirsty automechanic who’ll give you the screwdriver which you’ll use with god knows what in order to get to your apartment.

    In real life, the common sense is: you’ll use the apartment keys.

    And that common sense aspect of the game is what allows you to get into the character(s) even more than in any other game I’ve ever played.

  • Kvasi Says:

    I finished Dreamfall yesterday, and just have to say wow!
    The Longest Journey is one of my favorite adventure games, but Dreamfall is among the top five games, all categories, all time.

  • ,jACkdA\W Says:

    Haha, one more to go

    Judging from all this wild ciommenting-around, at least part of that plan went as it should, eh ? ;)) Let’s hope the rest makes it dito…

    Dreamfall has been played through by me and now, will definetly stay residual on my harddisk and will not be kicked off it for at [i]least[/i] the next year. Eschewing any further praise - should tell enough.

    Best storytelling with a computer game i’ve had for at least the last five of
    years - go figure, i do know most there are. Since it’s IM-not-so-HO all about Story with not only these, that alone nets you a place in my memory - and my money ;)

    A cigar for NOT making this another stupid out-of-the-book point-and-click, combine-anything-you-got-and-then-click-everywhere-you-can trial-and-error-and-no-clue-at-all specimen of the kind - that was a major drawback with TLJ, which i otherwise liked back then… but not [i]loved[/i].
    This is what [i]could[/i] happen to me with Dreamfall - if the other half shows up in time. Too difficult, loving a girl with not only just one leg but [i]also[/i] just one eye ;) I [do] need her other half.

    Graphix - better than o.k. [i]Way[/i] better. Mucho [i]flair[/i]. GOOD.
    Do NOT lose the 3D-Engine, don’t ever [i]force[/i] 1st person.

    Sound - tastes are different… no, i will not buy a soundtrack ;) But still o.k.
    enough to not distract, even better than that [i]sometimes[/i].

    Controls - don’t understand the complaints, auto-cam is twitchy at times,
    but show me [i]one[/i] game using this which is free of that…
    No lagging or true clumsiness to report from my side…

    Gameplay - Needs improvement. Playing [i]feels[/i] too linear, ‘choices’
    being for the record only. In a game relying so heavy on plot
    alone, this ought to be expanded. Some people have dubbed
    this an ‘interactive movie’ - that is exaggeration, but should be
    farther from the truth either.

    Stuff - I like the combat and sneaking… basically, that is. For combat,
    the controls should be more responsive, and the opponents should
    do better than your basic crash test dummy. I admire the amount
    and placement of those, though - fitted well in with the overall
    setting. And i also admire that death now found it’s way in - i was
    actually annoyed that hag in TLJ would never ever claw me for good
    no matter which way i let stupidity run free next. Speaking of that,
    i’m glad Dreamfall feels just so more in touch with reality than TLJ
    did - which, in comparison, was more of a fairie’s than a solid Tale
    in this respect. I’m quite intrigued by April’s development also - as
    someone already said, would have been nice to get more info on the
    path she’d been on for those years. I don’t feel satisfied there yet.
    Don’t dare to let her go like this ;) Not only doesn’t she deserve
    it, she still has some questions to answer for me ;))

    As for the sneaking - it’s pointless if it doesn’t make a real
    difference, which seems to be the case. If you decide to keep it,
    please make it a challenge worth the name (Thief crack pleading ;)

    Nuff’ said. Story shines like [i]diamond[/i], game is overall

    Just - please do not take three years to deliver the missing leg and eye.

    On second thought, don’t take [i]two[/i]

    A very [b]BIG[/b] thumbs-up for truly [i]outstanding[/i] work!

  • Si P Says:

    I thought the music was pretty good, all so melancholy- it seems to reiterate the fact Zoe’s sad fate could not be avoided. I can see why people may dislike the jazzed up Nordic Coldplay sounds, but I really felt it kept the ball moving.

    One very big congrats is due. Like my films, I judge a game by how it pulls me in with its first ten seconds. The music, as well as the sketch superimposed on the snowy mountains was perfect.

    Still think, like Fahrenheit, the ending sucked balls.

    Ok, will stop posting that now…

  • Allowishus Says:

    Mr. Tournquist,

    Just wanted to say thankyou for creating two of (and hopefully three) of the most compelling, intense and well-written games I have ever played! I played TLJ when it first came out and left a similar reply then begging for a sequel. Thank you for delivering and as you stated about “Lost”, I have faith that you know where you are going with the story and look forward to seeing what you have planned for it. Keep up the good work!

  • Anna Says:

    Hello from RUSSIA, Ragnar!

    TLJ is my favourite game ever…Most people love Arcadian landscapes but i adore Stark! You did a great job - these urban views are fantastic.

    I’ll be glad if in 3rd part is Charlie and April line developed!

    And…Zoё is well done, but no one in Dreamfall can touch me as April’s character did.

    My favourite location is The Fringe (but i think TLJ’s is better)

    So….thank u very much for these awesome two games!

    PS - i always wanted to say that i notised an ERROR in Border’s House plan in TLJ: the view from April’s window couldn’t be so! ’cause there could be no window but only the wall which is connected with other room (Emma’s i suppose)!!!

    Was it really the mistake or i misunderstood something?

    Thanx for opportunity to write my opinion and toughts, mr. Tornquist!


  • Aetherion Says:

    i cant say i didnt enjoy DF. but on the other hand i cant say i enjoyed either.

    it took me 15-16 hours to finish the game without a walkthrough. and i watched everything. it took me so long just because half of this time i was watchin a cut scene. i admit the story telling was amazing. the only other game i’ve played with such a great storytellin was TLJ.

    but, that awfull gameplay really drove me to a wall. if you really need to use 3d then try and learn from other 3d games how to use a camera in a simpler way… the focus is also totally useless since i am only 1 time obligated to use it in the entire game! only once!!!! i mean, whats the point of its excistance…
    sure it also helped in 1-2 more cases, but i managed to do them again without it so…
    in another fact, the damn loading screens… even between cutscenes… argh…. i mean ARGHHHHH!!!! why couldnt you make the world more united. for every chapter to load the info. i’d prefer to wait 30 sec for one load, than wait 2 sec for each of the 15 loads…. It really made me get out of the atmopshere.

    also, the graphics were really cute. even if i’d have liked a bit more up to date ones (since you decided to go 3d, at least go all the way), they still did their job well, and if the damned camera was better, i’d be able to enjoy it much more.

    music gets an A++++. i’ve never heard such a beauty in a game before.

    puzzles… no comment since there arent any. just some premature 5year old ones. generally, none level of difficulty, and so no challenge for hardcore gamers.

    fights. i had no problem. they were so damned easy i even forgot i fought in the game.

    stealth. now, in combination with fighting, why oh why put them inside the game? they were so easy, there was no point in their excistance.
    also, because of the labs, science and dark atmosphere of the game, the fact that fightin and stealth excisted, gave me a feeling of playing a softcore resident evil…

    the ending? it leaves SOOOOO many things unanswered that it pisses me off. i am used in a “free” ending, were you dont know what happens to the hero afterwards, but this is too much. i dont even want to discuss it

    anyway these are of course my opinions. anyone is free to believe what they want.

    i just want to ask, that the sequel comes out fast, has a complete story, uses MAGIC (sth nearly totally lost in DF), and generally manages to pull us inside the story, and not just make us feel like we r watchin a movie.

  • ,jACkdA\W Says:

    The Ending (what ths ‘thread’ basiucally is about) is GREAT - but ONLY if you can for certain KNOW it’s NOT that… I do get the feeling that DREAMFALL per se was a sort of ‘experimenting with the medium as is’ … and for that, it turned out to be BIG for hopefully not only me. I would like to advise everyone to at least TRY and view things this way… as probably not pointed out clearly enough by me alone, but this just plain IS about STORY-TELLING [BIG-time] within this by common opinion ‘oh-so-mediocre’ medium. Just get your ass OFF the gaming-train, this WAS supposed to be more, and it DID. Period.

  • Zan Says:

    I don’t want to reiterate too much of what others have said, but…

    Graphics, story (in general…), voice acting, music, locales were all very pretty and engaging.

    However, I, like many others are left with many many unanswered questions. Actually I don’t really feel like anything was resolved. Even if a game is part of a trilogy, I think that for the consumer it should be a fun and satisfying entity in and of itself.

    -What was that weird cat about?
    -What the hell happened to Kian–I kept waiting to play through his trial and such but that never happened. If this is supposedly the story of three characters, I don’t understand why he was pretty much ignored through the last part of the story. (Also, Lady Alvane…Kian Alvane…;) )
    -Considering the entire reason for Zoe’s quest was to find Reza, the fact that it was never actually explained what specifically happened to him I found incredibly irritating.
    -I thought that their three stories would converge in a more meaningful way, not, Zoe, follow April around, April “dies”, Kian disappears, then Zoe appears to die…
    -Is Helena Chang Zoe’s mother?? She knew the name Castillo right away when Zoe rescued her. There is something about her dad’s work and whole story that was never explained.
    -What happened to the White Lady? The Undreaming? The part in the beginning with Westhouse in the Storytime? Damien? Liv? Wasn’t Zoe arrested and forbidden to leave Casablanca?
    -And since apparently Faith (the girl) is a big part of the story, I don’t get how she dying, or being killed by the Morpheus would somehow cause a virus in the Dreamnet—that doesn’t follow.
    -Also I find it hard to believe that this all doesn’t involve the Balance. The whole trip to the Guardian’s realm was really lame…

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game…

    Also, puzzles were too easy, there weren’t enough options for things to do, pick up, look at, places to explore…

    Also, it seemed like the majority of the “puzzles” were running around from point A to point B (as has been previously stated). The constant running around in Marcuria was really annoying, and caused me to wish for a fast-travel feature or something.

    Camera and fighting system was awkward…

    Generally, because the puzzles were so easy there was little sense of accomplishment with the character when the game was finished. Also, I wish there were more dialogue options and more humor in the dialogue.

    Loved Crow, Roper Klacks, The White of the Kin…
    I loved the characters basically but the ending made me feel frustrated and unsatisfied.

    Okay, so if the point of the journey is for Zoe to find faith, where does that leave her? In a coma? What’s the point? Also, Zoe’s special status as a “Dreamer” must be explained in further detail in the next game…

    Like others, I felt like there was too much movie and not enough gaming in the game.

    The gist of my reaction is, beautifully done, great characters, look, story, etc. but very little gameplay and interactivity, and the ending is unsatisfying and leaves very little explained.

  • Bryan Says:

    Sadly I have to say though the game’s engaging parts, (about 35%) where there I’ve got to agree with the last posts…

    What puzzles?

    And seriously.. I felt as if everything that was done for the entire game was pointless… as you don’t know anything about:

    A: The tower
    B: Brian? Prophet? Okay fine? But it gave the impression he killed the white lady.
    C: The underdreaming is unchained? Fantastic.. cryptic.. but yes it makes absolutely no sense and had very little context.. next time .. give little more.. you’ll get more enjoyment.
    D: Instead of a like 4 sided cliff hanger.. stick to two or less.

    But with that said there were small details that were entertaining, “Salt Seaman” The Cock.. or whatever inn … Cute play on words..

    So you’ve got the right idea with detail.. It’s adventure.. fight seens were excellent break from the drab puzzles and running back and forth on meaningless tasks.. though they did help you learn the city!

    First Attempt is done.. I am sure you’ll manage much better next time!

    my imagination is waiting for conclusions!!

  • Anna Says:

    Well, I’ve just finished the game and I thought it was absolutely amazing!
    I don’t think I’ve ever played a game this incredible before.
    I’m not much for big and fancy words (if I can call it that), but I just wanted to say that I thought the game was incredible and I just want more!

    I want answers (as probably many others), what happened to Reza? He died didn’t he? But who was the guy that was supposed to be Reza but wasn’t? I didn’t get the whole tower thing. And what about April? So she was saved by being killed or what? What happened to Kian and Damien?
    And the cat, as I understood the cat was the guy in the end who Zoë tells her story to…?
    This will sound a bit lame (okey, really lame), but I got the feeling that Kian and April might have something between them?
    Kian recognized April when they first met, what was that all about??? Please, I want explanations, please.
    And who was Zoë mum? Helena Chang?
    And if there will be a Dreamfall 2 will Zoë be in it? I really want to know.
    I need answers.

    By the way, Crow was absolutely great! He had me laughing several times!
    And when the end was closing in I kept hoping for it not to come, I didn’t want it to end, it kind of had me crying a bit.

    Thanks for a great game!

  • Zixinus Says:

    I just want to say, that I REALLY REALLY love the game. It is fantastic, and I love it. Playing a good adventure game is so great. And the story was tremendusly intresting, and exiting.
    I really hope that the sequel will be done as you hope it to be done and the game will sell well.

  • The Listless Lawyer » The Longest Wait Says:

    [...] However. Ragnar Tørnquist, the game’s creator, has this to say on his blog, and it’s enough to make me willing to play the game: Dreamfall was from day one designed as the first part of a two-part story… and also the middle part of a trilogy. (Which again is part of a larger saga. Phew. No wonder people are getting confused. I’m getting a headache myself.) There are lots of unanswered questions because the story isn’t over. Yet. I know exactly where it’s going and how it will end, and I know how the next game plays out, chapter by chapter. It’s been planned from the get-go. We’re not making this up as we go along. Promise. I hated that about The X-Files. I felt so cheated when I realised that the writers had no idea where the show was heading. Betrayed, even… So try and trust me on this: this story has an ending. I know what it is. It hasn’t been told yet. [...]

  • Cameron Says:

    The Longest Journey / Dreamfall are the best Adventure games ever published, period. Please continue your fantastic work. You are the last bastion of hope for this genre, which has been dying for years.

    We love your work!

  • lostn Says:

    Thanks. Thanks for leaving us hanging for another 3-6 years, with many questions but no answers.

  • Hara Says:

    I am an adventure gamer for the last …15 years. Played and finished almost everything out there, multiple times. This is the first time i write a feedback for a game.
    And that is for 2 reasons. Never before i “saw” such an interesting story. The plot is just amazing, wonderful, incredible.
    But this is supposed to be a game to play. And i didnt “play”. This “program” wanted me there in a couple of occasions to point and click so it can continue telling its story. Great story, yes. But it felt more like watching a movie than BEING in a game, feeling a game, living a game.
    PS1. I hate dying in adventures. If i wanted to die, i would play another type of game. Spare our character’s lifes in the next one, will you?

  • Kevin Says:

    Well, I loved the original and Dreamfall. Really, the story impressed and surprised me more than anything. I haven’t played a game just to see how the story unfolds since Metal Gear Solid. The presentation and storytelling for Dreamfall, however, was leagues better than anything I’ve ever played. And like you said, at least it seems to me, that everything is planned and I can see no plotholes or discrepancies.
    But seriously, it can’t be all planned….since The Longest Journey? from part 1? No way, that’s just too good. So…has it all really been planned since The Longest Journey?

  • evagelia Says:

    I’ve just finished the game and i feel like should go to sleep (which i ought to do actually since it is 2:15 after midnight!) and wake up when the last part of the trilogy is released!
    The game is really amazing.I can’t really tell which one is better dreamfall or the longest journey.I guess each one has a character of its own, but dreamfall could arise some really interesting filosophic discussions.
    I really hope when the trilogy is completed there would be a special edition containing all three parts with upgrated graphics. Really now, can yoou imagine the longest journey with the graphics of dreamfall or better whith those of the next part? By the way have you desided one a name yet? Please DO NOT name it dreamfall 2

  • Lee Says:

    After playing TLJ 6 years ago, I had no idea it was meant as a trilogy. The only thing that came to mind was : would there be another adventure for April Ryan? I’d really like to read more about her. But since I didn’t know it was Part 1, I didn’t go cuckoo over it. Lol.

    So I was really delighted when I heard Dreamfall was popping up this year. The game had me riveted to the computer. I caught snippets of a cliffhanger for the conclusion & so was prepared for the ending although I’m definitely in despair over it. Especially to my fav char, April Ryan. I was going : no, no, NO! Lol. But am also pleased with the introduction of new chars : Zoe & Kian

  • Lee Says:

    Sorry, the rest of my commenst seem to have vanished from the lower parts.

    The development of Kian is interesting, especially if the relationship between him & April is going where most TLJ fans think it’s going. Certainly hope he does, a disappointment if he doesn’t. As it is, when the game ended, I feel I was only 3/4 through. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Kian doesn’t appear much in the game, there’s only the essential background and char facts.

    As it is, the graphic engine for Dreamfall is dated. True, it is not so advance like those from Elder Scrolls IV, for example, but it’s the story, dialogues and excellent voice acting that’s more important. It is enough that it’s already a great improvement over TLJ, one can see the chars and environment up close. Dreamfall is like an interactive epic fantasy story.

    I’d like to thank you, Mr Tornquist, for creating such a wonderful story and great chars. Hopefully, the 3rd installment will be available in game form. If it is not, terrible news indeed, then perhaps in books? Of course, it’ll be great if both are available.

    It is with bated breath and high hopes that TLJ fans await for good news.

  • Defne Says:

    “I will do everything I can to complete the story in some other way - be it through the pages of a comic book, a novel, a serial on my website - or, if all else fails, just sending out my super-secret story notes to anyone who’s remotely interested.”

    Well, long story short, as promising with all my heart that i will keep those as secrets, can i have some clues about the rest of the story?

    If you’d want to be assed to read though, this is my story.

    My longest journey started in 99 (or was it 2000?)(oh shit im being so cool with teh attitude, keep it on Defne!) when i was uh 11? i was with a friend of mine, my mom brought me to this huge mall to spend time with her and i had brought loadsa money for to buy a porcelain doll (what i’ve been saving for like 5 years, with an additional of mommy donation) but the one i wanted to buy was gone and i was crying out loud for that. Then, to comfort me my friend wanted to wander around and we went to this bookstore which also sold pc games. I saw The Longest Journey and asked about it to the clerk. Funny, he told me that it was a horror FPS (lol) and i was mad enough to like those games in those days so i bought it without doubting. It took me a while figuring out what the hell was going on (because well, i’m not a native english speaker, I’m Turkish, which makes all the stuff worse about english) and i finally managed to play it. It took a quite long time to finish the game but it changed my life, and i’m serious on that. First of all i have a fucking kickass english thanks to the game. (even 3 years ago, sum irish people thought that i was american lol) And the storyline was so fascinating (yeah yeah, you can point and laugh, i used to act like april and pretended that i was her. Especially, was it the chapter 6 when they got to the ship, white dragon? well i used to pretend that i was on board everyday before i had fallen asleep) and i played the game over and over (at leats 18 times) even though i knew that there wont be anything new, i even memorized the lines (”Look! I’ts monkey boy!” “Keep the volume down after 11 pm, Fiona
    -Crow, is that you?
    -Of course it’s me! How many birds you know that has both the good looks and a sense of humour?
    -You got a sense of humour?
    -Hah that’s funny, that’s really funny
    [that last one might be wrong though i cant really remember])
    and etcetera etcetera, i was so willing to play the next game (come on it was obvious that there would be a following game, that one which has been cleared out with in the talk between Lady Alvane and Crow) thus i checked the site regularly if there was a new release. And.. uh… was it like.. November 05? i was randomly checking the net and i wanted to check out for TLJ aswell. And there was Dreamfall! My goodness that’s it! i tried to order it but it was just too early so i sat and waited, biting my nails (yeah i have the habit now, happy? :P) then finally it was april 2006 and i surprisingly fount the game here in Turkey in may. But… *cries* my pc was too old for the game requirements, so i bought a new computer aswell. (You owe me a $935 :P) so finally i started playing it 2 days ago.. And now its finished, i cried, a lot, and being answerless during an aditional 3 years (or what?) will make me go mad, and since i want to protect my mental health and not to show up in a madhouse before the game is released, please, just sned an e-mail to me for the main stuff, that you would already predict, which are puzzling me.

    Thank you if you are arsed to read all of this, and don’t worry even if you did not.

    Love, Defne

  • Inkubus Says:

    At first, a big hallo, a great thank you, etc, etc…
    I recall that The Longest Journey was the first (or the second? Heck! I can’t remember… anyway, one of my first) adventure games I ever palyed. (you see, I started playing PC games at about 23… no laughing, please). It still remains my favorite game.
    Now, what does this have to do with the reason I am posting here?
    Well, actually, I just finished Dreamfall. No, that happened half an hour ago…
    I watched the ending, I watched the ending for the second time (after finishing scratching my head - hopefully I didn’t got bald)… and I got “wired” to the Internet searching for rumors about the releasing of a sequel to the Dreamfall.
    That’s how I got here.
    I’ ve read through the post, and I am relieved!
    Now I can wait in peace for the third part of the Journey. :-)

    But, please, for the Balance’s shake, don’t let us wait for a very long time!!! :-)

    Thankfully, Inkubus.

  • Mattypete101 Says:

    Glad to hear it’s a planned trilogy and you know where it’s going. I did have misgivings at the end of Dreamfall that you were making the story up as you went along, for the simple reason that Dreamfall’s story (whilst excellent) has nothing really to do with TLJ story (except maybe the recurring characters) It did remind me of Lost, the many questions, the mystery, the frustrating plot holes, and I ‘lost’ patience with that show, so please dont make me give up on The Longest Journey trilogy becuase I want answers and you have ‘em!

    I did prefer the original becuase of the game-play (i’m devestated that point-and-click is apparently dying on it’s ass) The next installment needs a more interactive environment and in depth game-play me thinks. But overall, a great game with a great story (not as good as TLJ though :P)

  • kasmel Says:


    I find it amusing that so many are satisfied with the ending after having learned that the sequel will answer the questions Dreamfall brings up, or at least proposes to. I find it equally amusing that so many are patting themselves on the back for *liking* the ending. It’s that kinda of sophomoric psuedo-intellectual prattle that allows story tellers the lee-way that modern artists get.

    “Sure it’s just splattered paint with no evident meaning, let alone purpose. But I spent a lot of time on it and I know some sucker will buy it because they want to seem enlightened.”

    So. Excuse me. But it seems to me that we’re looking at the “Emporer’s new clothes” syndrome. This game is paramount to Ragnar selling a $40+ screensaver of him standing with his pants around his ankles.

    I admit, I was taken in by the characters and the story. And I very much enjoyed the TLJ. But 10- hours of gameplay if you take your time? A main character that doesn’t grow or learn or develop in any meaningful way? A hacked together engine with a weak fighting system and no attention paid to interactivity?

    Thank you, but I’ll go play the Gothic series again until I hear that this one gets back on budget.

  • Thyluv Says:

    First of all I want to congratulate Ragnar Tornquist for the deep thoughts hidden in the story of Dreamfall. I don’t want to comment on the gameplay, but I’d like to ask some questions about the story. To tell you the truth - although I’ve enjoyed all the phylosophical or “esoteric” and sociological aspect of the story and the “likeness” to the real world’s problems - I didn’t get the whole picture…

    OK, let see my questions step by step: (SPOILER!)

    1. At the beggining of the game Brian Westhouse goes to the Dreamworld. Ok, that’s the past. And later we learn that he was stuck between to worlds (Stark and Arcadia). So that world between would be the Dreamworld, wouldn’t it? Got it.
    Question 1.: Where did he want to go?

    Question 2.: Why did he want to go “there”?

    Question 3.: What happened to him?

    Question 4.: How did he get to Arcadia finally?

    Question 5.: Does it mean that Zoe can go to both of the worlds from the Dreamworld (after dying)?

    Untill the part with the big guy at WATIcorp I thought I understood the whole story. Then I got lost. :)

    Question 6.: There were a lot of people WATIcorp had experiments on. I understand that there was an exceptional one - Faith - whose mind, “soul” became the part of the DreamNET, but I don’t understand some things.

    Question 6.: Why Faith acted as a “virus” in DreamnNET? Was it her revenge? Was she stucked between realms?

    Question 7.: Was the snowy landscape a part of the DreamNET and a “waiting room” for the Dreamworld as well? If she died - as a dreamer - why didn’t she get to the Dreamworld like Zoe did?

    Question 8.: Why Brian had to leave the Dreamworld and Zoe could stay?

    Question 9.: What does “undreaming” mean? Yep, the opposite of dreaming, but I still don’t get the point… I see, that if you’re loosing your dream your loosing the ability to create you life, your purpose of life, you may lose faith etc… That’s a nice concept. But I’m still lost. :)

    Question 10.: If Zoe and Faith were sisters with the same abilities it is clear why Faith got in touch with Zoe and not somebody else. But I don’t understand why she had to save April? From what? And how did Faith get to know about the danger that threats April?

    Question 11.: Saving April… She’s dead. Is it saving somebody? :) You might as well say that “Hail to US, kill everybody to save the world!” :) I don’t get it… Maybe she’s not dead. In that case: what was April saved from and how?

    Question 12.: The story of April and Reza had nothing in common… And the only thing what Zoe found in Arcadia was how to go back home to Stark. Interesting. Nevertheless, we found out finally that dreams are “leaking” from Stark to Arcadia. Am I right? But we don’t know who made this connection between the to worlds for the dreams and for what reason…

    Question 13.: If the Dreamworld is the “beggining of everything” how can it be poluted with something that is “at a lover level of existance”? Actually, I like the idea, but I don’t understand the connection between the Dreamworld, DreamNET, Arcadia and Stark…

    Question 14.: I don’t get the reason why are the Azadi people building that huge tower… It is clear that the tower can be the connection between the two worlds - the tunnel for the dreams - but it still not clear what the Azadi peole want to do with the dreams. On the Stark side it’s OK., I got it.

    Question 15.: Why Zoe had to stay in the Dreamnet after “solving the problem”? That is understandable that too much of that drug will kill her, but why he had to die after the founder of WATIcorp is dead?

    Question 16.: It was strange to see that after killing the head of WATIcorp, the project went on and the product was released… I thought the twins were working for him…

    Question 17.: Who attacked the White Dragon and why? The Prophet? If the prophet was Brian Westhouse I didn’t understand his reason… I thought he was one of the good guys… In TLJ he deffinitely was.

    Question 18.: At the end of the game: Why Reza is NOT Reza. And if he’s dead why is he there?

    Question 19.: Why did the twins put that dreaming-machine on Zoe’s head? This way they helped her to get to April. That’s what they wanted? And still I don’t know who they were working for…

    Question 20.: If the woman who took experiments on Faith was sorry for her deeds, why she killed Zoe? That seems to be illogical, doesn’t it? After winning Zoe’s - and the gamer’s - confidence…

    Question 21.: There is no Question 21. :) So far, these are the things that aren’t clear for me. I am so confused… OK, one more thing: May I ask you, please, to answer my questions? Or anyone reading it, please?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Blondi Says:

    Great game/story sir, I loved everything about it except for the mouse camera/movement thingy…..grr…anyway, after getting help on a Dreamfall vb forum, I got past it and wow…..what can I say…..

    ummmm just please hurry and get on with the next installment



  • Cadbury Wookie Says:

    Enjoyed the story immensely. Eagerly awaiting the next. Hope to be *playing* more between the wonderful cutscenes!

    April’s projected survival odds: 10-1 (she’s shifted, courtesy of Zoe, into a state of the art Stark hospital. Probability increased if her doctor’s Hugh Laurie).

  • Ivan The Serbian Says:

    One more reason to support western civilisation :P

  • Phoenix Says:

    Thank you for the post. I had no idea that this is to be a trilogy, and is now satisfied, even if this means waiting. The game was amazing and I can’t wait to find out how it all play out. Thank you!

  • Edos the boss Says:

    Ragnar, you can speak Italian?
    I am Italian and I have a question: April is dead?

  • boymeetsgame.com » Blog Archive » Dreams may fall, but are they really the sighs of discontented fans? Says:

    [...] Tornquist was also at pains to avoid the word “sequel”, going instead with the more neutral term “spiritual successor“. (He has since retracted any distinction.) The aim was to produce a game that newcomers to the series could pick up and not have to worry about missing anything. While this is generally true, one or two parts would be difficult (at best meaningless) without knowledge of TLJ: I think in particular of April’s status as a “Wave”. We have since been told that Dreamfall is the second chapter in a much longer saga and, indeed, it is a story without an end. This is a point that has been argued on Tornquist’s blog and on the official forum, and neither camp looks set to concede defeat. For myself, the claim that the game was concluded “thematically” is at best partial. Analogies to films that end on a cliffhanger (ie. the second of a trilogy) seem to me forced: at the time of release we were under no other impression than that what we were getting was a stand-alone game. To push the anaolgy further, comparisons with a television series are equally artificial. One knows an individual episode will be followed by another, so cliffhanger endings are warranted. They are also appropriate at the end of a series if the show is syndicated for another year following; but the best shows wrap up all their story threads at the end of the year. I feel I should at the very least give a warning: caveat ludor (’player beware’ - sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself ): this game ends on a “cliffhanger”. [...]

  • boymeetsgame.com » Blog Archive » Dreams may fall, but are they really the sighs of discontented fans? Says:

    [...] Tornquist was also at pains to avoid the word “sequel”, going instead with the more neutral term “spiritual successor“. (He has since retracted any distinction.) The aim was to produce a game that newcomers to the series could pick up and not have to worry about missing anything. While this is generally true, one or two parts would be difficult (at best meaningless) without knowledge of TLJ: I think in particular of April’s status as a “Wave”. We have since been told that Dreamfall is the second chapter in a much longer saga and, indeed, it is a story without an end. This is a point that has been argued on Tornquist’s blog and on the official forum, and neither camp looks set to concede defeat. For myself, the claim that the game was concluded “thematically” is at best partial. Analogies to films that end on a cliffhanger (ie. the second of a trilogy) seem to me forced: at the time of release we were under no other impression than that what we were getting was a stand-alone game. To push the anaolgy further, comparisons with a television series are equally artificial. One knows an individual episode will be followed by another, so cliffhanger endings are warranted. They are also appropriate at the end of a series if the show is syndicated for another year following; but the best shows wrap up all their story threads at the end of the year. I feel I should at the very least give a warning: caveat ludor (’player beware’ - sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself ): this game ends on a “cliffhanger”. [...]

  • Cantabile Says:

    I’ll try and make it short : I absolutely loved the game and love it all the more when I read this blog and see that what I felt is right. ‘Did you ever cry when playing a video game?’ said the box I bought, and I must answer now ‘yes, and I’m glad of that!’.
    Zoe and Faith story was the main plot, so DF is finished in some way, altough we do not get the whole idea at the moment. I would have hated a third instalment saying ‘hey, I was kidding, everybody’s coming back and snow-white will show up in a minute too’.
    I don’t know (and don’t want to know at the moment!) how you will explain that Lady Alvane appearance in TLJ, the mysteries about Faith and Zoe relationship and other strange things, but I’m now confident the sequel will be on par with what I liked so much in DF.
    More than that : thank you for having created a real ‘adult’ game, meaning a true story, not necessarily ending like Disney’s movies. A sad and joyfull story, with moving characters, not only outlines, as seen in so many games or movies today.
    For me, DF is something like an interactive novel, really saying something to us like a novel would do. That was cheeky, if I may say so, but you succeeded beyond all my hopes.

    Waiting for DF2 now! :))


  • Leeskra Says:

    Hello there sir!

    I just finished your game.. and I do agree that the ending left me.. well more upset and just agitated that I thought it was a worse ending than Halo 2, and just spat out too quickly once you got the thumbs up (which is what I thought took most of the time since TLJ).

    But.. your post helped to ease greatly.. Thank you so much.
    What assured me most is that you said this is the first half of the 2nd part of a trilogy… Think of it as 1 (The Longest Journey), 2a (Dreamfall) 2b (tba), 3 (tba).
    Why did you do it in that format though?
    The game seemed rather short when playing it (or maybe I was just overly immersed?).. or maybe the treal reason is that we were not completely immersed in one character as we were in TLJ but split amongst three characters (which I only appreciated Kian more at the last few chptrs).

    Can you release the next version in DVD pls btw? So many cd’s is hard to lug around…

    By the way can you clarify which characters are for sure out of the picture already?
    Cause I am afraid that a character I thought you would bring back turns out is not.
    -A huge fan and signer of the petition for TLJ sequel.
    -Jen M. / Leeskra-

  • Claire Elizabeth Says:

    Dear Ragnar,

    You are truely wonderful for bringing such a beautiful story to the adventure game genre.
    I had been eagerly awaiting the release of Dreamfall since I first finished The Longest Journey, and you did not disappoint!. Most of the time, I forgot I was playing a game, I felt as though I was actually on an adventure myself. As bizarre as this may sound, I actually feel a close connection to many of the characters in both games, as though they are my friends, and for a game to invoke those feelings… wow.. that really is something special!.
    You have a unique gift, and I thank you very much for sharing it with us! :).
    I am very much looking forward to the third instalment!! :)

    Take Care,
    Claire Elizabeth

  • adrien Says:

    hey just to say well done ,,, really enjoying the game ,,, please could u help me with a walkthrough im stuck ,,,, its in the level where u are in the cave with the glowing symbols on the wall that make tone sounds ,,,, thanx

  • The Emerald Fool Says:

    The ending was fine, really. It left me unable to think about anything else for the last week or so, which is always a good thing. (Well, not for me… I lost a lot of sleep…)
    In fact, that was one of the most cliffhangery endings I’ve ever beared witness to. Kudos.

  • Brunda Says:

    I’d like to join the crowd of people to congratulate you, Ragnar. I’ve never been so moved by a computer game like when playing DF. Now to the point: The genre you chose was something new, half movie half game, the story really sucked me in and i found myself sitting in front of it at 4 p.m. and i couldnt stop. I also couldn’t think of anything but the plot from start till end of the game.

    About the interactivity of the game. I didn’t mind that i couldn’t influence much of the things going on, I know the story’s given, but Iď like to see that i can at least influence something! There’s no way to stray from the path, you just follow te line.

    I loved puzzles very much in the first TLJ, where did they all disappear? I miss’em very much!

    I appreciate the idea of using a mobile phone, makes you feel connected to your friends, like in real life. Nice feature.

    Please, either make a real combat system or leave them out (which i prefer)

    The plot:
    -Why had the white lady told Crow to go with april to the guardian’s realm, that he must help help her more than ever? I didn’t get this piece…

    -Is it possible that Brian Westhouse is a carrier (or ‘host’) of undreaming? Did it enter him in the first scene and changed him the way we saw later? He did a lot of travelling then, were even to Azadi, so he could get his connections and become ‘the prophet’. He could even kill the blue of the Kin during his journeys. And there’s yet one more thing - anytime anyone wants to visit the library of the dark people (where the white lady is hidden), he shows up, eager to help. Isn’t that strange?
    Maybe by killing or capturing the dragon, a dream creature, you can capture dreams of him.

    -Did Na’ane finally visit the dream chamber under the tower?

    If I invent anything else, i’ll pass by. Oh, and one more thing - I don’t get that ‘April saving’ either:-)

  • Vinny Ly Says:

    For an example of a great combat system, can I recommend Prince Of Persia, the original pc 2d puzzler game with fighting mixed in it? I loved that fighting system and have been hopping another game would adapt it, but none has :( Not even the sequel PoP2 (well a tad but it wasn’t as great), nor the current console PoP games.

    The system is quite simple. You can attack, and you can block. Blocking requires you to hit the parry key (up arrow), at exactly the right time, and to score a hit, you have to hit them at the right time. The better fighters will usually parry you unless you counter attack right after a block, and sometimes (with really good fighters), they’ll block your counter attack and counterattack you, which you can block if you’re quick enough and do another counter attack… and keep going until one of you get a hit in. When you block you have take a step back, so sometimes you can keep attacking an good opponent that blocks all your attacks until he’s backed into a wall, or fall down into a traps.

    It was quite a simple system, parry (up arrow), and attack (space), but it was fun!

  • Vinny Ly Says:

    Forgot an important piece. To parry, you don’t just simple HOLD the parry/block key so when they attack you automatically block, you actually have to time it right to only push the key when they begin an attack, there’s like 1 second of window where you’ll block, otherwise you let your guard back down and an attack can get through, so the player have to watch the other opponent intently.

    It’s a brilliant system, try to find a copy of Prince of Persia the original PC game (if you haven’t played it before). *crosses finger and hopes you even consider it*

  • Mr V Says:

    well well, much replies already, to sum it up:

    I myself work, too, on the “fine, respected, and creative” videogame industry (FPS. what can I say…)

    Yet my almost complete lack of faith on this medium was somehow questioned, if not slightly shattered, I was inspired and pleasantly surprised to see that videogames could still contain that marvelous scent of what they once were, interesting and warm experiences wrapped in fantastic stories, all covered with interesting characters…

    well, you have to polish the game mechanics for the next one, but is not that important, more important is that you get it done, it should be too easy, as sadly there doesn’t seem to be competence for good games!

    Can’t wait to unveil those juicy misteries in the next one, at the expense of adding new ones, if you please

    oh, feel free to keep going until I lose my job!

  • Fitch Says:

    Hmm. Well, I can’t say I numbered among those up at arms about the ending. Perhaps I’ve read too many books but I’ve grown used to plotlines that in the same move slice your heartstrings and slam the door firmly shut on those last bits of information you desperately wanted to know. I’m happy to hear you intend on opening the door again, though, and I’m frankly floored at the care you devote to your project. My exposure to the gaming industry goes no higher than the gamers and game journalists’ end, and I’ve never really gotten to hear a detailed and heartfelt…testament, I guess, of a game designer to/for his game. Reading this, I felt as though I could be reading Neil Gaiman’s blog, or David Sedaris’, or that of any number of writers whom I respect. And I am happy to add you to that pile. I enjoyed your game, but more than that I enjoy hearing the degree of excitement and commitment you bring to the project. I didn’t know game developers bring as much to their works as authors do, and care as much about them.

  • Christina Says:

    I am a russian girl and i love you RagnarTornquist, because you are maked Dreamfall
    PS:I am sorry i speak english not very good

  • Christina Says:

    Будет ли третья часть Dreamfall?

  • Aviva Says:

    This is probably going to be a long comment, perhaps one better suited to an email, but since I can’t find your contact information this will have to do. First of all, I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall quite recently. I’m not much of a gamer, except for the occasional narrative-driven adventure game, but I’ve been totally taken in by your games. I came upon Dreamfall accidently and was intrigued by the fact that it had two central female characters (as well as a central male character that obviously wasn’t white; I have to say that though I appreciate a lot of things about these two games–the amazing graphics, the incredibly plot, the excellent voice acting and storytelling, etc.–what I really love is your obvious dedication to gender and racial diversity, and not in a half-hearted/tongue-in-cheek way like the scantily-clad Lara Croft).

    Anyway, I played TLJ first, of course, and then just (and I mean *just*) finished Dreamfall. Of course, like everyone else, I started screaming at the screen when it ended, but I do understand the need for suspense and I appreciate that the game and story are so complicated that even though there were a thousand and one loose ends left untied the uncertainty feels necessary, appropriate; though a part of me desperately wants to know what is supposed to happen, I think another part of me would feel cheated if it all came too easily. In any case, I was pleased to read that you have a storyboard in mind for the whole saga because there’s nothing more frustrating (something that happens all to frequently in television shows and film sagas) than loose ends being tied up the wrong way (i.e. in ways supposedly foreclosed by earlier events) or not at all. And I trust that someday the story in all its intracacies will be revealed.

    Most of all, I just wanted to write to say that I’ve loved and enjoyed both of these games and that I eagerly await the next sequel. TLJ and Dreamfall are certainly the most engaging, well-actualized, beautiful and thoughtful games I’ve ever played. And your world-building is on par with authors like Tolkien or C.S. Lewis.

    Before I end this little missive, a few more specific comments about the game should you need/want them:

    * I know people have complained about the fighting interface, but I didn’t find it that cumbersome. Fighting was sometimes fun but I also appreciated being navigate certain situations either with fighting or another way in case I wasn’t in the mood to fight at that particular point in the game

    * Zoe was a great character, and I enjoyed playing her, but I think April is still my favorite (and I have faith that she really isn’t dead–you’ve only touched the surface of her life and personality, not to mention other clues from the epilogue of TLJ to believe she isn’t dead). I also found myself really intrigued by Kian and would have liked to play his character a bit more–perhaps get to do a few puzzles/adventures with him, too, rather than just talk and fight. Like I said before, though, I mostly appreciate that female characters are the central (playable) characters in both games, and I hope that this trend continues in the next chapter. There are enough games with male heroes as the lead character and TLJ and Dreamfall are like a breath of fresh air.

    * Some people on various forums have complained that Dreamfall was easier than TLJ, in terms of the difficultly of the puzzles, etc. That’s probably true, but I didn’t mind so much. In a way, the puzzles required in this game seemed a bit more realistic and less arbitrary than some of the ones in TLJ. For example, the elaborate plan to get into the Dreamcore facilty to plant the worm in Eingana was very straightforward and relatively easy, but it made sense, whereas there were times when I was playing TLJ when I had to go to walkthrough site to figure out what I was supposed to because the answer wasn’t quite as related to the storyline and required a little digging. However, difficulty aside, I would have liked a few more puzzles in this game, a bit more interaction. I’m not just saying that I want the game longer, which, of course, I do (but who doesn’t?); I mean that there were moments, for example, with some of the longer cutscenes, when I would have liked to be able to do something (even just participate in the conversation with dialogue boxes) besides watch the screen. And Things were a little too self-explanatory sometimes (e.g. “Oh, the computer won’t work? I may need to hack in.” — and then I know I need to use the cell phone). I would have liked a few more inventory-related puzzles (like the potion-making puzzle or the gross candy/police officer scenario in TLJ).

    I think I’ve certainly rambled on enough for one evening. I’ll have to keep on eye on your blog to see when you announce work on the next game! Best wishes and thank you for telling such a fantastic story.

  • darkcloud Says:

    i hate cliffhangers….3 years…i might not live to see the ending:P

  • boowazz Says:

    My friend introduced me to the series xP she wouldn’t stop talking about it so I had to check it out.

    Glad I did! It’s super fun, albeit a bit short v_v
    Dreamfall was a lot easier than TLJ O_O I mean, puzzles actually had logic to them but in TLJ it was all ” combine duck to rope to gum to make…a bridge?” or something insane like that XD

    When they stabbed April I was screaming at the computer screen…internally.
    HOW COULD YOU KILL HER OFF! D: D: I hope she comes back…like…alive.

  • Lydia Says:

    I just finished Dreamfall and I am actually scrachting the wood of my desk with my fingernails. OMG, that ending has KILLED me. I love the story, so so much that I don’t know what I’m gonna do until the next game is released.
    The first game was so cool. I cried when crow appeared at the end, so his appearance at Dreamfall was such a pleasant surprise!! I hope that in the third game it appears also!
    Dying in thirst for more TLJ…

  • Turambar Says:

    I’ll keep it short and sweet. My problem with Dreamfall is that it was labeled as a “game.” Games feature heavily on gameplay, but the gameplay in Dreamfall did make it more like interactive fiction, not a game. Additionally, calling something a game implies some level of completion, even if there is a follow up, but there is no completion here. If I had known that this was “part one of a two-part interactive work of fiction” I would not have purchased it as it currently is.

    I am afraid that I am both disappointed and I have lost my faith in this franchise. Lack of resolution doesn’t equate to complexity, and an episodic release only pushes this gamer further away.

  • Synna89 Says:

    Hey Ragnar. Just wanted to tell you that I just loved Dreamfall. I have just played through it, and now I’m going to by The longest journey to play that too (I always play games from newest to oldest, I don’t know why =S.. I did the same with Zelda).. Well, anyways.. Dreamfall had especially a good story, and reaally good music! I can’t wait till the next game comes out :)!


  • sunburn Says:

    Hey, i’m another one of the slow types. Just finished Dreamfall 15 minutes ago and i’ve been furiously searching the web to get a clue on the next game in the series… why?

    Well, what can i say, i simply loved the ending. I saw all the annoyed people yelling left and right that the ending sucks, but even if it left me *NEEDING* to know what happened, i stepped back and saw that Dreamfall’s ending ties up enough loose ends. As i see it, the game is about Zoe, Stark and Faith, not about April, Kian and Arcadia. The ending, although frustrating, tied up Stark somewhat and left enough work in Arcadia for TLJ3 to cover. I’m extremely pleased and i must say that Dreamfall was one of the few sequels which actually rose up to the expectations.

    TLJ was a game that really marked my childhood (in a good way :P ) and now i’m 10 years later getting as involved in Arcadia and Stark as i was back in grade school - and by the amount of games i play nowadays, that’s something (as in, i haven’t played a game in half a year and stumbled upon Dreamfall by accident).

    Don’t know if you’re still checking this topic, but i want you to know that this story, even if i don’t know the ending yet, is one of the most beautiful stories i ever encountered in a movie, book or videogame. Dreamfall is the best example of a game being made for quality, in an age of WoW and 2 FIFA’s a year. Bravo.

  • yamato74 Says:

    [quote]My problem with Dreamfall is that it was labeled as a “game.” Games feature heavily on gameplay, but the gameplay in Dreamfall did make it more like interactive fiction, not a game.[/quote]

    I must agree with you about the gameplay, but I’m not frustated at all. Dreamfall was one of the most intense experiences I had in the arts field (included books, movies).

  • FrozenDreamfall Says:

    I have to say I have finished this game 3 times…barely…when I started this game I was so excited,so fascinated about everything,the graphics,story,especially the graphics,much better then the first one I can’t comapare lol,well different times…although TLJ a that time had a preety amazing graphic,especially the movie parts,I could comapare it to the graphics we see in games today.It’s the longest adventure game I have ever played,it’s amazing,beyond words,I played it with an obssessesion and finished it in just 4 days,throughtout the game I was captivated,I felt like I was there,adventure games are my favourite,I could comapare TLJ to the Syberia series,Broken Sword was my 1st,but the 4th one a total dissapointment,KOTOR,beautiful,when it didn’t screw up the ending,the problem with games these days it’s that they’re focused more and more on platforms and less on PCs,I mean hello,most ppl that play games have PCs and not platforms,they screwed up with The Force Unleashed too,I can’t imagine playing TLJ on a platform,I think it would be preety hard for me.Back to the game,as most ppl here I agreed that the ending was terrible,it literaly almost made me cry,I mean I got so attached to the characters,especially April,she was my favourite,just to find out she gets killed in the end,Zoe dies too,Kian is taken prisoner and I think also executed,I mean wow,that sucks,all those hours I spent playing this game for nothing,I’m not saying this in a threatening or mean way but more in a desperate way,you better make an ending to this game,for all our sakes.I read in wikipedia about the Kins,and April’s ties to them,the White Kin,her “sister”.It said there the White Kin was dead at the end of TLJ but reborned in her daughter later in Dreamfall,also mentioned April’s ties to the Kins,when she called April her daughter,it might be April has some of the Kins herself,biologically or phisically,seeing as they’re reborned I was wondering and thinking it would make a lot of sense,seeing April’s ties to them that she might also be reborned,well that’s just my theory.As for Zoe,she was not as strong as April,but was somewhat determined and driven by curiosity and the will to save her friend Reza.At the end they show “Reza” her saying that is not really him,and that the real one is dead,so yes except for the fact eveyone good in the game dies lol,Zoe ends up in some kind of imaginary state,place,like the Dreamcore (I thought that was an amazing thing,I drawed it for my school project) that Zoe might also find herself in Arcadia later with April,and they might save Kian or something or maybe he found a way to escape himself.I don’t know,it’s only a theory I am entitled to an oppinion and that’s how I’d like it to be :D a nice,good ending where everyone is reborned again,but seeing as I’m a huge April fan,I don’t mind if you’d only bring her to live again ;) great work,best adventure game I’ve ever played,you’re a genious,don’t dissapoint us pls!!

  • FrozenDreamfall Says:

    Oh,also forgot to add the gameplay was a bit dissapointing too,I really hated the fight scenes,specially the one when Zoe fights with that guy from the apartments,it took me ages to beat him,so either you make a good combat mode or none at all lol,the puzzles also lacked a bit but they were ok.I think you should keep the story as fascinating and deep as the 1st one,the puzzles the same and a better combat mode or like I said none at all.And I meant I barely finished the game not coz of difficulty it was rather easy for me,the ending,I felt the need to play the game again very bad but didn’t want to get to the dissapointing end :( that was the hard part

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