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Howa M-1500 Precision Barreled Actions.

Compare Howa with other factory barreled actions:

• Forged steel, flat-bottomed receiver with large recoil lug and hammer-forged barrel.
Heavy Varmint barrels have recessed muzzle crowns.
• Forged, one-piece, bind-proof bolt with dual locking lugs, M-16-style extractor and large cocking indicator.
• Three-position safety allows safe single-loading and secure bolt lock-down.
• Bolt and receiver are ported to vent away high-pressure gases in the unlikely event of a pierced primer or ruptured case.
• Receiver rings are precision drilled and tapped for accurate, rigid scope mounting.
• One-piece guard and magazine box with hinged floorplate.
• Choice of short and long actions, standard and heavy barrels, in blued and stainless steel.

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