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Cradle of Filth: Pauls Speaks about the New Album...

Band: Cradle Of Filth

Interview by: Sin

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- Thornography - Sin

Next September will the new album of Cradle of Filth ‘Thornography’ hopefully hit my CD player. The latest album ‘Nymphetamine’ is already two years ago, so I’m sure that a lot of fans are looking forward to this new little piece of Art. Count me in!

But before that magic moment will happen I’ve the privilege to have a little chit chat with Paul Reed Smith (guitars) and the blond ‘new’ bandmember Charles (guitars).

Will I be able to unriddle some dark secrets around the new album?

First I would like to ask something about the new cover from ‘Thornography’. I’ve seen it on your website and read that the first cover was banned.   What is the difference between the first and the current one? Why this fuss?

It is practically the same cover, the first one was a bit more sinister. A lot of Americans are really religious and they were basically saying that Wall-mart was not going to take Cradle albums with that on the cover. But Wall-mart never takes Cradle albums anyhow, so I doesn’t make a difference. But they didn’t want it anyway.

Does Europe get the banned one?

I don’t know, that depends on the record company, we want to other. But in America they are so afraid of getting soued. We haven’t really asked about it for Europe, we didn't forsaw any problems. But in America they were totally shocked about it and they think the whole world thinks like them. And because our label is American we’re not sure if they will agree to use the “banned” cover in Europe.

The cover is done by an artist named Samuel Araya. Why did you chose him?

Because he’s good! Dani saw his artwork in some artbooks and liked what he had done. And I think, I’m not too sure, that he actually has done some images for the Gospel of Filth (the Cradle of Filth) book as well. I think he did that first and than did the coverwork for Thornography.

Will you use his art for the merchandise as well?

We probably take some images from the book for the merchandise. But the rest I’ve done by myself ‘cause we do most of the designing of the merchandise anyhow. Dani does the slogans on the back and I do the images.

What about the title of the album? What the the relationship between the cover and chosen title?  

I give you a short answer on that, completely black and white. It would be really really cheasy to call an album just Pornography. So from the cover we took the religieus side and put them both together.

Is this title also a concept for the album?

It’s just a title. Thornography is not an concept album.   We did that before and that took us fucking ages to get it done. In the past when we did that it took us so long to make it all fit perfectly and stuff. So for this one we just made a collection of some really cool songs.

How many songs are on ‘Thornography’?

Twelve really really cool songs.

What can we expect musically?  

It’s amazing! It’s an progression from the last album, okay. But it got elements of Midian in that and from Dusk and her Embrace this time. With a lot of guitar harmonies and groovy riffs, it’s pretty fuckin’ cool.

Are there already plans for a special edition?

We took some tracks aside. We wrote 16 songs and put 12 on the album and the other 4 we keep in the back for special editions and stuff.

But will there be an amazing cool artistic edition as well? In special shape or anything?  

We don’t know yet. We might be working on something but don’t have any ideas for it yet. We first want to release the new album.

Ville Valo did on your new album vocals on ‘The Byronic man’. How come?

We did the Bam Magera show. And Bam is really a big fan of HIM, he’s totally nuts about it. Bam really likes our music as well and said it would be cool if we did something together. So we got his phonenumber and our producer, who knows him as well, gave him a call. He asked if he wanted to do vocals on Byronic man and so it happened.

Will this be the new single?

Perhaps, but there are more new singles on this record. Lots of the songs are a little bit catchy, we’ve got the typical 7 minutes tracks, but there are also a couple of tracks 3,5 minutes or 5 minutes long. We’ve got a nice mixture for this album. We’ll see what happens, but there are more than enough songs on this record that we can use.

And Charles, how did you join the band? I understand that in the first place you were called to fill in for Dave?

Yes. Dave could not join in for the tour so I came temporary to fill in for him. And when we came back from that tour James left and Dave came back. And then I moved on with guitars. I’m not really a bassplayer anyway, that was just to fill in for Dave.

And why did they call you?

I just happened. I know Paul for many years so I guess that’s why.

You're much younger than the other members in the band. Do you notice the difference?

Yes I’m a little bit younger. But you don’t really feel the difference, touring is not a normal kind of living and gives you a young spirit.

Paul, I guess this is your area. I read that there is going to be a payed Fanpage called ‘The Order of the Dragon’. When will it be launched? And what can fans expect?

Soon hopefully, ‘cause we are working on that. At our current website is a message board that anyone can use. We want to separate our true fans from kids who just want to slack us off. We thought “why should we give people who just want to say that we are crab or shit space at our website?” So we make fanarea, in which you have the chance to win free tickets for gigs, merchandise things, special areas in which you can chat with the band, webcam chats and all this sort of stuff. And with a private message board! So the fans who are going there can actually have a proper chat/message board.

But will it also be available for people abroad England?  

As far as I know, you can use paypale

And we stay Dutch… what will the costs be?

Propably 5 pounds or something, not that much more than that.

As you all might know Dani is quite involved with the subject Horror-porn. He even wrote an collumn about it in the May Issue of Hustler. Do you Paul know if there are any plans for a follow up for the ‘Cradle of Fear movie’ that he did back in 2001?

They talked about it, straight after the first one came out. But nothing really happened with that,’cause it didn’t pull off the way they thought it was going to. Because it was a bit too underground. There are people who really loved it, and are into that kind of stuff. But people love or hate it, there is no in between fanbase. I think that’s the reason why it isn’t picked up as well as it should have been done. So I don’t think that Alex, who actually made the movie has the budget to do another one. But maybe it might be if the get the budget together.

On the Underworld Evolution- Halloween 2 CD Cradle of Filth did a cover of Samhain. How come and why this song?

We have this song kicking around for ages, we are playing this song for such a long time already. We use this one in rehearsel and put everytime different notes in it. Then this opportunity came along and we thought "fuck it, let’s release it!”.

Apart from tonight all other gigs are festivals? Why this gig in the Effenaar?  

It’s a warm up show for the festivals. It’s our first show tonight, we didn’t like to jump straight into the festival season and decided to do a warm up show in Holland.

I guess you already read the live review about the gig that night. So you know what the warm up show was like….  

For me it’s just dying and graving till the releasedate of ‘Thornography’ finally comes along. And if you like you can join me then in unleashing the darkest secrets of this fairy new album…

Your fiend,

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