Issue #118
How to be a people-builder in your ministry
by Rick Warren

How do you build your people?   The key is kindness - giving people what they need, not what they deserve.  If you consider the way Jesus built people up, He did four things, and you can do these same four things as you encourage the members of your congregation.

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Beware of 'The Nigerian Scam,' targeted
by Staff

They�re going after pastors, and they�re using a free, email address.

Our whole purpose at is to be helpful and encouraging to those in ministry. That�s one of the reasons we offer free email accounts through our website to people all over the world.

Unfortunately, a wolf has crept into our midst, and we want to warn you of this predator�s presence. A scam artist is using a free, email address to send out fraudulent letters that request personal information and/or money from the pastors who regularly utilize our many resources.

This wolf-in-sheep�s-clothing is using a variation of The Nigerian Scam, which typically presents a tragic story, for instance, of someone dying of cancer, and the need to transfer or donate a large sum of money.


The Soul at Rest
Tricia McCary Rhodes (Bethany House, 1997)  

This book is a quiet-time companion for those who hunger for a greater intimacy with God. It offers fresh insight into little understood aspects of prayer and introduces a step-by-step journey of learning contemplative prayer.


"Plan out your time of commitment. Deliberately and carefully think through what you want to happen. Extending an opportunity to come to Christ is too important to just tack it on to the end of a message without planning it. People�s eternal destiny lie in the balance. Be creative. If you say the same thing every week, the audience will disconnect out of boredom. The best way to avoid getting in a rut is to force yourself to write out your call for commitment with each message." - Rick Warren

"Lead unbelievers in a model prayer. The unchurched don�t know what to say to God. Give them an example; tell them, 'You might pray something like this �.' Ask them to repeat a simple prayer after you. Help people verbalize their faith." - Rick Warren

"Everything comes from God alone. Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory." - Romans 11:36 (LB)

Esther Ministries - A ministry dedicated to providing help for Christian women in relationships with sexually addicted men.
Church within a Church: Are multiple worship services healthy? - Thank you for calling Grace Community Church. If you're calling in regard to our traditional worship service, please press 1. If you're looking for celebrative worship in a casual, non-threatening atmosphere, please press 2. If you�re not into religion but you believe in God and own a pair of Timberlands, then our GenX service may be for you. Press 3 now. If you don�t know where you fit in, please press 4 to make an appointment with our counseling service. And have a great day ...

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So called incompatibility is a myth invented by jurists in order to plead for divorce. It is likewise a common excuse for people to hide their own weaknesses and failings. Misunderstandings and mistakes can be corrected when there is a willingness to do so. The problem is the lack of complete frankness. - Paul Tournier

It’s hard for a person to be generous when he is not satisfied with what he has. - Luke 6:38 (NKJV)

Best to repress? - Conventional wisdom says you should encourage people who�ve suffered traumatic experiences to talk about their experiences and feelings, but a new study from Israel challenges this view. Dr. Karni Ginzburg, of Tel Aviv University, found many people do better when they avoid dealing with their experience all at once. She says patients appear to do better to repress the emotions to a degree, and deal with them gradually in small doses. She finds this allows patients to maintain hope and courage without being overwhelmed by the traumatic experience. - Fox News, 10/26/2002

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