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I'm streaming live right now, come chat!
Tumblr: Overnight in Singapore
Tumblr: Leaving Singapore
So I'm sitting on a 100Mbit connection. What now bitches?
Finally. In HK :)
Tumblr: 2008 Christmas Special
Just arrived in Singapore. Hong Kong tomorrow.
Off to the airport. Singapore for a night then on to Hong Kong. Free mobile data in HK is win. Amazing food, also win.
Tumblr: Unbelievable Driving Skills
Tumblr: Hippie Glenn editing Diggnation - Time Lapse
Tumblr: My dad wants a hores but my mom says no!
Tumblr: How Company Logos Look In A Recession (PIC) - It's fairly clear what Microsoft are promoting here
And fixed Apache's horrid memleaking....FCGI ftw.
FINALLY! High latency/High speed server w/ Apache Win32-fixed speed limit by specifying SendBufferSize in Registry which was ignored in conf
Tumblr: Windows 7 Build 7004 screenshot revealed, new folder icons


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