Publisher: Infogrames

Developer: Blitz Games

# of Players: 1-2

Category: Action

Release Dates

N Amer - 10/08/2002

Taz Wanted Review

His beloved has been carted away and is about to be put on display for the entertainment of others. He has been thrown into a cage, surrounded by that which is a threat to his very existence. The rage boils within, his gaping jaws slathered with drool, he hungers for vengeance, and sandwiches, and just about anything he can stuff into his mouth.

Taz: Wanted, a GameCube release from Infogrames, Blitz Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is a delightful romp through a luxurious cartoon world. This is cartoon mayhem created in true Looney Tunes fashion, featuring the voices of classic characters like Yosemite Sam and Tweety Bird.

While the gameplay may be somewhat simplistic, and it is ­ in essence ­ the same old formula used over and over albeit in different settings, this is a game that is sure to find a niche among young and old players alike.

The storyline for Taz: Wanted is equally as simple. Yosemite Sam has captured both the Tazmanian Devil and the love of his life, She-Devil. He has Taz locked up in a cage in Yosemite Zoo, and is removing She-Devil to another location. Taz, as expected, goes berserk and breaks out of his cage. Yosemite immediately vacates the area with She-Devil, puts up a bunch of wanted posters and litters the zoo with Taz Catchers, which are akin to zookeepers with big nets.

The object is simple, find and destroy the wanted posters. But that’s not all. You also have to eat 100 sandwiches (which are floating in the air like arcade power-ups) to receive a bonus game, as well as destroy at least 50 percent of the park’s accoutrements. You get cash for the wanted posters you destroy, which is removed from your account if you get bagged by one of the zookeepers.

The wanted posters are not always in simply locations. Sometimes you have to figure out how to get to where the are located. There is one in a tree house with a ladder you can’t climb. But if you knock out the supports of the tree, and then apply the appropriate amount of pressure, the tree falls over, the house is destroyed and so is the poster.

Taz has several weapons at his disposal. First is the whirling dervish that spins and wipes out most everything in its path. He can also eat something, then spit it up for a projectile weapon. He can bite and rant. Taz can also duck into a phone booth, emerge in a disguise and use that disguise as a surprise weapon.

Impeding his progress is an assortment of characters and boxes with punching gloves. If you find the switch, you can disable the boxes long enough to destroy them.

The control elements are simply and easy to get used to, thereby catering to the younger or inexperienced set.

The game’s sound is solid, and while some of the dialogue falls a little flat in an attempt to be funny, for the most part is succeeds in supporting the graphical elements.

The look of Taz: Wanted is wonderful. This is a two-dimensional game featuring Cel shading, which gives it the rich, lush texture of the animated cartoons. The animation falls in line with the cartoons as well, making this a fun and amusing game to look at.

This game is simplistic and has an arcade approach that may not appeal to everyone. But it is light and fun entertainment, which is the key to its charm.

This game is rated for Everyone.


Gameplay: 7.2
The mapboards are nicely-sized and there are some puzzles associated with getting from one area to another, but for the most part, this is a linear game which may suffer in replaying the same difficulty level.

Graphics: 8.4
The graphical elements are lush and two-dimensional, but so reminiscent of the cartoon series. The animation is well done.

Sound: 7
The voice acting is solid, though some of the jokes fall a little flat. Most everything else here is expected.

Difficulty: Easy
The game is built with a player-friendly attitude. The controls don’t take long to get accustomed to, and the game does feature several difficulty levels.

Concept: 7
This is a rather simplistic game. On the plus side, the game does look wonderful.

Multiplayer: 7.3
There are five multiplayer games available here. While it is a nice assortment, most of the games are rather simple in nature.

Overall: 7.2
Taz: Wanted is a nice, bright game that effectively combines arcade action with terrific recognizable characters. It certainly won’t set new standards for the genre and is a little too simple conceptually, but should appeal to fans of the Looney Tunes cartoons featuring the irascible, spinning, accident-prone furball known as Taz.

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Taz: Wanted is a simplistic arcade game that features wonderful cartoon graphics

Reviewer: Michael Lafferty

Review Date: 10/31/2002

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