La Tour Eiffel

The Tower in 3-D !


You can download this complete model of the Eiffel Tower in 3-D.

It is a simplified model of the Tower in 3-D, in high definition.

It is composed of 9,488 facets and 28,835 vertexes.
In order to take advantage of this model, you will need 3-D software capable of reading the formats OBJ or DXF.

Once decompressed, the file will occupy 3,6 MB (obj) and 3,2 MB (dxf) (dxf).
The models are downloaded free of charge.

However, you may use them only for personal, non-commercial ends.
Reselling of the models is strictly forbidden.

PC (Zip) MAC (Stuffit expander) UNIX (Gzip)
DXF : (540 K)
(727 K)
DXF : tour_dxf.sit (571 K)
OBJ : tour_obj.sit
(765 K)
DXF : tour_dxf.gz (534 K)
OBJ : tour_obj.gz
(721 K)
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