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Flight Simulator X

The latest news, screenshots and videos!

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Flight Simulator X - Official TRIAL
Flight Simulator X

The Microsoft Flight Simulator X Official TRIAL has been released!!! This new version is based on the FSX final release, and it should reflect much better how the retail version will perform and look. There are five aircraft included and the same two missions available; the trial works for a limited amount of time only.

Flight Simulator X is scheduled to hit the stores on October, 17th (USA) and October, 13th (Europe). If you are unsure about your system being able to run FSX, it's recommended that you download and try this TRIAL version.

>> will be getting a retail copy of FSX on the 11th of October, so you should see a very nice review published here around the 20th! Stay tuned for more FSX news!!! <<
Flight Simulator X - PRE-ORDER!
Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Standard and Deluxe editions) are available for pre-order on many websites now. Release date is 17 October, 2006 and the game is priced at $64.99. Check out the sites that are seeling FSX in your country, and get your copy as soon as possible!!! Laughing
United States/Canada: Amazon -- Deluxe Edition / Standard Edition (with FREE shipping to the USA)
United Kingdom: Amazon -- Deluxe Edition (with FREE shipping to the UK)
Brazil: Submarino -- Deluxe Edition / Standard Edition (with exclusive cap)
South Africa: -- Deluxe Edition / Standard Edition (Thanks Nico!)
Flight Simulator DELUXE?!
We have strong evidence that Microsoft will release two versions of the upcoming Flight Simulator X, as they did with Flight Simulator 2002. On the Canadian Aviation Expo 2006, they have put up a big poster featuring the "Deluxe Edition" box art, suggesting that a "Standard Edition" will also be released. It's not very clear what the difference between the two editions are... we are still waiting for an official announcement for Microsoft.

Flight Simulator X: DELUXE is now taking pre-orders for both FSX Standard and Deluxe Editions. They sell for £44.99 and the release date is set to 27 October, 2006. The prices and release date are still unconfirmed and may change in the following months. 
New FlightSim X screenshots from E3 2006!
Check out our screenshots section again -- it has been recently updated to include the new Flight Simulator X screenshots that were released on the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2006. Check out the new water textures, airport gates and support vehicles! This newflight simulator is starting to look good, isn't it?!

Flight Simulator X 
New FlightSim X preview video!
A brand new Flight Simulator X preview video has been released by Adam Szofran, the developer in charge of terrain generation and rendering of Flight Sim X. Adam recorded a video of the new terrain engine in which a camera starts from the ground and goes all way up to space. You can clearly see the Earth's curvature from this video! He has also released a presentation regarding global terrain technology for Flight Simulator - it contains loads of information about the Flight Simulator X terrain development... definitely worth reading!

You can watch the preview video at our videos section !
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