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Suzuki to dump two models, says publication

Suzuki will drop the Forenza sedan and Reno hatchback after the 2008 model year, says Automotive News. Those are the last two products sold by Suzuki that are built by GM-controlled Daewoo in Korea -- the Daewoo-built Suzuki Verona was dropped last year.

Daewoo is the smaller of the three main Korean manufacturers -- the others are Hyundai and Kia. It tried and failed to establish a beachhead in the U.S. with its own brand. The company they went broke, and was bailed out by GM. Then GM needed an outlet for Daewoo cars, and sells one, the Aveo, as a Chevrolet, then had Suzuki, a GM partner, take three more Daewoo models.

With the departure of the Verona, Forenza and Reno, is begs the question as to where Daewoo will sell make up that volume. Right now it appears the answer to the question is: Overseas someplace.


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