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Texas Heavyweight Title
(as of 2008/10/04)

National Wrestling Alliance ( until 1986/02 )
World Class Wrestling Association ( 1986/02 - 1989/08 )
United States Wrestling Association ( 1989/08 - 1990/07 )
World Class Wrestling Association ( 1990/07 - 1991/01 )
United States Wrestling Association ( 1991/01 - 1992/02 )
National Wrestling Alliance ( 1998/05 - )

Martino Angelo30s
Leo Savage
Chief Little Beaver38<Houston, TX
Awarded when Savage runs out.
Everett Marshall38/03<
Bobby Managoff42/02<
Juan Humberto42/02/17Dallas, TX
Lou Thesz44/05/12Houston, TX
Defeats Hans Schnabel.
Ernie Dusek44/06/30Houston, TX
Lou Thesz [2]44/08/18Houston, TX
Olaf Olson44/12/08
Buddy Rogers *45Houston, TX
Defeats Dizzy Davis in tournament final.
Hans Schnable45/05<
Jules Strongbow45/05/11Houston, TX
Bobby Managoff [2]45
Dave Levin45/07/13Houston, TX
Buddy Rogers45/07/27Houston, TX
Ted Cox45/08/31Houston, TX
Buddy Rogers [2]45/09/07Houston, TX
Cox again loses the title to Juan Humberto on 45/09/10 in Galveston, TX, where he is still billed as champion as of the end of the month.
Jim Casey45/09/19San Antonio, TX
Ernie Duesk
Brother Jonathan45/10Houston, TX
Also recognized in Galveston, TX.
Jim Casey *
Buddy Rogers [3]45/11/23Houston, TX
Lou Thesz [3]46/05/03Houston, TX
Buddy Rogers [4]46/05/10Houston, TX
Kay Bell46/07
Dave Levin [2]46/07/26Houston, TX
Ted Cox [2]46/08/16Houston, TX
Gino Garibaldi46/09
Miguel Guzman47/08/01Houston, TX
Defeats Sonny Myers.
Sonny Myers48/01/23Houston, TX
Yukon Eric48/01/30Houston, TX
Miguel Guzman [2]48/02/06Houston, TX
Danny McShain48/05/07Houston, TX
Miguel Guzman [3]48/06/11Houston, TX
Dizzy Davis48/07/30Houston, TX
Antonino Rocca48/08/06Houston, TX
Danny McShain [2]48/11/12Houston, TX
Antonino Rocca [2]48/11/30Dallas, TX
Dizzy Davis [2]49/01/01Waco, TX
Wild Red Berry49/01/28Houston, TX
Miguel Guzman [4]49/03/02San Antonio, TX
Danny McShain [3]49/04/01Houston, TX
Sonny Myers [2]49/04/22Houston, TX
Bob Wagner49/05Houston, TX
Rito Romero49/06San Antonio, TX
Sonny Myers [3]49/07/08Dallas, TX
Sandy O'Donne (Ray Eckert) # 49/07 Dallas, TX
Wins title by DQ; title declared vacant.
Sonny Myers [4]49/08/05Houston, TX
Defeats Sandy O’Donnell in rematch.
Miguel Guzman [5]49/08/19Houston, TX
Wild Red Berry [2]49/11<
Leo Newman49/11Dallas, TX
Verne Gagne49/12/16Houston, TX
Danny McShain [4]50/01/13Houston, TX
Declared vacant after a match against Timmy Geohagen.
Danny McShain [5]50/03/17Houston, TX
Defeats Geohagen in rematch.
Miguel Guzman [6]50/05<
Danny McShain [6]50/05/05Houston, TX
Rito Romero [2]50/06/06Dallas, TX
Sonny Myers [5]50/06/30Houston, TX
Miguel Guzman [7]50/08/07
Verne Gagne [2]50/09/08Houston, TX
Rito Romero [3]50/10/27Houston, TX
Danny McShain [7]50/12/15Houston, TX
Danny Savich51/01/05Houston, TX
Danny McShain [8]51/01/13Houston, TX
Rito Romero [4]51/06/06Dallas, TX
Miguel Guzman [8]51/06/08Houston, TX
Wayne Martin51/06/12Dallas, TX
Miguel Guzman [9]51/06/18Ft. Worth, TX
Awarded after Sonny Myers interferes on Martin's behalf in a rematch.
Duke Keomuka51/08/17Houston, TX
Defeats Ray Gunkel.
Ray Gunkel51/09/04Dallas, TX
Miguel Guzman [10]51/10/23Dallas, TX
Mighty Atlas51/11/16Houston, TX
Duke Keomuka [2]51/12/18Dallas, TX
Ray Gunkel [2]52/05/23Houston, TX
Duke Keomuka [3]52/09/26Houston, TX
Cyclone Ayala52/11/14Houston, TX
Duke Keomuka [4]52/12<
Vacant in 53/01.
Ray Gunkel [3] 53/02/18Austin, TX
Defeats Mr. Moto.
Bull Curry54/05/07Houston, TX
Enrique Guzman54/05/21Houston, TX
Ed Francis54/06/11Houston, TX
Johnny Valentine54/07/27<
Sometime after 54/07/13.
The Sheik54/10
Sometime after 54/10/05.
Polo Torres54/11/19Houston, TX
Mr. Moto55/07
Pepper Gomez55/08/05Houston, TX
Duke Keomuka [5]55/12
Pepper Gomez [2]56/01
Buddy Rogers [5]56/06/01Houston, TX
Kay Bell56/07/05Houston, TX
Buddy Rogers [6]56/08/02Houston, TX
Pepper Gomez [3]56/08/03Houston, TX
Gene Kelly (Gene Kiniski)56/08/17Houston, TX
Held up after a match against Pepper Gomez on 56/08/31 in Houston, TX.
Pepper Gomez [4]56/09/07Houston, TX
Defeats Kelly in rematch.
El Medico56/10/19Houston, TX
Pepper Gomez [5]57/02/08Houston, TX
El Medico [2]57/02
Pepper Gomez [6] 57/02/22Houston, TX
Don Leo Jonathan57/04/19Houston, TX
Ivan the Terrible (Pampero Firpo) 57/08/30Houston, TX
El Medico [3]57/09/13Houston, TX
Pepper Gomez [7]57/11/01Houston, TX
Cursher Duggan (Boris Malenko) 57/11/08Houston, TX
Bill Melby57/11/15Houston, TX
Johnny Valentine [2]58/01/21Dallas, TX
El Medico [4]58/03/28Houston, TX
Pepper Gomez [8]58/04/25Houston, TX
El Medico [5]58/05/09Houston, TX
Dick Steinborn58/07/25Houston, TX
Tosh Togo58/10/03Houston, TX
Pepper Gomez [9]58/11/07Houston, TX
Danny McShain [5]58/12
Pepper Gomez [10]58/12
Held up after a match against Joe Christie on 59/01/13 in Dallas, TX.
Joe Christie59/01/20Dallas, TX
Defeats Gomez in rematch.
Luis Hernandez59/05Houston, TX
Corsica Joe59/06/04San Antonio, TX
Sometime after 59/06/26.
Nick Kozak59/07/10<
Pete Managoff60/01/08Houston, TX
Torbellino Blanco60/04/08Houston, TX
Danny McShain [6]60/04/26Dallas, TX
Torbellino Blanco [2]60/05/10Dallas, TX
Duke Keomuka [6]60/06/22San Antonio, TX
Torbellino Blanco [3] 60/07/12<
Don Leo Jonathan [2]60/07/22Houston, TX
Torbellino Blanco [4]60/09
Ciclon Negro60/09
Dan Manoukian61/01/20Houston, TX
Pepper Gomez [11] 61/03/10Houston, TX
May have been held up in 61/05<.
Pepper Gomez [12]61/05/23Dallas, TX
Defeats Angelo Poffo to win "a clear claim" to the title.
Waldo Von Erich61/06/23Houston, TX
Dory Dixon 61/07/14Houston, TX
Sputnik Monroe61/10/27Houston, TX
Pepe Gonzales61/11/17Houston, TX
Jack Dalton (Don Fargo) 61/12/01Houston, TX
Dory Dixon [2] 62/01/05Houston, TX
The Mummy62/05/18Houston, TX
Art Thomas62/06/15Houston, TX
El Medico II62/10/26Houston, TX
Rip Hawk63/01/11Houston, TX
Sweet Daddy Siki63/02/15Houston, TX
Art Thomas [2]63/04/26Houston, TX
Bill Watts63/05/03Houston, TX
Pepper Gomez [13]63/06/21Houston, TX
Mark Lewin63/06/29Houston, TX
Chief White Wolf (Adnon Kaissey) 63/09/24Dallas, TX
Joe Blanchard63/12/03Dallas, TX
Tokyo Tom64/06/24Houston, TX
Most likely Rey Urbano although Antonio Inoki has also wrestled as Tokyo Tom in his early days in the US.
Pepper Gomez64/07
Fritz Von Erich65/01/05Dallas, TX
Or 65/01/08 in Houston, TX.
Ernie Ladd65
Fritz Von Erich [2] 65/04/30Houston, TX
Declared vacant after a controversial match against Billy Red Lyons on 65/12/07 in Dallas, TX; the rematch on 65/12/21 ends as a 60min time limit draw.
Fritz Von Erich [3] 66/01/11Dallas, TX
Defeats Lyons in rematch.
Joe Blanchard [2] 66/11/21Ft. Worth, TX
Fritz Von Erich [3] 67/01/16Ft. Worth, TX
Vacates on 67/03/27 when Von Erich wins NWA United States Title.
Buddy Austin 67/05/02Dallas, TX
Defeats Paul DeMarco in 16-man tournament final.
Buddy Moreno67/08/09San Antonio, TX
Vacant in 67 when Moreno injured.
Billy Red Lyons 67/11/08San Antonio, TX
Wins tournament.
Spoiler #1 (Don Jardine) 68/03/29Houston, TX
Grizzly Jake Smith 68/07
Spoiler #1 [2] 68/08/20Dallas, TX
Starts wrestling as Don Jardine without the mask in 68/10.
Dan Miller68/12/10Dallas, TX
Johnny Valentine [3]69/02/28Houston, TX
Jose Lothario 69/06/07San Antonio, TX
Johnny Valentine [4]69/08/20San Antonio, TX
Wahoo McDaniel69/10<
Johnny Valentine [5]69/10/29Austin, TX
Wahoo McDaniel [2]70/01/26Ft. Worth, TX
Johnny Valentine [6] 70/02/20 Dallas, TX
George Scott70/10/13Dallas, TX
Johnny Valentine [6]70/11
Pepper Gomez [14] 71/02/18Corpus Christi, TX
Johnny Valentine [7]71/03<
Jose Lothario [2] 71/11/17San Antonio, TX
Red Bastien 72/03/08San Antonio, TX
Stan Stasiak72/06/24Irving, TX
Jose Lothario [3] 72/10/25San Antonio, TX
Missouri Mauler 73/01/19 Houston, TX
Jose Lothario [4] 73  
Blackjack Mulligan 73/04/28<  
Jose Lothario [5] 73/05<  
Blackjack Mulligan [2]73/05/04Houston, TX
Jose Lothario [6] 73/05/18
Or 73/05/23 in San Antonio, TX.
Great Mephisto74/01/15Dallas, TX
Red Bastien [2] 74/05/28Dallas, TX
El Gran Markus74/09
Jose Lothario * 75/02  
El Gran Marcus * 75/02/26 San Antonio, TX
Al Madril 75/02/28 Houston, TX
John Tolos75/05/14San Antonio, TX
Al Madril [2]75/07/15Dallas, TX
Held up after a match against John Tolos.
John Tolos [2]75/09/16Dallas, TX
Wins rematch.
Peter Maivia 75/10/31 Houston, TX
Still champion as of 75/12/03.
Rocky Johnson 76/08/11<
Seigfreid Steinke 76/08/20Houston, TX
Rocky Johnson [2] 76
Seigfreid Steinke [2] 76
Moondog Mayne 77/03
Scott Casey 77/05
Jimmy Snuka 77/05/27Houston, TX
Defeats El Gran Goliath.
Ox Baker77
Al Madril [3] 77/11/02 San Antonio, TX
Dale Valentine78/03/24Houston, TX
Bruiser Brody 78/05/28Houston, TX
David Von Erich 78/09/10Dallas, TX
Gino Hernandez78/10Ft. Worth, TX
David Von Erich [2] 78Dallas, TX
Gino Hernandez [2]78/12Dallas, TX
David Von Erich [3] 79/02Dallas, TX
Mark Lewin [2]79/12/10Ft. Worth, TX
Gino Hernandez [3]80
Mark Lewin [3]80/05/25Dallas, TX
Gino Hernandez [4]80
David Von Erich [4] 80/06/03Amarillo, TX
Killer Tim Brooks 81/05
Al Madril [4] 81Ft. Worth, TX
Bill Irwin82/08Lawton, OK
Held up after a match against David Von Erich on 82/09/05 in Ft. Worth, TX.
David Von Erich [5] 82/09/19Dallas, TX
Defeats Irwin in rematch.
Jimmy Garvin83/03Dallas, TX
David Von Erich [6] 83/04/04Ft. Worth, TX
Title held-up after a match against Jimmy Garvin in 83/04; title is immediately help up again after Garvin's victory in first rematch on 83/06/17 in Dallas, TX because of Sunshine's interference.
David Von Erich [7] 83/07/04Dalls, TX
Defeats Jimmy Garvin win rematch; title held up after a match against Garvin on 83/07/11.
David Von Erich [8] 83
Wins rematch against Garvin; vacant on 84/02/11 when Von Erich dies in Tokyo.
Gino Hernandez [5]84/06/23San Antonio, TX
Injures and replaces Kerry Von Erich in tournament final and defeats Ric Flair.
Brian Adias 85/07/29Ft. Worth, TX
Gino Hernandez [6]85/09/02Ft. Worth, TX
Brian Adias [2] 85/09/27Ft. Worth, TX
The Grappler85/12/09Ft. Worth, TX
World Class withdraws from NWA in 86/02.
Brian Adias [3] 86/03/10Ft. Worth, TX
Buzz Sawyer86/07/04Dallas, TX
Vacant in 87/01.
Bob Bradley 87/01/12Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Dingo Warrior in tournament final.
Dingo Warrior 87/02/02Ft. Worth, TX
Al Perez87/06/21Puerto Rico *
Vacates when Perez wins WCWA World title on 87/08/21.
Ted Arcidi87/08/31Ft. Worth, TX
Wins title in a battle royal.
Matt Borne87/11/10Midland, TX *
Terry Taylor88/02/26Dallas, TX
Kevin Von Erich 88/07/04Dallas, TX
Awarded when Taylor leaves World Class.
Iceman King Parsons88/08/05Dallas, TX
Defeats Kerry Von Erich.
Brickhouse Brown89/02/03Dallas, TX
Gary Young89/03/04San Antonio, TX
Wins by forfeit; or on 89/03/06 in Sweeny, TX.
Eric Embry89/04/07Dallas, TX
Super Zodiac (Gary Young) 89/05/19Dallas, TX
Eric Embry [2]89/05/26Dallas, TX
P. Y. Chu-Hi89/07/03Wichita Falls, TX
Eric Embry [3]89/08/18Dallas, TX
The Punisher89/10/05Dallas, TX
Wins by forfeit.
Kerry Von Erich 89/10/20Dallas, TX
Jerry Lawler89/12/12Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [2] 90/01/05Dallas, TX
Matt Borne [2]90/05/25Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [3] 90/06/01Dallas, TX
Angel of Death90/07/13Dallas, TX
Wins by forfeit.
Kevin Von Erich [2] 90/11/23Dallas, TX
Vacant when the World Class promotion closes in 91/01.
Bill Dundee 91/01/25Dallas, TX
Defeats Gary Young in tournament final; Kevin Von Erich is recognized as champion by Texas Wrestling Federation after defeating Angel of Death on 91/02/03 in Dallas, TX until TWF closes in 91/05.
Eric Embry [4]91/02/15Dallas, TX
Title held-up with Bill Dundee on 91/03/29.
Bill Dundee [2] 91/04/05Dallas, TX
Defeats Embry in rematch.
Eric Embry [5]91/04/12Dallas, TX
Defeated by Jerry Lawler on 91/04/26 in Dallas, TX, but the decision is later overturned; held up after a match against Bill Dundee on 91/05/24 in Dallas, TX.
Bill Dundee [3] 91/05/31Dallas, TX
Defeats Tom Prichard, subbing for Embry in rematch.
Tom Prichard91/06/07Dallas, TX
Lord Humongous91/08/12Memphis, TN
Tom Prichard [2]91/08/19Memphis, TN
Brian Christopher92/02/10Memphis, TN
Vacant in 92.

Rod Price98/05/01Dallas, TX
Defeats Action Jackson in tournament final to be recognized by NWA; stripped on 98/06/28 for refusing to pay a fine.
Brian Adias98/07/03N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Kritical Mass in tournament final; vacant on 98/07/30 due to injury.
Action Jackson98/07/31N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Kit Carson.
Rodney Begnaud98/11/27N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Action Jackson and Kit Carson in a triangle match; vacant on 99/02/03 when Begnaud leaves the promotion.
Khris Germany99/02/05N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Jimmy James.
Brian Adias [2]99/02/19N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Khris Germany and Jimmy James in Triple Threat match.
Steven Dunn99/03/26N. Richland Hills, TX
Stripped on 99/06/10 due to no-show.
Kevin Northcutt99/06/10Dallas, TX
Defeats Rodney Begnaud.
Rodney Begnaud [2]99/07/29Dallas, TX
Vacant in 99/09.
Kevin Northcutt [2]99/09/25N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Jimmy James.
Cedric of Hollywood00/02/18N. Richland Hills, TX
Kevin Northcutt [3]00/04/08Galveston, TX
Vacates after winning NWA National Heavyweight Title on 00/04/14.
Mike Fox00/04/28N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Rodney Begnaud in tournament final.
Rodney Begnaud [3]00/05/26N. Richland Hills, TX
Vacant on 00/09/29.
Al Jackson00/09/29N. Richland Hills, TX
Wins a four-way match against Action Jackson, Tiger Steele, New Doctor X by pinning Action.
Hotstuff Hernandez00/12/01N. Richland Hills, TX
Gary Tool01/02/02N. Richland Hills, TX
Hotstuff Hernandez [2]01/03/16N. Richland Hills, TX
Kevin Northcutt [4]01/05/23San Antonio, TX
Hotstuff Hernandez [3]01/08/17Refugio, TX
Vacant after winning NWA National Heavyweight Title on 01/10/13 in St. Petersburg, FL.
Kevin Northcutt [5]01/10/26N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Mike Anthony.
Mike Anthony01/12/14N. Richland Hills, TX
Stripped on 02/03/05.
J.P. Black02/03/22N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Chaz Taylor to win vacant title.
Steve DeMarco02/06/21N. Richland Hills, TX
J. P. Black [2]02/08/01Ft. Worth, TX
Steve DeMarco [2]02/10/26Corpus Christi, TX
J.P. Black [3]03/05/31Pasadena, TX
Al Jacson [2]03/09/20Greenville, TX
Stripped on 04/02/01 for failure to appear at two scheduled title defenses.
J.P. Black [4]04/02/01
Awarded as the previous champion.
Al Jackson [3]04
Tejas04/04/24Perry, OK
Kevin Northcutt [6]05/04/16Ponca City, OK
Mark Orton06/07/15Beaumont, TX
Chaz Taylor06/08/12Houston, TX
Seth Korbin07/07/13Cypress, TX
Defeats Taylor and Silky Barnes in a 3-way match.
Chaz Taylor [2]07/08/10Cypress, TX
Defeats Korbin and Chance Christopher in 3-way match.
Kevin Northcutt [7]07/10/14Corpus Christi, TX
Chaz Taylor [2] 08/08/24 San Antonio, TX
Mike DiBiase 08/09/06 Amarillo, TX
Vacant on 08/10/04 when DiBiase no-shows the scheduled title defense.
Kevin Northcutt [8] 08/10/04 Robstown, TX
Defeats El Diablo Rojo.

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