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In June, 2005, the 79th Texas Legislative created the Brays Oaks Management District (legally known as Harris County Improvement District #5). The Brays Oaks District (BOMD) covers approximately 9 sq miles centering on the former Fondren Southwest area of Houston.

The boundaries are from Hillcroft Avenue on the east to US 59 on the west; Brays Bayou is the northern boundary and US 90A/Main Street our southern edge. The District is entirely in Houston and Harris County, Texas, as well as in the City of Houston’s Council District C. None of the District includes any of the Westbury subdivision.
Our Management District, sometimes called an Improvement District--a better description of its purpose, is empowered to finance projects related to public transportation/mobility, community safety, beautification, economic development and related issues.

   Furthermore, the District provides the means by which the community can leverage local resources, public and private, in order to secure additional services and funding, gain political strength, improve quality of life and nshape its own future growth for those who live, work, attend school or just pass through the District.

Brays Oaks MD is tasked to provide programs and services supplemental to those offered by the City of Houston and Harris County, funded through 10 cents per hundred-dollar property value assessment on commercial property and apartment property only. No residential< property or exempt property is assessed.

An 11-member board of directors, consisting of area commercial and apartment property owners and civic leaders living in the District governs the Brays Oaks MD.

(Harris County Improvement District #5)

Post Office Box 22167 • Houston, Texas

10103 Fondren Road • Suite 301
Brays Oaks Towers • Houston, Texas 77096
Office - 713-595-1221 • FAX - 713-595-1291

District E-mail - braysoaksMD@hhcllp.com
District Security - braysoakssecurity@hhcllp.com
District Website - www.braysoaksmd.org


Director of Community Services
James Myers,
call: 713-595-1221

District's Public Safety Coordinator
Sgt Bobby Hebert , call: 713-595-1222

Contact the Executive Director
David Hawes, call: 713-595-1200