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      "I like to scream at people who I don't like. I like to ride bikes and dance. Sometimes at the same time. aim: Bunnyedge"

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      • Matt
      • Posted
      • During College, Mr. Bunny and I lived
        together with a guy from Turkey who came
        with the house and another guy who had a
        rabbit. Living with Jordan was an
        experience. I think he does speed or
        something because he never runs out of
        steam. All this SXE crap is just a lie
        for his real life of drug addiction and
        continuous use of prostitutes. He does,
        however, have this aura about him that
        makes you get fired up about whatever it
        is he is doing for the day. Yes, when
        the revolution comes, I would also like
        to be on the same team.
      • Charlie
      • Posted
      • Bunny is one of the coolest cats out
        there. He is completely dedicated to
        what he does to the point that we have
        called him with stuff that happened,
        and he dropped what he was doing and
        drove straight over without any
        questions. This guy has your back all
        the way. When the revolution comes,
        he's definately on MY team. He's
        awesome, and by awesome, i mean totally
        sweet. If you don't think so, you need
        to get a life before he uses his BUNNY
        HA HA. and kitties
      • Mr. Jenkins
      • Posted
      • When he first started to IM me, it was
        at a time when I was getting spammed
        with all these adult website IMs, so
        when I saw "BunnyEdge" a few times, I
        kept ignoring it. Then I said what the
        hell and clicked on it and turns out it
        was me good friend Jordan. Truly a cat
        to be near whenever there is an action
        going on. He can unnerve the most
        steely right-winger. Just ask him to
        bring his Darth Maul light saber.
      • Kirby Krackle
      • Posted
      • this is one man who knows how to find
        the pot of gold at the end of a
        dumpster. oh, and he eats cheese - and
        likes it.
      • Colleen
      • Posted
      • Jordan is awesome, he dosen't eat
        animals and he's sXe. How cool.
        Openminded and filled with passion for
        changing what bothers him; He won't sit
        back and watch. Watch out once he hits
        the dance floor, the butt-dancin will
        surly knock ur socks off in amazement.
      • RichGreedy
      • Posted
      • jordan is kind, good-humored, and
        always ready to help, listen and
        lookout for people. thats all i know
        based on my limited knowledge of him.
        plus he's edge which makes him better
        than a lot of people! hahaha! JK -
      • Katie
      • Posted
      • my dog just puked twice. ON THE FLOOR.
        at least i did it in the sink. you can
        just rinse a sink out. and i sent it a
        card! everyone forgets about the card.
        ten dollars says my dog wont send the
        floor a card...
      • debbie
      • Posted
      • jordan is so cool! especially when we
        hang out like old times!!
      • Di
      • Posted
      • Jordan rocks! He knows how to
        have fun, and he has a really good
        heart. I highly reccomend him to
        anyone who loves a spontaneous,
        atypical, but exceptionally fun good
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