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Sony Closes the Gap

This week on the video game rental charts, Final Fantasy VII inches up - ever closer to the top slot.

The tally for video game rentals for the last full week of September are in, and Final Fantasy VII has worked its way to number 2 on the chart. GoldenEye, which slips this week to earnings of just under US$300,000, is losing ground to Sony and Square's epic RPG. However, the race will soon get much hotter with no fewer than three new Nintendo 64 releases this week alone (Mace, Top Gear Rally, and Mischief Makers). There's no doubt that all three will probably land somewhere on the top 5 shortly. Can Final Fantasy VII stay in the race?
For those that are interested, here is the chart from the Video Software Dealers Association's VidTrac system:

Weeks in WeeklyRank Title Platform Release Earnings(000)

1 GoldenEye 007 N64 5 $293.142
Final Fantasy VII PSX 2 $138.693
Starfox 64 N64 14 $135.054
MRC Multi Racing Challenge N64 8 $119.415
Mario Kart 64 N64 32 $101.34

By Chris Johnston, GameSpot VG [UPDATED: 10/02/97]