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Odd Stuff

Ambiguity [ GIF ] view!

IMAGEskytopia.com (Odd Stuff) made popular 6 hr 20 min ago

$10K statue stolen from Madoff's Florida estate

cnn.com — Police say a sizable statue worth more than $10,000 was stolen this month from the posh Florida estate of Bernard Madoff, the Wall Street investment adviser accused of operating a $50 billion Ponzi scheme.More… (Odd Stuff)


Branding Cocaine [img] view!

IMAGEflickr.com (Odd Stuff) made popular 11 hr ago

One Year In 40 Seconds watch!

VIDEOvimeo.com — (Odd Stuff) made popular 15 hr 6 min ago

How the average Digg user gets ***** view!

IMAGEimg242.imageshack.us (Odd Stuff) made popular 16 hr 40 min ago

Man Spent Days Unnoticed In Family's Attic

msnbc.msn.com — A family did not realize they had an unexpected Christmas guest until a man who had been in their attic for days emerged wearing their clothes. More… (Odd Stuff)


Eternal Nom: Graveyard Pacman [PIC] view!

IMAGEimg175.imageshack.us (Odd Stuff) made popular 1 day 7 hr ago

2008 Weird News in Review...The Strangest from '08

metro.co.uk — While the regular, boring, 'normal' news in 2008 might have had a strange, unreal quality to it at times - an African-American president whose middle name is Hussein? Yeah, right... - the world of Weird News more than held its own. More… (Odd Stuff)


Damn politicians (see question 4) view!

IMAGEimg508.imageshack.us (Odd Stuff) made popular 1 day 10 hr ago

Israel and Gaza in one image (from BBC) view!

IMAGEimg509.imageshack.us (Odd Stuff) made popular 1 day 10 hr ago

Sikh Signs For Package, UPS Driver Enters His Name TERRORIST

consumerist.com — A UPS driver entered a Sikh man's name as TERRORIST on its online package-tracking database. The man's family discovered the epithet when they searched for a package UPS failed to deliver.More… (Odd Stuff)


Apple is an evil, evil company view!

IMAGEfarm4.static.flickr.com (Odd Stuff) made popular 1 day 14 hr ago

Anyone lose a $370 million, 850 pound emerald?

upi.com — The LA country sheriffs department is keeping a close eye on a 180,000-carat emerald estimated to be worth $370million as a federal judge determines its true owner. I was wondering where I put thatMore… (Odd Stuff)


What could possibly go wrong! view!

IMAGEyourscene.latimes.com (Odd Stuff) made popular 2 days ago

How To Recycle Your Holiday Wrapping Paper

inhabitots.com — Despite many of our best intentions in our gift wrapping (using silk scarves, brown-bags or socks), most of us will still be left with piles of wrapping paper to clean up. So what to do with all that wrapping paper that can’t be salvage for next year’s presents? Here are 5 great ways to turn all that trash into shredded treasure.More… (Odd Stuff)

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