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From 9 a.m on Sunday 5th June to midnight on Friday 10th June 2005

The Beethoven Experience
The Beethoven Experience

Find out more about the composer, his music, his politics and his life. Listen again to workshops and features.

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        Roger Wright

        Radio 3 Controller Roger Wright responds to your comments

          The Beethoven Experience Quiz

          Test your knowledge of Beethoven's life and music

            Beethoven Bust
            Listen Again

            Listen again to� the '20 Minutes' programme 'Beethoven or Bust', and the 'Between The Ears' re-working of the Fifth Symphony.

              Beethoven's works

              Search for background information on major works and find out more about each musical genre.�

                Isabel Hilton
                Radio 3 Presenters' Beethoven

                Radio 3 presenters recommend their favourite Beethoven pieces and�discuss the associations that his music conjures up for them.

                  Rob Cowan
                  Rob Cowan's Recommended Recordings

                  Rob Cowan�recommends some of his favourite Beethoven recordings.

                    Beethoven Statue
                    Beethoven The Revolutionary

                    Read a three part essay on Beethoven The Revolutionary - The�Man, His Politics and His Music -�by writer Stephen Johnson

                      Arturo Pizarro
                      Artur Pizarro -The Beethoven Sonata Cycle

                      Read programme notes to�all 32 of the piano sonatas, and listen to an interview with renowned pianist Artur Pizarro.

                        Beethoven In-Depth

                        Listen again to 'Discovering Music' workshops on Beethoven's major works, presented by Stephen Johnson and Charles Hazlewood.�

                          Angelica Bell
                          Making Tracks - Beethoven Funnies

                          Beethoven as you've never heard him before - as a chat show guest, in a modern-day music shop, and having a house make-over ..

                            Violins - concert diary
                            Beethoven Concert Diary

                            Find out about some of the concerts featuring Beethoven�up and down�the country...

                              Drama on 3
                              On Radio 3

                              Find out about the range of Radio 3's programmes, including drama, concerts, jazz, speech, world music, new music and the Proms.

                                Beethoven Messageboard

                                Since the death of my wife two years ago I have often said that one of my best friends is a cantankerous, deaf old German who died some 200 years ago. It would appear that he is also very special to a lot of like minded people in this world. So may I wish all of you many happy years continued listening.

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