This loop originates at Pierce Mill . The first two miles of this loop are on road. The next 2.5 miles are along the Western Ridge trail, as you head North, towards Maryland. After descending to the Valley Trail, it turns east and south, as it heads back to Pierce Mill. The first half of the loop is characterized by challenging hills. The last half is flat. There are some awfully pretty views of the Rock Creek, after it rains.

This larger Map will provide you with greater detail.


1)    Begin at Pierce Mill proceeding North

2)    At end of Parking lot and stop sign, take a quick left

3)    After 30 yards, take first right onto Glover Rd. This is an unmarked road

4)    Run up hill.

5)    Continue on Glover Road for two miles until you reach Military Road

6)     Cross Military Road. Turn right on paved bike trail. This marks the beginning of the Western Ridge Trail

6)    Continue on paved bike path across Bingham Road

7)    100 yards after crossing Bingham, a dirt path emerges on right. Turn right on this path.

8)    After 200 years, bear left(north) down hill.

9)    You will see a number of secondary and teriary trails off the Western Ridge trail. Always continue straight on the main trail.

10)    Continue across Wise Road

11)    .75 miles past Wise, you will encounter Beach Drive. Cross into Beach Drive (look both ways!)

12)    At end of Parking lot, cross Boundry Bridge, take a quick right. You are now on the Valley Trail.

13)    Continue on Valley Trail. At intersection just before West Beach Drive Bridge turn right, and proceed under Bridge.

14)    Follow Valley Trail on the East side of Creek.

15)    Follow trail to head of ravine and down to Pine Trail

16)    Turn right on Pine Trail

17)    Turn left just before bridge. Follow trail south 1.5 miles as it follows contours of the creek.

18)    At intersection with Beach Drive, turn left, take road south. Run to first stop sign at Joyce Road.

19)    At stop sign, turn right, cross bridge. Take immediate left on trail. This marks your return to the Valley Trail.

20)    Follow Valley Trail as it runs parallel to Rock Creek. Avoid all trails to the right.

21)    As you exit trail, you will be at intersection of Beach Drive and Broad Branch Road. Head straight toward parking lot. Pierce Mill is .2 miles south of parking lot.

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