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N64 Back on Top

The Nintendo 64 has reclaimed the top five rentals, pushing Final Fantasy VII off the chart.

After having been temporarily displaced by the release of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, the Nintendo 64 has reclaimed its territory on the VSDA VidTrac rental charts. GoldenEye 007 remains the number one game, with Top Gear Rally a strong second at number two this week. Mario Kart stays steady at number three, with Mischief Makers at number four. Rounding out the top five is MRC.
For the curious, here are the rental numbers for the week ended Nov. 2:

Rank / Title / Revenue
1 GoldenEye 007 N64 / $271,310
2 Top Gear Rally N64 / $138,490
3 Mario Kart N64 / $103,680
4 Mischief Makers N64 / $101,640
5 MRC Multi Racing Challenge N64 / $98,130

By Chris Johnston, GameSpot VG [UPDATED: 11/06/97]