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the family tree begins in Thessaloniki.

Leon Hakim marries Luna in the 1820's

Leon Hakim marries Luna in Thessaloniki in the 1880s. They had 6 children Sara,Estrella,Rena,Aaron(born around 1867)0ro,and Gracia. Sara married Mr.Covo,Estrella married Mr Salem, Rena married Mr. Gormezano, Aaron married Dadun Giahon (my mother's mother born around 1872) , Oro did not marry and Gracia married Mr. Cuencas. Dadun's father was Jacob Giahon and Dadun had 3 Siblings (Ovadia, Sol and Aaron) Dadun and Aaron had one child together (my mother - Sol Hakim born in 1914 ( now known as Ollie Hattem residing in Deerfield Beach,Florida and 91 as of 2005) Aaron had two children from a previous marriage named Albert and Leon, my mother's half brothers. My mother left Thessaloniki, Greece before the war and immigrated to the United States (New York) where her half brother, Leon lived. My mother, Ollie Hakim married my father Sol Hattem and had two chidren, myself, Diane (born in 1945) and Neal
(born in 1943). Diane married Michael Tafuri in 1965. Michael(born in 1943) is one of 2 children born to Michael and Victoria Tafuri. I, Diane and my husband Michael have 2 children David born in 1970 and Lisa born in 1971. Neal,my brother passed away in 1993( a possible suicide). Lisa Tafuri married Brian Krim, son of Alan and Nancy Krim and brother of Lisa Krim in 2000. Lisa and Brian have 2 chidren (Dylan born in 2002 and Brandon born in 2004). My mothers first cousin Leon Covo immigrated to France before the war and the Salems went to Peru.Another cousin, Gormezano immigrated to England before the war. As far as my mother knows everyone else was killed in the Holocaust during the war.

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