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Angela McRobbie

Professor Angela McRobbie

Professor of Communications

Email: a.mcrobbie@gold.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7919 7580
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7919 7582

Programme Convenor for MA in Gender & Culture

Research Profile

Angela McRobbie’s most recent book is The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change published by Sage in September 2008. Short or early versions of several chapters have already appeared in various journals. Chapter One ‘Post- Feminism and Popular Culture’ has appeared in six different journals and collections including Feminist Media Studies (2004), All About the Girl (2004) (eds) Harris and Fine and Interrogating Post-feminism (2006) (eds) Bruzzi and Negra. Chapter Three ‘Top Girls: Young Women and the New Sexual Contract’ has appeared in a short version in Cultural Studies, vol 21 2007 and is currently being translated into French and Portugese. Chapter Four ‘Illegible Rage’ is being translated into Italian for Studi Culturali. A short version of Chapter Five will appear in German in Symbolische Gewalt:Pierre Bourdieus Projeckt einer Kritischen Herrschaftsanalyse (eds) Schmidt and Woltersdorff, and an edited early version of Chapter Six ‘Inside and Outside the Feminist Academy’ will appear in Australian Feminist Studies. The book as a whole is being translated into German and will be published with VS Verlag in 2009.

Angela McRobbie’s current research on ‘new culture industry’ will appear as a book titled Be Creative: Making a Living in the New Culture Industry in 2009. This book focuses on the labour practices in the world of freelance, casualised creative work, it pays particular attention to micro-enterprises of creative labour including fashion design, art- working, multi-media, curating, arts administration, and so on. The chapters in this book are as follows: Chapter One ‘Introduction and Critical Review of New Culture Industry’. Chapter Two ‘From Holloway to Hollywood? Happiness at Work in the New Cultural Economy’, and this appeared in (eds) Du Gay and Pryke, Cultural Economy Sage 2002. Chapter Three is titled ‘Club to Company’ and this appeared in Cultural Studies 2002 vol 16 and has been re printed for six different publications and has been translated into several languages. Chapter Four is titled ‘Everyone is Creative? Cultural Policy in the UK and Europe’, an early version of this appeared in 2004 in (eds) Bennett and De Silva Contemporary Culture and Everyday Life. Chapter Five is titled ‘Making a Living as  a Visual Artists in London’s Small Scale Creative Economy’ and already appeared in (2006) (eds) . Power and A.J. Scott The Production of Culture. Chapter Six is titled ‘Feminism and Immaterial Labour’, Chapter Seven is titled ‘Towards a Sociology of Art Worlds’ (to be co-authored with Sarah Thornton) and Chapter Eight is on  ‘Hannah Arendt on Labour, Work and Activity’. This is followed by a dossier section, comprising interviews with a range of creative producers, and a critical analysis of these occupational biographies.

Other recent or forthcoming publications by Angela McRobbie include:

McRobbie (2008) ‘Pornographic Permutations’ in The Communications Review

McRobbie (2008) Feminism and Consumer Culture Revisited? in Cultural Studies

McRobbie (2008) Generation and Sexuality : A Reply to Susie Orbach in Studies in Gender and Sexuality

McRobbie (2009) ‘What was Queer in Birmingham Cultural Studies? ‘ in Cultural Studies.

Future work will include

Post- feminist Culture and Aesthetics. This book will pursue various strands and topics raised in The Aftermath of Feminism and will include chapters on..The Work of Tracey Emin, on On Beauty by Zadie Smith, On Brass by Helen Walsh and Morvern Callar by Alan Warner and on the theatre of Sarah Kane. The book will also entail a return to earlier feminist debates on art, literature, film and popular culture. This will include essays on Looking Back at Doris Lessing’s Martha Quest Series , the film-art of Ulrike Ottinger, and on the fashion vision of Vivienne Westwood.

Research projects

‘Making a Living as a Visual Artist in 4 European Cities: London, Berlin, Glasgow and Vienna’. With Marion Von Osten at the Fine Art Academy Vienna. Start date October 2008.

‘Young Women’s Migration from East to West Europe’ Proposal to be submitted June 2009 EU 7th Framework.

Other books and key publications

Angela McRobbie (2006) ‘Vulnerability, Violence and (Cosmopolitan) Ethics: Butler’s Precarious Life in British Journal of Sociology vol 57, no 1.

Angela McRobbie (2005) The Uses of Cultural Studies Sage London and translated into Chinese for Peking University Press. also into Czech.

Recent and current PhD topics

Indie Music Scenes in London and Austin Texas

Young Women, Performing Arts Education and New Labour (AHRC)

Women Journalists and Occupational Identities in Lifestyle Supplements (AHRC)

Professional Girlfriends in Cambodia (ORSAS Award)

Young Women Vulnerability and Subculture. Artist Communities in London and Berlin (Canadian Scholarship)

Screenwriting as Creative Labour

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