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Our school was established at a time when the Canterbury Provincial Government struggled with very limited resources in pioneering conditions.

When our school started half of the children of New Zealand between the ages of 5 and 15 were not going to school at all. Few children stayed at school for more than five years. Born into the industrial age, these children were very different to our current digital age children.

The timeline:

pre 1875 All children attended Riccarton School.
1875 Fendalton School opened as a side school to Riccarton.
1883 The name of the school was changed to Fendalton District School. Mr Culvinhouse was appointed as the first Headmaster. Miss Tulley, who was called Headmistress, requested permission that her horse be turned out in the school paddock during school hours.
1884 Mr. Bullock affectionately known to the children as "Sambo" was appointed as the Headmaster. 65 children.
1890 The roll was 153... a second child teacher was appointed. (Total staff was two teachers and two pupil teachers).
1906 Swimming Pool opened.
1912 157 Clyde Road acquired as the new Principal's residence.
1919 School closed due to the influenza.
The Principal reported that the school buildings were in a poor condition and were infested with borer.
1922 A Library was purchased and the books catalogued.
Mr A.R.Blank appointed Headmaster.
A letter was written to the Ashby Bros. accepting their offer to level up half an acre for cricketing purposes providing the cost did not exceed five pounds. A concrete cricket pitch was laid.
Roll 215.
1923 The rooms were so cold that hot cocoa was supplied at one cup each day for 1d. per week.
1924 Opening ceremony for the famous Open Air Classroom.
The matter of putting electric light into the school was discussed.
Professor Shelley, Professor of Education at Canterbury College gave a most interesting address on Open Air Classrooms and urged that the committee do its utmost to further the project.
1928 School uniforms suggested. Roll 400.
1930 One teacher had a class of 72 pupils.
1943 Roll 670.
1946 Parent Teacher Association formed.
1947 Roll 810.
1958 Strong opposition to the proposal by the Education Dept. that a new Intermediate school be established.
1961 School milk scheme introduced.
1963 Children visited Lancaster Park to welcome Her Majesty the Queen.
1963 The school was renamed 'Fendalton Open-air School'.

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