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@AxelTerizaki Almost 4 hours straight. O_o
Recording a French anime blogosphere podcast (year 2008 in anime). We're all first-timers and it shows, but it's lots of fun.
Anyway, audio playback works ok, so I could still get thoses subs ready. Turn on closed captioning and enjoy!
Aegisub compiles fine after replacing ad hoc tests for ffmpeg in by proper calls to pkg-config, but OpenGL crashes the X server
Especially as the reason I'm compiling Aegisub at all is to subtitle this... OTL
Fixing bugs in the autoconf file of Aegisub at 3:30am on December 25th is definitely unhealthy.
@nyoronyolo I forcefully decline all responsibility for your unconventional tastes in morning-time entertainment.
Toradora 13. Cute and hot-blooded. Bittersweet. Taiga is officially the embodiment of gyappu-moe. And I want to see Minori×Taiga doujins
@wildarmsheero I like love stories better but yeah, do shoot them over. And don't tell me you've met a real third grader with Mimi's body =)
@nyoronyolo Twelve of them. Is that an awful graphic pun?
@wildarmsheero Way to antagonize your lolicon fanbase! :p
@wildarmsheero It's still closer to actual teenagers than KnJ is to actual grade schoolers :-). I love both regardless.
ZKC 38. Quite a few animation glitches, one big cliffhanger (roofhanger?) and more meanness to fuel your Hyoubu hate (mine anyway).
Index 12. Back to "cheaper to explain the plot in dialogues than actually animate stuff" narration. And Touma's lines are so uncool it hurts
"But Not all Lolicon fans are not Pedophiles!" OK, somebody tell me this is a prank by some bored /a/tard. "I call my self a Lolitiogist"?!!
"Fact: A resent poll of more then 100 Lolifans showed that 15% of Lolifans are Pedophiles with out a doubt."
The Net Star 2008/12. That Tori no uta rendition by whistling and "hand farting" was quite powerful.
Toradora 12. Minori scores wisdom blow on Ryuuji, who should pay attention to his partner. Hope Taiga bares her fangs if things turn sour.
Rockman is 21 tonight. Celebrate
A spammer trolls the rec.arts.anime.misc newsgroup:


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