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Now serving you in dirty ugly brown Las Vegas.
It wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't caused me to bite my lip not once, but TWICE. Thanks for nothing, eye teeth. It's really bleeding. :(
Ow! I just punched myself in the jaw! D: Rolled a critical fail on Rolling Over in Bed. Must be the -2 penalty for being in a sleeping bag.
Going on a hike with Comet and Lady J to somewhere in Marin County. Annnnd... my cell phone is dying. Figures. I'll take photographs.
@Planck: Congratulations! Keep us posted on your launch arrangements. :)
@mars_stu: Thanks for the heads-up, but I'm not sure my "free" cable at home is sophisticated enough to allow for BBC America. :/ :
@chevasb: What? Holy crap! Congratulations on your engagement! :D
Retweeting @skepnet: To add to the wonder of reality, just take a look at what the Hubble telescope reveals...
@BadAstronomer: I said, "one," after everyone else (while they were cheering). :D
Ugh! What a waste of time. My eardrums are almost un-cringed. I was fondled by a drunken cow who had a crush on a Jared in 5th grade. D:
Comet and Lady J should be here soon. I'm not a party person. I hope I don't regret going to this one.
Man, I hate it when I hit enter too soon. :(
@skepnet: Can we start by replacing all the programming dudes at The History Channel
@oshane: Uh. Sights. Yeah. Joke fail via spelling error. I suck.
@oshane: Was there much blood? Did they use forceps to get the sites out of you? ;)
@shortyawards I nominate @MarsPhoenix for a Shorty Award in #science because she was the little robot that found SNOW on Mars!
@BadAstronomer: You and me both, pal—I'm a technical expert in dishwasher loading. We should start a team and get into the Olympics.
Holy crap. Elijah Wood is on Twitter. (Thanks @ZAmmi.)


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