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Fortunately, since Grey Tuesday happened the album is a lot easier to find. Here's what Illegal Art recommends:

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February 17, 2004

Download "The Grey Album" by DJ Danger Mouse

UPDATE 3-13-04: Well, I got away with it for almost a month, serving up Lord knows how many copies, but EMI's lawyers finally managed to keep you from hearing Danger Mouse's work via this site. I was serving up the files from my .Mac account, which was working gangbusters, but I just got this notice from Apple:

Hello Brian,

We have received a Notice of Infringement concerning the content on your account. Therefore, we have removed the alleged infringing material from public access, and are notifying you of such removal in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. Section 512. This content has been moved to the Documents folder of your iDisk.

If you feel that actions taken against your account are in error, you may serve a counter notification that complies with the requirements set forth in section 512(g)(3) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Be aware that infringement was in direct violation of the Terms and Conditions of your .Mac membership. If you are found to be distributing this content on your iDisk again, your account will be terminated immediately without notice.

.Mac Security

There's nothing I can really do about this. Fortunately, since Grey Tuesday happened the album is a lot easier to find. Here's what Illegal Art recommends:

Help us save bandwidth by using the following options: All of these programs are free, trustworthy, easy to use, and they don't install any advertising or spyware on your computer.

Bittorrent lets all the people who want a file share some of the bandwidth required to distribute it. It's very reliable. Once you install it and click the link below, you'll have the album within a day.

  1. Download Bittorrent (it's easy): Windows, Mac, Linux
  2. Double-click on the installer. Mac people: drag the icon into your Applications folder.
  3. Click on this link (Mac people: Control Click and "Download Link to Disk" and then open the file)
Peer-to-peer: Search for "Grey Album" or "Dangermouse". Advantage: there are several other full-album remixes of the Black Album; you can get those too.
BitTorrent works, and it's worth the trouble to download and install it. Also, Illegal Art has the files online at the bottom of this page.

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"We Will Bury Them With Their Own Confusion"
(iTunes/Pepsi remix/critique)

"Fight Back!"
(iTunes/Pepsi ad remix by James E. Saldana)


The Bad Plus: 'Give'
(Album review, comparison to Danger Mouse's work)

* * *
The original text here at this entry:

At Illegal Art:

DOWNHILL BATTLE -- DJ Danger Mouse's recent Grey Album, which remixes Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles White Album, has been hailed as a innovative hip-hop triumph. Despite that and the fact that only 3,000 copies of the album are in circulation, EMI sent cease and desist letters yesterday to Danger Mouse and the handful of stores that were selling the album, demanding that the album be destroyed.

All right, fair warning: I'm gonna get on my soap box here.

Here's the thing--if you wanted to record a version of a Beatles song, any Beatles song, right now, you could. You'd just owe their publisher a fixed royalty if you distributed the song. The owner of the copyright couldn't stop you from releasing your version of the song. The songwriter doesn't get to release the song into our culture and then assert complete control over how it is used and interpreted in that culture. If you want to interpret "Yesterday" in your own fashion, go ahead and be the 11,457th person to do that.

However, if you sample even a little bit--say, five notes--of the Beatles' sound recording of "Yesterday" and use that riff as part of your own new work, the owner of the original recording (such as EMI) can and likely will try to stop you from distributing your work. The owner of the audio recording, for some reason, is given this extreme level of control. The rights owner doesn't just get compensation, the owner gets control in the form of veto power.

Why does this matter? DJ Danger Mouse has created a unique work of art. I mean, some tracks are really effing good. He's taken some music from ancient history (apparently these "Beatles" used to be real popular with old people) and juxtaposed it with what may be Jay-Z's last album and created something new and compelling that never existed before. Using what might be called "our" culture (apparently these Beatles made their fortune from something called an "audience"), DJ Danger Mouse has made a statement that further contributes value to that culture.

And EMI is not just requesting compensation from the commercial revenue this new work might make (fair enough)--they want the right to ban it. That's not hyperbole. That's the correct word. The right they are asserting is the right to say you can't hear what Danger Mouse did.

Sorry to be shrill, but, God, this shit pisses me off.

"Special interests, including the major labels, have turned copyright law into a weapon," said Downhill Battle co-founder Holmes Wilson. "If Danger Mouse had requested permission and offered to pay royalties, EMI still would have said no and the public would never have been able to enjoy this critically acclaimed work. Artists are being forced to break the law to innovate."


Wired News

New Yorker

Creative Commons


Civil disobedience planned for Tuesday, February 24. Besides garnering a huge number of participating sites, it's also being mentioned on blogs all over the place.

The efforts are all centered on one day, so in case you're having trouble even finding the thing and the server is too hammered right here to download the album, here's a partial list of other sites that I copied from the Grey Tuesday site. You may want to start randomly in the middle instead of at the beginning. Go to Grey Tuesday itself for the freshest list.

NOTE: Grey Tuesday is now over. But some of the sites below may still offer the album.


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