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An Australian film that was released upon the world in 1982. It is an
modern-day inspired adaptation of the classic Pirates of Penzance
operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan. It is a musical full of 80's pop songs
and the classic material, with both original and new lyrics. It is a very
entertaining movie and best enjoyed with friends and (like all good
cheese) wine.

The plot
We start in modern times with our heroine Mabel looking kind of dumpy at a pirate exposition down at the marina. Volunteered by her sisters,
she practices sword fighting with a cute blonde youth who later invites
her and her friends to join him on his boat. Her sisters cast the boat
off without the young man's permission while Mabel is still on shore
getting provisions. She follows them in a rented boat but is knocked
unconscious before reaching them. Washed up onto a beach she begins to dream...

The young man has now become Frederic and is an apprentice to the
Pirate King. After plundering a ship, the pirates are celebrating
Freddie's 21st year. His apprenticeship is over and he is now free to
join them. Frederic however has different plans. He only stayed with the
pirates because of his sense of duty, but now that he is free he will
spend the rest of his life fighting the men who pillaged his town and
killed his parents, plus he would like to meet girls. The Pirate King
grants him his freedom but tells him the next meeting he will not be so
Frederic spies some lovely ladies on a nearby beach and makes haste to
join them. His manner scares them off, and he sees Mabel down the shore.
Upon laying eyes upon each other, it's love. However there is a snag, she
being the youngest has to wait until all her sisters are married. The
young couple decides to go to her father the Major-General for special
permission, and if he says no then she suggests "shacking up." But all
plans are put on hold when the pirates land and attack the women. Mabel
defends them until her father arrives, and he gets the pirates to release
them because they are all orphans. The pirates vow to return.
Frederic would like the Major-General to raise men to defend the
house, but he can not because all his money was stolen by the self-same
pirates years before. Mabel suggests finding the treasure, the map to
which is tattooed on the Pirate King's back. The couple board the ship.
Mabel gets the Pirate King to display his back while a hidden Frederic
copies the map. Mabel sneaks out, leaving the Pirate King with Ruth, the
only woman on the ship. Mabel and Frederic sink the ship but leave a life
line for the pirates. With the map, the couple recovers the treasure.
After returning with the treasure, Ruth and the Pirate King find
Frederic and ask again him to join up. After he refuses, the Pirate
King pulls out Frederic's contract and makes him read the fine print. It
seems that Frederic is an apprentice until his 21st birthday, which is
important because he was born on Feb 29! Having only passed his 4th
birthday with the pirates Frederic is duty-bound to return. He tells
Mabel who tries to get him to reconsider. He won't and she goes to raise
the troops herself.
The pirates with a reluctant Frederic raid the house. The women with
the help of the Keystone Cops defend, but eventually the pirates get the
upper-hand and trap Mabel and Frederic. Mabel calls a stop because this
is her dream and she wants a happy ending. She pairs up her sisters with
pirates and they have a big wedding.
During the wedding Mabel wakes up on the beach and finds the young man
leaning over her. They kiss, and he carries her away. The End.

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