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Q: What MOSís can apply to the 160th?
A: Here are the MOS's that are assigned to the 160th. 13F (for senior E-6's, promotable E-6's, or E-7's only), 15B/D/F/G/H/J/K/N/P/S/T/U, 25B/C/D/M/U, 27D, 42A/L, 44B/C/E, 52C/D, 56M, 63B/J/S, 68G/J/W, 74D, 79S, 88M (Only one position for an E-5), 88N(for senior E-6's, promotable E-6's, or E-7's only), 89B, 92A/F/R/Y, 94E/L/R/W, 96B(35F), 96D(35G),97B(35L), 98C(35N)


Q: Do you accept my pay grade?
A: We are currently accepting applications for Soldiers in the rank of E-1 to E-5. We will accept E-6's on a case-by-case basis. We may accept an E-6 that has less than one year time in grade and is able to PCS now. The unit tends to promote enough senior NCO's from within to meets the requirement for its limited senior NCO positions.


Q: Do you accept females? If so, in what MOS'S?
A: Yes.  The Regiment accepts females for assignment to certain positions within the following MOS's: 15P, 25B, 27D, 42A/L, 44C, 91G/J, 92A/Y, 96B/D, 97B, 98C/J/Y.  These are primarily staff positions.  All Soldiers go through the same general screening process, regardless of gender.  Prior to assigning female Soldiers, we ensure there is a valid, non-gender restricted MTOE or TDA position they can fill prior to approval for assignment. 

Q. Do 91W's (68W) have a different application to fill out?
A. Yes. All 91W's (68W) interested in assignment to the 160th must complete the SOFM application located on the main page. Our medical team is the review panel for all interested 91W's (68W). They use this application to give them an idea of your medical experience. Every 91W (68W) that gets accepted must attend the SOCM course at Ft. Bragg before they get assigned to the 160th. The course is a PCS move due to its length. Successful completion will get you assigned to the 160th with airborne school enroute if not already airborne qualified. Airborne IS a requirement to be a medic in the 160th. Please e-mail all questions AND applications to SFC Straight at: michael.straight@soar.army.mil.

Q. Is a SECRET security clearance required to get an assignment to the 160th? A. Maintaining a minimum SECRET clearance is required to remain assigned with the 160th SOAR(A). If you do not already have a clearance, it will be initiated upon your arrival. An interim clearance will be granted upon successful completion of the questionnaire. If you have a clearance pending or have an interim, that is fine too. The hard and fast rule is: "You must be able to maintain a minimum SECRET clearance in order to remain assigned with the unit". For those without any clearance, we do not know what your background holds so this requires the initiation of the clearance. If the clearance comes back unfavorable, you will be re-assigned needs of the Army (usually within the post you are stationed). Each Soldier knows what they have done, so I highly encourage being honest on your application and with yourself. If there are things in your background that seem questionable, please contact your S-2 officer. They may be able to clear up any questions due to handling clearance issues often. In a worst case, contact SFC Lagasse at his email on the main page.

Q: I just arrived at my current unit. Can I still apply?
A: Yes you can still apply. You will not be released from your current unit until you have met the minimum time on station requirements set by Department of the Army.

Q: Who decides if I am accepted?
A: A member of the Command decides if you are the right soldier for the job. Department of the Army makes the decision on whether or not to assign you orders to the Regiment.

Q: When should I apply?
A: There is no perfect time to apply. Assignments are made upon needs for specific MOS and Grade positions open upon your availability.

Q: How do I apply?
A:  Complete the application from the Homepage. Download the application and follow the instructions. The preferred way to send your application is by e-mail (to one of the contacts on the Homepage). But, if you don't have the means, send it by either FAX or mail it to the address listed in your application.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our office or e-mail us.

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