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Argentines Assess Abortion Changes

March 04, 2004

(CPOD) Mar. 4, 2004 - Residents of Argentina would consider legalizing abortion in specific cases, according to a poll by Graciela Romer y Asociados. 47 per cent of respondents say a woman should be able to choose whether to terminate a pregnancy in cases of rape, inherent peril to the mother or malformations to the fetus.

Abortion is illegal in Argentina, and is punishable with prison sentences ranging from one to 10 years. Only registered doctors can perform the procedure if the mother's health is at risk, or in a case of sexual abuse to a mentally-handicapped woman.

Supreme Court candidate Carmen Arigbay recently voiced her support for legalizing all types of abortion in the South American country.

Polling Data

Do you agree or disagree with the practice of abortion?

Agree, regardless of situation


Agree, under some circumstances
(Rape, risk of death to mother,
malformations to the fetus


Disagree, regardless of situation


Source: Graciela Romer y Asociados
Methodology: Interviews to 600 Argentine adults, conducted from Dec. 3 to Dec. 6, 2003. No margin of error was provided.

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