Forest appoint Davies

Former Derby boss takes control at City Ground

By Chris Harvey   Last updated: 1st January 2009

Billy Davies has been confirmed as the new boss of Nottingham Forest.

The 44-year-old former Derby County manager succeeds Colin Calderwood at the City Ground on a three-and-a-half-year contract.

The Scot will be joined at Forest by David Kelly as assistant manager.

Forest chief executive Mark Arthur confirmed the decision on the club's official website, saying: "Billy's record in the Championship is superb and we're hoping he can build on his already impressive achievements with us."

Davies will not officially start work at the City Ground until Monday but will be at the City of Manchester Stadium on Saturday to see his new side take on Manchester City in the FA Cup third round.

His first official match in charge will be against Charlton at The Valley on Saturday week.


The Scot, who first made his name as a manager in England with Preston before taking over at Pride Park, has admitted he faces a battle to win over supporters due to his Derby connections.

But the former Rams boss is confident he can soon become a fans' favourite.

Davies is treading the same route as the legendary Brian Clough who left Derby in 1973 beore moving to the City Ground two years later.

"If it is good enough for Brian Clough, it's good enough for Billy Davies," said the 44-year-old.

"I hope my record speaks for itself. I've never been so fired up to succeed in my career.

"There is massive potential at Forest and nothing would give me greater pleasure than eventually leaving the club in a better condition than when I found it.

"The long-term aim is to reach the Premier League but in the short-term it is to keep Forest in the Championship.

"I've enjoyed my time out of the game but now I am raring to go."


Alan Who says...

Forest fans might as well give the guy a chance. Derby is in his past now its not like he will come waltzing in wearing a Derby shirt and scarf! The Clough references should stop straight away though.

Posted 21:10 1st January 2009

Phill Robinson (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Well, i think most of us were praying for Nigel Clough. I know i was, but perhaps it was a bit of a jump for him . One day aye !. I really hope he gets Burton promoted this year . As for Billy Davies im a bit unsure, but you can't argue with his record in the Championship. As for Colin Calderwood, i won't ever knock him. He got us into the Playoffs at the 1st attempt, then won us Promotion ! . I really think the players we have should be running away with this league, but were just missing the spark and must have had the worst injury list ever !. Perhaps Billy Davies will bring that in with his no nonsence attitued and a couple more players. Lets get behind him and start with seeing off Man City at the weekend . No there's a team in disarray. Money doesen't buy you everything .......

Posted 20:40 1st January 2009

Tom Marlow (Leicester City fan) says...

Wake up most of you Forest fans, your glory days have long gone, Davies has got a record in this level, surely you want to sustain your position in the Chammpionship? Stop complaining and get behind your new manager

Posted 19:48 1st January 2009

Hammer 10 (Derby County fan) says...

He'll do a good job for you Red Dogs, although his football principles are not based on flair but on organisation and resilience, so don't expect the flowing football that our 2 teams have been accustomed to - we certainly never saw any under Jewell! However, when things are going well and you expect some stability he'll be off! The Preston fans told us this and look what happened!? The season we went up to the Promised Land we were jammie (and at Wembley!!) and during our flirt with the Premier League we all saw Davies' limitations! Enjoy your success (if it happens!) 'cos it won't last! Up the Rams!

Posted 16:42 1st January 2009

Adam Taylor (Derby County fan) says...

Good luck Billy, you'll always be a Derby hero.

Posted 16:32 1st January 2009

Ricky Beesla (Derby County fan) says...

Guys u got to give him a chance. So what if he was Derby manager everyone moves on. Look at Earnie this season hes scored you lot goals when he's been fit and uve chanted his name wen hes done so, if davies wins you games and keeps you up what have you got to moan for. When you guys came to us Commons got the biggest chant and Earnie got the biggest for u, people move on and you jus need to accept that davies is the man to keep you up great record great manager you lot should be happy, what would you have sed if ud got a new comer manager like blackburn did...

Posted 16:12 1st January 2009

Terry Salter says...

A fantastic appointment! I have high hopes for Billy davies to keep Forest up this season, we'll be organised, difficult to beat and disciplined. The true Forest fans will support him and give him a chance.

Posted 16:00 1st January 2009

Jason Hunt (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Forest fans need to start being more realistic about what is achievable now. We have been away from the top flight for too long to be able to attract the biggest name managers or players at this stage. The club need to evolve both on and off the field to be able to build another lasting period of success. Forest fans also need to stop harking back to halcyon days under Brian Clough. Those days are gone and to try to carbon copy what Cloughie did will just lead to more of the same disasters we have seen in the past. Billy Davies was not my first choice I admit, but then again I have been crying out for the board to appoint Brian Laws ever since Paul Hart was sacked. However, I have to admit that on track record and experience Billy does look the best man for the job and any past connection to Derby is irrelevant. If it was OK for us to appoint Cloughie after managing Derby (who might I point out was more successful at Forest than at Derby) then the same should apply for Billy Davies. The only questions in my mind are, has he learned from the mistakes he made at Derby in relying too much on the players that got them promoted, and will he play the attractive style of football Forest fans demand. The latter question is the one I am most concerned about, but both these questions will be answered in time. Forest fans should give Billy the time and respect his track record has earned and give the man a chance. I certainly will. The long road back started by Colin Calderwood (who, like him or not, did a good job to get us this far) needed a fresh perspective to move the club forward to the next stage. I think Billy will be the man to take us that next step and all Forest fans should reserve their judgment until they have seen his results.

Posted 15:56 1st January 2009

Tom Graham (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

It gets me extremely frustrated to see Forest fans moaning about the Chairman on a regular basis and the appointment of Davies. I hate us harping on about being a big club, when we havent even been in the top division for over a decade!!! What more do you want, football has changed, we will never become a top 4 premiership team, because we do not have the appeal for foreign investment! Davies' track record in this Division is incredible, taking over from Moyes at Preston and getting them into the playoffs twice. Derby were a nothing team when he took over and he got them promoted immediately. I couldnt care about his Derby connections, Earnshaw and Camp were Derby players and Camp was a self confessed Derby fan, yet everyone is desperate to make his deal permanent! It aggrevates me that some Forest fans cant accept that gone are the days of us challenging in the top Division, and forever expect an incredible appointment- which usually is highly unrealistic like the names of Allardyce and Curbishley!!! Im delighted we have Davies, and a Chairman who in the summer invested probably more than anyother chairman in this division. I think we'll spend money and at least establish ourselves in this division!!

Posted 15:50 1st January 2009

Trevor Morgan (Derby County fan) says...

Most Derby fans did not want Billy to go he was a fantastic manager who did a great job for Derby. His track record speaks for itself. Stop moaning and support your team and new manager.

Posted 15:09 1st January 2009

Ian Giles (Derby County fan) says...

All you doubters will turn into the typical fical fans. Shouting and cheering for wee Billy. Although his behaivour was appalling towards the end of his tenure, he is proven and will I predict he will get you promoted within 2 1/2 years. I feel The trees are in a much better state all round than the Rams right now and also predict you will finish above Derby in the table!!

Posted 14:47 1st January 2009

S18 Owl (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

"What a disasterous way to start the new year!" What a moronic thing to come out with! Forest fans seem to be like us Wednesday fans in believing they have some god given right just because they've won a trophy or two that they should be at the top end of the league, playing amzing football with a world class manager in charge. Who exactly would you have like them to employ?? From an outsiders view, Davies seemed the best man for the job, with the best track record. So what if he managed Derby - didn't a certain Cloughie do so as well??? As for the board, haven't they ploughed money into the club?? Calderwood's not exactly had a shoestring budget over the years as he?!? Earnshaw??

Posted 13:56 1st January 2009

Barry Gregory (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Iam not glad to see Billy at Forest,but i hope he has learnt from his mistakes at Derby and wont continue in same vain at Forest.It could be a whole lot worse if Doughty had picked IAN DOWIE.(oh my god)

Posted 13:49 1st January 2009

Richard Hutchings (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

I think that this is a good move, as Davies has a good track record in this division. Who cares that he has managed Derby - have the fans forgotten about the great Brian? His previous connection to Derby was irrelevant, its about his ability to get the best of of (lets be honest) ordinary players. Time will tell, but i'm hoping this is the kick start we need. Ps - I still believe the board need to go though!

Posted 13:48 1st January 2009

Ian Evans (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Billy Davies stats stand up and the majority of fans wanted a change in management,he wasn`t my 1st choice but you`ve got to give the guy a chance and hope his ability and enthusiasm improve our fortunes.

Posted 13:32 1st January 2009

Lee Good (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Come on forest fans, lets get behind the guy, some forest fans need to be realistic we was never getting the likes of Keane, Curbishley. This guy worked wonders at Derby and Preston so why not at forest? yes he did manage Derby, SO what so did Clough. In my opinion good appointment and lets get behind the guy. Good luck Billy!

Posted 13:26 1st January 2009

Pompey Red says...

Can't believe how some Forest fans are so negative! The late, great Brian Clough, also John McGovern, Archie Gemmill all came from Derby. More recently goalie Lee Camp was on loan at Forest. He was a Derby player and is a Derby fan yet quickly became a hero at Forest! Davies has an excellent record at Championship level. Davies is Forest manager now and nothing to do with Derby. That's history now. Let's get behind him and the team. Getting on the manager's back before he has even took the team won't help!

Posted 13:25 1st January 2009

Richard Morgan says...

I think that Billy Davies is a good appointment. We as fans need to be big enough to see past his Derby connctions and look at his previous experience. I'm confident he'll keep us up!

Posted 13:22 1st January 2009

Neil Seconde (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Not my first choice to be the new manager, but I'm willing to give him a chance & my support. If nothing else he will want to put one over the rams, so as long as we finish above them & out of the relegation places i'll be happy, for this season anyway

Posted 13:14 1st January 2009

Sam Carter (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

Totally agree. Disastrous appointment for Forest. Doughty has shown he doens't give a damn about what the people supporting this club want or deserve and he goes for the easy option. 3 and a half year contract is far far too long, so he'll never get sacked because Doughty won't pay his contract off. He has no incentive to win, he'll get paid whatever happens. Arthur and Doughty haven't bothered to listen again. First sacking Hart, then appointing Kinnear and Megson, now Davies. This board haven't got a clue. Arthur out, Davies out.

Posted 13:03 1st January 2009

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