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TroperTales: Brother Sister Incest
  • See Relative Error for mistaken-identity examples. Also, we already have Kissing Cousins: Stop adding that here.
  • This troper took his extremely effeminate brother (who fills out a dress better than his girlfriend) to senior prom night. He had a lot of fun.
  • This troper's girlfriend has an ex who, very drunk, slept with her birth sister. And now thinks it's hilarious. Just part of the reason both of us avoid her now...
    • You should probably give us her phone and msn... so we can avoid her too...
    • Wait. Girlfriend's ex slept with her sister...there's a distinct lack of the male pronoun in this sentence. Lesbians? (Not that it alters the story in any way, know...curiosity....)
      • Last GF (now Just Friends, no drama involved) and Miss Squick are both bi. As am I, though male.
  • This troper and is two older sisters have at various points taken it fairly far...
    • If you are two older sisters, isn't that just multiple personalities?
  • This troper had a thing for his sister for a while, and even tried approaching her about it, but was (gently and without further consequence, amazingly enough!) turned down. He turned to his writings as an outlet, making a sister character for his blatant author-insertion character and pairing them off. It didn't make him feel any better, but he just happened to eventually grow up and get over it with time anyway. (He would still be totally up for that, but the fact that it's not going to happen happen doesn't haunt him, at least.) Those two characters have come quite a long way since then, becoming rather well-developed now despite their less-than-noble origins. Their stories are surprisingly popular—who knew Brother Sister Incest was such a popular theme in the Furry Fandom?—so it ultimately worked out. As a bizarre epilogue, his mother just read those stories (!!!) but seems to have somehow missed the subtext.
    • Your name wouldn't happen to be Jay Naylor, would it?
      • I said written stories, not a webcomic. Also, I'm nowhere near that famous, even if said stories were hits....
  • I recently heard from a friend (who I know to be very trustworthy) that two brothers I went to elementary school with were a product of brother sister incest. Now, I don't know where he heard it from, so it might not be true...but it would explain why one of them is retarded and the other one has deformed hands...
    • To be fair, birth defects in incestuous couples climb exponentially; the more repeated (ie, if the family tree absolutely never branches,) the more the odds of something going wrong start to approach 1, but the first incestuous pair from an otherwise normal family line should be fine. The odds of defects are technically several times greater, yes, but only in the sense that 0.1% is technically ten times greater than 0.01%. In reality, the odds of defects are significantly higher when other, more common factors are in play, such as the mother being older, ingesting something particularly irresponsible to ingest during the pregnancy, or giving birth prematurely. A more likely theory in this case is that these children happened to have defects and random schoolyard gossip came up with the incest story as an explanation, because children are evil and malicious like that.
      • Well, as I recall, the mother was rather strange looking too, so it might not just be that generation...
  • This troper has an androgynous brother, who often took female roles for his theatre club (due to lack of female members). He was good at what he did, so much so that this troper often forgot that the pretty girl on stage was his brother and not someone to give a third arm salute to. For some inane reason that this troper cannot fathom, he asked his brother to be his date for the senior prom.
  • This Troper was always suspicious of a High School friend and his 2 years younger sister. She was always sitting in his lap and snuggling with him. They even shared a room.
  • This 19 year-old troper and his 15 year-old sister are well... kinda more than siblings.
    • This troper is intrigued and wishes to subscribe to your newsletter.
    • Um...WHAT!?
      • Note: Whether it's the topic of this page or the age difference that's most likely to prompt the above reaction is hotly debated.
      • This is the Internet, you can't expect our priorities to be entirely socially "acceptable", especially with this cushy anonymity.
      • Wait, did you knock her up? And do you post on Yahoo Answers? I think I may have trolled you...
      • Who uses Yahoo Answers? It's like a very slow message-board. It doesn't even work as a community because with Yahoo Answers somebody not only needs to know the answer but also be nice enough to give it to you (and find your question), while a messageboard will try to help anybody just because it's something to chat about. Ah well, this is off topic.
      • I can think of other reasons to not use Yahoo Answers...
  • This troper has had crushes on pretty much every member of his immediate family (2 brothers, mother and father) and a number of extended members, but has never gone any further (because all of them are straight, and I'm way too nervous to actually go up and ask. Also, this troper knows the difference between reality and fantasy). What Incest Taboo?
    • This troper would like to put forth the theory that you have the WORST LUCK IN THE WORLD.
      • It's his own fault—how attractive can his entire family BE?
  • This Troper <—psych! thought I was gonna sign eh?—> has had sex with both of his older brothers. The "straight" one stopped at oral, the gay one however went further.
  • This troper has two friends, brother and sister, that at first he thought to be a couple from the way they act (this troper still has his suspicions, too). They got cast as lovers in every single school play too, so they definately had to make out a lot more than the usual brother and sister. I still wonder if the teachers ever really thought about that at the time.
  • This Troper has long been very confused about her younger-but-more-mature-and-older-looking brother. She hates him. She hates him with a fiery passionate resentment that stems not only from that fact that he is far more attractive than her and a thousand times better at school and what their parents term 'real life', also from the fact she's been having wet dreams about him since he was tall enough to physically overshadow her. Plus she always seems to pick up that type when she feels like a guy - passes for older, but barely legal. She really, really hates that boy.
    • Man, Freud would have some fun with that.
  • This troper was reading the Nightmare Fuel examples for Real Life, and read near the bottom that another user will have nightmares about this particular troper tales page. So this troper poked over here to see what the user was so squicked about, and now I will never be able to scrub these mental images from my mind. Thanks a lot, guys.
    • Yeah, this troper found out about this the same way. Actually made him feel a lot better about himself. Realizing, after a few years of writing a story, that the main character and love interest of the self-insertion (well, they're all self-insertions to a degree, but the one designated as most similar to the author) was probably subconsciously based in large part on his own sister was, at first, a bit Squicky, but compared to this stuff, that's mild. Thank you for reaffirming my sanity.
      • You three, huh? Waiter, five-gallon jug of Brain Bleach, please.
      • I find this and the Kissing Cousins (Troper Tales) page funny.
    • This page also qualifies as Fetish Fuel for more than one troper.
    • Despite the Squick, it's known (and you'll notice if you bother to look) that most people tend to be attracted to others that have certain resemblances to family. I, for one, find it interesting just how much in common does my sister's BF have with me.
  • This troper has an older sister with a perhaps above average drive who on several occasions when they were younger initiated a few things (but not THAT far). This troper didn't resist though, and once their mother walked in on them and they both denied it. Unfortunately, male anatomy doesn't permit that sort of denial. Oh well. To his sister's credit, she made a point of regretting it when it happened earlier on which later turned into simply pretending it didn't happen but being clearly ashamed of it. But still, not cool.
  • This troper has had very unwanted wet dreams about her sister. She strongly desired brain bleach after them, although they've thankfully stopped...
    • This troper had so many erotic dreams about his sister that they went from being strongly undesired to slightly undesired to "well, I'm used to it by now, I guess" to eventually strongly desired. *Then* they stopped.
    • This troper has had two sex dreams about her brother. Did not want. (Though he's not bad-looking.)
    • This troper has had sex dreams about both of her older brothers. She figures that if it's purely in the realm of fantasy, then no harm done - though she worries her unabashed kink for brother-sister incest in fic will eventually give her away.
    • This troper suffered from intrusive sexual imagery (brought on by clinical depression) involving prepubescent family members, including a sister. Since at the time I was fifteen and didn't know what intrusive imagery was, this was officially the most unpleasant experience of my life. Thanks to finding out what it was, it's now downgraded to infrequent and mildly annoying.
  • This troper's parents separated when he was a baby. He stayed with his mother while his father moved to a different state and remarried. Eighteen years later, he went to visit a family member (who lived in the same area as his father) in the hospital. When he was leaving the hospital after the first day, he ran into a lovely and charming (not mention incredibly attractive) girl that he had no small amount of lustful thoughts toward. During the course of the conversation, it quickly became apparent that she was in fact his half-sister who he had heard of but never actually met. This troper took a long and cold shower when he got back to his hotel room.
  • This (female) troper and her female best friend were dating each other's brothers for a while. As we were similarly built, we played a trick on our brothers in a movie theater. They were going to see Dark Knight for the 5th or 6th time, and we wore similar clothes and went to the bathroom halfway though the movie to switch hats and shirts to see if they would realize. Sadly, they did not, and my friend's brother started spelunking. Luckily, she said something before he got that far in her pants. I bring it up at every opportunity.
    • So full of squik!
  • This troper lives in utter, unabashed fear of this trope—being adopted, the only people I can be sure of not being blood relatives at first meeting are... my actual "blood" relatives, by which I mean the ones I was raised with. I rather thoroughly investigate the family histories of people I'm attracted to, but if I ever slip up somehow, I will probably puke myself to death.
    • This troper is also adopted and has the same problem. At the very least I know I have at least several siblings I haven't met. The odds aren't good, but fate is cruel.
  • Narrowly averted when this troper was eleven; he and his twelve-year-old not-quite-stepsister (parents dating, not married) nearly Went All The Way but were stopped at third base when Mom and Dad pulled the car into the driveway. Parents broke up shortly thereafter and the opportunity didn't present itself again. Since the incident happened in the summer of 1989 and both parties involved had developed the requisite pubescent reproductive abilities, had the act been allowed to proceed to its conclusion I realized this past summer that I'd be a 31-year-old with a kid about to start college. Waiter, the Brain Bleach, please!
    • You do realize that the chance of actually getting somebody pregnant with an average (IE: fully developed, not 11) size load of semen on a woman who is ovulating at the normal intervals is just under (or was it over?) 30%, right? You would probably just be a very lucky guy if you went all the way.
      • I'm a gambling man, and I wouldn't lay 3 to 1 against the proposition. I've heard of shotgun weddings where the guy knocked up the girl, but have there ever been shotgun weddings where the woman's son knocked up the guy's daughter?
  • This troper and his sister were often mistaken for lovers in middle school and high school whenever we were seen in the same vicinity. The sister would very often squick out upon people suggesting this, whereas I would occasionally play it up for laughs. Note that the actual attraction between the two siblings is almost nil.
  • This troper and his brother sometimes are very touchy...Sometimes, we have to share the bed, and well...It's weird, but I can't say I'm totally disagree...

Find Brother Sister Incest here. You sick bastard.