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Aleksandr Panayotov Aleksandrov Bulgarian Pilot Cosmonaut. Born 1 December 1951.

Personal: Male, Married, One child. Born in Omurtag, Bulgaria. Bulgarian Air Force Graduated from Air Force Academy, 1974. Candidate of technical sciences degree, 1983. Bulgarian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Bulgarian Air Force.

Astronaut Career

Astronaut Group: Intercosmos Group - 1978. Inactive Entered space service: 1 March 1978. Left space service: 17 June 1988. Number of Flights: 1.00. Total Time: 9.84 days. Transferred to International Group 5, 1987.

Deputy Director, Institute of Space Research. Academy of Science, Bulgaria.

Aleksandrov Aleksandr Spaceflight Log

  • 7 June 1988 Flight: Mir EP-2. Flight Up: Soyuz TM-5. Flight Back: Soyuz TM-4. Flight Time: 9.84 days.

Aleksandrov Aleksandr Chronology

1 March 1978 - Intercosmos Cosmonaut Training Group selected.. Training group of potential 'guest cosmonauts' for propaganda flights to the Salyut space station. The 'guests', from states allied to the Soviet Union, would be flown on Soyuz lifeboat changeout missions to the station.

10 April 1979 - Soyuz 33. Manned two crew. Flight under the Intercosmos programme of an international team consisting of N N Rukavishnikov (USSR) and G I Ivanov (Bulgaria). Unsuccessful mission. Failed to rendezvous with Salyut 6.
7 June 1988 - Soyuz TM-5. Transported to the Mir orbital station a Soviet/Bulgarian crew comprising cosmonauts A Y Solovyev, V P Savinykh and A P Aleksandrov (Bulgaria) to conduct joint research and experiments with cosmonauts V G Titov and M K Manarov. Interim orbit 343 x 282 km. Maneuvered to Mir's 355 x 349 km orbit. Docked 15:57 GMT 9 June to Mir's aft port. Moved to forward port 18 June.
17 June 1988 - Landing of Soyuz TM-4. Undocked 06:18 GMT 17 June 88. Soyuz TM-4 landed at 10:13 GMT, 202 km from Dzehezkazgan, with the crew of Aleksandrov Aleksandr, Savinykh and Solovyov aboard.


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