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Summary Hedeby Project
Categories None
License SISSL
Owner(s) adoerr, andre

Hedeby Introduction

In large enterprises, hosts are often divided among different services (e.g. N1GE), and the services themselves are seen as assigned pools of resources (e.g. hosts). When a service is overwhelmed with work one solution may be to remove resources from a service which is not overburdened or less important and assign those resources to the overloaded service. The Hedeby project was established to provide this functionality automatically. The Hedeby component handling this case is called the Resource Provider (RP).

Services have resource requirements (e.g. OS, memory, Nr. Of CPUs) for optimal operational effectiveness. Some enterprises are using host provisioning software (e.g. N1SM,) to provide a large spectrum of possible resources. The Hedeby project will also find out the resource needs of services and provide OS Provisioning to fulfill service resource requirements at the OS resource level. The Hedeby component responsible for switching Operating Systems on host resources is called the OS Provisioner.

The notion of a Service Container is used to express the generalized naming for a service which is using a combination of resources. The illustration “Component relationship“ shows two Service Containers reporting their need to the Resource Provider. The Resource Provider has the possibility to interact with the OS Provisioner in order to change OS specific resource attributes or reassign resources from one Service Container to another one.

In order to interact with different provisioning software implementations, the OS Provisioner communicates with one or more OS Distributor (OSD) instances. An OS Distributor is directly connected to a provisioning software interface. The interfaces used to communicate with different Service Containers and OS Provisioners are called Adapters.

Developer's getting started with Hedeby
Hedeby Component overview
Hedeby Book Version 0.4.7 (HTML)
Hedeby Installation (chapter in Hedeby Book)


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Name Summary
hedeby-config-center Configuration Tool for hedeby system
hedeby-ge-adapter Grid Engine Adapter for Hedeby
hedeby-gui Hedeby GUI
hedeby-n1sm-adapter N1 System Manager Adapter for Hedeby
hedeby-security Security component of project Hedeby