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The Joseph and Valerie Wilson Legal Support Trust was established to assist in the financing of the substantial legal costs associated the civil suit filed in July 2006 as a result of the illegal leaking of Mrs. Wilson’s classified CIA status.

Reasons for filing the suit are threefold: to uncover the truth about the leak, which is even more urgent after the Vice President and Scooter Libby failed to testify at Libby’s trial; to ensure that all relevant public officials are held accountable for their actions, which deprived two American citizens of their privacy and Constitutional rights; and to serve as a deterrent to similar crimes being committed in the future.

Should the civil action result in a settlement to Joe and/or Valerie Wilson that is in excess of all costs associated with the case, monies equal to what had been contributed will be returned to the Wilson Trust for distribution to other charitable organization(s) working to protect First Amendment rights and defend whistleblowers from retaliatory action.