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11th February 2004

This “Man Fut Tong Nursing Home Charity Dinner” event marks the 96th Lunar Birthday of Ven Ho Yuen Hoe. More importantly, it reflects what Ven Ho has done over many years to look after the needy sick and distressed elderly, irrespective of their race, language or religion. As we look back at what Ven Ho has done for her cause over the years, she well deserves to be recognized as a formidable role model for both young and old Singaporeans.

What she founded previously as a sheltered home for 40 female destitutes within her temple in 1969 has now been replaced by the new 232-bed Man Fut Tong Nursing Home. Built at a cost of $10 million – 90% of it covered by a capital grant from the Ministry of Health and the remaining cost covered by funds raised at Ven Ho’s 90 th Birthday celebrations in 1999, the Home is now recognized as a provider of qu ality care for the elderly sick.

When Ven Ho started her sheltered home in 1969, she supported her residents by cooking and selling vegetarian food. From those efforts, she also managed to save enough to purchase in 1985 the land next to her temple to build a modest home for 24 re sidents and have it registered under the then Ministry of Community Development.

The present Nursing Home, which operates with an annual subsidy from the Ministry of Health, supplements the much needed funds for its running with co-payments from families of present-day residents and funds raised through events such as to-night’s Charity Dinner. I would like to record my appreciation for all who have contributed to the success of this Charity Dinner event – a worthy cause for the Home’s sick and needy residents.

My wife and I wish Ven Ho a Very Happy Birthday – good health and happiness, and thank her for her valuable contributions to the community. We also wish the Man Fut Tong Nursing Home every success in serving the sick and needy elderly in Singapore.


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