My Hero, Your Hero, The Savior Of Professional Wrestling. Chris Hero.

"You know what they call me on the streets? They call me the mack daddy of the cravate. And that's for real. That's for real. Word up."
- Chris Hero to Robbie Mireno.

by Luca Corolli

1) Here we are with the self-proclaimed "Savior of CZW", our former Iron Man Champion Chris Hero. First of all, let me thank you for this interview. Let's start with a first question: at Cage Of Death 6, after your loss to B-Boy, you decided to leave Combat Zone Wrestling. Why did you make this decision?

I left because John Zandig has always been out to get me. He has cut off my microphone multiple times, preventing me from entertaining the fans and forcing them to listen to his mundane ramblings. In 2004 I was the single most entertaining part of any CZW show I was on and this guy has been miffed since my return in April. If you saw the January show you know I came back. You didn't think I'd leave for good, did you? Besides, my new shirts came in and I had to make them available for all my diehard CZW fans.

2) What do you think about your "Few Good Men", Blackjack Marciano and Claudio Castagnoli?

I fired Blackjack Marciano before the January show. His head was just in the clouds far too often and I need to be surrounded by well oiled wrestling machines. I can easily see Claudio becoming the second best Iron Man Champion in CZW history if he listens to me. But since he's associated with me, Zandig holds him down and puts him in there with marginal talent like DeeJay Hyde and All Money is Legal. Those guys aren't the worst wrestlers ever, but man, Claudio is the man. Did you see his Ultraviolent Uppercut on Jigsaw in January? EXCUSE ME!!!

3) Speaking of Chikara guys, what do you think about Blackout's Eddie Kingston? We know you have fought him in Chikara in one of the hardest-hitting matches ever.

King is big and tough but his mind is poisoned by Robby Mireno. The bigger they are, the dumber they are, so you cant really blame the guy. He's someone I'd rather have on my side but I've beaten him before and I would happily do it again.

4) Let's talk about your matches now... We all know that you put on 5-star matches month after month... but in your CZW career, which match do you think was your best one? And what about your best non-CZW match?

Since this questions is used to give the fans an idea of what matches I think have been my best it's really unfair to limit them to just one match and it isn't feasible for them to see all of my matches, although they should. So instead I'll just say that Chris Hero '05 v. Chris Hero from 10 years in the future would probably be the best match ever. And just like all my matches, Chris Hero would walk out the winner.

5) Apart from CM Punk, who would probably be your easy choice for this question, who do you consider as your best opponent for a match?

In the last year and a half I've done battle with Arik Cannon on multiple occasions and I've beaten him every time. We always have good matches and it's always because of me. He's good, but just not up to the level of a Chris Hero 2005 or a Chris Hero 2015.

6) As I just mentioned CM Punk... is your 93 minute match the longest match you have ever fought? And if it is, which is your longest match with a different opponent?

I squared off against Swiss wrestling Legend Rene Lasartesse in the Alps for 7 days and 7 nights. It was tiring, but I walked away a better man and a much better wrestler.

7) You know countless ways to apply and reverse cravats and other moves... a natural question is, how long did it take you to learn all those techniques? And who do you consider as your most important trainer?

It's no secret that I've trained with some of the best this business has to offer: Tracy Smothers, Les Thatcher, Ian Rotten, Dory Funk, Jr., Dave Taylor, Finlay, Regal, Skayde, Mike Quackenbush, Joe Legend, Chris Hero, Rene Lasartesse. Learning is a non-stop process and I often like to pick my own brain to see what I can teach myself.

8) Back to CZW now... what do you think about John Zandig?

He has an out of control power trip and has his ultraviolent hands around the throat of CZW. He also curses a lot. How can I "save" his company and all the fans if he cuts me off at every pass? At Cage of Death I really let him have it and spoke my mind. It's only a matter of time til he does something stupid and ends up on the shelf for good. Oh, I like his Roaring Zandig. He spins like a human tornado (a, not THE) and clobbers someone with an ultraviolent cyclone of arm and curse words. That is his only redeeming quality.

9) A little word association now... spend just two words on the following:

I hate word association so we're going to do something different.

Who was the CZW Wrestler of the year in 2004?
Who is the longest reigning CZW Iron Man Champion in history?
Who has the best hair in CZW?
Who, in CZW, uses Dead and Bloated as his theme song?
Who is your favorite wrestler?

e-mail your answers to me at and the winner(s) will recieve a personally autographed e-mail from your favorite wrestler.

10) Thanks again for this interview, feel free to say whatever you want to your Italian fans.

Thanks for your time. If you want Chris Hero in Italy, I do too! Let it be known to the promoters and I appreciate the support. Take Care.