My Hero, Your Hero, The Savior Of Professional Wrestling. Chris Hero.

"You know what they call me on the streets? They call me the mack daddy of the cravate. And that's for real. That's for real. Word up."
- Chris Hero to Robbie Mireno.

Promotions Worked for during 2003

Name - # of Shows - Link

All Star - 5 -
BBW - 10 -
CCW - 38 -
CZW - 3 -
GSW - 2 -
ICW - 2 -
IWA-MS - 41 -
MAW - 2 -
MPW - 2 -
NWA TNA - 7 -
Rok'Um Sok'Um - 2 -
TLW - 2 -
wXw - 4 -
XICW - 3 -

Only Once-

EWA (Austria) -
FCW (Netherlands) -
RCW (Ron's Championship Wrestling) -
SWF (Swiss Wrestling Federation) -
USA Championship Wrestling -

26 Promotions

Areas Worked in-

State - Cities

IN - Clarksville, Evansville, Highland, Lafayette, Mooresville, Salem, Scottsburg
KY - Bardstown, Big Clifty, Carrollton, Elizabethtown, Ft. Knox, Hodgenville, Lancaster, Portland, plus another town
MI - Cadillac, Warren
MN - Maple Grove
NC - New Bern
OH - Evendale
PA - Allentown, Johnstown, Philadelphia
TN - Knoxville, Nashville
WI - Milwaukee

9 States, 23+ cities

Countries - Cities

Austria - Leoben
England - Aylesbury, Bognor Regis, Minehead, Skegness
Germany - Essen, Heidelberg, Olsberg
Netherlands - Dieteren
Switzerland - Oberglatt

6 non-US Countries

Shows - Matches
Jan. 10 10
Feb. 9 9
Mar. 11 13
Apr. 12 13
May 14 15
Jun. 9 11
Jul. 12 15
Aug. 11 12
Sep. 13 15
Oct. 11 11
Nov. 14 16
Dec. 10 12

136 shows and 152 matches

Opponents and number of matches:

Ares (of Swiss Money Holding) - 4
JC "Bam Bam" Bailey - 8
"The guy that kicks me in the face" B-Boy - 3
"Classic" Colt Cabana - 3
"The Anarchist" Arik Cannon - 3
Danny Daniels - 11
Double C (of Swiss Money Holding) - 5
J. Grunge (of Damage Inc.) - 6
Hyzaya - 3
Lonestar - 6
Master Rich - 6
Simon Sezz - 5
"The Next" Alex Shelley - 5
"The Tremendous" Emil Sitoci - 3
"Poison" Appollo Starr - 3
Michael Todd Stratton (Todd Morton) - 5
Viper (of Damage Inc.) - 6
"Spyder" Nate Webb - 3
"Chippendale" Mikey Whiplash - 3
"Psycho Puppy" Mark Wolf - 9

Opponents wrestled twice during 2003:

American Dragon
Avalanche (PN News)
Terry Bull
"Mr. Insanity" Toby Cline
Sonjay "Rhymes With Butt" Dutt
"Barbaric Berzerker" Jimmy Jacobs
"B Jizzle" B.G. James
"The Truth" Ron Killings
Konnan aka The Magic Stick
Jerry Lynn
"Innit to Winnit" Nigel McGuinness
New York Street Fighter (Street Fighter from WLW)
"Evil Rider" Martin Nolte
"Sweet Pea" CM Punk "Smart" Bart Sawyer
"The Natural" Chase Stevens
"Metalhead" Steve Stone
Ace "Shaska" Steel
Steve Taurus
BJ "the Body" Whitmer

Opponents wrestled once during 2003:

Trent Acid
Alexander the Great
All Star (from KY)
"Kamikaze" Ken Anderson
Koichiro Arai (Mini Araken)
Dino Bambino
Billy Black
"Monstrous" Ryan Boz
"Too Damn Big" Brad Bradley
"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown
Cash Flo
"Sheik" Shawn Daivari
Andy Douglas (of the Naturals)
Stan Dupp (Trevor Rhodes)
Frankie the Face
"The Black Redneck" Kliff Hanger
"Wildcat" Chris Harris
Don Harris (Heavy D)
Ron Harris (Big Ron)
Nate Hatred
Don Heavy (of Swiss Money Holding)
Legend (Joe E. Legend)
Truth Martini
Maxx Mizery
Necro Butcher
"Mean" Mitch Page
Pink Pansy
"Lightning" Mike Quackenbush
Corporal Robinson
"Prodigy" John Rock
Ian Rotten
Salem (Devon Strom/Crowbar)
"Bounty Hunter" Eric Schwarz
"Prime Time" Elix Skipper
"Wild Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers
"Cowboy" James Storm
"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles
Vic the Bruiser
Erik Watts
"The Anarchist" Doug Williams

85 opponents

Tag Partners during 2003 and number of matches teamed:

"The Stretcher" John Caesar - four times
'Dynamic' Dragon (American Dragon) - twice
"Lightning" Mike Quackenbush - twice
"Spyder" Nate Webb - twice
Mark Wolf - twice

Tag Partners for only one match:

"Soul Assassin" Antonio Chavis (Rain Man)
Dean 2 Extreme
Kid Cool
Scotty "Malakai" Matthews
Master Rich
"Marverlous" Mitch Rider
Corporal Robinson
"Spotlight" Chris Sanders
Simon Sezz
"The Next" Alex Shelley
Tim War Cloud
"Richie Boy" Breyer Wellington
BJ "the Body" Whitmer

19 partners

Managed By-

Josiah Cain
Eddie G
Lucy Furr (aka Wonder Woman)
Anita Lay
Dave Prazak

Opposing Managers-

Da Commish
Allison Danger
Carmine DeSpirito
"The Dew" Dewey Donovan
Jim Fannin
Lucy Furr
Izzy High (American Kickboxer)
The Judge
Anita Lay
Al Olajuwon (formerly Caretaker Albert)

Types of matches:

Singles Matches - 106
Tag Matches - 21
Two out of Three Falls - 6
Three Way Dance - 5
Four Corners - 3
...on a Pole - 3 (one was a three way)
Six Man Tag - 2

Only One:
Cage Match, Falls Count Anywhere, Handcuff Gimmick Match, Handicap Match, Houdini Battle Royal, Table Match, Texas Death

Tournaments - CCW Title, CCW Lightweight Title, CHIKARA Tag, CZW Ironman, GWA Title, Strong Style, Ted Petty Invitational

Titles Held -
CCW Heavyweight -
July 31st from Bart Sawyer to Sept 18th to Lonestar

CCW Tag Team w/ John Caesar -
February 5th from Damage Inc. to Feb 19th to Damage Inc.

IWA Mid South Heavyweight (2 Times) -
February 7th from CM Punk to June 7th to Mark Wolf,
July 12th from Danny Daniels (title held up) August 2nd to Danny Daniels

wXw Heavyweight -
March 1st from Martin Nolte to November 8th to Alex Shelley

XICW Heavyweight -
July 13th from Frankie the Face to September 14th to Truth Martini