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Choosing your project.

Your science fair project will answer a question. You probably ask questions all the time. You just never thought of them as science fair projects! Are cats smarter than dogs? Does washing your hands really get rid of germs? Why does your Mom say she's cold when you're hot? How warm is global warming? Is that TV commercial true?

Good Places to Get Science Fair Ideas

Your house or apartment, especially the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, basement, garage.
Your pets. Their food, bed, or flea stuff. Also at your veterinarian's office.
Your yard. Good for ideas about how things grow.
TV, especially news, science and nature programs. You can also try to prove if what a commercial says is true.
Newspapers. Current events about health, the weather and the environment are good sources of questions.
Library. Look at science books and magazines. You might find an interesting subject.

Find a Project Category That Interests You

Sometimes it's easier to get an idea if you narrow your thinking to one category first. Here are some categories that might interest you.


What stars and planets can you see from your house?
Where have all the stars gone? A study of light pollution
Estimating the rotational speed of the sun by using sunspots


The affect of gibberellic acid on plants with red lights.
Which color saran wrap allows plants to grow the tallest?
Do different wavelengths of light affect plant growth?
Do fruit and vegetable juices contain the same amount of vitamin C?
Do hydrating shampoos really strengthen hair more than regular shampoos?
The effectiveness of sunscreen
How does vitamin C packaged orange juice compare to freshly squeezed orange juice?
The effect of pH on enzyme catalysis in fruit browning
The effects of nitrates and phosphates on daphnia pulex
Can yard trash be substituted as a fiber source in cattle feed?
Heat induced denaturation of Nutrasweet into D.P.
What are the effects of lead on enzyme activity?
The effect of electromagnetic and magnetic fields on DNA
What is the effect of malathion on planarian?
Sugar, acid and tooth decay
Does chewed gum lose mass?
Determining genetic drift


How does your body work?
Germs and microbes
Dry tooth brushing's effectiveness for removal of plaque from teeth
Eye improvement using vision therapy
Does your hearing level change after exposure to amplified music?
Do taller people have greater lung capacity then shorter people?
The relationship between muscle strength and body fat
Are 6th grade boys more physically fit than 6th grade girls?
The effect of secondary smoke on the heart rate


How fast does grass grow?
What soil grows the best plants?
Does sugar prolong the life of cut flowers?
Can distilled water be used to water plants?
Which plants absorb more water?
The effects of varying amounts of water on seed germination
How does colored light affect radish growth?
What is the duration needed to chill tulips to get the tallest growth?
Where do plants store their food?
Do cacti grow better in topsoil or sand?
Does soil compaction affect growth and yield of corn?
Physical effect of ultraviolet rays on the germination and growth of phaseolus vulgaris in different magnetic fields.
The effect of increased CO2 levels on pinus elliotti
Enhancement of agdroponics through the use of recycled water.
What type of condition does algae grow best in?
Acid Rain: an analysis of germination and initial seed growth.
Irrigation: drop or regular?
Leaf size versus transpiration
How do plants survive in extreme temperatures?

Consumer Chemistry

Do some batteries last longer than others?
Does washing your hands really get rid of germs?
How fast does water evaporate?
What product best removes pet stains?
Does expired film work?
Ph of common beverages
How do household bleaches compare?
Do batteries last as long after they have been recharged?
The effects of octane on gasoline mileage
The secret life of waterproof mascara
Does the speed of photographic film affect image quality?
How long does chlorine stay in water?
Is print quality affected by the kind of paper used?
Sticky situations: which glue is strongest?
The effects on detergent brand on bubble height.
Bubble-logy: a hygroscopic solution equals a better bubble
The affects of ultraviolet light on polymers and copolymers
Does fabric softener affect drying time?
What preservations can stop rust from forming?
Claims on TV commercials about removing carpet stains - are they true?
How can you prove them?
Why do things change color and temperature?
How long does it take water to freeze? How long does it take ice to melt?

Food Chemistry

Why do foods turn colors when you cook them? Why does food get cold?
What makes a gummy bear sticky?
What whips faster, egg whites or whipping cream? Why?
What makes yeast foam (proof) ?
"Sizzle, not so lean": which bacon has the most fat?
Which citrus fruit is the best electrolyte?
The effect of the Rood type on the pH of food.
What form of sugar combined with baker's yeast will produce the most Carbon Dioxide?
Which is more accurate, a digital thermometer, an alcohol thermometer or a mercury Thermometer?

Environmental Science

What's happened to things that aren't here anymore (like horseless carriages and dinosaurs)?
Air, water, garbage, recycling, oil spills, etc.
What makes a clean car get dirty?
Which is better for the environment: paper or plastic?
Which minerals can you find in sand?
Percent of calcium carbonate in shells
How does plastic wrap affect a water heating solar panel?
How does light affect the pH of soil?
Will reflected light change the efficiency of a solar cell?
Which mulch conserves moisture the longest?
The effects of car exhaustion on ornamental cabbage plants
Snow and ice control on highways: is salt a safe solution?
Is there lead in your water?
The effects of pseudomonas on oil spills
Which cars produce more pollution: American of foreign?
Is firewood better than manufactured logs?
Do earth friendly cleaning products measure up?
The biodegradability of packing materials
Which season has more acid rain?
Using sunspots to measure solar rotation


Rocks and earth
Can soil type be a factor in landslides?

Math/Computer Science

Does it cost less to ride the bus or drive a car?
The little engine that could: finding the best way to search the web
How much damage is imparted by a magnet on a computer disk?
Computer processors: which are fastest and the most economical?
Using computer fire modeling to predict heat growth and smoke spread in a fire
What mathematical patterns are found in music?
Mathematics of a honeycomb
Roll probability in Monopoly
Computer/weather prediction


How does the weather change?
Where do hurricanes and earthquakes come from?
Can today's clouds predict tomorrow's weather?


Do soft drinks really taste different from each other?
What fast food fries are the best bargain by weight and count?
Can you tell time without a clock or watch?
Do your senses influence your taste buds?
How do people react to violence?
Music and its effect on heart rate
Does music affect how we sleep?
Sleep Deprivation: Can it affect the way we test?
What color light bulbs attract the most insects?
Personality types versus blood types
Who gets more attention in the classroom: males or females?
Does participation in extracurricular activities affect grades?
Does Mozart help students perform better on tests?
The coordination of left handed people versus right handed people
Do specific facial proportions determine beauty?
Does exercise enhance short term memory?
The validity of eyewitness reports
The effect of perfume on pulse rate
The effects of playing video games on hand-eye coordination


Did dinosaurs live in my town?


Can you make a photograph without a camera?
How much energy does your computer use? Where did the energy come from?
What would make an M&M melt in your hand?
Can you make a working radio?
The effect of soccer ball temperature on kicking distance
The investigation of how ions affect the surface tension of water
How does weather affect baseball?
Specs on specs: How to protect your eyes from UV light
How does unbalanced vibration of a musical string affect the wave it creates?
Calculating Resistance: using circuits to test Ohm's Law
Temperamental golf balls - which golf balls travel the furthest?
Can mathematical patterns be found in J.S. Bach's Preludes and Fugues?
The effect of temperature on the velocity of winds
How does oxygen affect the rate a candle burns?
How do different liquids affect water surface tension?


Which cat food do cats purr-fur?
Do birds care what's in the bird feeder?
What do ants think is a delicious picnic?
Do mice really like cheese?
Are dogs color blind?
Ability of goldfish to distinguish colors
Do insects have a different respiration rate at different temperatures?
Monkey Business: Why gorillas don't swing from trees?
How does different types of music affect the structure of a spider web?
The effects of Herbal Phen-fen on Daphnia magna
Snakes, spiders, worms and snails
Do boy gerbils and girl gerbils behave differently?
Can animals tell time?

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