March 03, 2004

Re: Bullying

Posted by R Kirkwood at March 3, 2004 07:54 AM

I'm with McCarthy and Epstein on the subject of bullying.

The sense I get from some posts is that some bloggers believe those of us who don't think bullying is a big problem also believe we excuse it. Not true. We just don't think the acts or their consequences rise to the level of serious philosphical discussion. In other words, all this is a little silly.

You can have all the theoretical and ideological debate you want about aggression and how its violates libertarian principles, but your average bully isn't really concerned about this or that libertarian axiom, and the kid who loses his lunch money can't whip out a copy of "For A New Liberty" and explain to the bully why he's wrong.

You handle bullies the way Andrew Jackson and Audie Murphy handled them: by kicking the living crap out of them.

And one more thing: bullying and violence against innocent people or the weak aren't wrong because they violate some esoteric libertarian principle about "non-aggression;" they're wrong because they violate the Fifth Commandment.