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Will be sending out notification of acceptance to paper for #pelc09 next week. - sign up to attend!
Title for my workshop at World Congress in Brazil in July: "Learning 2.0: Discover the power of online social tools and networking services"
@jont dog was thankful too
Just broken a dog off a lampost
working from home 2day on prep 4 next week's new modules and writing up some web 2.0 research papers for upcoming conferences
morning twits
@misetak Yep - good advice. Sleep is no longer just for wimps. Up the wooden hill
@misetak anyway, I'm not Twittering at the moment. (except this)
@misetak first day back...? i don't think i ever left...!
@misetak Tell you wot I am is Knackered
Not twittering at the moment (except for this one)
@dr_neil Yer hair's spikier than mine
@daveowhite Could it not be a tamabloggy instead? ........ er.... I'll get me coat
@blueocean47 You can hold your head up high, lass
@blueocean47 Not that cold here really. Just a distinct political chill in the air
For those who missed it earlier, link to an excellent 'future technologies' blogpost here: http://steve-wheeler.blogsp...
Strueth it's quiet here in the office today.... where is everyone??
@3Quarks No - I know what you mean
@topgold Thanks for the information! :-)
@topgold No - tell me more


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