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The Menendez Retrial: December 1995

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The Transcripts

Trial Transcript: December 21 [Download Compressed File]
Prosecutor David Conn asked Erik Menendez about the decisions he made and his state of mind on the day he and his brother killed their parents.

Trial Transcript: December 20 [Download Compressed File]
Prosecutor David Conn continued to question Erik Menendez about the events leading up to the killings.

Trial Transcript: December 19 [Download Compressed File]
Prosecutor David Conn asked Erik Menendez why he didn't consider several alternatives to killing his parents, if he were truly scared of them.

Trial Transcript: December 18 [Download Compressed File]
Prosecutor David Conn did what prosecutors in the first trial of Lyle and Erik Menendez refused to do -- he challenged Erik's allegations that his father molested him.

Trial Transcript: December 15 [Download Compressed File]
The defense indicated that it wants to play a videotape of Lyle Menendez's testimony from the first trial, a move which would allow Menendez to avoid facing cross-examination. The defense strategy is to have Erik Menendez call Lyle as a witness. Lyle would invoke his Fifth Amendment right not to testify. Because Lyle would be unavailable, Erik's lawyers say they should then be allowed to use Lyle's previously recorded testimony.

Trial Transcript: December 14 [Download Compressed File]
Prosecutor David Conn began his cross-examination of Erik Menendez, immediately setting out to portray the defendant as a liar who made up tales of abuse to keep himself and his brother off death row.

Trial Transcript: December 13 [Download Compressed File]
Erik Menendez testified about why he bared his soul to Dr. Jerome Oziel, the man who would later provide police with enough evidence to arrest him. Menendez said he was suicidal.

Trial Transcript: December 12 [Download Compressed File]
Erik Menendez told jurors how he and his brother took five seconds to end their parents' lives. Erik said that when he burst through the den doors of the family's Beverly Hills home, he saw his parents standing in the dimly lit room. After that, Erik said he did not remember much except for the sounds of the shotgun blasts, the shattering of glass and the cries of his dying mother.

Trial Transcript: December 11 [Download Compressed File]
Erik Menendez testified that in the week leading up to the murders he and his brother saw signs that their parents were about to do something terrible.

Trial Transcript: December 8 [Download Compressed File]
Erik Menendez continued to testify about his childhood. He said his father stuck pins in him during sexual episodes and threatened to smash his skull if he told anyone. His mother, he said, drank too much, and had angry, violent outbursts. At one point, the defense showed the jury a large hunting knife allegedly used by Jose Menendez to force himself sexually on his younger son.

Trial Transcript: December 7 [Download Compressed File]
Erik Menendez continued to give jurors the details of what made him allegedly fear his parents enough to kill them.

Trial Transcript: December 6 [Download Compressed File]
Erik Menendez took the stand in the late afternoon and began describing the alleged battering, belittling and raping he suffered at the hands of his father. "He told me that this was love," Menendez testified.

Trial Transcript: December 5 [Download Compressed File]
Criminalist Charles Morton that blood patterns and shotgun pellet holes in the clothes of Jose and Kitty Menendez contradict the prosecution's reconstruction of the crimes scene.

Trial Transcript: December 4 [Download Compressed File]
A prominent pathologist testified that any reconstruction of the shootings was "doomed to failure" because the victims and the assailants were moving during the incident.

Trial Transcript: December 1 [Download Compressed File]
The jury did not hear any testimony. The lawyers argued over some exhibits and then attorney Leslie Abramson said she could not continue because she was sick.

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