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Jim Open Development and 700MHz
Posted by Jim Gerace in Wireless on May 06, 2008, 05:45 PM EST
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Some companies are using the regulatory process to try to change rules, after-the-fact, of the recently-completed 700 MHz spectrum auction.  Verizon Wireless is pleased to have been a winner of spectrum in that auction, to support incredible new "4G" products and services. 


Google's filing has no legal basis.  It's really no surprise that despite not winning spectrum, they continue to try to change the rules and further their own business interests through the regulatory process.  We expect to file at the Federal Communications Commission within the next several days on this matter.


Verizon Wireless - and all the other participants in the recent 700 MHz spectrum auction - understood the FCC's rules for using that spectrum in advance of the auction.  Of course we'll abide by those rules.  As we work to put the spectrum we won to good use, if Google or anybody else has evidence that we aren't playing by the rules, there are legitimate and expedited ways to address that.


Importantly, our open development program is on track, capturing the imagination of developers who we expect will bring new devices and applications to the marketplace later this year. Any company committed to openness encourages this kind of innovation and competition.


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