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The plans

It is estimated that Crossrail will invest in the region of £30-40 million in a ticket hall and associated works for Liverpool Street, Broadgate. There will be street level access to the new ticket hall from 100 Liverpool Street.

The new Broadgate ticket hall will be constructed partly within an old London Underground ticket hall. This area is currently used as an electricity substation, beneath the pavement south of 100 Liverpool Street between Blomfield Street and Old Broad Street. This electricity substation will be relocated to the south of the Circle and Metropolitan lines.

Ticket hall diagram
New Broadgate ticket hall and existing ticket halls at Liverpool St Station.
Enlarge plan

The detailed design of the new ticket hall will be developed in consultation with the City of London and other relevant stakeholders, including British Land. Security will be an important consideration in the design.

Access to the new ticket hall will require significant excavation from street level in front of 100 Liverpool Street. The works will be phased to ensure continuing pedestrian access and maintenance of utility services along Liverpool Street. Work is expected to begin in 2010 and take approximately two years to complete.

London Underground will take the opportunity that the Crossrail development presents to refurbish the existing underground ticket hall, increasing ticket gate capacity from 16 to 24. This work will be carried out at night.

Once the Crossrail works have been completed, Broadgate will benefit from:

  • Excellent access from street level at 100 Liverpool Street
  • A new ticket hall with additional capacity
  • Significant improvements in access to Broadgate with increased transport capacity and reduced travel times
  • A alternative to the current mainline railway giving access to locations outside London


Note: All of the information in this section of this microsite is based upon currently published material and could be subject to change before works commences on site.

100 Liverpool Street

New Broadgate ticket hall at Liverpool Street Enlarge map