Wes Archer Animation has been a primary mode of artistic expression for Wes Archer throughout his life, an expression he has diligently and enthusiastically channeled into a successful professional career.

Wes was one of the three original animators on "The Simpsons", and he subsequently became a series director who helped to define the look and style of the show into its seventh season. He has since been supervising director on “King of the Hill” for many years.

At age twelve Wes was introduced to the animation process through taking a class at the Houston Contemporary Art Museum, and he knew then he had found his calling. While in junior high school he received a Super-8 camera, with which he filmed his home-made animation that would soon gain him admission to the Film Graphics / Experimental Animation program at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).

Guided by the late Jules Engel, an expert at color and composition, Wes had a very productive residency at CalArts. His main work from this period was the original black & white pencil test version of "Jac Mac & Rad Boy GO!", which Mr. Engel dubbed "the best damned chase car film" he had ever seen.

In 1984 Wes moved to Los Angeles, where he worked on a few commercial projects and then turned his attention toward the laborious process of converting "Jac Mac & Rad Boy GO!" into color. The cartoon was notable for its technique of Prismacolor pencil on frosted cell, and for its cut at surreal mayhem.

In addition to his ongoing television work, Wes also has some personal animated projects in various stages of production. He is currently raising a happy and active family, and as a hobby he has taken up painting.

- by Allen M. Stovall

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