David Blaikie
'Our feet may leave home but not our hearts'

The Journals of
Elmira Blaikie


January 1, 1936 - Wednesday.  12 degrees below zero this a.m. but the day was quite nice. Alice spent the day with Mrs Alex and Mrs Arthur Putnam Fulton.  Nina had tea at S. Graham Fulton's - also took the hall key to him as he is taking the janitorship of the hall.   We baked bread out of Particia Flour.

January 2, 1936 - Thursday.  15 below zero, but a fine day.  Glenn and I drove down to Mrs Edson Cox's - but she was away. so I came home.  We saw Mrs Herman Johnson who told us of Mr Martin Johnson losing one of his team of horses.  Both horses got into the lake where Martin and men are logging.  One drowned, and the other is in a serious condition.  Dr Buntain was at Roy's and examined George and told him he could go to school and do some light work.

January 3, 1936 - Friday.  Quite a snowstorm, which turned to rain toward night, and spoiled the sledding round here.  The wind blew fiercely at night.  The WMS held their meeting at Mrs S.A. Fulotn's.  No Division as far as we herad. 

January 4, 1936 - Saturday.  Quite fine.  Alice's birthday.  She had tea with her mother.  Frank Whitman died yesterday. - of acute indigestion.

January 5, 1936 - Sabbath.  Rainy and snowy but no sledding.  Morris, Shirley, Nina and I attended church service.  The sermon was on "The Kingdom of God". Glenn, Alice, Janet Geddes and Wilmer Hamilton motored to Musquodoboit to attend the funeral of the late Frank Whitman, which was held in the (Henry Section) church.  Rev William MacDonald was the minister.  Morris was at tea at the manse.

January 6, 1936 - Monday.  A fine day.  Rather cool wind.  Very little snow - no sledding.  Allie Dean is trucking logs from the old Bentley Blaikie place, by way of Otter Brook, into this Village and landing them by the river bridge by Henry Cox's.  Roy and Co. got a new mill saw today.  (Symmonds)  Had a note from Flossie - in a letter to Edna.  Tom and Morris are at badminton.

January 7, 1936 - Tuesday.  A fine day.  Was in Roy's a while.  Spent the p.m. at Mrs Edson Cox's, fixing our reports.  Sort of difficult to get them to come right.  Glenn came for me.

January 8, 1936 - Wednesday.  Quite a nice day.  No snow to mention.  Alice attended Y.L.C., the annual meeting, at Mrs Ross Johnson's this p.m.  Nina, who has been sick most of the week, was up this p.m.   Tom Fulton got the horses shod, at Martin Smith's.  Roy, Edwin and Morris took lumber to James Creelman, Otter Brook, and brought logs home this a.m.  Sawed in the p.m.

January 9, 1936 - Thursday.  Cloudy with cold wind.  Nina some better but not well yet.  Ladies Aid was at Mrs Clyde Reynolds' this p.m.  Ladies present were Mrs Frank L. Fulton, Mrs S.A. Fulton, Mrs Girdwood, Mrs J.D. Cox, Mrs Edson Cox, Mrs Hazel Fulton, Mrs H.T. Fulton, Mrs Stuart Hickman, Mrs D.B. Bentley, Mrs Roy Blaikie and myself.  Glenn took us and Roy brought us home.  We heard of Mrs Burnham Stewart being in the V.G. Hospital, seriously ill.  Sent a letter to F.J.B.

January 10, 1936 - Friday.  Dark this a.m.  Rainy in the p.m.  After dinner Roy, Uncle Harris, Tom F., and Morris went to Eastville to see a mill.  Nothing worth while occurred.

January 11, 1936 - Saturday.  Rained some in the morning.  Cold wind.  They did not work in the mill.  Logs scarce.  Mr Suther Geddes is very ill at T.H. Foster's.  Glenn and Alice, after leaving the store tonight, visited a short time at Warren Butcher's.  Mr Butcher hopes to go to Kentville on Tuesday.  Had a letter from sister Clara today.  Nina is some better, but not well yet.  Shirley was at Mr Girdwood's to C.G.I.T. this p.m.  Mr Suther Geddes is very ill at Tom Foster's.

January 12, 1936 - Sabbath.  A lovely fine day.  Was at church in the a.m.  Mr Girdwood's text from which he preached the sermon was "This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith".  I John 5:4.  We spent a quiet day.  Alda and Muriel Fulton and Thelma were in a while.  I was at Mrs Margeson's an hour or so.

January 13, 1936 - Monday.Pretty fine. Clothes dried pretty well.  Was in bed most of the p.m.  Just sort of tired.  Roy is waiting on Suther Geddes tonight.  Morris is at the Manse.  He and A.P. Fulton and Mr Girdwood are naming committees for Y.P.S.C.E. 

January 14, 1936 - Tuesday.  Snowed some but not any sledding.  Rained in the night last night.  Glenn and Alice took Mr and Mrs Warren Butcher to Truro today.  Mr Butcher is on his way to the San. in Kentville.  Hopes to go tomorrow.  Nina stayed with me at home.  Shirley had sore throat and came home early, from school.

January 15, 1936 - Wednesday.  A lovely fine day.  Glenn drove Mrs Margeson and me up the other side of the river to Mrs Herman Johnson's this p.m.  We called an hour or more there, visiting with Mrs Johnson (nee Ella Deyarmond of Burnside) and Mrs Isabella F. Hamilton , her great aunt who is staying with her this winter, and a neighbor of ours in the Long-Ago, in Burnside.

January 16 - 24, 1936 - Have been laid aside with rheumatism all these times.  Dr Buntain called once.  Am still unable to be up.   Had letters from E.M.B. and F.J.B.;  E.M.W.,  F.M.G., J.E.C.,  C.L.T.,  W.F.B.,  O.J.P.   King George V  died January 21.  Rudyard Kipling, January 20.   Morris was to Truro last Saturday. Roy,Edwin and Tom F. went too.

January 25, 1936 - Saturday.  Cold and windy.  Some sledding.  Felt some better.  Quite a cold nasty wind.  Nina at C.G.I.T. this p.m.  Glenn and Alice at the store in the p.m.  Edna called this a.m.

January 26 - March 1, 1936 - Still in bed and couldn't write.  Today, March 1st is Sunday.  Fairly warm and quite a nice day.  Morris, Alice and Shirley were at church.   Mr Girdwood let church out a little early on account of the King speaking at twelve o'clock sharp.  Morris, Tom, Shirley and Nina listened to him.  (Morris, Tom and Nina missed the first part of his talk).  Mrs Hamilton was in to dine with us.  Glenn and family took her home.  Roy and Edna up in the evening.  The boys went to Christian Endeavour.   Glenn went down to hear Seth Parker which wasn't on.        Shirley Blaikie, pro tem

March 2, 1936 - Colder today than yesterday, but it was a very nice day.  Shirley and Nina were at school,  and Freda and Leslie were at Mischief School.   Uncle Morris and Mr Thomas S. Fulton went to Badminton this evening.  Glenn went down to hear how Lum and Abner are getting on with Sedgwick's birthday party.  Guess I will sign off.  Shirley Louise Blaikie,  pro tem

March 2nd continued - I forgot to put this in.  Revrend Mister and Mistress William Girdwood called this afternoon.  Mr Henry Graham called this evening.  Henry and Bella aren't married yet.  Mrs Elmira Blaikie is telling Miss Nina Stirling Blaikie a story.    So long from S.L.B.   pro tem

March 3, 1936 - Rather fine but the wind was cold.  Grandmother, Mira Blaikie, has been feasting on the neighbor's soup as well as our own potato soup.  Mrs Mary Ann Cox and Mrs Arthur P. Fulton called.  Miss Helen K. Douglas, school mistress of the Upper Stewiacke School is suping with Miss Alda Blaikie.  Glenn milked tonight as Morris is taking a vacation.  Glenn thinks he might go to the town of Truro with Mister Frank Brown Cox tomorrow afternoon.     S.L.B.    pro tem

March 4, 1936 - March 7, 1936 - no entries

March 8, 1936 - Sunday.  Lovely fine day.  Morris, Glenn and Shirley (that be myself).   Uncle Harry, Aunt Nellie, Ralph, Lee and Mary Lou were out for dinner, and supper.  Morris went to Endeavour.  Me, myself didn't go.  S.L.B.

March 9, 1936 - no entry

March 10, 1936 - Heard that Jane Reynolds died about 3 a.m.   Uncle Roy, Edwin and Wilfred Pearson went to Truro for the coffin.  Funeral is tomorrow, half past two.      S.L.B.   pro tem

March 11, 1936 - Wednesday.  A lovely fine day.  There were quite a few went to Mrs Reynolds' funeral.  She was buried in Otter Brook grave yard for the dead.  Me, myself were not there.    S.L.B.  pro tem

March 12, 1936 - Thursday.  Fairly fine.  Doris Buntain went home.  She was ushered to Truro by Dr and Mrs J.H. Buntain and our highness Mrs Stewart Hickman.  Grade IX are putting on a debate at school next Tuesday, March 17.

March 13, 1936 - Friday.  A very rainy day.  We walked to school and got soaked.  Uncle David, Mary and Louise went to Division.  Very muddy.

March 14, 1936 - Saturday.  Fine but dark.  Thomas, Glenn, Uncle Morris, me and Nina went to the supper.  I guess that is all.

March 15, 1936 - Sunday.  A nice fine day.  Shirley, Morris and Mamma was to church.  Morris was at Mr Fulton's for dinner.  Thelma, Jean, Ruth were up this afternoon.  Freda, Ruth and Nina were down to the Post Office in the afternoon.  We saw Doris and Shirley Fulton.

March 16, 1936 - March 19, 1936 - no entries

March 20, 1936 - Cold wind.  There was quite a rain last night.  The roads are very bad.  To Mr and Mrs Philip Redden were born a daughter.   Tom Fulton and Morris B. were invited to a small dance at Ed Mackenzie's tonight.  The men have been building a walk to the upper part of the new lumber house.

March 21, 1936 - Saturday.  Dark and wet in the p.m.  Am sitting up some these days.  Shirley and Nina are at the Manse helping quilt a quilt pieced by the C.G.I.T. girls - they belonging to them - or that society.  Edwin was in to see me last evening.  He is good company even to his grandmother.

March 22, 1936 - Sabbath.  Rather cloudy, but warm.  Rain last night.  Alice and girls and Morris at church.  Morris was not at Y.P.S.C.E.   Company this p.m.  Mrs Edson Cox, Miss Helen K. Douglas, Miss Clare Creelman, Thelma, Jean, Alda Blaikie.

March 23, 1936 - Monday.  Dark.  Not cold.

March 24, 1936 - March 27, 1936 - no entries

March 28, 1936 - Saturday.  Dark with some rain.  Tom and Morris did not work today.  Mrs Elizabeth Crocker, Pembroke, called; also Mrs Alex Fulton, yesterday.  Mr Margeson got word of the death of his eldest son, Clyde, on March 24th, leaving a wife and three grown-up children.  A daughter 23, a son 21  and another daughter 19.  Clyde Reynolds and Stuart Hickman and their  wives got their car stuck here last night.  Glenn and Morris took them home in Glenn's car; they dug theirs out today.  Mrs P.B. Miller and two little boys, left the Village yesterday, for the first lap of their journey to their far off home in Texas, USA.

March 29, 1936 - Sabbath.  Windy.  Not very cold.  Alice and girls went to the C.G.I.T. time in the evening.  Glenn and they and Morris to church.  Roy was up in the p.m.

March 30, 1936 - Monday.  A lovely day.  So fine and warm.  Mrs Margeson was in to see us this p.m.  Tom and Morris at Badminton.  Edna was up a little while, also Jean and Ruth this evening.  Marguerite Cox went to Ontario today we hear.  Had a letter from Aunt Martha.

March 31, 1936 - Tuesday.  Nice day.  Roads drying.  Mrs David Kennedy visited us today.  We had a very nice visit with her.  She called at Mr Margeson's in the p.m.  Mrs Girdwood made a nice call too.  Alice cleaned Uncle Harris' bedroom.

April 1, 1936 - Wednesday.  Fine, but a cold wind.  Edwin and Morris fenced again today.  James W. Deyarmond called this morning.  He is not as active as in years gone by.  A.D. Fulton of Stewiacke is dead.  Don't know what day he passed away.  Wrote or sent a letter to L.G. today, or yesterday.

April 2, 1936 - Thursday.  A sort of grey day.  Morris and Edwin clearing up old fences.  Quiet day.  Mrs Alex Fulton called tonight, having been at Aid at the Manse.  Edna did not go, not feeling very well.  Mrs Margeson called.  Sent a letter to E.M.B.

April 3, 1936 - Friday.  A pretty fine day after the rain of last evening.  Alda and Jean were in.  Joyce Deyarmond was in a minute.  Nina had got some mayflowers and they brought them into my room - she and Joyce.  Mrs Girdwood sent Alice and me a lunch - also Edna.  There is a dance at A.L. Kennedy's after Division tonight.

April 4, 1936 - Saturday.  Cloudy.  Some small snow flurries.  Still am confined to my room.  Feel some better.  Nina or Shirley were not at C.G.I.T.   Alda was up this evening.  Glenn and Alice at the store.

April 4, 1936 - Sabbath.  Quite fine.  Glenn kept Freda and Leslie for Alice to go to church. Mrs Grant Cox called to see me in the morning, before church service.  She always makes one feel content - such a nice neighbor as she is.

April 6, 1936 - Monday.  Rather cold wind with a drenching rain and electric lights off in the evening.  They had to leave their badminton and come home.  Mrs G.R. Deyarmond called in the afternoon.  Born to Dr and Mrs George McIntosh (nee Mary L. Fulton), April 5, a daughter. (College Road, Halifax).

April 7, 1936 - Tuesday.  Quite fine, but rain and sleet in the evening.  Gertrude Cox and Alda Blaikie called in the p.m. on their way to M.C. at Mrs Girdwood's.  Gertrude brought me a letter from her mother, and Mrs Cox had put a little handkerchief in with the letter.  Roy and Glenn went toTruro this p.m.  Came home early in the evening.

April 8, 1936 - Wednesday.  Rather cold, with sleet showers and some sunshine in the p.m.   Dr Buntain called in the afternoon.  Alda Blaikie in the evening.   Alice and Glenn were at Mrs Hamilton's.  Mrs Alex Fulton got her toe operated on by Dr J.H. Buntain.

April 9, 1936 - Thursday.  Quite a frost last night.   Fine this a.m.  Wrote to F.J.B.  Had Easter favors and a letter from F.J.B., a letter from E.M.W., sick room card from N.A.A. and my teeth, upper plate, from V.D. Crowe, dentist, who had repaired them.  Morris and Tom went to Badminton.  Hazel Deyarmond was in; also Edna. She, Edna, is not well; I wish she were.

April 10, 1936 - Friday.  Cloudy and raw.  Good Friday.  The girls spent it at their Grandma Hamilton's.  Mrs Margeson called.  Also Jean Blaikie.  Morris did not go to Division tonight.  Tom went out home.  (Took salts, began).

April 11. 1936 - Saturday.  A grey cloudy day.  Glenn went to Truro with Artie Kennedy.  Mrs Martin S. Fulton called this afternoon.  Mrs Margeson also called this evening and has now gone home as she doesn't like the boogy man after dark.

Aprril 12, 1936 - Sabbath.  Glenn, Shirley and Morris at church.  An Easter Service.  Mrs G.R. Deyarmond was in this p.m.

April 13, 1936 - Monday.  Cool with sleet and rain.  My sister, Mrs Woodworth, Fred, Ralph (of Canard), and Eva, her sons and daughter, also Mrs W,'s niece, Miss Alice A. Eaton (Halifax) came up today.  Mrs Woodworth stayed for the week; the others returned to Stewiacke this p.m.

April 14, 1936 - April 18, 1936 -  Quite a disagreeable week.  Rain, snow and sleet.  Some sunshine.  Had a nice week with my sister Edith.  She visited at Roy's one day; that was all the visit she made.   Great anxiety is felt these days for three men who went down into the Moose River Gold mine, and the mine caved in.  They were still alive in a week.  One, Herman McGill died then.  All three belonged to Ontario.  Dr Henderson and Alfred Scadding were still alive Tuesday, April 21st.  The people got the diamond drill through and had given the men some nourishment.

April 19, 1936 - Sabbath.  A cloudy day with some sunshine.  Morris, Shirley, Nina and Aunt Edith at church.  Fred and Eva Woodworth and Edith Goodwin came up for my sister Edith (Mrs Woodworth) this a.m.  and went home about 4 p.m.  Harry and Nellie Blaikie and Walter and Don, June and Mary were here and at Roy's too; going home after tea.

April 20, 1936 - Monday.  Not much sinshine, but a pretty nice day.  Nina went toschool having been home most of last week.  Glenn and G.R. Deyarmond took a load of lumber to Truro - brought logs from Half-Way Brook, back.  The Y.L.Club have a play from Brookfield staged in the hall tonight.  Shirley and Nina are there.

April 21, 1936 - Tuesday.  Dark with rain in the p.m.  The men are still in the Moose River Mine.  Edna was in a little while this a.m.  Alice was papering at the sitting room.

April 22, 1936 - Wednesday.  Very windy.  In the middle of the night, the men in the Moose River Gold Mine - two living - Dr D. Robertson and Alfred Scadding, and Herman McGill, dead, were brought out.  141 feet.  They had been underground since April 12.    Mrs Margeson was in.   Mr Allan Johnson, Newton Mills, died very suddenly.

April 23, 1936 - Thursday.  Quite a nice day.  Glenn took C.P. and G.R. Deyarmond to Truro.  Mr and Mrs George Bentley, a baby girl, stillborn.   Roy was to Stewiacke today.  He was to see me tonight.

April 24, 1936 - Friday.  Stormy.  Rain and snow.  Edna was up this morning.  Mrs Alex Fulton was in in the afternoon.  Also Mrs P.W. Graham and Mrs Charles Graham (Aunt Alice), who were here to tea.  Mrs Alfred Johnson and her son Homer called - the two Mrs Graham's were with them.  Glenn got a radio in Truro Wednesday.  He took Charlie Deyarmond and G.R. Deyarmond to Truro.  Charlie was returning to Bear River after a visit in Upper Stewiacke.

April 25, 1936 - Saturday.  There was a sprinkling of snow on the ground this morning.  But it melted and there was some sunshine.  Tom Fulton helped me to go downstairs this evening, and Morris helped me back again.

April 26. 1936 - Sabbath.  Cloudy and windy this forenoon, and rainy in the afternoon - chilly too.  Alice, Shirley and Morris were at church.  I came downstairs and had dinner at the table.  Went upstairs right afterward.  Thelma was up in the p.m.  Edwin in the evening.  Tom Fulton was in in the evening too.

April 27, 1936 - Monday.  Quite fine, especially in the p.m.   Alda was in, also Edna.  I went downstairs in the p.m..  Stayed until after tea.  We heard of three deaths - people we knew.  Mrs J.Jeff Cox (Ethel Johnson), Springfield, Mass.;  Mrs Rufus Taylor, Meadowvale; and Mr Lewis Fisher, Hutchinson, Musquodoboit.  Mrs Margeson was in a little while tonight.  I had gone to bed, but she came upstairs.  Morris carried me up to bed.  It was easier than walking.

April 28, 1936 - Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Some wind.  Mrs Rufus Taylor (nee Lizzie E. Gourley)'s funeral was held at her home, Meadowvale , at 2 o'clock, p.m..  Burial in Riverside Cemetery.  Mr Lewis Fisher's funeral was held in Musquodoboit this p.m.  Roy was in to see me a few minutes.  The Division was invited to Brookfield this evening.  They hired C.B. Reynold's truck to take them.   Morris and Shirley went from here. Sent a letter to E.M.B.  Had one from F.J.B.

April 29, 1936 - Wednesday.  Rather cloudy, with some rain.   The old truck is being traded for a new one at Blaikie's Garage, Truro.  Mrs G.R. Deyarmond called tonight.   Mr and Mrs Percy R. Goodwin, Stewiacke East, came up and spent the evening.  They brought Miss Mima Douglas up to see her sister, Miss Helen Douglas.  Miss Mima teaches at Stewiacke East; Miss Helen at Upper Stewiacke.

April 30, 1936 - Thursday.  Cloudy; quite warm.  Mrs Alex Fulton was in to see me this afternoon.  Mrs J.W. and G.R. Deyarmond, this evening.  Tom Fulton is out home.  Roy and Glenn went to Truro for the new truck.  Morris was away practicing for tomorrow night's entertainment at Middle Stewiacke.

May 1, 1936 - Friday.  A nice warm spring day.  Was downstairs this p.m.  Mrs S.A. Fulton called, also Mr and Mrs Girdwood, and Alda and Jean.  The Division is invited to Middle Stewiacke tonight.  Gordon Miller was over tonight.  Mrs Neil Archibald and Mrs Thomas Dunsmore are having a private sale of the household effects of their mother. the late Mrs Eben Fulton.

May 2, 1936 - Saturday.  A lovely fine day.  Alice finished papering the dining room last evening.  She was very busy today.  She and Glenn were at the store, and are away elsewhere this evening.  Edwin was to see me.  Mrs Dunsmore was in this p.m. and brought me a few of  Mrs Eben Fulton's (her mother who passed away last fall) things.  It was kind of them.  Mrs Martin Fulton was in this evening.  Mr Margeson is not very well.  Dr Buntain was to see him this late p.m.

May 3, 1936 - Sabbath.  Windy, but fine and warm.  Nina was sick at her stomach, but went to Sunday School which opened today, but she came home before it was out.  Most of Roy's folks were in to see me.

May 4, 1936 - Monday.  A rainy day.   I was downstairs this p.m.  Morris carried me up after tea.  Had a letter from E.M.B.   Dr Buntain is getting settled in Mrs Eben's former house.  Dr and Mrs Buntain are boarding at Mrs Henry P. Cox's for a few days.  Glenn and Alice are down to Mrs Hamilton's tonight.  Tom is probably at Badminton.  Morris in bed.

May 5, 1936 - Tuesday.  Dark and a little rain this morning.  But the weather cleared before night.  Tom Fulton and Morris Blaikie and some others went to Truro to see the pley "The Tale of Two Cities".  Roy's car, with Edwin and Alda and others went too.  Glenn was at the auction and got a few cents worth.  Was not downstairs today.  Morris and others went to a dance at Roy Patterson's after coming from the play.

May 6, 1936 - Wednesday.  Fine.  Cool wind.  Edna was up a little while, Alda was up in the evening.  She and Tom Fulton and Morris were in my room a short time.  Glenn and Roy took lumber to Truro this p.m.

May 7, 1936 - Thursday.  Fine with cool wind.  Ladies Aid met at Mrs F.A. (Hazel ) Fulton's this p.m.  Mrs Alex Fulton called on her way to it.  Edna did not go.  She is not well.  Roy and Sedley Fulton and Morris finished loading a car load of deal in Brookfield this p.m.  The people of Meadowvale put on a concert in the Village Hall tonight.  Alice and Glenn went.  Wrote to F.J.B. this week.

May 7, 1936 - Friday.  Quite a nice day.  Cool wind.  Raining tonight.  Morris and Shirley went to Division and afterwards went to a surprise party for Mr and Mrs Suther Geddes at Tom Foster's.  Roy was to Truro with lumber.  Mrs Hamilton, Alice's mother, was up to see us a short time in the p.m.

May 9, 1936 - Saturday.      Rainy.  Rheumatism troublesome.  In bed all day.  Glenn, Tom Fulton and Morris were to Burnside in the p.m.  They went to fish but only got 4 trout.  Edwin and Alda went to Middle Musquodoboit tonight.  Thelma and Jean were here this evening.  Alice and Glenn were to the store and to Mrs Hamilton's.

May 10, 1936 - Sabbath.  Quite fine.  Alice, Shirley and Morris at church.  Had dinner and supper downstairs.   Morris carried me down and up twice.  The boys , (Tom and Morris), did not go to Y.P.S.C.E.  Roy was up a little while before he went to Meadowvale in the p.m.  Edna was in in the a.m.  She brought me a nice can of talcum powder from herself and Roy; Harry and Nellie sent two nice handkerchiefs, a Mother's card and $1.00.  Kind of them all.

May 11, 1936 - Monday.  Cool wind; rather cloudy.  Tom and Morris at badminton tonight.  Had a parcel, bath salts, hankie, and poem from E.M.B.  Letter from F.J.B. and letter from E.M.W.   Sent letters to E.J.   Was not downstairs today.   Mrs David Kennedy has been in the C.C. Hospital for some days.  Mrs Margeson was in this p.m.

May 12, 1936 - Tuesday.  Warm and sunshiny.   Alice was washing the kitchen walls.  Uncle Harris very ailing with bronchitis and asthma.  Dr Buntain was in to see him; and me too.  We got word from Edith Woodworth, who had a telegram from Miss Saidee Graham of Saskatoon, Sask. , telling her that her mother, (and our cousin) Mrs Laura Graham was dead.  She passed away with a heart attack.  They are bringing her home for burial at Five islands, Col. Co.

May 13. 1936 - Wednesday.  Dark - a little rain.  Was downstairs for dinner and supper.  Bub not very well.  Glenn and Alice were to Mrs Hamilton's tonight, but Mrs Hamilton and Wilmer were away; so they came up to G.R. Deyarmond's a while.

May 14, 1936 - Thursday.  A dark, wet day.  Uncle Harris feeling no better.  No appetite.  Alice cleaning at the kitchen.  Was downstairs for dinner and supper.  Glenn to Burnside with the Deyarmond's, Mr and Mrs G.R., tonight.  Mrs Alex Fulton called tonight.  Tom and Morris at Badminton.     Am thinking of the coming home to Nova Scotia of the remains of Dear Cousin Laura Graham.  No doubt it will come to Economy (Lower) tonight.  The home she went to as a bride.  Her daughter Mary, Mary's husband and their daughter Laura (Mrs Graham's grand daughter) are living there now.  Mr and Mrs J. Bruce Moir, and Laura E. Moir.   Laura is to be buried in Five Islands; in the family lot.   No more shall we enjoy her kindly visits, or see her sweet face.  But the Father in Heaven knew when he was ready for her, and called her home.  It is easy to look on the dark side and think of the lonliness without her, but there is a brighter side. Where she has gone to dwell, there are no sorrow or pain or sin.  We know God doeth all things well - let us trust and find peace in that trust.

May 15, 1936 - Friday.  This has been a lovely fine day.  Laura Graham's funeral was to be today.  This is evening.  I have been quite well today.  Was out a few minutes.  Alice was at Y.L.C. today - p.m.  She and Lola and Florence and Ethel went with Glenn in the car.  Shirley has gone to Division.

May 16, 1936 - Saturday.  A rainy day.  Some snow fell.  Roy, Jean and Ruth went to Truro to get Edna.  They got home near supper time. Uncle Charlie Blaikie came out with them.  Glenn had taken a load of lumber to Truro; G.R. Deyarmond accompanying him.  Mrs D.B. Bentley spent the p.m. here, and had tea, then returning to her home when Glenn and Alice went to the store for their groceries etc.

May 17, 1936 - Sabbath.  Cloudy with some showers.  Charlie Blaikie went up to Martin Fulton's in the p.m.  Glenn and Alice to Musquodoboit to see Mr Sidney Hamilton, Alice's great uncle, who is pretty sick.  They live in Greenwood section.  Alice and Glenn had tea at Mrs Whitman's.

May 18, 1936 - Monday.  A lovely fine warm day.  Glenn went to Truro with lumber.  G.R. Deyarmond went with him.  Roy went to Stewiacke.  Mrs Alex Fulton called.

May 19, 1936 - Tuesday.  Chilly wind.  Slight showers. Charlie Blaikie returned to Truro with Glenn when he took a truck load of lumber there.

May 20, 1936 - Wednesday.  A fine day.  Chilly wind.  Mrs Alex Fulton called.  Mrs J.D. Cox looked in the door. They were going to see Mrs Robert Cox.  Mrs Margeson was in a little while too.   Alice just told me that J,W. Girdwood was downstairs now. This is (or was) my Dear Thomas Blaikie's 29th birthday.  Eight years since he passed away.

May 21. 1936 - Thursday.  A sunshiny chilly windy day.  Glenn and Roy went toBrookfield with lumber this p.m.  Home by tea time.  Mr and Mrs Will T. Nelson and Mr and Mrs Arthur Power called a short time this p.m.  The latter couple had motored from Newport, R.I., bringing Rena Andrews, daughter of Stanley Andrews, Elmsvale, Musquodoboit, home from there.  Mr and Mrs Power are uncle and aunt of Rena.  Mrs Arnold Wood and Mrs G.R. Deyarmond also called, and J.W. Girdwood was up tonight, accompanying Morris to Badminton.  Born to Mr and Mrs H. Beveridge Graham, Pembroke, a son.   Sent a letter to F.J.B.

May 22, 1936 - Friday.  Fine mostly, but some clouds.  Chilly wind.  They got up early in order that Roy take lumber to Truro.  Edna was up a little while this p.m.  Allan Deyarmond, Burnside also called.  Had a letter, poem, package of evening scented phlox and 50 cents from F.J.B. for Mother's day.  Morris gave me a new fountain pen.

May 23, 1936 - Saturday.  Quite a heavy frost last night.  Dark and chilly today.  Shirley and Nina went to C.G.I.T. meeting this p.m.  It is closing for the summer.  Morris went to Stewiacke tonight.

May 24, 1936 - Sabbath.  Dark, some wind.  Alice and Nina and Shirley at church.  I got up to dinner but had breakfast and tea in bed.  Jean and Thelma were up in the p.m.  Roy was to see me tonight.

May 25, 1936 - Monday.  Quite warm.  Had one shower.  Messrs Abram Bentley, J.W. Benvie, and Richie Barrett began remodeling the church today.   There was no school.  The girls and their pals were fishing.  Roy and Glenn took lumber to Truro.

May 26, 1936 - Tuesday.  Cool wind.  Heavy frost.  Glenn and Roy were to Truro with lumber this p.m.  The scraper was on the road round here today.  Edna was in to see me tonight.  Also Mrs George Bentley.  Was abed today - rheumatism troublesome.

May 27, 1936 - Wednesday.  Fine  Frost this a.m.  Roy and Glenn took two loads of lumber to Truro today.  Cyrus Graham dined here.   Mrs Margeson was in in the p.m.  Mrs Alex Fulton, this evening.  She and Mrs J.D. Cox had been making a few calls round.  Had a letter from C.L.T.  Did not get up today.  Feel a little better tonight.  This was Edwin's 22nd birthday.  I did not see him.

May 28, 1936 - Thursday.  Dark and rainy.  Edna was up and brought me some of Edwin's birthday cake.  Alda was up tonight.  Also Jack Girdwood.  Alice sent her 3 fowl down to the store.  They weighed 14 1/2 pounds.

May 29, 1936 - Friday.  Dark, some showers in the p.m.  Still in bed, tho' I walked about my room.  Feet quite sore when I walked.  Glenn went to Truro this p.m.  Roy was in a while.

May 30, 1936 - Saturday.  Dark.  A few drizzles.  Glenn was to Truro.  Edna was in a few minutes.  Had letters from E.M.B. and Mary Moir.  Glenn and Alice away.  Mrs Edmund Hamilton was up a little while this p.m.

May 31, 1936 - Sabbath.  Clouds, slight showers and sunshine. Mr and Mrs J.D. Webster, Mr and Mrs Beverly G. Neal and little daughter Joy called this p.m.  Harry, Don and June were here to tea.   Also J.W. Girdwood.  We were glad to see them all.

June 1, 1936 - Monday.    Roy and Glenn were to Truro with lumber.  Mrs Jane Ellis called this evening.  Also Edna.  Jack Girdwood was in.

June 2, 1936 - Tuesday.  Quite warm.  Pretty fine.  Earle Kennedy was harrowing our land for grain.  Mrs J. McCoul, Mrs A.L. Margeson, and Mrs Richard Barrett called this p.m.  Morris went to Truro this evening with Miss Douglas, Alda Blaikie and J.W. Girdwood.  Tom was talking to me a little while.  Sent a letter to O.J.P. and also received one from her.

June 3, 1936 - Wednesday.  Windy but fine and warm.  A. Putnam Fulton sowed our oats today.  They did not go to Truro. Mrs E. Cox called tonight.  Mrs A.P., Lola, Fulton called this p.m.  Sent a letter to F.J.B. today.

June 4, 1936 - Thursday.  Quite warm.  Cloudy.  Ladies Aid was held at Mrs Alex Fulton's.  Guess they had quite a full number of members present.  This was Village Aid.  Mrs J.D. Cox, and Mrs Edson Cox called.  Mrs Hamilton was up a little while.  Mrs Suther Geddes who went to the South Side Aid held at Mrs Henry P. Cox's, called a little while.

June 5, 1936 - Friday.  Warm.  Slight  showers.  Harry and Nellie were fishing "up the river".  They called on their way home.  Mrs Alex Fulton called tonight.  Edna called this afternoon.  J.W. Girdwood was here tonight.  The "Busy Bees" - two or three, are still at the church.

June 6, 1936 - Saturday.  Fine, and very warm.  I sat on the front door step most of the day.  John Girdwood called a short time this a.m.  Mr and Mrs Girdwood, in the late afternoon.  Glenn, G.R. Deyarmond and J.W. Girdwood went to Truro in the truck in the afternoon.  Edna was up.  Glenn and Alice at the store tonight.  Nina spent the day at her Uncle Wilmer's.

June 7, 1936 - Sabbath.  Just like yesterday, only not quite so hot.  Morris and Shirley and Nina ar church this a.m.  We listened to a sermon from P.E.I.   The text was "not by might, nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord". It was preached by a Rev Mr Barbour.  Then after tea, Mr George Gardner of the Full Gospel Church, Halifax, preached a sermon on the text "Where is the Lord God of Elijah?" A very nice and very earnest sermon I thought.  He spoke of Elijah's discouragement and God's telling Elijah of the 7000 who had not bowed the knee to Baal, for his comfort.

June 8, 1936 - Monday.  A nixce fine day.  They finished most of the seeding today - Mr Earle Kennedy and his son Arthur.  Mr Margeson called this a.m.  It is long since we had a talk.  He is a fine man - growing old in the physical part of him; but ever young in the spiritual, fine things of life.  Alice set out her tomatoes - some of them.

June 9, 1936 - Tuesday.  Another nice day.  The Messrs Kennedy had not quite finished the seeding - gardens - so finished this forenoon.  Mr and Mrs R.D. Power and little Elizabeth Deyarmond were at the door - Alice and I talked to them a few minutes.  Glenn took me to Mrs Margeson's.  I was there to tea.  Her mother, Mrs Julia McCoul is visiting with her.  Had a nice visit.  Glenn and leslie came for me - in the car.   Shirley and Morris, with the Y.P.S., went to Stewiacke East to attend a gathering of the Y.P.S. of several communities at E.G. Campbell's of that section.

June 10, 1936 - Wednesday.  Fine this forenoon.  Cloudy in the p.m.  Alda was in a short time this p.m.  Mrs Margeson, a little while after tea.  Roy and Glenn were to Truro with lumber.  Saw Nellie Graham going by; spoke to her a few minutes.

June 11, 1936 - Thursday.  Dark, but only two very slight showers of rain.  Roy and Glenn went to Truro after dinner.  Edna was in a few minutes; also Alda.  Not much to write tonight.  Had a letter from F.J.B.

June 12, 1936 - Friday.  Dark with slight showers.  Intended spending the p.m. at Roy's and Edwin came for me, but Mrs W.P. Miller came to visit us, and so I did not go.  We had a very pleasant afternoon.  Morris did not go to Division tonight.  Tom went out home.  Shirley, Alda and Thelma went to Division.

June 13, 1936 - Saturday.  Pretty fine and quite warm.  Got up this a.m., but had an attack of rheumatism and had to get Morris to come from the mill and carry me to bed.  Dr Buntain came and gave me some directions; told me to stay in bed the remainder of the day.  Edna was up; also Alda.  Roy and Glenn were to Truro.  Glenn and Alice are to the store etc tonight.  Miss Minnie Dunlap, Otter Brook, has passed away.  Also Mrs Wm. Redmond and a Miss Redmond, sister of Ernest Redmond, both of them natives of Musquodoboit.  The work of renovating the church is finished.

June 14, 1936 - Sabbath.  Quite fine.  Pretty warm.  Alice did not go to church today.  I was at Roy's to spend the p.m. and to tea.  Morris was down with Jack to tea.  Mr and Mrs G.R. Deyarmond called at Roy's and came up here when Roy brought me home.  Glenn, Alice and family were at Mrs Hamilton's a while in the p.m.

June 15, 1936 - Monday.  Fog showers, which turned to rain in the end.  Nice rain, which was needed.  Glenn and G.R. Deyarmond went to Truro in the p.m.  They brought some furniture for Mrs A.P. Fulton, from Brookfield Station.

June 16, 1936 - Tuesday.  A nice rain last night. Some rain today.  Glenn and Mr Wallace Gault took lumber to Truro.  Mr Gault was here to tea.  Glenn and Alice were to the store tonight.

June 17, 1936 - Wednesday.  Dark this a.m., but it turned out to be a nice fine day.  Y.L.C. was at Mrs W.D. Kennedy's this p.m.  They made arrangements for a farewell party at Helen Johnson's for Miss Douglas, who is soon to cease teaching and be married.  There is to be a shower for her at Mrs Edson Cox's Saturday evening.  Jack Girdwood was here a little while tonight.  Had a letter from E.M.B.

June 18, 1936 - Thursday.  A nice fine, rather cool day.  Glenn and G.R. Deyarmond took lumber to Truro this p.m.   J.D. Cox called to see us a little while this afternoon; we do not often see him.  Alda was in tonight.  Glenn and Alice abroad.  We hear of weddings and showers in this "merrie month of June".  May they all be happy!

June 19, 1936 - Friday.  Fine, cool.  Glenn and George Blaikie went to Truro with lumber this p.m.  C.A. Blaikie and A.W. MacKenzie were here for their dinner.

June 20, 1936 - Saturday.  A fine rather cool day. Mrs Margeson called in the p.m.  Shirley and Nina were down to Mrs Edson Cox's to a shower for Miss H.K. Douglas.  J.D. Cox is visiting in Truro.  Tom is staying all night this Saturday night.

June 21, 1936 - Sabbath.  A wet day; not so much rain as a wet mist; some showers tho'.  Glenn stayed at home from church today.  He and Alice went to East Stewiacke this p.m.  Mr Alex Fulton was at Roy's to dinner; and afterward called here.  Roy was up a while this evening.  We missed J.W. Girdwood today.  He was not up.

June 22, 1936 - Monday.  Fine with a cool breeze.  Provincial Exams began today, with Mrs Edson Cox as Deputy Examiner.  14 students.  Thelma Blaikie, Lois Barrett, Dorothy Kennedy and Muriel Fulton are the B's from this school.  Was at Roy's this p.m.  Alice was down to the store and while waiting called to see Mrs C.P. MacMillan.  Glenn and George had lumber to Truro.  Made a blue broadcloth slip which Alice gave me - she cut it out and did the machine sewing.  Sent a letter to E.M.B.

June 23, 1936 - Tuesday.  King Edward VIII's birthday.  A fine cool day.  Roy and Glenn took lumber to Stanley Andrews, Elmsvale.  He is building a new house.  J.W. Girdwood and Mrs George Bentley and Edna made us short calls in the late p.m.  Was in bed with sore knees part of the day.

June 24, 1936 - Wednesday.  Dark this forenoon; rainy in the late afternoon and tonight.  A farewell party for Miss Helen Douglas at Ross Johnson's tonight.  Glenn and Alice and Tom and Morris are there.  This was the last day of school.  Miss Douglas' last of teaching.

June 25, 1936 - Thursday.  Still foggy; not much rain.  Miss Helen Douglas called to see us this p.m.  She and her sister Mary, who taught at Cross Roads, left for their home in Earltown this afternoon.  Tom Fulton was out to his home.  Glenn was to Truro.  Had a letter from F.J.B.

June 26, 1936 - Friday.  Wet, like yesterday; not heavy rain.  George Purdy, South Branch, dined with us.  Roy and Edwin took a load of wood to Harry's cottage at Shortt's Lake, after tea.  Had a letter from E.M.B.  Alda called and combed Shirley's and Nina's hair - waving hair.  Provincial Exams closed.

June 27, 1936 - Saturday.  Dark and showery.  Roy and Glenn went to Truro with lumber.  Edwin and Alda went to Stewiacke after tea. 

June 28, 1936 - Sabbath.  Dark and showery like yesterday.  Rev W. Matthews and wife were at the Manse, and also at church.  Roy had Glenn's car out to Sunday School at Meadowvale; as Edwin and Alda had theirs to Stewiacke.  Roy had heard of "Little James Taylor, living in USA" being dead; believed to have been murdered.  J.W. Girdwood was up a while in the p.m.

June 29, 1936 - Monday.  Sunshine and clouds and a little rain.  Eva Woodworth came up with Edwin and Alda from Stewiacke, last evening.  She was here a little while this a.m.  Shirley and Nina were at a Handkerchief Shower at M.S. Fulton's for Doris E. and Shirley Fulton, daughters of Mrs Hazel Fulton, who is moving to Amherst tomorrow.  School meeting is held tonight.  Also a farewell meeting at C.B. Reynolds' for Mrs Hazel Fulton.

June 30, 1936 - Tuesday.  Fine; cool;  rainbow in the late p.m.  Mrs G.A. Deyarmond visited us this forenoon. Left shortly after two.  She has not been home from USA for a long time.  Roy and Glenn went to Truro this p.m.  Mrs Alex Fulton and grand daughter , little Betty Murray, called and brought me a bouquet of heliotrope, bleeding heart, iris and roses after tea.   Sent a letter to F.J.B. and an order to Simpson's.  C.A. Blaikie came from Truro tonight.

July 1, 1936 - Wednesday.  A fine cool day.  Windy.  Eva was here to dinner and supper.  Alice helped me pot the red begonias and maple-leaf begonia over.  Mrs Margerson called.  J.W. Girdwood called and spent the evening.  Also Eva and Alda were here.  Glenn and Alice went to Musquodoboit tonight.  Charlie Blaikie returned home , after he and Uncle Harris (Bub) had spent the day in Burnside.

July 2, 1936 - Thursday.  Not so cool as yesterday, but cloudy.  They took two loads of lumber to Brookfield to send to Cape Breton for J. Kenny, who has a contract for large building.  Eva was up a little while.  Edna was up a little while tonight.

July 3, 1936 - Friday.  A nice fine day.  Quite warm.  They are hauling lumber to Brookfield for J. Kenny, to be shipped to Cape Breton.  They are planing tonight.  Mrs Margeson was over this p.m.  Eva was here to dinner.  Morris is down at Ross Johnson's practicing for entertainment for Sabbath evening; the Middle Stewiacke Y.P.S.C.E. is invited to meet with Upper Stewiacke on that night.

July 4, 1936 - Saturday.  Fine this a.m.  Cloudy with showers (slight) this p.m.   Eva here to dinner.  Preparatory service in the church in the afternoon.  Only Shirley and Nina of our family there. Alice and Glenn down to the store tonight.  Morris at the P.O. practicing tonight.  Mrs C.P. MacMillan is pretty sick now.  She will not likely live long.

July 5, 1936 - Sabbath.  A cloudy day.  Communion Sabbath.  Rev W.M. Matthews of First United Church, Truro, preached.  The Middle Stewiacke Y.P.S.C.E.  are meeting with the Village Society tonight.  Morris, Tom Fulton and Nina are there from this house.  We had quite a few of "our ain folk" to see us. Mrs Edith Woodworth (my sister), Mr Fred Woodworth, her son, and Mrs Percy Goodwin and daughter Edith, came before church was over.  Just as they were ready to start home - taking Eva with them - Mr and Mrs Charles Blaikie and Percy Goodwin drove up.  Edith, Fred and Eva left about 5 p.m.   The others - all except Bessie (Mrs Charles Blaikie),went to Roy's to tea.  After they left us, Miss Ada Benvie called.  She has been a nurse for many years; is in Victoria, BC now.  It was nice to see her again.  It is 12 years since she was home last.

July 6, 1936 - Monday.  Fine.  Mission Circle at Mrs C.B. Reynolds'.  Walked to Roy's and back after tea.

July 7, 1936 - Tuesday.  Clouds.  Some sunshine and some showers; moderately warm.  Glenn, Alice, Nina, Margaret Miller, Mrs A.P. Fulton, and Alda went to Truro after dinner.  The ladies club were invited to Mrs C.C. Cox's of Truro this p.m. and these went in Glenn's car.  Shirley and I kept house.  Tom Fulton is out home tonight. Morris was to G.R. Deyarmond's for a hair cut, and to the store for 4 prs of hose and a necktie.

July 8, 1936 - Wednesday.  Cloudy and rainy.  Thunder and lightning.  Mrs Margeson called this p.m.  Shirley was down to visit Mrs Hamilton today.  Came home after tea.  Mrs C.P. MacMillan died about 4:30 p.m. today.  Roy and Glenn took lumber to Truro.

July 9, 1936 - Thursday.  A nice fine day.  Glenn and Roy to Truro this a.m.  Hauling and loading lumber on a car in Brookfield to be shipped to J. Kenny in Cape Breton in the p.m.  Was at Roy's to show Edna my new dress and she is fixing it for me.  Mr Margeson called after dinner.  Glenn and Alice away tonight.  J.W. Girdwood called.

July 10, 1936 - Friday.  A fine day; pretty warm.  They took lumber to Brookfield, 2 loads in the p.m.  The funeral of the late Mrs Charles P. MacMillan was held at her home at 2 p.m.  and the remains were taken to Truro and laid in the Robie Street Cemetery beside her first husband, Harry Hattie, who died many years ago.  The pall bearers were Martin Johnson, Hedley Creelman, Roy Blaikie and Ross Johnson.   In the p.m. Mr and Mrs Frank W.  Abrahamson, Mrs Edith Woodworth, Miss Dorothy Webster and Mr Walter Webster called here and at Roy's and Alex Fulton's; they hoped to get back to Wittenberg about 6 p.m.  Mrs Alex Fulton and Kenneth called tonight.

July 11, 1936 - Saturday.  Fine day.  Quite hot.  Roy and Glenn loaded another car at Brookfield for J. Kenny.  Then they took a saw to Stewiacke to be repaired.  After tea, Uncle Harris (Bub) , Morris and I came to Stewiacke.

July 12, 1936 - Sabbath.  A nice fine day.  We all went to church except Uncle Harris and George Bud , who is working here.  Rev A.H. Campbell was the preacher for today.  Text Phil 3:13, 14. verses.  After dinner, Fred and Morris lay down under the trees and had a talk, and a nap.  Morris left after tea and just as he left, Harry, Nellie, Don, June and H. Lee and baby Mary came for a little while - then went to their cottage at Short's Lake.  All here are abed.

July 13, 1936 - Monday.  A fine day.  Cloudy and rain-like tonight.  Sewed at the collar of my dress.  Edith and Eva washed in the morning.  Erva Cox and Eva went up to Stewiacke in the p.m. and Eva is with Erva tonight.  Wrote to F.J.B.  Uncle Harris visited Mr Hugh Tupper and the Morton Ellis' today.  He got back for tea.  Fred began haying.  George Budd, Amherst, is working with him.

July 14, 1936 - Tuesday.  Cloudy this a.m.  Rainy with thunder this afternoon.  A lot of hay got wet, as it was cut yesterday.  Fred took Bub up to Dickie's mill this a.m.  Edith and I went for the drive.  A Mr Carter took Bub to Percy's in the afternoon.  Some young people are here tonight.

July 15, 1936 - Wednesday.  Dark this a.m.  Fine in the p.m.  A quiet day.  Young people playing ball at the neighbors tonight.  Fred and George Budd up to Stewiacke this forenoon.

July 16, 1936 - Thursday.  A fine hay day.  Fred mowed some more grass and put in 3 loads of hay.  Had quite a bunch of callers today.  Mr Meadows in the a.m.  The girls near with their relatives and friends, and tonight, Miss Dorothy Barkhouse, nurse in training at St John; Mrs Page Tupper and her uncle Mr Albert Higgins and brother Laurie Cruickshank.

July 17, 1936 - Friday.  Another fine day, with some clouds.  They carted hay, but did not get all in that was mowed.  We had a drive up town this evening.

July 18, 1936 - Saturday.  Fine day for haying.  They got all the hay in that Fred had cut.  Laurence Stone and George Budd helping him.  Harold Steele came this p.m.  He is spending the week-end here.  No letters have come to me yet.

July 19, 1936 - Sabbath.  Dark and rainy.  We went to Flora Goodwin's today in the p.m.  Mr and Mrs Bruce Moir and daughter Laura, and friend, Alden Johnson were there.  We enjoyed their company very much.  As we left, Harry and Nellie Blaikie and children Donald, June and Lee arrived at Percy Goodwin's.  Now it is bed time and the sweet rest of the night is before us.  Fred Woodworth, his mother and I attended church at Stewiacke this morning.  Rev Herman Campbell preached from the text "Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation".

July 20, 1936 - Monday.  A fine day.  Good for haying.  Fred mowed the remainder of his upland hay.  He will not get the marsh now.  Laurence Stone was not here.  We heard of J. McC. Cox of South Branch getting hurt by a hay pitcher; and taken to Hospital.  No other particulars.  The young people here, at this house, were over at Mr Joe Cox's playing ball this evening.

July 21, 1936 - Tuesday.  Another fine hay day.  Fred Woodworth finished haying, and mowed some for Mr Laurence Stone.  Little Gordon Stone was here to dinner and tea.  Fred and Laurence were at  Laurence's to dinner.  Eva was to Stewiacke Town Clinic.  She was pronounced OK in health.  No letters for me today.  Sent a letter to E.M.B.  Laurie Cruickshanks is here this evening playing cards with Fred, Eva and George Budd.

July 22, 1936 - Wednesday.  Quite fine but a little cloudy with a moisture in the air.  Fred was mowing for  Laurence Stone.  George Budd choring round, hoeing etc here.   Mrs Melville Marshall and Mrs Lorne Simpson here to tea and in the evening.  Flora, Percy and Edith Goodwin and George Andrews here in the evening too.  Had letters from D.M.B. and E.M.B.  This is H. Lee Blaikie's 6th birthday.

July 23, 1936 - Thursday.  Another fine day.  Fred began haying at S.J. Creelman's, and was away all day.  George Budd hoeing etc.  Read in the "Mail" of a sad accident, the drowning at Short's or Otterson's Lake of two young men, Donald Legge, and Leroy Langille.  The boat was found overturned; but the bodies of the young men had not been found. 

July 24, 1936 - Friday.  Some sunshine and some  clouds this a.m.  Damp with some rain in the p.m.  Fred was at S.J. Creelman's.  Eva went to Stewiacke East, with Jessie Stewart - to Jessie's home this afternoon.  Messrs L. Cruickshank, A. Elliott, and S. Atkinson were here this evening.  George Budd is sick and went to bed early.  Sent a letter to D.M.B.

July 25, 1936 - Saturday.  A rainy day, except a little sunshine.  Not a cold wind tho'.  We had a drive up to Stewiacke in the p.m.  and called at Mable Creelman's (nee M. Bentley).  Came back and had supper.  George Budd is done working with Fred Woodworth.  Erva Cox, Laurie Cruickshanks and Claude McLean are here playing cards.  The days are going by very swiftly; all too soon autumn will be here, the evenings will lengthen, and we will need fires in our houses.  But there are joys and sorrows in all seasons.

July 26, 1936 - Sabbath.  Some thunder showers this morning.  It seemed to clear up the weather as the afternoon was fine.  We were at church.  Rev Mr Campbell preached from the text "We would see Jesus".  "Onward and upward" and "No compromise" were some of the words in the sermon.  Mrs D. McCleave and her son and daughter, twins Jennie and Jimmie, were here to tea.  Laurie Cruickshanks is here this evening.

July 27, 1936 - Monday.   A fine day.  Cool tonight.  Fred was haying at  S.J. Creelman's today.  Eva getting ready to go to Brookfield to work with Mrs Carter tomorrow.   Mrs H.P. Tupper was here in the late p.m.  Several of the neighbors called.  Eva made fudge and packed it to send to Morris for his borthday tomorrow.

July 28, 1936 - Tuesday.  Dark, sunshiny and showery, all sorts of summer weather today. Eva went away to Brookfield to work at a Mr Carter's this a.m., on the 9:20 train.  Edith and I had a quiet day.  Edith was busy with the various duties of milking, seeing to poultry etc, as Fred is haying at  S.J.  Creelman's in Stewiacke.  Sent  a letter to F.J.B.  J.H. Cox called tonight.  No letter.  This was Morris' 27th birthday.

July 29, 1936 - Wednesday.  Sunshine and rain - showers.  Still people put in hay.  We had a quiet day.  Had a letter from Morris.  He got the fudge we sent him yesterday.

July 30, 1936 - Thursday.  Slight showers.  Some sunshine.  We got the mat Edith was hooking , out today.  Heard of Mr Pines Flemming's death at the age of 81 years, today.  Edith had a letter from Eva.  Mrs Alice Ellis and grand daughter, Erva were here tonight a short time. Alfred Elliot, Burnham Cox, and Stewart Atkinson here this evening.

July 31, 1936 - Friday.  A nice fine day.  Good hay day.  Fred was haying at Samuel J. Creelman's.  Wrote to M.B.  Ralph came home tonight.  Had letters from F.J.B. and J.W.  We, sister Edith and I ,sent a letter to Eva.  Two men, mat traders, were here and got their dinner - having changed some oil cloth for mats.  Edith and I went up with Fred, this evening to meet Ralph; saw Irving Whitman.

August 1, 1936 - Saturday.  A fine hay day.  Fred at S.J. Creelman's.  Baked some drop cakes for Edith.  Also rolls.  She and Ralph put down the new oilcloth in the kitchen.  Had letters from  E. Jane Collings and Jean and Ruth Blaikie.

August 2, 1936 - Sabbath.  A shower  this a.m. but it was fine after that.  Was home with Edith all day.  Mr J.H. Cox called.  Ralph and Fred went to Wittenberg to dinner.  Ralph to Oak Hill to tea.  Fred came home, got his tea, and went and brought Ralph home.

August 3, 1936 - Monday.  A fair August day.  Wilfred Fulton of Upper Stewiacke, who was operating a truck, at or near MacKay's Siding, was seriously injured by a collision with a fast train this a.m.  They took him to the C.C. Hospital.  We hear that he has a fighting chance for life.  Fred finished S.J. Creelman's hay today.  Mrs H.P. Tupper called tonight.  Sent a letter to E.M.B. and M.E.G. this a.m.

August 4, 1936 - Tuesday.  Sunshine and clouds.  One shower with some thunder - pretty hot.  Fred was working with Laurence Stone today.   Mrs Page Tupper, Dorothy and Eddie,  J.H. Cox, Laurie Ellis, Mr and Mrs Percy Goodwin and daughter Edith were callers.

August 5, 1936 - Wednesday.  Another good hay day.  Not so warm as yesterday, and a good breeze.  We had green beans for dinner.  Just Edith and I.  Fred was helping Laurence Stone.  In the p.m., Edith and Mrs Page Tupper went to the WMS at Mrs S.J. Ramsey's.  Harry and Nellie and June and baby Mary had tea with us.  They came this p.m. as tomorrow was my birthday, and they could not come then very well - this afternoon being free to Harry, but he has to work tomorrow.  It was nice to have them.  June went with Aunt Edith after the cows.   Sent a letter to the girls, Ruth and Jean, Nina and Shirley , at home.  Harry and Nellie left a can of peaches and one of pork and beans also $1.00.    It was kind of them to remember my birthday.

August 6, 1936 - Thursday.  Rather fine this a.m., but rainy tonight.  Fred finished haying at Laurence Stone's.  This was my 66th birthday.  It has been a happy one.  So nice and quiet.  Edna and Morris sent me a box containing a little card of hair pins, and 3 hairnets and a pair of silk stockings.  Also I had a card and letter from Mr and Mrs Margeson.  So nice to get such kind words and lovely presents.  Fred Woodworth and Edith, his mother, gave me a box of ginger snaps and Mrs Page Tupper sent me a jar of nice ice cream.  Such happy thoughts come; then Roy called me tonight and talked to me.  They are all so kind!

August 7, 1936 - Friday.   Very rainy last night, and part of today.  But looked finer tonight.  Very high tides in the river.  Fred was home today.  Their heifer freshened.  Page Tupper called to see Fred.  A Mr and Mrs Foley from Iroquis , Ontario called.  They were friends of Mrs G.B. Redden (nee Mable Woodworth), and are on a trip to Graham Foley's home at Head Jeddore, Halifax Co.

August 8, 1936 - Saturday.  Another fine day.  Fred was at home paris-greening the potatoes etc.  Had letters from Nettie, Flossie, Mrs Edson Cox, Edith (a little parcel from Edith and her little girls for my birthday) - snaps from Flossie.  Eva came home tonight.  She and Fred are abroad.  All I can think of tonight.

August 9, 1936 - Sabbath.  A nice fine day.  All the family went to church this a.m.  Rev L.B. Campbell preached from Psalm 49:11 verse.  Theme - "A Continuing Heritage".  The good or evil in our lives, is a continuing legacy to our children.  Mrs Harvey Cole of Elderbank called a little while this p.m. and J.H. Cox, her brother called this evening.  Fred and Eva went to church then he took her to Brookfield afterwards.  He saw a meteor as he drove home.  It was seen in P.E.I. 

August 10, 1936 - Monday.  Dark this morning.  Hot this p.m.  Fred was hay-making at Dr Havey's.  Messrs J. Willie and Freeman MacKay called to see us this p.m. and stayed to tea.  We enjoyed their little visit very much.  Freeman's father has just passed away.  He was in his 100th year.  99 on May 6, I think.  Had letters from Shirley and Nina.  Sent letters to Morris and Mrs R.A. Cox.

August 11, 1936 - Tuesday.  Another fine day.  Not so hot as yesterday.  Callers today were Ellen Tupper, Margaret Tupper, Marion Fulton and J.H. Cox.  Fred was at Dr Havey's haying.  Late coming home.  Had a letter from Jean Blaikie.

August 12, 1936 - Wednesday.  Just like yesterday only not so hot.  Edith and I were alone all day.  Fred was up to Dr Havey's.  They finished getting his hay.  Sent a letter to A.J. Cox.  Received letters from Morris and from Mrs R.A. Cox.  Steamed a suet pudding for us today.

August 13, 1936 - Thursday.  Another fine day.  Fred was cultivating and hoeing today.  The Rawleigh Man called.  This was a quiet day.  We heard that Edith S. Goodwin got her Grade XI Certificate.

August 14, 1936 - Friday.  Fine again like the week has been all through.  Great hay weather.  Fred was helping Charlie Meadows on the Flat today.  Mr Robert Brown took dinner with us today.  He was cutting bushes on the side of the road and brought his dinner and ate it, or some of it, sharing some of it with us, and we shared ours with him.  Sent a letter to F.J.B. and received one from sister Mary (Mrs John Sargent).  Had chicken and green beans for dinner.  Baked or steamed a brown loaf for Edith.  She made rhubarb pies and little biscuit.  Mrs J.H. Cox and Donelda visited in the p.m.

August 15, 1936 - Saturday.  Dark and cloudy.  Rain tonight.  Fred was on the Flat today.  J.H. Cox called in the a.m.  Had photos from F.J.B.  The flowers are so lovely to watch now.  Morning Glories of many hues - sweet peas, phlox etc.

August 16, 1936 - Sabbath.  A thunder storm which lasted most of last night -  fine tonight, tho' dark through the day.    Fred, his mother and I went to Wittenberg this a.m.  Had a nice visit.  Stayed to dinner.  This was the first time I have been there since Mother died last November.  Dot has a little girl - Jean Redmond, with her for the holidays.  Her home is in Beaverbank.  We returned about 3:30 p.m. and about an hour after, Tom Fulton and Morris Blaikie arrived and had tea with us.  Then went home about 8 o'clock.

August 17, 1936 - Monday.  Thunder and lightning all last night and into the forenoon.  A Mr Crawford's barn was struck with lightning, but the fire was got out without any , or very little damage being done.  Edith broke her glasses and she and Fred drove to Shubenacadie to get them repaired, but no "glass fixer" could be found.  So they had to come back without their being mended.  I called at Mr Morton Ellis' while they were away. Fred went to Stewiacke to get the car fixed etc.  We spent a quiet evening.  We sent a letter apiece to J.E.C. and Edith enclosed one to C.L.T.  We heard of the death and funeral of L.W. Hamilton - buried in Eastville cemetery.

August 18, 1936 - Tuesday.  A nice fine day.  Cooler.  Edith washed today; also ironed, and made spiced beets.  Fred  went with Charlie Mesdows on the Flat in the p.m.  Mrs Joe Cox was over tonight.  Donalda was with her.  We had a nice quiet evening.  We heard of Dot and Flora on the telephone - talked with them.

August 19, 1936 - Wednesday.  Cooler tonight, but it was a good hay day.  Fred was with the Meadows' on the Flat.  Mrs Wyman Jeffers (nee Hattie Ramsey) died in the early p.m. today.  She leaves a family - three married sons and some girls,  two grown up and a younger boy and girl.

August 20, 1936 - Thursday.  Some showers this morning but fine in the p.m.  Cool tonight.  A quiet day.  Fred went on the Flat.  He went to attend the horses, and stayed over; worked this p.m.  Byard Bentley was here this evening.  Little George Ellis was here this a.m. a few minutes.  He is Earle Ellis' boy across the river.  Sent letters to E.M.B. and J.W., Vancouver.

August 21, 1936 - Friday.  A fine day, not very hot.  Fred helping Mr Meadows on the Flat.  Sent a letter to Mrs A.L. Margeson.   Mr R. Brown called.  Mrs J.H. Cox amd Mrs H.P. Tupper were here this p.m.  They and my sister Edith Woodworth were getting a quilt ready for the Mission Box.  Little George H. Ellis and Donalda Cox called.

August 22, 1936 - Saturday.  A lovely fine day.  Fred went to the Flat today and they finished there in the early p.m.  Percy Goodwin and Edith Goodwin and Marie Wright came down for me in the a.m. and we went up to their home at Stewiacke East.  Glenn called this p.m. and Edith went to Upper Stewiacke with him.

August 23, 1936 - Sabbath.  Very rainy.  Rev W. Irving preached in Stewiacke  morning and evening, and East Stewiacke, p.m.   Had tea at Percy Goodwin's, with Mr and Mrs Fred Burris and George Andrews who is working here.  Flora and Percy took the Burris' down to call on Edith Woodworth.  They got back about 9 o'clock p.m.   Mr Andrews and I kept house.   The Goodwins, Burris' and I attended church.  Mr Irving preached on "Service".  Matthew 20:28.  "Even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister, and give his life a ransom for many".   Jesus giving loving service to mankind - loving and lowly.

August 24, 1936 - Monday.  A dark wet day.  Edith Goodwin came back in the truck with Glenn Blaikie and Blair Fulton this p.m.   Mrs Abram Bentley, Mrs S.J. Creelman and Byard Bentley have just called.  We enjoyed their call very much.  Mrs Bentley and Mrs Creelman came upstairs to see me.

August 25, 1936 - Tuesday.  Dark with a few sprinkles of rain.  Percy Goodwin brought Flora and I down to Mrs E.M. Woodworth's this a.m.  They were quilting a WMS quilt  Among us we, and Mrs H.P. Tupper finished the quilt before tea.  Flora is staying all night.  Sent a letter to F.J. Boomer.

August 26, 1936 - Wednesday.  A nice fine day with cool wind.  Flora went over to Raymond Kent's, calling at Mr Morton Ellis' on the way.  After dinner, in the mid-afternoon, Edith Woodworth and I walked to Mrs Page Tupper's and took the WMS quilt to bind.  They got it all finished; and it looks fine.  Orange and white.  Flora called on her way back and put the last stitches on the quilt.  Soon after we went home, Percy and Edith Goodwin came for Flora, and took her home.  Good night.

August 27, 1936 - Thursday.  Quite fine.  A slight shower or two.  This was a quiet day.  Fred worked at various things - needing to be done.  Edith washed curtains - a few articles for me - etc.  We had a game or two of "Sorry" tonight.  Also did a crossword puzzle.  Time for bed now.

August 28, 1936 - Friday.  Fine and rather cool.  Fred was up at S.J. Creelman's.  Edith was over to H.P. Tupper's twice - on errands.  A quiet day.  In the evening, Shirley, Nina and Morris came for me, and we went to Upper Stewiacke.  And thus my very nice visit is ended.

August 29, 1936 - Saturday.  Fine and cool.  Just sewed a little today.  Was at Roy's a while but did not see him.  Glenn and Blair were to Caribou with lumber.  Glenn and Alice at the store etc tonight.  Had a letter from F.J.B. when I came home.

August 30, 1936 - Sabbath.  Rainy and dark and cool.  Did not go to church.  Alice, Shirley, Nina and Morris went.  Mr and Mrs G.R. Deyarmond, Roy, Ruth and George were here at different times.  At evening, Jack Girdwood called, and Morris and Tom F. went to Y.P.S.C.E. with him.

August 31, 1936 - Monday.  Dark - some rain, but the clothes dried pretty well.  Alda, Ruth and Edna called.  Also Mrs Ingrham and Mrs  Kent and baby Reta.  Glenn and Roy were to Meagher's Grant to a Mr McCabe's with lumber in the afternoon.  School opened: Miss Thelma Langille the teacher. 

September 1, 1936 - Tuesday.  A fine, but cool day.  Had a drive with Glenn and Freda and Leslie down to Mrs Hamilton's this a.m.  Glenn and Wilmer went to Caribou in the truck with lumber this p.m.  Glenn and Alice and Leslie were at G.R. Deyarmond's this evening.  Mrs Margeson was over after tea. Mr Margeson called in the forenoon.  I was piecing a quilt for Freda's bed.  They have a third daughter at Wallace MacKay's, Eastville.

September 2, 1936 - Wednesday.  Another fine cool day.  Was at Mrs Margeson's to tea.  Mrs J. McCoul, Mrs Margeson's mother was there too.  Mr Margeson is not very well.  The WMS were quilting a quilt to go in the Mission Box; the quilting was at the hall.  Glenn and Alice took Mrs Alex Fulton out to her home.  The "boys" are working in the mill tonight.

September 3, 1936 - Thursday.  Dark with rain in the p.m.  Was at Roy's a short time this a.m.  Tom away home tonight.  Alda and Thelma up a short time.  Had a letter from N.A.A., Southbridge. 

September 4, 1936 - Friday.  Foine : cool.  Glenn and Blair hauling logs from James Creelman's, Otter Brook.  Mrs Margeson called this p.m. and Mr Girdwood in the evening.  Also Gordon Miller in the evening.

September 5, 1936 - Saturday.  Fine: cool wind - chilly.  Manager's Meeting at J.D. Cox's this evening.  Also choir practice at Abram Bentley's, Otter Brook.  Morris was down with the Girdwood's.

September 6, 1936 - Sabbath.  Fine: a cool morning.  Was at church today.  Sermon from II Kings 6:5.  The situation of the world as it is today.  Only a borrowed world - God's world and it is loaned to men to see what they will make of it.  If all the nations would drop their suspicion and antagonism, and trust in the Lord God, the sad state of the world would not be.  A very helpful sermon, if acted upon.  Jack Girdwood; and Uncle John and Aunt Bertha; also Harriet and Melrose Scott and two little girls, Jewell and Evelyn were here to tea.  Morris was invited to Pembroke tonight.

September 7, 1936 - Monday.  A dark showery day.  Alice washed - most of the clothes dried.  Finished the quilt blocks for a second quilt for Freda's bed.  Mr and Mrs J.W. Benvie and J.W. Girdwood here this evening.

September 8, 1936 - Tuesday.  Dark and rainy but warmer.  Not much went on today - at our home.  Alda was in a short time this a.m. and Edna in the p.m.  Also Gordon Miller was in and he and Glenn and Alice motored to Truro in the late afternoon.    Tom Fulton was out home this evening.  Sent a letter to Flora G.

September 9, 1936 - Wednesday.  Still wet.  Sent a letter to Mary Sargent.  They (Alice and Glenn) got home late last night. Charlie Blaikie is not well, but better than he was.  Alda called - also Roy.  I was in Mr Margeson's this morning.  Mrs McCoul has not gone home yet.  Mrs G.R. Deyarmond was up tonight.  Alice and Glenn were at Wilmer Hamilton's tonight.  Young folks are serenading Mr and Mrs Harry Lester tonight.  Roy's car axle broke today.

September 10, 1936 - Thursday.  Cloudy and some sunshine.  Aunt Martha Fleck and her two daughters, Mrs C.A. Barrett and Mrs Thomas Ryan dined here.  Stanfield Nelson and Raymond Fleck brought them in.  WMS met at Mrs W.P. Miller's.   This is the first time I was there since January.  J.W. Girdwood here tonight a while.  Sent a letter to F.J.B.

September 11, 1936 - Friday.  A lovely fine warm day.  School Exhibition in Upper Stewiacke.  Burnside, Pembroke, Eastville, Newton Mills, Cross Roads, Upper Stewiacke and Meadowvale were the schools included.  The cooking seemed extra good.  Also more woodwork was shown than formerly.  School work was very nicely done.   The scenes in Nova Scotia were very neatly done, and the different scenes placed in the books in an attractive way.  Graham Crocker was here to tea.  Mr Lyman Fulton and Gladys Deyarmond to dinner.

September 12, 1936 - Saturday.  A wet day.  Not cold though.  Glenn took lumber to Ingonish this morning.  I was invited, by Alda, to have tea with Roy's folk.  Had a nice time.  Mr and Mrs A.P. Fulton were here this evening.  Charlie Blaikie is in the C.C. Hospital.

September 13, 1936 - Sabbath.  A fine cool day.  Morris, Shirley, Nina , Alice and I were at church in the a.m.  Jack Girdwood and his friend Russell Johnson and some of Roy's family and a  Russellite man called in the p.m.  Alice and Glenn went to Wittenberg this p.m.  Shirley, Nina, Tom and Morris were at Y.P.S.C.E.

September 14, 1936 - Monday.  A fine tho' cool day.  Alice washed.  We put in a small quilt and finished quilting it.  Wrote to E.M.B.  Morris was at J.D. Cox's a short time tonight.

September 15, 1936 - Tuesday.  A fine day.  Not quite so cool today.  Glenn took lumber to Truro.  Alice got some cranberries from Lola Fulton tonight.  We sewed the top together, and started to quilt another quilt.  Mrs Margeson called.  She told us of her company (week-end).  Mr Margeson's sister, of  Berwick, Kings Co. NS

September 16, 1936 - Wednesday.  Dark with slight showers.  J.W. Girdwood was helping Glenn truck today.  We finished the quilt which we began yesterday and put in the dark one  on the men's bed - covering top and bottom.  Mrs Margeson called with some pears.

September 17, 1936 -  Thursday.  Dark with slight showers.  We finished quilting the third quilt today.  Glenn was home; away tonight.  Edna was in.  J.W. Girdwood here this evening.

September 18, 1936 - Friday.  A nice day with some clouds.  Sewed at the binding of the quilt for the boys bed this morning.  Shirley's ankle is sprained somewhat, but she went to school.  In the p.m., Morris drove me to Mrs Edson Cox's.  I was there some time; then called at the manse, saw Mrs S.A. Fulton there too.  Mrs Girdwood was very kind - getting us a nice lunch; and we had a lovely talk.  Then I called at Mrs J.D. Cox's, saw Helen Johnson, Miss Olive Ross and Margaret Johnson; also Mrs R. Hodge, Mrs H.R. Foster and Elizabeth and Mrs H. Jane Foster.  Met Mrs Manter and Miss Laura Cox at Mrs Edson Cox's.

September 19, 1936 - Saturday.  A very rainy day.  A lot of oats are getting soaked out in the fields.  Fred and Eva Woodworth and Edith Goodwin came up this a.m. - and left a little after 3 o'clock.  Glenn and Alice are abroad tonight.

September 20, 1936 - Sabbath.  A lovely fine day.  Alice, Shirley, Nina, Morris and I were at church service and Shirley, Nina and Morris at S. School.    The text of the sermon was "Thou, therefore endure hardness as a good soilder of Jesus Christ".  Mr Girdwood spoke well.  In the p.m. Morris went to Stewiacke where  the Caledonia Choir was singing in the evening.  J.W. Girdwood was up to say farewell, as he is to start for college in the a.m.   Mr Robert Cox called.  Mr and Mrs Harry Lester "appeared" out.   Gordon Fisher is very ill in C.C. Hospital.  Springside Y.P.S. was down here this evenig.

September 21, 1936 - Monday.  Fine and cool.  The rain of Saturday and evening carried away some oats and left those cut in a very wet state.    G.R. Deyarmond was hauling with Glenn today.  Mr and Mrs J.W. Deyarmond returned home from USA yesterday.  Mrs Margeson called.

September 22, 1936 - Tuesday.  Dark and cloudy, but no rain.  Was at Roy's this p.m. a while. Glenn is away tonight.  G.R. Deyarmond was on the truck with him today.  They finished hauling Fred Power's logs.  Gordon, son of Mr and Mrs Winborne Fisher of Middle Stewiacke, aged 19 years, died of ruptured appendicts in the C.C. Hospital, Truro last night.   Measles are in the school.

September 23, 1936 - Wednesday.  A little dark but no rain,  Trust it keeps fine until more, or all of the grain is in and threshed.  Mrs Martin Fulton was at the Middle Musquodoboit Exhibition.  Gordon Fisher, son of Mr and Mrs Winborne Fisher, was buried today.  Alice was down to her mother's this p.m.  Glenn and G.R. Deyarmond took lumber to Musquodoboit this evening.  Roy and Edna and I were to Mr and Mrs J.W. Deyarmond's "At Home".  Had a nice time.  We got home about 10:30 p.m.

September 24, 1936 - Thursday.  Dark but still no rain.  Mrs G.R. Deyarmond and Joyce and Mrs Arnold Wood and Audrey came down from Burnside with us last evening.  Not much news today.  A political meeting here tonight.  It amounted to nothing.

September 25, 1936 - Friday.  A rainy windy night.  Dark and cloudy today.  A lot of grain got wet again.  Measles and whooping cough are now prevalent - none of us have contracted either yet, though.  Division started tonight.  Roy and Morris and Edwin did not go.    Glenn and G.R. Deyarmond hauled logs.  Alfred Johnson called on his way from Truro to tell us that Charlie Blaikie had his second operation, and was doing well.

September 26, 1936 - Saturday.  A fine cool day.  Glenn and G.R. Deyarmond were to Fred Woodworth's this afternoon.   Glenn and Alice at G.R.'s tonight after leaving H.T. Fulton's store.  Mrs George Bentley was in tonight.  Alda is home for the week-end.  Had a letter apiece from F.J.B. and E.M.B.

September 27, 1936 - Sabbath.  Rather cool and cloudy.  The morning was quite cold.  Morris, Shirley and Nina were at church and S. School, and I was at church.  Mr Girdwood spoke on some verses in the 6th chapter of Revelation, about  the lamb which was able to open the seals - tell the future.  We can safely trust God, in Christ Jesus, at all times, though we may not undserstand all his ways; and be able to say with Job "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him".   In the p.m. I went over to Mr Margeson's, had a pleasant call; then came back to see Mr Harold Lockhart   , of the Creamery of Stellarton, an old time friend of our family, and once a resident of Upper Stewiacke Village.  He is a comparitively young man (48)  and seemed like "one to be depended on".  Has a pleasing personality and straightforward  manner.  He is blessed with a wife (nee Miss Jessie Alys McKay of Scotsburn, Pictou Co) and two sons - Edwin and Harold.  He told us of other members of the family, his mother, sisters and brothers etc.   Then I had tea at Roy's and Freda came for me to go home with her.  Morris, Thelma, Shirley, Jean and Nina went with others of the Y.P.S.C.E. to visit that of Middle Stewiacke this evening.

September 28, 1936 - Monday.  Dark and wet this a.m. so Morris and Tom got Glenn's car and took Mr and Mrs Alex Fulton (Tom's parents) and me to Musquodoboit; Mr and Mrs Fulton stopped at his brother's and niece'