Tekoa mourns the death of our neighbor Sarit, who was shot to death by terrorists from Arafat's Fatah movement in front of her three children.  Her husband Shai was critically wounded.


In memoriam... Kobi and Yosef


לזכרם של קובי ויוסף


Kobi and Yosef went for a walk one spring day.  They were murdered by Arab shepherds who came upon them 50 yards from Yosef's house in the beautiful canyon surrounding our village .  

Today, Tekoa is under siege. 

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קובי ויוסף יצאו לטייל בוודי.  חמישים מטר מן הבית של יוסף הם נרצחו על ידי רועי צאון ערבים.

היום תקוע במלחמת קיום.

 Three weeks after their murder, Arab gunmen again brought terror to the families.  Kobi's family's home was hit by Arab gunfire during the Israeli-observed "cease fire".  The bullets used were high powered armor-piercing shells that blasted into the home, tearing through walls and furniture, exploding a child's jewelry box, and sewing more fear and anguish.


In memory of the 6000.   Tekoa mourns with the the United States.



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