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IRAN PNEW 50,000 Rls 2007

04 Mar, 2007 - Iran: Some additional information has been made available on the new Iranian 50,000 Rial note.
The specifications of 50,000 Rls banknote are: Orange, and Lemon, with portrait of Imam Khomeini in color Onion-skin purple (like new 2000 Rls note). Size is 166x79mm.
Obverse: Imam Khomeini figure (like 10,000 & 5,000 Rls notes)
Reverse: Iran map with Persian Gulf highlight section, Iranian Nuclear Energy emblem and a Persian art script that contains a Hadis of Great Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that had said: "Persian Men will reach to the knowledge, even it be at far spaces"
Security features:
    - A 2.5 mm security thread windowed with CBI emblem and the number 50000 is visible.
    - Offset see through register 50000.
    - Watermark Imam Khomeini portrait and the number 50000 in white space.
    - Intaglio sign for blind
    - Intaglio print on Imam Khomeini portrait.
The banknote is available from 25 March 2007.

The exchange rate on the note is US$5.41712. One dealer in Iran is offering this note at US$12.00.

03 Mar, 2007 - Iran to issue new 50,000 rial note that sports picture of standard nuclear insignia of electrons in orbit around atom to mark the country's achievements in nuclear technology at a time of mounting tension with the West over its atomic programme, the IRNA agency reported Saturday.

27 Jan, 2007 - Iran: A new Iranian 1,000 Rial (P143e) 2007, and a 2,000 Rials (P144) 2006 have been reported in circulation.

IRAN SIGNATURE CHART - The signature combinations of the banknotes of Iran can be complicated. We highly recommend Armen Hovsepian's website at Armen Hovsepian has put together an extensive webpage listing the various signature combinations, and watermarks which appear on Iranian banknotes dating from 1981. In addition there are many invaluable notes on the various issues of Iran.



  Dr. Moshen Nourbakhsh and Mazaheri


  Sheybani and Mazeheri


  Sheybani and Safoar Hoseini (Small Sign.)


  Sheybani and Safoar Hoseini (Large Sign.)

New Issues not shown, or reported in the SCWPM, VOL III, 11th Ed.

IRAN P136 200 Riels ND (1982-) Sign. 32 Wmk: Khomeini

First Issue: Aug 30, 1982
Obverse: Grand Mosque of Yazd Reverse: Jihad Workers
Size (mm): 136 x 69
Main Colors: Blue, Green

IRAN P137A 500 Rials ND (2003-) Sign. 30 Wmk: Khomeini

IRAN P137A 500 Rials ND (2003-) Sign. 31 Wmk: Khomeini

IRAN P137A 500 Riels ND (2003-) Common Reverse

First Issue: March 15, 1989
Obverse: Friday prayers
Reverse: Entrance of the University of Tehran
Size (mm): 142 x 71
Main Colors: Gray, Green

IRAN P140 100 Riels ND (1985-) Sign. 31 Wmk: Khomeini

First Issue: Dec 1, 1985
Obverse: Martyr Ayatollah Seyed Hassan Modarres
Reverse: Islamic Assembly Bldg.
Size (mm): 130 x 67
Main Colors: Purple

IRAN P144 2,000 Riels ND (2005)

SCWPM Lists P144 as an expected new issue.
First Issue: Nov 5, 2005
Compliments of Claudio Marana.

IRAN P147 20,000 Rials ND (2004) Sign. 31 Wmk: Khomeini

IRAN P147 20,000 Rials ND (2005) Sign. 32 Wmk: Khomeini

IRAN P147 20,000 Riels ND (2004-) Common Reverse

First Issue: March 14, 2004
Obverse: The Late Imam Khomeini
Reverse: Imam Squar (Naghsh-e-Jahan) - Isfahan
Size (mm): 163 x 78
Main Colors: Blue